‘India is a tinderbox’: Religious tensions come to a boiling point after brutal murder of Hindu tailor

“MuiTypography-root-134 MuiTypography-h1-139″>'India is a tinderbox': Religious tensions come to a boiling point after brutal murder of Hindu tailor

“Religious polarization has been rising in India under [Narendra] Modi, who is seen as a Hindu nationalist leader,” journalist Sushmita Pathak told The World’s Marco Werman. 

The WorldJune 30, 2022 · 5:15 PM EDT

Activists from right wing Hindu organization Bajrang Dal burn an effigy of Islamic terrorism during a protest against the Tuesday killing of Kanhaiya Lal, a Hindu man in a suspected religious attack in western Udaipur city of Rajasthan state, in Ahmedabad, India, June 29, 2022. 

Ajit Solanki/AP

On Thursday, thousands of people took to the streets after the brutal murder of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal, in Udaipur. 

Many protesters carried saffron flags — a holy color in Hinduism — calling for the death penalty for two Muslim men accused of beheading tailor Lal. 

The incident has pushed religious tensions in India to a boiling point.

It started when two videos surfaced on social media on Tuesday: The first one shows Lal taking the measurements of a bearded Muslim man in his shop. A few seconds later, the man attacks Lal. Suddenly, there's a commotion. The camera falls and Lal can be heard screaming in the background. 

In the second video, two Muslim men claimed responsibility for the murder. They introduce themselves and describe how they beheaded Lal — essentially boasting about the murder. They also threatened to kill India's prime minister, Narendra Modi. 

The two men said that this was an “act of revenge” against Lal for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The tailor had allegedly shared a post on social media supporting Nupur Sharma, a member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party who made derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad and his wife last month. That incident led to a huge backlash from Muslim nations and sparked protests by Muslims in India, too.

“Religious polarization has been rising in India under Modi, who is seen as a Hindu nationalist leader."

Sushmita Pathak, journalist

“Religious polarization has been rising in India under Modi, who is seen as a Hindu nationalist leader,” journalist Sushmita Pathak told The World’s Marco Werman. 

Some of Prime Minister Modi's most ardent supporters believe India should be a Hindu nation — not a secular state like it is now, she said. 

Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) often make anti-Muslim remarks and there have been a number of incidents and policies in recent years that have disproportionately affected Muslims — from mob lynchings and attacks on interfaith couples to arrests of prominent Muslim figures, Pathak said.

Authorities, however, are treating the murder as an act of terrorism. The National Investigation Agency, a high-level federal agency, has taken over the case. Both men in the video have been taken in for questioning. There were some reports linking one of them to an Islamist group in Pakistan, but Pakistan has denied that. 

Some activists feel that investigations by the federal agency that involve Muslim figures have not been impartial.

“There are very real fears that this could push religious tensions beyond their breaking point. India is a tinderbox right now,” Pathak said.

In Udaipur, the airport has been on edge and the internet has been suspended as the government rushed for police reinforcement in anticipation of riots. 

Lal’s funeral on Wednesday was attended by huge crowds.

On Thursday, thousands joined protests organized by several Hindu groups demanding justice for Lal and an end to what some call Islamist extremism in India. 

Muslim groups have condemned the attack.

Hindu-Muslim tensions have existed in India for decades. But since Modi came to power in 2014, there's a sense that it's really coming very close to the breaking point. 

Political scientist Neil London Sarkar said those who want to foment Hindu-Muslim tensions are actually going to use this incident. 

“There's political mileage to be gained out of every small event. It isn't that we haven't seen these kinds of events from time to time. It's that today you can have a very local event, but it can have national implications,” he said. 

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The first footage of Russian prisoners released on the eve appeared

Photo source: video screenshot.

In his TG channel, military commander Andrey Rudenko published the first video that included Russians who were released from Ukrainian captivity as a result of an exchange according to the 144 for 144 scheme on June 29.

All of them are now undergoing medical examination. Many prisoners need medical help.

One of the men said that he was kept in a pre-trial detention center in Nikolaev, then in Vinnitsa and Zaporozhye. The other spent a month and a half since March 25 in the basement, then he was transferred to Poltava and Zaporozhye. He confessed that he was tortured. He was electrocuted for about four hours.

Earlier, Israeli politician Yakov Kedmi reported the details of the latest exchange of prisoners of war. According to him, military pilots, officers and agents of the GRU returned to their homeland.

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Forces of the LPR and Russia launched an offensive against Seversk

photo DAN

A source close to the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic told Russian journalists about the successful advance of the Russian and LPR forces.

According to him, the allied forces liberated a number of settlements in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions and secured an offensive against Seversk.

“The allied forces liberated the settlements of Disputed, Zolotarevka and Belaya Gora and are developing an offensive against Seversk,” the source said.

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Zelensky spoke about the new aid package from the United States

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a new US military aid package will soon be sent to the front lines. He spoke about this in his video message.

“The US authorities announced a new support package for Ukraine. I am grateful to Biden for this help, it will go to the front line soon,” he said.

Recall that earlier, US President Joe Biden said that more than 50 countries will send a new military assistance package to Ukraine, which will include more than 600 tanks, about 500 artillery systems and other weapons.

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Volodymyr Zelensky called the situation in Donbas “very difficult”

Video screenshot.

In his traditional video address on Thursday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky assessed the situation in Donbas as very difficult.

“The situation in Donbas is very difficult. The fire advantage of Russia and the LDNR is still very much felt,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the People’s Militia of the LPR, with fire support from the RF Armed Forces, continues to develop successful offensive operations in the area of ​​the city of Lisichansk in the Donbass. It was noted that the encirclement ring around him is shrinking.

Also, in his address, Zelensky mentioned Serpent's Island.

“The island is free again. <…> This is a strategic point. This significantly changes the situation in the Black Sea,” he said.

Recall – On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the completion of the assigned tasks on Zmeiny Island and the withdrawal of the garrison stationed there.

“Thus, it has been demonstrated to the world community that the Russian Federation does not interfere with the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of Ukraine,” the ministry said in a statement.

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“Zvezda”: in Lisichansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered into battle with detachments

Photo: Frame from video.

The Russian TV channel “Zvezda” reported in its telegram channel that in Lisichansk, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered into a combat clash with fighters of Ukrainian volunteer battalions, which act as barrier detachments.

“The Ukrainian military are trying to retreat from the city, and the national battalions slow down the flight by executions,” the report says.

The correspondent of the TV channel noted that this became clear from the intercepted conversations of the Ukrainian military.

The report notes that the ring around Lysichansk continues to shrink .

Earlier, Lieutenant Colonel of the People's Militia of the Lugansk People's Republic Andriy Marochko noted that the Ukrainian military were trying to leave Lisichansk in small groups.

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Medvedev changed his rhetoric towards the West

On the Legal Form, he spoke less harshly than on social networks

Dmitry Medvedev spoke in an unexpected capacity: from online, where the threatening statements of the deputy head of the Security Council have been published lately, he went offline, taking part in the St. Petersburg Legal Forum. It turned out that “live” DAM sounds less aggressive than in the epistolary genre, but it still could not do without another “casus belli”. According to the politician, the unilateral sanctions of the West are an act of aggression and give Russia the right to retaliate military actions.

Photo: Roscongress

Dmitry Medvedev returned to the Legal Forum in a new capacity and with new ideas. However, it was finally possible to recognize the former DAM in him. The deputy chairman of the Security Council began his speech at the forum as in the good old premier days with compliments on the changeable St. Petersburg weather. She, in his words, suddenly turned out to be “fantastic.”

“It is a pity that we are all sitting in the hall, and not on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, although it is nearby,” Medvedev either joked or complained. He expressed hope that the face-to-face format, which everyone has long missed, will contribute to the effective work of the forum and allow its participants to better understand each other.

