Borrell says the EU will have to abandon the principle of unanimity


The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the EU would have to abandon the principle of unanimity. He wrote about this in his blog.

Borrell noted that the debate about the need to abandon this principle has been going on for a long time. However, in today's world, the context has changed.

Borrell believes that the conflict in Ukraine has shown that the EU needs to make strategic decisions quickly. Work according to the old principle of “reckless”. In the future, the number of participating countries will increase, and if now it is difficult for 27 members to come to a common opinion, then when there are 30 or more countries, it will be even more difficult.

The head of European diplomacy recalled that the approval of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia took a month and had to mitigate the initially proposed option due to the disagreement of some countries.

Now, when making decisions on foreign policy, the EU uses the principle of unanimity, consensus, that is, all decisions must be approved by all participating countries.


The LPR announced the intention of the Ukrainian military to leave Lisichansk in civilian clothes

Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) cannot get out of the encirclement from Lysichansk, so they try to leave the city under the guise of civilians in civilian clothes with them. This was announced by the representative of the People's Militia of the Lugansk People's Republic (NM LPR) Andrey Marochko.

He also stressed that the Ukrainian authorities call on all civilians to evacuate from Lysichansk so that the military could leave with them in civilian clothes .

“The vile Ukrainian fascist tactics never cease to amaze <…> The head of the Lugansk OVA, Sergei Gaidai, called on everyone to evacuate from  Lysichansk, knowing full well how dangerous it is, — Marochko said.

Recently, in its Telegram channel, the NM of the LPR announced the development of a successful offensive against Lisichansk with fire support from the Russian army. According to the department, Ukrainian troops suffered heavy losses.


Peskov commented on Sapieha’s petition to Lukashenka for pardon

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov commented on the petition for pardon from Russian Sofya Sapieha to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. According to Peskov, the Kremlin is waiting for Lukashenko's decision.

The Kremlin representative also answered the question whether Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the issue of pardoning Sapieha.

“At the meeting, the presidents themselves told the main topics that they considered possible to make public. As for the application for pardon, we will wait for the decision of the head of the Belarusian state,” he told reporters.

Earlier it became known that Sapieha wrote a letter to Lukashenka asking for pardon. According to her, she “was driven to commit crimes by her youth and stupidity.” Sophia indicated that she “was unfair” and “looked at things from only one side.”


Commando “Cat” spoke about the cleansing of the territory of “Azot”

Photo: Global Look Press

Fighters of the Chechen special unit “Akhmat” and NM LPR found on the territory of the chemical plant “Azot” in the liberated Severodonetsk ammunition and caches with weapons.

According to the fighter of the special forces “Akhmat” with the call sign “Cat”, the territory of the plant is now being cleaned up, during which a lot of interesting things are found. “Last time, eight or ten boxes of ammunition for a captured machine gun were taken out. The machine gun was captured, the ammunition was received,” the commando shared the details.

As Kot noted, there are a lot of caches with foreign weapons and ammunition on the territory of the plant, which are neatly folded, which indicates the preparation of the group for long defensive battles.

The fighter emphasized that the infrastructure of the chemical plant is a rather complex engineering system with underground structures.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast June 27

Official summaries, journalistic testimonies, international reactions

Russia continues the special operation on the territory of Ukraine. Valentina Matvienko said that negotiations between Russia and Ukraine can only be conducted if Kyiv accepts the conditions of the Russian Federation. Boris Johnson told Emmanuel Macron: any attempt to resolve the conflict in Ukraine will only lead to a worsening of the situation in the world. In the Black Sea, the Chernomorneftegaz tower was fired upon. Meanwhile, Bloomberg predicted Russia's default. Read online of the previous day of the special operation here.

Photo: Donetsk News Agency

12:33 Dmitry Peskov said that the allegations of a default in Russia are unfounded. According to him, back in May the payment was made in foreign currency. And the fact that they were not brought to the recipients is not the problem of the Russian Federation.

12:14Andrey Marochko, a representative of the People's Militia of the LPR, said that the territory of the chemical enterprise “Azot” in Severodonetsk came under the full control of the forces of the People's Militia of the LPR and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. According to him, civilians still remain in the plant's bomb shelters.

12:05 Moldavian President Maia Sandu will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky. This will happen on June 27 as part of a working visit to Ukraine, as reported by the press service of the Moldovan presidential administration.