Although both presidents who ruled Russia in the 21st century are lawyers by training, only Dmitry Medvedev has always shown interest in the specialized forum. Whereas Vladimir Putin made the SPIEF the main platform, which, as you know, is dominated by topics that are more interesting to him – the economy and foreign policy.

However, this year the GDP recorded a lengthy appeal to lawyers, explaining that their role has greatly increased: all pressing issues on the global agenda are directly related to international law. According to the president, this institution is now in crisis, and there are proposals from various sides to abolish the very concept of international law.

“But don't confuse cause and effect,” the head of state said, “Crisis are not born because of vices allegedly inherent in law. The point is in attempts to replace law with diktat, and international norms with national jurisdiction of individual states or groups of states. And the United States is guilty of this in the first place.

Dmitry Medvedev developed this idea, noting that some international organizations, including certain bodies of the UN, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, allow themselves to be used “in the political interests of individual countries”, “forgetting about the key provisions of the statutory documents.” For example, the UN Human Rights Council, in his opinion, has lost its “original functions” and undermined its credibility by trying to punish Russia for pursuing a sovereign domestic and foreign policy.

“For us, this body no longer exists,” DAM snapped, noting that Moscow has a similar attitude towards the Council of Europe, where the Russian Federation at one time “joined out of thoughtlessness.”

“What will they do without us? I don't know,” Medvedev shrugged, noting that despite everything, Russia remains the largest European country. And to discuss with her a new configuration of the security system in Europe, you will have to look for another platform. He also criticized attempts by international organizations to organize a tribunal to investigate Russia's actions in Ukraine.

“This is just nonsense! Do they really believe in the possibility of litigation against the country with the largest nuclear potential?” Medvedev exclaimed passionately.

However, the “live” deputy chairman of the Security Council turned out to be much less aggressive than in his written statements. There were no direct insults and threats addressed to anyone from his lips on the forum. And the earlier attacks on specific countries and politicians turned out to be offset by more moderate rhetoric. Speaking about the blockade of Kaliningrad, Medvedev said that he was not ready to give a legal assessment of the actions of the EU and Lithuania, and Russia's response, if the situation is not resolved, will lie in the economic plane.

Recall that in social networks DAM commented on this topic in the following expressions: “some regular idiot”, “we will be afraid of every rustle at the door”, “we have a good memory”, etc.

Nevertheless, the matter was not without another reminder of Russia's right to an asymmetric response and “Casus Belli”. The reason for the “declaration of war”, according to the deputy chairman of the Security Council, is the sanctions policy of the West. “Under certain circumstances, such hostile measures can be qualified as an act of international aggression. In response to them, the state has the right to individual and collective self-defense,” he stressed.

According to Medvedev, the regime of restrictions is aimed at segregating people along ethnic lines, and the main task of sanctions is “punishing the Russian people.” At the same time, the deputy chairman of the Security Council called on the West to “repent of their own stupidity” and “abandon the vicious practice” of discriminatory attitudes towards everything Russian.

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Putin did not split at a meeting with the President of Indonesia

The participation of the Russian leader in the G-20 remains a big question

The visit of the President of Indonesia, who otherwise had little chance of attracting any noticeable attention, has become a real sensation. Firstly, Joko Widodo turned out to be the first leader from far abroad to visit Moscow after the start of a special operation in Ukraine. Secondly, he brought the first message from Vladimir Zelensky to the Kremlin after unsuccessful negotiations. And finally, thirdly, Widodo, at the request of Western politicians, had to clarify a question that is by no means an idle one for many: is Putin still going to personally come to the G20 summit in Indonesia or not?

Photo: kremlin.ru

This topic was vigorously discussed at the recent G7 summit. But the participants in the discussion did not come to a consensus. And the representatives of the Russian side did not begin to help the “collective West”, letting in a diplomatic fog. One said that Moscow proceeds from the fact that the event will be held in person. And it was with this calculation that the invitation of the Indonesians was accepted. Another noted that “the decision will be made in a timely manner.”

Recall that in 2014, after the annexation of Crimea and the first salvo of sanctions, the Kremlin was already facing a similar dilemma. And then it was decided not to abandon the trip. Moreover, there was no compromise in the form of a remote format in the pre-pandemic era. The G20 summit took place in Brisbane, Australia. Putin felt uncomfortable there, he hardly talked to anyone and went to the airport before everyone else, explaining his early departure by a long road and the need to sleep at least a few hours before going to work. In general, psychologically, the moment was clearly difficult. And whether Putin wants a repeat is really a big question. However, Widodo's visit did not bring clarity to it. The President did not publicly say anything about his plans for the G20. He only welcomed the Indonesian presidency. And he expressed the hope that Russia would be able to take part in the preparation of the leadership meeting. Theoretically, the president at the summit in Bali can be replaced by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russian Sherpa in the G20 Svetlana Lukash, and in some events, such as a business breakfast, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov or Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov.

Joko Widodo heard a little more specifics on another important topic – the supply of Russian food and fertilizers to the world market. The Indonesian president noted that the G7 leaders he met earlier in the week denied the restrictions: “Russian food and Russian fertilizers are not subject to sanctions,” he was told. Vladimir Putin, responding to these words, confirmed that, formally, Russian suppliers of fertilizers and food, indeed, were not subject to sanctions. “But the owners of our companies that produce fertilizers, and even their family members, were put under sanctions … this makes it difficult to conclude contracts, complicate financial transactions,” he explained. According to Putin, supplies are also affected by restrictions on ship insurance from the Russian Federation. “That is, they did not formally impose sanctions on some products, but created such conditions that it became much more difficult to supply them to foreign markets,” the president added. At the same time, Putin stressed that Russia remains true to its obligations. And it will find an opportunity to meet the demand of farmers from Indonesia and “other friendly countries” for fertilizers. In general, Russia's share in the world market for these products is 11%, and for some items it reaches 20%. “Last year, 37 million tons of fertilizers were delivered,” Putin said. As for grain exports, Russia expects to increase supplies from last year's 43 million tons to 50 million.

Against this background, as the Kremlin has hinted more than once, the problem of Ukrainian grain looks greatly exaggerated. According to Putin, there are now 5 million tons of grain on the territory of Ukraine – an amount that “does not affect world markets in any way.” In general, the share of Ukrainian grain exports is 0.5% of all food produced in the world. The President explained to Widodo that it was Kyiv that “mined the approaches to its ports, and no one is preventing them from clearing mines and withdrawing ships with grain from there.” “We guarantee security,” he said. Putin also said that Russia offered Ukraine to export grain through Belarus, but this offer was rejected. However, there are other alternative routes – “through Romania, the Danube, the subsequent movement along the Black Sea, through Poland, Belarus, through the ports of the Sea of ​​Azov,” he listed. Putin called Western countries the main culprits of the global food crisis, which during the pandemic were engaged in uncontrolled emission and accumulation of unsecured debts, which led to an imbalance in the markets. Joko Widodo singled out the main thing from these explanations. “Vladimir Putin said he would guarantee supplies,” he said after the talks.

The Indonesian President also noted that peace issues are a priority for his country, so he decided to visit Moscow and Kyiv to try to move the warring parties to “settle the conflict” and “open dialogue.” “I conveyed Zelensky’s message to President Putin and expressed my readiness to establish communication between the two leaders,” Widodo said. Dmitry Peskov told reporters that he did not know what Zelensky was proposing – the letter had not yet been studied. Earlier, the Kremlin said that Kyiv could stop the special operation at any moment: this requires an order from the Armed Forces of Ukraine to lay down their arms and an agreement to fulfill the conditions put forward by Russia during the spring negotiations.

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The work of calculations of heavy flamethrower systems “Solntsepyok”

The calculations of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A “Solntsepyok” The Western Military District destroyed the fortified strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a special operation in Ukraine.

Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A “Solntsepyok” designed for fire support of infantry and tanks, destruction of open and closed firing positions in various types of offensive and defensive battles, as well as for disabling lightly armored vehicles and vehicles.

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© RF Ministry of Defense

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Estimated reading time: less than a minute

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The mother of five children from Omsk became the “First Vice-Mrs. Universe”

The representative of the Russian Federation, 38-year-old Irina Ryaguzova from Omsk, with many children, managed to take second place in the Miss Universe beauty contest. – 2021 in Seoul. The Russian woman received the title “First Vice-Mrs. Universe”. This was reported by TASS with reference to the organizers.

Today, the final of the beauty contest was held, in which more than 100 representatives of various countries took part.

The representative of Georgia won the first place. The jury also noted the participants from Thailand, the Canary Islands and Singapore.

The final of the competition was supposed to take place last year, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus. Age of participants – from 18 to 55 years old. Mandatory conditions for participation – the presence of children.

Ryaguzova said that the competition was fierce competition. She was worried about the political situation in the world, but this time the sanctions did not affect beauty and femininity.

Earlier it was reported that Irina Ryaguzova had five children – two sons and three daughters. She is a lawyer and chairman of Always Near Children's Charitable Foundation. Earlier, Irina won the title “Mrs. Royal Choice of Siberia 2021” at the competition “Crystal Crown of Siberia”.

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Unique combat drones “Orion” will be produced in three shifts

The plant of the company “Kronstadt” in Dubna, which produces Orion reconnaissance and strike drones, will soon start working in three shifts, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the deputy general director of the plant Alexei Belykh.

“A new plant for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in order to fulfill the received orders, it will soon switch to a three-shift mode of operation. In this connection, the Kronstadt company continues recruitment», – he said during a meeting with employees of the Dubna Machine-Building Plant (DMZ)

Belykh added that they were ready to partially compensate new employees for housing rent, help with transport, provide overalls and VHI policies. Young specialists and workers without experience are trained directly at the production site, they are assigned mentors.

Recall that the Orion medium-altitude UAV, also known as Pacer, has a long flight duration. It can be used as a reconnaissance aircraft and for launching missile strikes.

The drone can be equipped with up to four «air– earth". The machine has a speed of 200 km/h, the maximum flight altitude – 7.5 km, and the device can stay in the air for up to a day. Maximum payload weight – 250 kg.

It was previously reported that mass deliveries of new UAVs would begin no earlier than 2023. For the production of “Orions” a special plant was built in Dubna near Moscow.

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Shanghai Disneyland reopens after lockdown

In Shanghai, on June 30, the Disneyland amusement park resumed operation, which had remained closed since March 21 due to anti-COVID measures and a lockdown in the metropolis. His work was allowed again against the backdrop of an improvement in the epidemiological situation in the city.

To enter the territory, visitors will have to provide a negative test result, as well as wear masks and measure their temperature. For security reasons, the flow of visitors will be limited.

© Reuters/Aly Song/File Photo/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/File Photo/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/File Photo/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/File Photo/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters

© Reuters/Aly Song/Reuters Estimated reading time: less than a minute

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What is the most powerful Pion self-propelled gun in the world used in Ukraine?

To eliminate the fortified areas of the army of the armed forces of Ukraine today, 203-mm self-propelled guns SAU 2S7 “Pion” are used. This high power system with more than half a century of history today demonstrates high efficiency in the destruction of powerful fortifications.

The main goals of the “Pions” are important enemy targets in tactical depth, the maximum firing range is 47.5 km. Due to the enormous power of 203-mm projectiles, these weapons can be used to destroy almost all types of objects. Its characteristics make it possible to destroy buried command posts, communication centers, positions of artillery and tactical missiles, helipads, ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants. At the same time, “Peony” difficult to destroy with return fire, the gun has a fairly high mobility for its mass. This long-range self-propelled gun can fire 1-2 shots and leave the firing position even before the first shell hits the target. Maximum speed on highway — 51 km/h, power reserve — 500 km.

2S7 “Peony” in Patriot Park. 2018 year. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org/Nickel nitride

Guidance and loading

Initially, to aim the gun, the gunner's station was equipped with a PG-1M panoramic artillery sight for firing from closed firing positions and a direct-fire sight OP4M-99A for firing at observed targets. To monitor the terrain, the control department is equipped with seven TNPO-160 prism periscopic observation devices, two more TNPO-160 devices are installed in the hatch covers of the calculation department. After the modernization, the electronics were updated, which significantly increased the performance characteristics of the gun. The self-propelled guns received new communication, control, guidance and control devices. Digital information is now processed automatically, which has improved the process of detection and targeting.

The loading of the main gun during the operation of the self-propelled guns is carried out from the ground or from a truck with the help of a special lifting mechanism installed on platform, from the right side relative to the main gun.

Combat Performance

At today, SAU 2S7 “Peony” is the most powerful self-propelled artillery installation in the world. It is in armament of Russia and a number of other countries of the former USSR. Combat Weight — 46 tons, crew — 7 people. The chassis body is a welded structure, which is divided by transverse partitions into four compartments: control, power, calculation and aft. On the march, the commander, gunner and driver are in the cockpit of the self-propelled guns (control department). The remaining four crew members are located in the middle compartment of the unit.

Armament of self-propelled guns — 203 mm gun 2A44. In the vertical plane, the gun is aimed within ranges from 0 to +60 degrees, and the horizontal pointing angle is plus or minus 15 degrees. B & nbsp; Ammunition “Peony” includes OF43 high-explosive fragmentation projectiles, as well as an active-rocket projectile. OF-43 weighs 110 kg, the projectile contained 17.8 kg of explosive. The maximum firing range of a high-explosive fragmentation projectile was 37.5 km. The active-rocket projectile weighed 103 kg, it contains 13.8 kg of explosive, the firing range of this ammunition was a record for its time and was 47.5 km. Also “Peony” can use concrete-piercing projectile, chemical projectile and special munition with nuclear charge.


Development of self-propelled gun 2S7 “Peony” began in 1967  In 1975, it was put into armament and serially produced until 1985 . From 1986 to 1990, a modernized version of the 2S7M Malka self-propelled gun was produced. In total, more than 500 artillery giants have been created. The gun was intended for the destruction of individual remote especially important objects, the destruction of fortifications and strikes with special ammunition with a nuclear charge.

Malka self-propelled artillery crews

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Malka self-propelled artillery crews work

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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Captured DPR fighters tortured and forced to confess guilt – Ombudsman

DPR Commissioner for Human Rights Daria Morozova said that 47 people from the Donetsk People's Republic were released during the exchange of prisoners between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports. Citizens were tortured in captivity, the Ombudsman said.

According to her, in Ukrainian captivity, they tried to trick citizens into confessing their guilt in order to bring them to trial in the future.

“They said that If they plead guilty, then they will change. If this is not the case, then they will not be allowed to exchange, – said the Ombudsman and added that she plans to apply to international organizations in connection with the use of torture against prisoners from the DPR in Ukrainian captivity.

Morozova, among other things, will apply to the UN and the ICRC to record the facts of torture.

The exchange of prisoners took place the day before in the format 144 by 144. The head of the republic, Denis Pushilin, said that the military of the DPR and Russia returned home as part of the exchange. Seriously wounded privates from the nationalist battalions were handed over to Kyiv, he specified.

Earlier, VGTRK war correspondent Andrei Rudenko published the first video of Russian soldiers released from captivity.