11:58 NATO Deputy Secretary General Joana responded to Ukraine's accusations of insufficient assistance. According to him, it is necessary “to carefully avoid the escalation and the possibility of a war between Russia and NATO, which will not benefit anyone.” “With all due respect to Ukraine, our number one task is to protect the billion people living on NATO territory,” he stressed.

11:50The US authorities will impose sanctions against Russian PMCs, as well as units of the Russian Armed Forces and officials in the Russian-controlled territories of Ukraine. This was announced in the White House. The new sanctions will also target Russian military-industrial complex companies and defense research organizations.

11:40 The Lithuanian authorities have agreed with the European Commission on the rules for transit to the Kaliningrad region. We are waiting for details.

11:20Ukraine terminated two agreements with Russia in the field of nuclear security. This is reported by the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation.

11:14Over the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the territory of the DPR 33 times. As a result, two people were killed and nine others were injured. This was reported at the DPR representative office at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire.

11:05 LPR Ambassador to Russia Miroshnik said that at the moment militants are holding hostages on there is no one left on Azot's territory.

11:00Reuters: The head of the Lugansk region of Ukraine urged civilians to urgently evacuate from Lysychansk.

10:52 Financial Times: Head of the Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Budanov threatened Russia with terrorist attacks and sabotage on its territory.

10:32 State Duma deputy Anatoly Aksakov said that the day of Russia's “default” has gone down in history. According to him, June 27 will be associated with “legalized fraud” by the United States against its investors and Russia. The situation with the supposedly unpaid foreign debt of our country has been created artificially, the website of the Moskva Speaks radio station reports.

10:20 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with the Financial Times that the alliance would everything possible to protect the Baltic States from external threats. In addition, the Pais newspaper reports that NATO's new strategic concept for the first time will include the protection of the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the allied countries as the main mission of the organization.

10:06The dollar exchange rate during the opening of trading on the Moscow Exchange rises to 53.43 rubles. And the euro exchange rate is up to 56.08 rubles.

9:50Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. They discussed the situation in Ukraine, as well as further assistance to this country from Ottawa and the G7 countries.

9:33 Even more 500 civilians. This was reported by the People's Militia of the LPR.

9:31 The number of refugees who arrived in Russia from the Donbass, as well as from Ukraine, exceeded 2.1 million people, TASS reported.

9:22 Senator Dzhabarov considers Western media reports false about the alleged “default” of the Russian Federation. According to him, the West itself froze Russia's accounts and does not allow payments to be made.

Joe Biden met with Olaf Scholz as part of the G7 summit in Germany. Scholz announced the unity of the West – calling it Russia's main response.

On the morning of June 27, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. This was announced by the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire.

Bloomberg reports that the G7 countries will commit themselves to indefinite support to Ukraine. As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, London would not have been able to quickly help Kyiv with weapons if Britain had not left the European Union.

Russia attacked the territory of the training centers of Ukrainian troops in Chernihiv with high-precision weapons and Calibers, Zhytomyr, Lviv regions.


US to announce delivery of advanced missile system to Ukraine

Zelensky demands Western military assistance to Kyiv

In the near future, the United States is going to announce the acquisition of a medium and long-range anti-aircraft missile system for Ukraine.

Photo: AP

As early as this week, the United States plans to announce the purchase of an advanced medium-to-long-range anti-aircraft missile system for Ukraine, a source familiar with the announcement told CNN.

President Joe Biden, who is currently meeting with G7 leaders in Germany at a G7 summit focusing primarily on Ukraine, recently announced that the United States would provide Ukraine with “improved missile systems and munitions” to fight Russia. On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky plans to address Biden and other G7 leaders virtually.

In response to requests from Ukrainian forces, other military assistance is likely to be announced this week, including more artillery ammunition and counter-battery radars. Ukrainian officials have asked the US and its allies for a missile defense system, known as the NASAMS system, given that the weapon can hit targets more than 100 miles (160 km) away, though Ukrainian forces likely need to be trained on the systems, the source said. CNN.

Washington has been steadily announcing additional security assistance for Ukraine. Last week, the Biden administration announced an additional $450 million in military assistance to Kyiv, providing it with four more multiple launch rocket systems and artillery ammunition for other systems.

And earlier this month, the Biden administration said it was providing Ukraine with $1 billion in additional military aid, a package that includes more howitzers, ammunition and coastal defense systems.