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Russia’s oldest surgeon Fedor Koval dies in Kuban

The oldest surgeon of the Russian Federation, military doctor, war veteran Fedor Koval has died. He did not live to see his 100th birthday for several months, Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev said on his Telegram channel.

Kondratiev expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the veteran.

Fyodor Koval was working in Slavyansk -in-Kuban. For 25 years, he headed the Department of Surgery, performed about 35,000 operations, received patients at the city hospital at the age of 97. Two years earlier, the veteran received the Vocation Award. thanks to his loyalty to the profession.

Earlier, the lawyer of the rector of the Higher School of Performing Arts Anatoly Polyankin announced his death.

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Start of trains from Crimea to Kherson and Zaporozhye regions was postponed

Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov in his Telegram channel announced the postponement of the launch of railway transport from Crimea to Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

According to Aksyonov, on the lines Dzhankoy – Melitopol and Dzhankoy – Kherson have not fully completed the work to ensure security.

On July 1, information on updating the train schedule should be published. Security measures are planned to be completed in a few days.

«We apologize to everyone who bought tickets. I guarantee that all costs will either be compensated, or your ticket will remain valid after the schedule is adjusted,” the head of Crimea wrote. Crimea, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

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What is the Marine Corps in Ukraine?

Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

The Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is organizationally part of the Coastal Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Navy. Composition: 2 brigades of approximately 2600 people each, 7 separate battalions (of 300-400 servicemen), including one reconnaissance battalion, a coastal artillery brigade, an artillery regiment and anti-aircraft missile division. Motto of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine — “Virniy zavzhdi!”. It may seem that this is a banal tracing paper from the Latin “Semper fidelis” (“always faithful” in Latin) that the US Marine Corps is so proud of. Opponents of this version claim that this is the motto of the city of Lviv from the end of the 17th century. But in the fact that this is a tracing-paper from American tradition, of course, is much more obvious. By the way, often the US Marine Corps uses the motto not in its entirety, but pronouncing (or tattooing) as “Semper fi”.

As in the whole world, the marines of Ukraine — elite branch of the military. The use of Marines as elite infantry on land is not new either. The  Americans Marine Corps (by the way, in the  USA it is a separate branch of the armed forces along with  Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy) also fought in Vietnam, and in Afghanistan. Russian “black berets” noted in  the same Afghanistan, Chechnya and Syria.

Like all special forces, the marines in all countries differ from units of the ground forces not only in better individual training of fighters, but and less saturation with heavy weapons. For example, in the entire Marine Corps of Ukraine at the beginning of the special operation, there were less than 70 tanks. The main armored vehicles of the Marines — floating armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as American HMMWV jeeps. By           amp; 1/7d/2073366/c/5359a034c283ac8db4c854502da86597.jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Military equipment from the abandoned 406th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo: RIA Novosti

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How to retake the exam?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 26. Capital evidence 29/06/2022

How can you retake the exam if you failed the exam or want to improve your result?

As AiF explained; in  Rosobrnadzor, if the graduate did not scoring the minimum score in one of compulsory subjects — Russian language or mathematics, you can retake the USE on reserve days (at the end of June — beginning of July). If it didn't work out again, another chance will be in September. If the minimum is not obtained immediately in both required subjects, then retake them you can in September. When the minimum score has not been scored in profile mathematics, then when retaking, you can change the level of the exam to basic.

Elective subjects can only be retaken for the next year, regardless of score. You can rewrite in a year and  compulsory subjects if you passed the minimum threshold, but are dissatisfied with the points received. The results of the exam are valid for 5 years, including the year of passing. Upon admission to the  university, the best result will be credited.

Also, if the results of the exam were canceled due to violation of the rules of conduct (telephone, cheating, cheat sheets, etc.), retake will be allowed only a year later, and required subjects — in September.

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How not to give all the money to hackers? 5 expert tips for users

Scammers can now steal money from accounts without even going into a bank, simply by connecting remotely to a smartphone or computer. How to protect yourself from this?

Head of the laboratory of artificial intelligence, neurotechnologies and business analytics of the Russian University of Economics and Nbsp; G.V. Plekhanov Timur Sadykov.

Today, the Internet has become a field of continuous fierce information confrontation, which began from the moment the first computer networks were put into operation, and now has acquired unprecedented proportions. Its members — foreign intelligence services of almost all countries of the world, representatives of banks and  corporations, fraudsters of various stripes, adherents of terrorist organizations, and an extremely wide range of unidentified persons pursuing the most diverse and mostly purely selfish interests.

It is possible to cause physical damage to the infrastructure of a serious adversary by penetrating his computer network, but successful attacks of this kind are relatively few in number. On the other hand, gaining unauthorized access to other people's data is easily converted into financial and reputational damage to the opponent. Therefore, the struggle on the Internet is primarily for the possession of data that is not intended for wide distribution.

A times the goal is more often — banal profit, it is not surprising that financial organizations are primarily targeted by hackers: banks, settlement centers, investment funds, etc. Data protection in such organizations — a difficult task, the solution of which can only be entrusted to professionals. The methods they use are individual, take into account the structure of the customer's business processes, and, as a rule, are classified for security reasons.

The average user is rarely of interest to serious hackers, but he may well be the victim of smaller scammers who are not squeamish about blackmail and theft from individuals.

What can be done to protect their data to an ordinary user?

  • Electronic mailboxes, messenger chats, cloud drives and other network resources are not, with very rare exceptions, reliable storages of confidential data. A wide range of people have access to these resources, the physical location of server capacities is unknown to the user, they are often located in foreign jurisdictions, and he himself can access his data only via the Internet. All of these factors make cloud and web-like resources a very convenient, but not-too-reliable data store.
  • Synchronizing a device that stores confidential information with additional devices (for example, a computer and a smartphone) significantly increases the risk of data leakage. A minor application installed on a smartphone may be a spyware and complete all data protection efforts on synchronized computer with smartphone.
  • The computer on which confidential information is stored must be password protected at both the BIOS level and the operating system level. These passwords should be sufficiently complex and significantly different. The possibility of fixing entered passwords with the help of video recording and similar means should be excluded.
  • Unauthorized persons must not have physical access to the device on which confidential data is stored, regardless of how securely it is protected at the software level. It can take little time for attackers to remove a hard drive and connect it to their own computer as an external drive.
  • Truely confidential data, which is absolutely unacceptable to leak, in principle there is no place on  a conventional device that connects to the Internet, is taken by the user to work or travel, to which strangers have physical access (even for a short time), and on which a significant number of programs are launched. Such data must be stored in encrypted form on media that is not connected to the Internet and securely protected physically, for example, on a removable drive in safe.
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    Learning is light, professions are darkness. What specialties will be needed in the future?

    Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 26. Capital evidence 29/06/2022

    In 4–5 years network doctors, biopharmacologists and agro-cybernetics   

    School graduates passed the Unified State Examination, received certificates and now they have to decide what profession they will be receive.

    Universities will accept documents until 25 July. College admissions will run until mid-August. To help yesterday's schoolchildren with a choice, “AiF” I found out how the situation on the labor market can change, which specialists will be in demand in 4 5 years, and who is at risk of being left out of work.

    Deprecated and disappeared

    “Under the influence of the digitalization of the economy, the labor market is seriously changing, the demand for some professions is declining, although it is still far from their complete disappearance. These include the profession of accountant, librarian, proofreader, travel agent, — says Associate Professor of the Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation "Human Resource Management" REU them. Plekhanova Ludmila Ivanova-Shvets.

    «If before, young people en masse wanted to go to work in  tax, do accounting, auditing, etc. then now it is shifting to the second plan, — considers the head of the Department of the Center for the Development of Education Strategy of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Konstantin Ziskin. — C On the one hand, these areas have become highly digitalised. A c another — Obviously, the real sector of the economy will be more in demand (primarily the oil industry), all kinds of small businesses (bakery and etc.).