CNN reported last week that US assessments of the conflict are increasingly suggesting a long and grueling battle in eastern Ukraine with heavy losses of personnel and equipment. U.S. officials say Russian forces plan to continue heavy attacks in the east, characterized by heavy artillery and rocket strikes, with the intention of wearing down Ukrainian forces and NATO resolve over time.

As for Ukraine, its armed forces are wasting Soviet-era munitions that fit older weapons systems, and Western governments are faced with a difficult decision about whether they want to continue to increase their aid to Kyiv, even as Biden has already pledged to do so.

“ We will continue to lead the world in providing historic assistance to Ukraine in its struggle for freedom,” the American president wrote in an op-ed published in the New York Times last month.


Wasserman explained the proposal of the State Duma to send school graduates to contract service

It is not related to the conduct of a special operation

The State Duma Defense Committee of the Russian Federation recently came up with a proposal to allow the recruitment of men with secondary general education, that is, school graduates who are not enlisted in the reserve if they are subject to conscription. State Duma deputy Anatoly Wasserman noted that this had nothing to do with the special operation carried out by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, but only enabled Russians to start training in serious military sciences earlier.

Lithuania agreed with the European Commission on the rules of transit to the Kaliningrad region

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The Lithuanian authorities, in consultations with the EC, agreed on the main principles and fundamental guidelines for the transit of goods from the Russian Federation to Kaliningrad, shared details senior adviser to the head of Lithuania on national security Kestutis Budrys. According to him, the consultation took place in the light of updates on recommendations on the implementation of restrictive measures, but did not disclose the details of specific principles and provisions.

As the adviser to the Lithuanian leader noted, the main principles and basic provisions that should be followed were unanimously agreed upon. republic to clarify certain points for the European Commission.


The head of military intelligence of Ukraine threatened Russia with terrorist attacks

Photo: Frame from video

Head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov threatened terrorist acts and sabotage on the territory of the Russian Federation .

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate announced the intensification of partisan activities in the territories controlled by Russia and recalled the explosions of cars in the Kherson region, one of which led to the death of an official of the military-civilian administration (VGA) Dmitry Savluchenko.

Budanov told that similar attacks take place in many places, having warned that they were and will be carried out in Russia. At the same time, he did not comment on the involvement of the Ukrainian authorities in these actions.


Scholz spoke about Putin’s participation in the fall G20 summit

Photo: Global Look Press

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not yet ready to withdraw from the November G20 summit in November, despite not that the Russian Federation can participate in the event, writes ZDF. The German politician called on other states not to torpedo the summit due to the possible presence of Russian leader Vladimir Putin at it, the article says.

From the German chancellor's point of view, a group of leading economic countries will continue to play a key role in summit, and their close interaction is especially important in the current crises. At the same time, Scholz himself is going to make a decision to participate in the event only “shortly before departure”, depending on the situation in the world.


Bloomberg: Russia’s first default since 1918

According to American journalists, Russia has defaulted on sovereign debt in foreign currency.

The American Bloomberg agency published a material in which it reported that Russia had defaulted on sovereign debt in foreign currency.

According to journalists, the grace period for paying about $100 million in overdue payments ended last night on government bonds.

If the payment was not transferred, then the situation is considered a default.

The agency calls this the first default of the Russian Federation on external debt since 1918.

At that time the Bolsheviks who came to power did not pay the debts of the Russian Empire.

The agency's statements were denied in Russia.

According to financial analyst Mikhail Belyaev, a default is impossible in Russia, because the country has money , although he acknowledged obstacles to payment.

The analyst admitted the possibility of a technical default and noted that the country could be subject to selective default.

“Default means that, according to some rating agencies, we are on the default list, we will not be able to place to issue further issues of our Eurobonds”, – quotes the expert.

He noted that this threat would not affect the Russian economy, since now the placement of Eurobonds is generally impossible.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that that Bloomberg said that Russia is about to default.

U.S. journalists announced a technical default.

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In Russia, they proposed to hold a “Total dictation” in history

First Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Education Yana Lantratova proposed to hold in Russia the annual all-Russian action “Verification (control) work on history”, by analogy with the “Total Dictation” in the Russian language, Izvestia writes.

With a corresponding initiative, Lantratova turned to the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, pointing out the importance of studying history among Russians.

The parliamentarian drew attention to the fact that history is not a compulsory subject for passing the USE, so most schoolchildren do not pay due attention to this subject.