    Architects of the transition

    At the same time, in the real sector of the economy, polarization, which has been outlined for a long time, will become even more pronounced. There will be a demand for  highly qualified specialists, development engineers of everything that is possible, and also for low-skilled — let's say C machine operators will probably soon be replaced by workers who knew how to work on old machines.

    «The process of import substitution of complex technologies will require at least 10 years, and and and more — considers Dmitry Sudakov, head of the Atlas of Emerging Jobs project, member of the expert council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. & mdash; what is left, and then the transition to “downgraded” technology. This is especially noticeable in the field of electronics. For example, airlines and car factories have already encountered this. You can't simply wave a magic wand and switch from one technology to another, if so far we just took and buyed everything that was missing. I think that in the next 4 & ndash; 6 years, old domestic machines and technologies will begin to return to & nbsp; operation. And & nbsp; it means that the old specialists of lower qualification who knew how to work for them will again be in demand. But along with that  “transition architects”, that there are people who will adapt production to new conditions”.

     Who will have a lot of work and money

    All experts are sure that there will be a huge demand for IT specialists — from developers of consumer applications, programs for business and government agencies to experts in information security.

    “There will be a lot of work for these people, and it will be well paid, because they are universal specialists: if they don’t like working in Russian companies, they can get jobs in Chinese, European or American ones. Boundaries don't matter here. But                there will be an enormous demand for such people  — Dmitry Sudakov claims.

    According to PRUE them. Plekhanov, the average nominal salary of a specialist employed in the field of software has increased from 37.2 to 120 k. rub. (in 3.22 times). “Logisticians will be in great demand (they deal with supply chains — from production to warehouses and shops, route development, etc. d.), — considers Director of the Center for the Economics of Lifelong Education at the RANEPA Professor Tatyana Klyachko. — We will need managers and marketers who can organize the work of companies in new conditions. I think that for some period the demand for industrial designers will drop. But this will be a short-term phenomenon. If desired, such specialists will be able to work, as they now say, in other locations, since a good designer is always needed. Apparently, so that the economy does not stall, housing construction will develop, so interior designers will also most likely be in demand. Plus, if we develop our own light industry, then in a couple of years the demand for clothes designers will also grow. Therefore, if there is an interest in design, take a closer look at these professions. Finally, doctors and teachers will always be in demand.

    Doctors are definitely not in danger of a lack of jobs, Dmitry Sudakov confirms: “I think, on the contrary, there will be a great demand for doctors, because the medical staff, especially the middle and junior ones, have been very much mowed down by the covid. Someone burned out and changed their profession, some died.

    At the intersection of professions

    New trend — not narrow professionals, but specialists at the junction of several professions.

    “For example, in the  medical field, these are not only doctors, but and bioethicists, network doctors, telesurgeons, neuropsychologists, biopharmacologists, bioengineers, — explains Ludmila Ivanova-Shvets. —      — agro-cybernetics, GMO agronomists, agricultural ecologists, food production biotechnologists. In production — not  just engineers, but design engineers, 3D printing engineers, robotics engineers. Among the listed professions there are those that were predicted even 5 years ago, and there are more applications for such specialists».

    Specialists advise humanitarians to pay attention to psychology, because the restructuring of millions of people to a different way of life will certainly be accompanied by considerable stress. And psychologists, psychotherapists will be in demand.

    What skills will be needed in the near future for success?    The crisis will hit people very hard — Dmitry Sudakov says — In in a way we will be going back to 90s, when there was a principle “want to live — know how to spin. Thank you covid — I call it “the inoculation of the future”: it showed people that it can be found new ways to earn money related to remote work, online, self-employment, etc. etc.  In the near future, entrepreneurial talents, skills in inventing your own business, and self-promotion will be critically needed. This also needs to be learned.

    And still in choosing a profession, it is not always worth chasing trends and fashion. According to statistics, a third of university graduates do not work in their specialty. “Key Tip — you have to choose what you like, but be ready to constantly learn and relearn», — says Tatyana Klyachko.

    By the way

    What has changed in the labor market over the year?

    There are more vacancies for doctors 2 times, skilled workers in construction — in 2 times, in truck —  2  times. Demand for purchasing specialists has increased by 3 times, for couriers —  5 times      times          more  — by 30%, cybersecurity  — — by 26%.

    It has become more difficult to find work for lawyers, insurance specialists, and administrative staff.

    Don't panic

    A number of professions were predicted “death” due to robotization, but these predictions will not come true soon  Until they are idle:

    • bus and taxi drivers;
    • call center operators;
    • salesmen and waiters.

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    Life under supervision. How are released pedophiles controlled?

    A draft law was submitted to the State Duma proposing to change the law “On” administrative supervision of “persons released from places of deprivation of liberty”. They want to add to it a provision on the indefinite wearing of electronic bracelets by those who were imprisoned for a crime against the sexual integrity of a minor under 14 years of age and suffering from pedophilia. And while they are taken under police supervision for a limited period and without the possibility of online control. How this work is being carried out, aif.ru was told in Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Krasnodar Territory.

    Guardianship for the former convict

    In Russia, some of the criminals, after being released from behind bars, immediately fall under the control of the internal affairs — it is supposed to keep them from going back to crime. By law, under "guardianship" adult former inmates with outstanding or unexpunged convictions are taken, in respect of which a corresponding decision has been made by the court. It individually defines a list of temporary restrictions on rights and freedoms and and obliges to perform certain actions.

    Citizens convicted of a grave or especially grave crime, including recidivists, fall under the law on administrative supervision. It also applies to persons who have been imprisoned more than twice for drugs, to those who have been serving sentences for premeditated crime against a minor, even under a non-serious article. But this does not mean that, for for example, the killer necessarily falls under the supervision of the police on freedom. Supervision is established in the event that, while serving a sentence in captivity, the offender maliciously violated the regime. The same mechanism is activated when he/nbsp;commits within a year after the release of two or more administrative offenses specified in the law. But there and a special clause relating to crimes against sexual freedom and the inviolability of a minor.

    “According to the law, in relation to pedophiles, administrative supervision is established by default, that is, it is mandatory. Before the release of such a convict who has served his term, the colony is obliged to apply to the court in advance to make an appropriate decision. This applies only to articles related to pedophilia», — tells Police Lieutenant Colonel of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Krasnodar Territory Vladislav Sergak, who is in charge of this line of work.

    The court a priori establishes supervision over a pedophile until the repayment of his criminal record, which takes 10 years from the moment of release on especially serious articles. By the way, it should be noted that in colloquial speech the word “pedophile” often used to briefly indicate the nature of the crime. By  the first meaning is a disorder of sexual preference — a clinical diagnosis that not  every convicted of a sexual offense against a minor can be made. For example, a man who is too affectionate can get a prison sentence for an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old who looks and is perceived by him like a woman, and not a child. According to Vladislav Sergak, this difference between criminals is important to take into account.

    “They get it in order”

    Obviously, control over people with sexual preference disorder is first and foremost important. Judging by everything, the authors of the bill submitted to the State Duma in the spring also tried to take this into account. It proposes to indefinitely hang electronic bracelets on persons who have been imprisoned for a crime against the sexual integrity of a minor under 14 years of age, and suffering from pedophilia. By the way, the draft also excludes the age limit over 18 years old and for the definition of a pedophile. It is proposed to consider as such citizens from 14 years, suffering from the corresponding disorder — in recent years, this type of crime has become much younger.

    Now, after leaving the colonies, people convicted of having sex with minors of different ages fall under the control of the police. But in in any case, they are treated solely on the basis of the court's decision to establish supervision. In total, the Kuban police officers currently have 278 “wards” such a category, of which 33 live in Krasnodar. For comparison — a few years ago there were over three hundred people in their region. Now the police are doing their best to prevent the released criminals from getting back to the old.

    As a rule, after their release, pedophiles are limited to the maximum of the rights and freedoms that are relevant in their case. They are prohibited from attending kindergartens, schools, entertainment venues, mass events. They cannot leave their place of residence during the hours determined by the court — usually from 22 to 6 in the morning, leave outside the settlement. They are obligated to check in with inspectors from one to four times a month. District police and criminal investigation officers are required to check such wards at their homes at least twice a month, including the time when they are forbidden to leave their homes. Other services also participate in this work. For example, traffic police helps to identify violators of the ban on leaving the city — supervised persons are entered into a special database.

    By a court decision, supervision may be extended, terminated ahead of schedule, or additional restrictions may be introduced, including at the initiative of the police. Sanctions are provided for  failure to comply with the established restrictions and obligations. Depending on the situation, this may be a fine, compulsory work, administrative arrest up to fifteen days. There is also criminal liability that may follow if the restrictions are violated repeatedly.

    «Under supervision — worse than ever, from all sides they will get, in fact, — continues Vladislav Sergak. — And around the place of residence of the supervised person, they also get everyone in order. Police officers regularly question his relatives and neighbors about his behavior, even talk with children living nearby. We try to take all possible preventive measures in order to avoid relapses. Of course, sometimes they happen, but for us, this is a real emergency».

    A matter of technique

    The technical means proposed by the State Duma deputies could just increase the efficiency of this work. It is noteworthy that the police of the Krasnodar Territory, even last year, went to the federal level with a legislative initiative on the use of electronic bracelets in relation to pedophiles. As Vladislav Sergak notes, one of the most difficult tasks in their activities — search for wards who are hiding from & nbsp; supervision. If such a person does not appear at home for a long time, does come to check in, then it takes a lot of effort to establish his whereabouts.

    Here it must be borne in mind that there are few supervisors in the police. In  districts of the Krasnodar Territory, this area of ​​work is responsible for a couple of employees who are not easy to control each ward. Most often, problems arise with those who abuse alcohol. Now about 80 people out of almost 4 thousand people under surveillance in the Krasnodar Territory are hiding from the police. But those who violated the sexual inviolability of minors, among the "runners" no. According to the police, most pedophiles generally behave very quietly after their release, because they don don't want to end up in places of deprivation of liberty again.

    Now only the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia uses electronic bracelets to control criminals. The current legislation provides for the use of these means in relation to convicts, as well as persons who have been chosen a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest, prohibition of certain actions and bail. In Russia, in the  Krasnodar Territory, by a court decision, electronic bracelets are put on; literally, you can count on fingers. Naturally, the most dangerous criminals cannot   — they are put behind bars. But the court can impose a restriction of liberty with the use of technical means of control to some individual who likes to be naked in the presence of children. In this case, tracking his movements on satellite will allow you to find out in time if he, for example, tries to approach a kindergarten, school or other child care institution in violation of the established ban.

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    Muller, Bormann and others. The real fate of the heroes of “17 Moments of Spring”

    Plot Our old movie

    Film directed by Tatiana Lioznova based on novel by Yulian Semenov «Seventeen Moments of Spring» in the USSR became a cult. The story of a Soviet spy in the lair of the Third Reich has been loved by several generations of viewers.

    Legend has it that Soviet leader Leonid BrezhnevI was so moved after viewing the picture that I offered to introduce Maxim Maksimovich Isaev to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, deciding that the scout & nbsp; & mdash; a real person, not a fictional character.

    In reality, Brezhnev was hardly so naive. And here, Vyacheslav Tikhonovafter the role of Stirlitz, he really became a Hero of Socialist Labor, and it happened not without the participation of Leonid Ilyich.

    But, in addition to & nbsp; fictional characters, such as the radio operator Kat or Pastor Schlugg, the film contains quite historical persons who, in our country, thanks to the skill of popular actors, have also turned into celebrities. Why for for for example, Oleg Tabakovand Leonid Bronevoywere criticized — and their fascists came out painfully nice and positive.

    What was the real fate of these figures of the Third Reich?

    Heinrich Müller

    Bronevoy, who played the chief of the Gestapo, did not at all resemble his real prototype. How external — Müller was a youthful brunette with neat hair and deep-set dark eyes — and according to feelings from it. Contemporaries did not see any charm in Muller's figure. On the other hand, he handled his direct duties with confidence.

    Heinrich Muller, Leonid Armor. Collage AiF

    Starting as a police detective in the Weimar Republic, he over time moved to political affairs and in in                   was a member of the NSDAP. They stubbornly did not want to accept him into the party, because he himself at one time caught and imprisoned old Nazis. However, the top leadership gave Muller a party card, believing that such personnel were not scattered.

    The head of the Gestapo had no attachment to the Fuhrer, he just did his dirty work. And  did it until the very end. On April 26, 1945, SS Gruppenfuehrer Hermann Fegelein, husband of Eva Braun's younger sister, escaped from Hitler's bunker thinking that it's all over. Hitler, who noticed the loss of Fegelein, became furious and ordered to find and punish the traitor. The captured Fegelein was given to Müller, who set up a field headquarters in the crypt of the bombed-out Trinity Church on Mauerstrasse. On April 28 the chief of the Gestapo interrogated the detainee in his own style, after which the fugitive Gruppenfuehrer was shot.

    After the suicide Hitler's Müller said: “The regime has fallen, and” I “together with” him. Then it disappeared.

    On April 29, 2022, the FSB of Russia published a declassified protocol of interrogation of Hitler's personal pilot Hans Baur, who claimed that Heinrich Müller was going to commit suicide after the Fuhrer's suicide: “SS Gruppenführer” Müller on April 30, after Hitler's death, he told me that he together with two more SD officers would shoot himself».

    The chief of the Gestapo was looking for many decades. Some believed that he lives in South America, others said that he settled in the USSR under the control of the KGB, others claimed that he lives in USA.

    Most likely, Heinrich Müller really ended his days in May 1945 in Berlin.

    Martin Bormann

    Another brilliant move by Tatyana Lioznova — the role of the “grey eminence” she gave the Nazi Party to the incredibly popular bard Yuri Vizbor. For this reason, the following joke was circulating in the USSR: “Bormann comes to” Hitler, and “he” & mdash; in desperation. Almost tearing his hair out: “What should I do, Martin?! What to do?! Russians at the walls of Berlin! The war is lost…» Borman puts his hand on his shoulder: “Calm down, Adik! Let's sing better: "Skis are standing by the stove, the sunset behind mountain goes out…"

    Martin Borman, Yuri Vizbor. Collage AiF

    The real Bormann was not distinguished by the charm of Vizbor. 1 October 1, 1946 in Nuremberg, the International Tribunal sentenced him to death penalty — in absentia. Because it was not clear where the person who knew most about the party fund of the NSDAP had gone.

    A father of ten children, Bormann was not going to follow the example of Goebbelswho killed himself, and wife, and offspring. Witnesses confirmed that on May 1, 1945, with one of the breakout groups, he intended to break out of Berlin to go to the Western Allies.

    Bormann's group successfully reached the Friedrichstrasse metro station. Next, it was necessary to force the Spree River, but there were no boats nearby. The group members split up looking for different ways to get out of the trap. Bormann, SS doctor Ludwig Stumpfeggerand Reich Youth LeaderArthur Axmannencountered a German tank group, which, like them, was trying to escape from Berlin.