The deputy cited Rosobrnadzor data on the results of passing the voluntary exam in history for 2021, according to which the average score was 54.9 out of 100 possible, and 7.4% of the participants did not overcome the minimum barrier at all. This year the average score – 57.95, while only 638 out of 90,000 who took the exam received 100 points in the exam.

The author of the initiative is convinced that the test in the form of & nbsp; will improve historical literacy, better navigate current political events, and associate oneself with the Fatherland.

Earlier, the Minister of Education of Russia Sergey Kravtsov spoke about the discussion of the introduction in schools of an additional course “Russia – my story». 

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Investigative Committee denied information about the initiation of a criminal case after the death of Shatunov

Plot Yury Shatunov, the lead singer of the Laskovy May group, has died

The Russian Investigative Committee denied reports that a criminal case had been initiated in connection with the death of singer Yuri Shatunov, RIA Novosti reports.

The department said that this information was not true .

The director of the artist Arkady Kudryashov previously reported that the investigators had opened a case against the ambulance staff.

He said that when Shatunov became ill, he was immediately called an ambulance, but the dispatcher said that the car would have to wait a long time, and advised him to take the singer to the medical facility on his own.

Kudryashov noted that the artist’s family had no complaints about the doctors, since it was “too difficult a case.”


Former soloist of the pop group "Tender May" Yuri Shatunov died of a heart attack on the night of June 23 at the age of 49.

The day before, a farewell took place with him. Almost 14,000 people came to the Troekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow to see off their idol.

The funeral of the artist will take place on June 28. He will be cremated and buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery. The ceremony will be closed, only relatives and close friends will be able to attend.

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The head of the EC refused to boycott the G20 summit if Putin participates in it

According to von der Leyen, the G20 institution is “too important to let Putin destroy it,” and the presence of the Russian leader will allow him to better understand the position of the West

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will not boycott the autumn G20 summit; (G20) if Russian President Vladimir Putin participates in it. She stated this in an interview with the German TV channel ZDF.

“We must think very carefully about whether we will paralyze the entire G20, so I do not support this [boycott of the summit] <…> I think it will be better if he [Putin] comes, then we can tell him to his face what we think, — von der Leyen noted.

According to her, the G20 institution is “too important to let Putin destroy it,” and the presence of the Russian leader will allow him to better understand the position of the West.


Summit of Heads of State— G20 participants will be held November 15 & 16 in Bali. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already received an invitation to participate in the event, but the Kremlin has not yet made a decision. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was also invited to the summit, although the country is not a member of the organization.

Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that some members of the G20, including the United States, tried to persuade Indonesia to refuse Putin's invitation to the summit in the country . According to the agency, Jakarta was required to “at least condemn” Russia's actions in Ukraine. US officials have also discussed whether President Joe Biden should skip the summit if Putin visits, but Biden is likely to attend, according to sources.

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CNN announced the imminent transfer of American long-range missile defense systems to Kyiv

CNN: US to give Ukraine medium-range and long-range missile defense systems According to the channel, the US will announce the delivery of advanced missile defense systems, artillery ammunition and counter-battery radars to Kyiv this week

American PROMIM-104 Patriot system

The United States plans to announce the transfer of advanced medium and long-range missile defense systems to Kiev this week, CNN reports, citing sources.

According to the channel's interlocutors, the assistance will be transferred in response to relevant requests from Ukraine. In addition, other military assistance is likely to be announced, which includes additional artillery ammunition and counter-battery radars, the sources added.


CNN clarifies that Kyiv had previously requested Norwegian NASAMS missile defense systems, which are capable of hitting targets at a distance of 160 km. At the same time, the channel indicates that this sophisticated equipment and the Ukrainian military should be trained to operate it.

Western countries began to increase arms supplies to Ukraine against the backdrop of the Russian military operation that began on February 24. Since then, they have supplied or pledged to supply Kyiv with weapons, military equipment and funds for military purposes totaling approximately $38.5 billion.

Washington, in particular, has sent $6.1 billion in military aid to Kyiv since late February. On June 23, White House National Security Council (NSC) strategic communications coordinator John Kirby announced an additional $450 million package that included military equipment and ammunition. On June 25, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny announced that the HIMARS MLRS supplied were already fighting in the territory not controlled by Ukraine.