    The Nazis decided to break through the bridge, which was under the control of the Soviet troops. The launched tank attack was reported to Zhukov, who suspected that some of the high-ranking Nazis might be among the fugitives. The  column was attacked with all the might of nearby artillery.

    The fact that Bormann was wounded at that moment and subsequently died was reliably established only in 1998, thanks to DNA examination. The data obtained allow us to conclude that the wounded Bormann resorted to ampoules with cyanide.

    Walter Schellenberg

    The head of foreign intelligence of the Third Reich, played by Oleg Tabakov, makes every effort in the film to organize a separate peace with the USA and Great Britain. And indeed, he made such attempts quite actively. And, by the way, his image in the & nbsp; cinema, apparently, is close to & nbsp; real. The British interrogating Shellenbergafter the war, they gave him the following description: “A virtuoso actor. He knows how to use his charm, and when he uses it, it creates a completely plausible illusion that you are talking to a pleasant, harmless and rather original young man … Being in a disadvantageous situation, he knows how to create the impression he needs. Schellenberg knows what he wants and how to achieve it, if necessary — will go over the corpses. For him, the words “friendship” and “loyalty” don't make a difference, he does expect this and from others».

    png” height=”531″ width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

    Walter Schellenberg, Oleg Tabakov. Collage AiF

    On May 3, 1945, Schellenberg arrived in Copenhagen to negotiate peace, and flew to Stockholm on May 6, having official authority to conclude a truce in Scandinavia. But it was already too late, and the Western allies rejected these initiatives. After the fall of the Third Reich, Schellenberg lived in Sweden, where he was arrested in June 1945. However, he got off very easily — in          was sentenced to 6 years in prison, and he was released a year later on health .

    Indeed, Schellenberg's health turned out to be serious problems — in 1952 he died in Italy at the age of 42.

    He left five children, and many relatives of the chief of Nazi intelligence watched Seventeen Moments of Spring with interest. And Walter Schellenberg's niece even sent a letter to Oleg Tabakov thanking for the warm attitude to the image of her uncle.

    Karl Wolf

    Another more than bold experiment by Lioznova — she gave the role of one of the highest ranks of the SS Karl Wolf to Vasily Lanovoy, who by that time had behind the roles of Pavka Korchagin and Felix Dzerzhinsky. Turn the popularly beloved Lanovoy into "fascist" — one should have dared to do so.

    Karl Wolf, Vasily Lanovoy. AiF collage

    Heinrich Himmler's confidant, Wolf at the end of the war was the Supreme Leader SS and police of Italy, and also authorized by the Wehrmacht under Mussollini, and in this capacity he actually negotiated with  ;U.S. Representative Allen Dulles. The only dispute is that it really — an attempt at a large collusion or some kind of agreement at the local level.

    Be that as it may, Wolf counted on a place in the new German government, but instead received 4 years in the camps. Historians believe that this was actually a mercy from the Allies — for his deeds in the Third Reich, Wolf could well have been hanged.

    In the 1950s, Wolf lived quite well and comfortably in Germany, while his negotiating partner Allen Dulles retained influence in the United States. But when         the the resignation of            was sent into resignation from the post of director of the CIA       This time he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but he was released already in 1971 year.

    Wolf lived to 1984 years, and Yulian Semyonov personally met he. The writer described him as follows: “A completely vigorous eighty-year-old Nazi, who” in no way “deviated from” the former principles of racism, anti-communism and & nbsp; p>

    Wolf saw Seventeen Moments of Spring and through Semyonov he sent a bottle of cognac to Lanovoy. The SS man made only one remark — according to he  was not so slim in 1945.

    Allen Dulles

    Played by Vyacheslav Shalevich, Allen Dulles did not become a cult character in the film, and the actor himself had brighter roles. But without Dulles and his negotiations with the Germans, there there there would be the work of Semenov.

    Vyacheslav Shalevich, Allen Dulles. AIF collage

    To the Soviet writer and publicistIlya Ehrenburgthis politician is credited with such an assessment: “If Dulles, due to some misunderstanding, gets into  paradise, he and will start conspiring there and will start shooting angels».

    In 1942, Dulles headed the American intelligence center in Bern, becoming the head of the US station in Europe. The Dulles Center worked brilliantly, not least because of the personal connections of its head in Germany.

    The apotheosis of this activity was Operation Sunrise, around which the action of Seventeen Moments of Spring revolves. Dulles, who never concealed his antipathy towards the USSR, indeed for a long time negotiated with representatives of influential German circles, the purpose of which was to establish in Germany a regime loyal to the USA and Great Britain, at the same time hostile to the Soviet Union.

    In February 1945, these negotiations turned into a practical plane, since representatives of the German high command joined them from the German side.

    The          The maximum task was the conclusion of a separate peace between Germany, Great Britain and the USA. The minimum task was the surrender of the German troops in Northern Italy, not conjugated heavy fighting, loss of life and destruction of infrastructure.

     Ultimately Dulles managed to implement the minimum plan, although quite late — German forces in  Italy capitulated at the same time the surrender of the German garrison.

    After the war, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established in the United States, and Dulles was one of those who stood by  the origins of the department. From 1953 to 1961, Dulles was head of the CIA. During this period, under his leadership, many successful and failed operations were carried out. The "Bay of Pigs" — unsuccessful attempt to invade Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro.

    Conspiracy theorists believe that the wounded Dulles could have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. However, the former head of the CIA was not included in the  list of suspects, but in the commission to investigate the murder.

    Allen Dulles died in 1969 from pneumonia, not having lived to embodiment of his image in  ;the great film by Lioznova.

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    Indonesian President hands over Zelensky’s message to Putin

    The President of Indonesia made a proposal to Zelensky to convey a personal message to Putin the day before, during his visit to Kyiv

    Joko Widodo and Vladimir Putin

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo conveyed a message from President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He announced this during his visit to Moscow, TASS reports.

    Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that he did not know the content of the message, Interfax reports. “I don't know what it's all about yet,” — a Kremlin spokesman told reporters.

    On June 29, the Indonesian president arrived in Kyiv, where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Earlier, Widodo said that he would hold talks with the Russian and Ukrainian leaders and call them to a dialogue about peace, as well as ask for a ceasefire and a military operation.

    During his visit to Kyiv, Widodo himself invited Zelensky to convey a personal message to Vladimir Putin, Sky News reported. “I offered to convey the message of President Zelensky to President Putin, whom I will meet shortly,” — said the President of Indonesia.

    In November, Indonesia will host the G20 summit in Bali. Russian presidential aide Ushakov said on June 27 that Vladimir Putin accepted the invitation to the G20 meeting, but the format of participation is still being discussed.

    Ukraine is not a member of the G20, but Widodo invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the summit during his visit to Kyiv, Ukrayinska Pravda reported. The latter accepted the invitation, but clarified that Ukraine's participation would depend on the security situation in the country itself and on the composition of the participants in the G20.

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    Since the beginning of the Russian special operation, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly advocated negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky. The press secretary of the Russian leader said that Moscow was not against such a meeting, but for this the parties at the delegation level should prepare a meaningful document to be signed by the leaders of the two countries.

    Russia and Ukraine have been negotiating a settlement since late February . After the meeting of the delegations of the two countries in Istanbul, Kyiv handed over to Moscow a number of proposals, including a non-bloc and non-nuclear status of Ukraine. Later, as Russian President Vladimir Putin reported, Kyiv began to deviate from the Istanbul agreements and the negotiations reached an impasse. At the end of April, the negotiations were suspended, this was confirmed by both sides.

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    Biden vows to support Ukraine “as long as it takes”

    Joe Biden

    The US will support Ukraine for as long as it takes. President Joe Biden stated this at a press conference following the NATO summit.