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Russia has repeatedly accused Western countries of “pumping” Ukraine with weapons and warned that convoys with foreign weapons would become “legitimate targets” Russian army. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that if long-range shells were supplied to Ukraine, there would be a risk of strikes against Russian cities. Both Washington and Kyiv ruled out such a scenario.

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Japan will expand sanctions on 160 organizations and individuals from Russia

According to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the sanctions are directed against individuals and organizations associated with the Russian defense industry. Their accounts in Japan will be frozen

Japan will expand anti-Russian sanctions to 70 individuals and 90 legal entities, as well as impose a ban on the import of gold and the provision of a number of services. This was reported by the NHK TV channel with reference to the statement of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the G7 summit.

According to the prime minister, the sanctions will affect individuals and organizations mainly associated with the Russian defense industry. Their accounts in Japan will be frozen.

“We reject a world in which unilateral changes in the status quo, such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are ubiquitous, and we will strengthen the international order based on the rule of law,” — emphasized Kishida.

Since the end of February, the Japanese government has approved several packages of restrictive measures against Russia, imposed sanctions against companies and individuals, banned investments in the country, restricted exports and revoked preferential treatment in trade. In particular, in early June, Tokyo decided to ban the export to Russia of products that “help strengthen the industrial infrastructure”: steel tanks, conveyors, dump trucks, bulldozers, looms, and more.

NHK previously reported that sanctions against Russia caused the loss of more than $2.7 billion by the largest Japanese banks Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui and Mizuho. Most of the losses are caused by the fact that bank customers cannot repay loans issued to them under the influence of sanctions restrictions.

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Russia has taken measures in response to the sanctions: it has banned the entry of 63 citizens of Japan. The restrictions included Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Cabinet Secretary General Hirokazu Matsuno, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, Finance Minister Shun'ichi Suzuki, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa, as well as members of both houses of the Japanese parliament. Before that, back in March, Moscow refused to negotiate a peace agreement with Tokyo.

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Bloomberg reported that Russia defaulted for the first time since 1918

Bloomberg: Russia's first foreign debt default since 1918 In Russia, the default was called “artificial” and many times they declared their readiness to service the external debt .jpg” alt=”Bloomberg reported that Russia defaulted for the first time since 1918″ />

On the night of June 27, for the first time since 1918, Russia defaulted on sovereign debt in foreign currency, writes Bloomberg.

Default— is the default of the debtor to pay the debt. The announcement of default by the state lowers its credit ratings— it becomes difficult or impossible for the country to attract new loans, as a result, the limited infusion of external capital hinders the development of the economy.

The grace period for about $100 million in late payments on government bonds expired on Sunday, according to the agency, and in the event of default, the deadline is considered a default event. At the same time, Bloomberg points out that “the default is mostly symbolic and means little to Russians.”

RBC turned to the Russian Ministry of Finance for comment.


We are talking about dollar bonds of the Ministry of Finance, the balance of which for $552 million Russia was supposed to pay off on April 4. However, at that time, the United States blocked Russia's ability to pay its debts from frozen reserves, and the Ministry of Finance initiated the fulfillment of the obligation in rubles. Western market participants prepared to default on these bonds, citing an uncoordinated change in the currency of payment, but the Ministry of Finance at the end of April still managed to bring funds in dollars to foreign investors (according to Bloomberg, for this, free from encumbrance dollar accounts of the Mortgage Corporation &laquo ;Dom.RF»).

On May 11, the former holders of these bonds, who had received the principal payment by May 2, filed a notice of Russian default with the Euroclear clearing system, citing the fact that they did not receive additional interest accrued from April 4 to the date of the actual bond redemption. Russia, when paying the principal at the end of April, did not include this additional interest in its payment, they argue. “Following the demand of the holders of securities, Russia never paid this interest,” — creditors indicated.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Second after Microsoft: why Oracle is on top despite the recession Articles Pro The benefits of regrets and the power of sincere fun: 5 fresh books on self-development the fashion for educational startups ends Articles Pro Microsoft or Netflix: who will become the leader in the gaming market. Digest Articles Pro Is it true that you can catch a cold under air conditioning? Articles Pro Hello, Izaura: what awaits online cinemas after the departure of Western majors? p>In April, the US banned Russia from servicing external debt without renewing the license that allowed holders of Russian sovereign bonds to receive payments. This license expired on May 25th. London Citibank then refused to act as a payment agency for Russian dollar issues, and the Ministry of Finance transferred these functions to the National Settlement Depository (NSD). In early June, NSD also came under EU sanctions.

In the Kremlin, after the sanctions against the national depository, they announced attempts by Brussels to push Russia into an “artificial default”. Siluanov called the creation of artificial barriers to service Russia's public debt a farce. “You can declare anything and try to hang a label. But everyone who understands understands that this is not a default, — the minister emphasized. In his opinion, it would be appropriate to call a default in this situation the refusal of foreign financial intermediaries to fulfill their obligations, since this “damages the business reputation of Western financial institutions.”

On June 22, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the payment currency debt in rubles. To do this, all foreign investors were opened ruble accounts of the “I” type without their personal presence. The next day, the Ministry of Finance paid off its Eurobonds in rubles for the first time under the new scheme.

At the end of 2021, Russia's public debt amounted to ₽20.9 trillion— 18.1% of the country's GDP, according to the Accounts Chamber. Domestic debt amounted to ₽16.5 trillion. External debt in foreign currency reached $59.7 billion

According to the Bank of Russia, as of January 1, 2022, the external debt of the Russian Federation amounted to $478.2 billion. the amount takes into account not only the debts of the public sector, but also private companies that borrow funds in foreign markets.

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The UN Secretary General said that the world cannot do without Russian grain and fertilizers

UN Secretary-General António Guterres reported “intense contacts” with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the EU and the USA on the export of Ukrainian products across the Black Sea, as well as on the export of Russian grains and fertilizers, without which “the world cannot do”. His words are available on the UN website.

“There were intensive contacts both with Ukrainians and with Russians and Turks, and on the other hand with the US and the EU to promote the safe and reliable export of Ukrainian food products in the Black Sea and, at the same time, the export of Russian grains and fertilizers, which the world cannot do without.” ;,— Guterres said.

Guterres has repeatedly urged Russia and Ukraine to find a way to resume grain exports in order to resolve the food crisis. According to the data referred to by the Secretary General, the combined share of Russia and Ukraine in world wheat exports reached approximately 29%.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that Moscow was ready to help resolve the global food crisis, and offered to increase the export of fertilizers and agricultural products in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. According to Putin, the current situation in the food market was provoked by “erroneous economic and financial policies”; Western countries and their sanctions against Russia.

Against the background of the Russian special operation, ships with grain for export stopped leaving Ukrainian ports. Kyiv accused Moscow of blocking the ports and called on the international community to take part in resolving the situation.

The Russian authorities have stated that they do not interfere with exports by sea and that for the safe exit of the ships, the Ukrainian side must clear the ports. Moscow also linked the global food crisis to the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia.

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Colombian president calls for bullfighting ban after grandstand collapse

Colombian president-elect calls for ban on bullfights after grandstand collapse 756562774524726.jpg” alt=”Colombian president calls for ban on bullfighting after grandstand collapse” />


Colombian president-elect Gustavo Petro called on local authorities to ban bullfighting after another show in the town of Espinal, a grandstand collapsed and people were killed.

“We have already seen this in Sinselejo. I ask the leadership of the municipalities not to allow events that are accompanied by the death of people and animals,»,— he wrote on his Twitter.

The day before, in the Colombian city of Espinal, a tribune with spectators collapsed during a bull run. Authorities reported 200 injured and four dead, including — a three-year-old child.

Later, Major Luis Fernando Vélez, director of civil defense of the province, confirmed the information about the fifth death to local television and said that about 70 people were seriously injured. According to him, no one was left under the rubble, several people who were considered missing were found.

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LPR authorities reported that there were still shelters with people at the Azot plant

At the Severodonetsk chemical plant “Azot” there are still a few shelters with civilians. About this “RIA Novosti” representatives of the commandant's office of the city said.

“The evacuation is still difficult due to shelling by the Ukrainian military or because the territory has not been cleared. The exact number of people who live there is unknown,— representatives of the LPR authorities told.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

On June 25, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Severodonetsk was under the complete control of the Russian Armed Forces, and the last stronghold of resistance of the Ukrainian troops— Azot plant,— completely cleared.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said earlier that from the territory of the Azot plant 800 civilians were released, later he specified that all civilians were taken out of the basements of the plant.

Plant «Azot»— the largest chemical production in Ukraine and throughout Europe. He produced acetic acid, methanol, nitrogen fertilizers, polymers. Before the start of the Russian military operation, the enterprise was the largest employer in the region, employing 6.7 thousand people.