    «We intend to support Ukraine as much as necessary»— Biden said when asked if there was a deadline for American support for Ukraine.

    After that, Biden slipped the tongue, saying that Washington and its allies intend to continue helping Kyiv to prevent victory Ukraine, but then he corrected himself.

    “The entire [North Atlantic] alliance will stick with Ukraine for as long as it takes to really ensure they are not defeated by Ukraine. Sorry, [not defeated] in Ukraine by Russia, — he said.

    The NATO summit took place from 28 to 30 May. At it, the members of the alliance agreed to increase the number of rapid reaction forces of the alliance by almost eight times— up to 300 thousand people. Now it is 40 thousand fighters, who should be ready to start combat missions within 15 days.

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    NATO leaders also officially invited Finland and Sweden to the alliance (claims against Turkey were withdrawn on June 28) and called Russia the most significant a threat to the security of the countries of the alliance and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region. In addition, all 30 members of the alliance promised Ukraine political and practical support, in particular, the acceleration and increase in the supply of weapons.

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    In Lvov banned the activities of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate

    The Lviv City Council voted to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) due to a threat to national security. The author of the initiative, a deputy from the “European Solidarity” Yuriy Lomaga reported this on his Facebook page (owned by Metata, a banned organization in Russia and recognized as extremist).

    “The activities of the Moscow Patriarchate are banned in Lvov! We made such a decision today at a session of the Lviv City Council,— the deputy wrote (spelling preserved).

    In 2018, Ukraine created its own Orthodox Church— OCU (Orthodox Church of Ukraine). Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople granted an eitomos (decree) on receiving autocephaly. The ROC did not recognize the decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, breaking off Eucharistic communion with it.

    At the end of May, the participants in the OCU council announced its “full autonomy and independence”; from the Moscow Patriarchate. They condemned the military actions in Ukraine as a violation of God's commandment “Thou shalt not kill!” and expressed disagreement with the position of Patriarch Kirill, who supported the Russian special operation. In addition, the UOC seeks to resume dialogue with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

    After that, the ROC did not rule out a new split within the OCU due to “unauthorized actions”; to change its bylaws. The decision on the status of the church can only be made within the framework of the canonical procedure, the Patriarch's press service noted.

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    RANEPA Rector Detained After Testimony of Ex-Deputy Minister of Education

    During interrogation in December 2021, Rakova spoke about the people she interacted with, mentioning Mau. The judge said that a confrontation was held between Rakova and Mau

    Marina Rakova

    The case against the rector of the RANEPA Vladimir Mau was opened after the testimony of the former Deputy Minister of Education Marina Rakova, who was previously arrested in the case of a particularly large-scale fraud. This is stated in the materials of the investigation, which were announced by the judge at a meeting on choosing a measure of restraint for the rector, RBC correspondent reports. phone correspondence.

    The judge mentioned that in the case file there is an interrogation of Rakova, which took place in December 2021. She pointed to the people with whom and where she met, with whom she interacted. In particular, she pointed to the interaction in her case with Mau.

    The judge said that a confrontation was held between Rakova and Mau.

    Mau was detained on June 30. The rector's acquaintances told RBC that he was interrogated the night before after the searches, and investigative actions were also carried out with him.

    The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow reported that the rector was charged with embezzlement of money from the RANEPA, he is being investigated in a criminal case on a particularly large fraud initiated against Rakova and the ex-director of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Academy, the rector of “Shaninka”; Sergei Zuev.

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    Mau has been a rector since 2002— At first, he headed the Academy of National Economy under the government, to which the Presidential Academy of Civil Service and 12 other federal educational institutions were attached by presidential decree in 2010. Under him, the “School of Governors” was opened at the RANEPA & mdash; training program for the management personnel reserve of the civil service.

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    German President Steinmeier discussed with Zelensky a possible visit to Kyiv

    Frank-Walter Steinmeier

    German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier held telephone conversations with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky and discussed his possible visit to Kyiv with him, Die Welt TV channel reports, citing the press secretary of the German leader.

    “Steinmeier assured Zelensky of further support and congratulated him on [Ukraine's receiving] the status of a candidate member of the EU”, — the channel said.

    Zelensky confirmed the fact of the conversation on Twitter and thanked Steinmeier for his support, including in obtaining Ukraine's candidate status. He also added that he had discussed “increased defense support” with a German colleague.

    Steinmeier was going to come to Ukraine last April together with the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The visit was supposed to demonstrate “pan-European solidarity”; with Ukraine. However, in the end, the German politician did not visit Kyiv. The President explained the refusal of the trip by the fact that the Ukrainian authorities “did not want” this visit, the ion “was not ready”; to a similar reaction.

    Sources in the German newspaper Bild claimed that Kyiv refused to receive Steinmeier because of “close ties”; with Russia in recent years and the support it has expressed for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz then said that the decision of the Ukrainian authorities “causes irritation”, and stressed that it would be more correct for Kyiv to accept the President of Germany. On May 4, he gave an interview to ZDF and said that he could not come to Kyiv until Steinmeier was there. “The fact that the President of the Federal Republic was refused to be invited is a problem. And it's on the agenda. <…> You can't say: the president can't come,»,— Scholz said. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that Berlin provides Ukraine with financial and military assistance and can guarantee security.

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    Peskov admitted that Putin may not go to the G20 summit in person

    Dmitry Peskov

    Russia may take part in the G20 summit (G20) in any format, President Vladimir Putin can go himself or delegate someone, said the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, TASS reports.

    “In any [format, Russia's participation in the summit is possible” “Big Twenty” in Indonesia]. The President can go himself, he can delegate someone. There is still time, Russia is participating in the work of the G20. We will make the decision that best suits our interests, & mdash; said Peskov.

    In April, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indravati said that the invitation to the upcoming G20 summit was open to the public. received by the leaders of all participating countries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky received an invitation.

    17th meeting of heads of state— G20 members will be held in Bali on November 15 & 16. Indonesia is the current chair of the G20.

    On June 27, Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that Vladimir Putin's participation in the summit was “foreseen”. At the same time, he added that the Russian side responded positively to the Indonesian proposal.

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    Vladimir Mau at a court hearing on his case. Video

    Rector of the RANEPA Vladimir Mau was brought to the Tverskoy Court of Moscow. He was detained in a criminal case of embezzlement of the university's funds, and ex-Deputy Minister of Education Marina Rakova is being charged in the same case


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    The Kremlin said that they are waiting for the decision of the EC on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad

    The Kremlin is awaiting a decision by the European Commission (EC) on the principles for handling goods that are banned from transiting to Kaliningrad through Lithuania, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

    “We will wait for the announcement. The European Commission is well aware of all our concerns, of the de facto state of affairs. Therefore, we will wait for this reaction,»,— he answered the corresponding question of journalists.

    Since June 18, Lithuania has banned the transit of certain goods to the Kaliningrad region and from it to other Russian regions by rail. The 66-page list of prohibited goods included iron and steel products, products for use in the aviation and space industries, perfumes, porcelain and other ceramics, household appliances worth more than €750, purebred horses, truffles, cigars and others. goods subject to EU sanctions. Vilnius said that the measure was introduced in pursuance of EU sanctions and the country does not introduce any unilateral or additional restrictions. The Kremlin called Vilnius's decision illegal and a violation of “everything and everything”.

    Earlier, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said that the EC would publish principles for handling goods that fell under the ban on transit through the country in the coming days. He noted that Vilnius opposes the “green corridor for special cargo.”

    Compromise can be reached on 10 July. According to Reuters, traffic between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia may be exempt from sanctions on the grounds that it is not international trade in the full sense. This relief may be introduced on the condition that the goods subject to sanctions will be used exclusively in the Kaliningrad region and not sent further by sea.

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