Judging by satellite images, the territory of “Azot” occupies almost half of the city. Due to the fact that the plant was built during the Soviet era, it has large underground workshops and bunkers in case of technical disasters or nuclear war, which can withstand powerful air strikes, the editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine told RBC. Retired Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky.

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The Kremlin called the timing of Russia’s achievement of technological sovereignty

Peskov: it will take 10 to 20 years to achieve Russia's technological sovereignty ://” alt=”The Kremlin announced the timing of Russia's achievement of technological sovereignty” />

Special Presidential Envoy for Digitalization Dmitry Peskov

Russia can achieve technological sovereignty in 10-20 years, for this it is necessary to create a conditional “Diamond Fund” from dozens of own developments. About this in an interview with RIA Novosti said Dmitry Peskov, special presidential envoy for digitalization.

“If we talk about the realistic task of technological sovereignty, it looks like this: in 10-20 years, you can create 30-50 own lines of advanced developments that will become exhibits of our “Diamond Fund of Technologies” and will be able to provide food, security, medicine and connectivity in the country in case of any cataclysms,— said Peskov.

According to him, “the question is to have your own“ Diamond Fund ” technological developments that either only you have, that is, this technological superiority, or three to five other countries in the world have— i.e. technological parity. The representative of the president noted that, unlike the usual “Diamond Fund” — technologies are depreciating and need to be “constantly replenished.”

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Western and Asian countries imposed sanctions against Russia. In particular, the United States announced restrictions on high-tech exports, due to which, for example, processor manufacturers stopped supplying them to Russia. US sanctions did not affect consumer appliances and electronics, but many foreign companies independently suspended or completely stopped the supply of their products to Russia, including Apple, Samsung, Dell, etc. The EU, in turn, imposed restrictions on the supply of electronic goods for home use more expensive than €750, as well as electronic devices for recording video and sound costing more than €1 thousand. Several large software developers have also left the Russian market, including SAP, Oracle, etc.

In early June, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered the creation of industrial competence centers for import substitution in key sectors of the economy. He also invited the government commission to consider proposals to replace industry and system-wide foreign solutions with Russian software products and software and hardware systems.

In turn, the Special Representative of the Russian President for Digital and Technological Development Dmitry Peskov proposed a “technological island” strategy, by which he means the achievement of full technological sovereignty. For this, according to him, it is necessary to work out the “green” agenda, create our own techno-economic block, an export package of agricultural products, a new generation of transport logistics corridors between Russia and Asian countries, etc.

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Turkey linked Russia’s military operation in Ukraine with the actions of the West

According to Erdogan's representative, Moscow's decision to conduct a special operation in Ukraine could be related to the actions of the West over the past 30 years

Representative of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin

Turkey condemns Russia's military operation in Ukraine, but admits that Moscow's decision could be related to the actions of the West for 30 years, including the expansion of NATO. This was stated by the representative of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalin, on the air of the Haberturk TV channel.

“This does not justify Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But when you look at what has happened over the past 30 years, you have to consider the causal relationship, this is the actions of the West, and the expansion of NATO. We also object to this wrong world order,»— he said.

The representative of the Turkish president believes that “in the new order, at the top of the pyramid is a superpower”, and below it are five or six “great powers”: Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany. “Russia began to doubt the pyramid in geostrategic and military terms, proposed to revise the terms and sign a new balance agreement in 30 years. Those who wanted to suppress those trying to get out from below said: let's go the way of conflict, — added Kalyn.

Russia has been conducting a military operation in Ukraine since February 24th. President Vladimir Putin called its main goals the protection of the population of Donbass from “genocide”, as well as “demilitarization and denazification” neighboring state.

Subsequently, he stated that the special operation in Ukraine was the only way for Russia to forestall aggression against its own territory. “Everything indicated that a clash with neo-Nazis, Bandera, on whom the United States and its junior partners staked, would be inevitable. We saw the military infrastructure unfolding, how hundreds of foreign advisers began to work, there were regular deliveries of the most modern weapons from NATO countries, — Putin said.


At the end of last year, Putin proposed to start substantive negotiations on achieving legal guarantees of NATO's non-expansion to the east. The President stressed that Russia needed legal guarantees, because the Western countries had not fulfilled their oral obligations. “Everyone is aware of the verbal assurances given that NATO will not expand eastwards,” — Putin noted, but, according to him, everything was done exactly the opposite. The President emphasized that “legitimate Russian security concerns” were ignored and are still being ignored.

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In response, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the decision on the degree of readiness of Ukraine and other states to join NATO will be made by members of the alliance, and Russia has no veto in this matter. Negotiations between Russia, the United States and NATO on the issue of security guarantees also did not bring results.

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Sofya Sapieha asked Lukashenka for pardon

A Russian woman in Belarus was sentenced to six years in prison for inciting hatred and illegal collection of data on private life. In a petition addressed to the President of the Republic, Sapieha asks to release her from serving her sentence or to mitigate her punishment .jpg” alt=”Sofya Sapega asked Lukashenka for clemency” />

Sofya Sapega

Russian woman Sofya Sapega submitted a petition for clemency to the administration of the colony IK-4 in Gomel, her family's lawyer Anton told the BBC Gashinsky. In an appeal to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (the text is available from the BBC), Sapieha asks to release her from serving a six-year sentence or to replace it with a milder punishment.

“I just want to be close to my family. <…> I want to breathe freely,— the prisoner writes.

Sapega was detained together with the former editor-in-chief of the opposition Telegram channel Nexta (recognized as extremist in Belarus) Roman Protasevich in May last year after the forced landing of a Ryanair passenger plane in Minsk. She was accused of administering the Black Book of Belarus Telegram channel. (also recognized as extremist in the republic), who published the personal data of security officials who ill-treated participants in mass protests after the presidential elections in 2020.

After the arrest, Sapieha cooperated with the investigation and in December 2021 she already wrote a petition for pardon for the name of Lukashenka. Her stepfather Sergei Dudich then specified that a decision could be expected after the court's decision.

In May of this year, the court found the Russian woman guilty under two articles: on inciting social hatred and on the illegal collection and dissemination of data on private life. Sapega was sentenced to six years in a penal colony. She was ordered to compensate the victims for moral damage— 167,500 Belarusian rubles (more than 2.5 million Russian rubles at the current exchange rate)— and a court fee in the amount of 7,488 Belarusian rubles (more than 100,000 Russian rubles). The verdict was not appealed and entered into force at the end of the month.

The Kremlin promised to protect the interests of the Russian woman, but did not assess the fairness of the verdict.

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In early June, Lukashenka allowed the transfer of Sapieha to Russia. “Let her serve time there. Or they do whatever they want there, — said the President of Belarus, adding that he “feel sorry for the girl.”

On June 16, the Russian Foreign Ministry reminded that Sapieha, in accordance with Belarusian law, could apply for pardon to Lukashenka.

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Chomsky called the ultimate goal of the US “game” against Russia

American political publicist and philosopher Noam Chomsky believes that Washington will continue to harm Russia.

In an interview He reminded The Nation that the White House and NATO have been arming Ukraine since 2014. At that time, joint military exercises with the alliance began to be actively conducted, and steps were also taken to integrate the country into a military bloc. “Of course, all this was done deliberately for the purpose of provocation,” Chomsky is sure.

These processes accelerated when Joe Biden became president of the United States. The expert referred to the State Department, which acknowledged that prior to the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the US authorities refused to discuss any concerns of Moscow about security issues.

“The US continues to play a game where the lives of Ukrainians are at stake, as well as the very existence of civilization in order to weaken Russia and make sure that she suffered enough. There is no moral basis for this,” Chomsky emphasized.


Several shelters with people still remain at the Azot chemical plant


The commandant's office in Severodonetsk stated that several shelters with peaceful residents.

They clarified that evacuation is now difficult, since shelling is taking place from the Ukrainian military.

“The territory has not been cleared, until the exact number of people who live on the territory of the plant is unknown”, – the department added.

Earlier, an officer of the People's Militia of the LPR, Kirill Genser, said that about 500 people remained in the bomb shelters of the Azot plant.

The day before, the Ambassador of the LPR in Russia, Rodion Miroshnik, said that the troops of the republic announced the evacuation of 200 people from the territory of the plant, and then another 250 people.


Iran successfully launches Zuljanakh launch vehicle

Tehran has successfully conducted the second test of its Zuljanakh launch vehicle, the Iranian Tasnim agency reports.

The country's Defense Ministry stressed that the launch of the rocket was carried out for scientific purposes.

According to the defense department, the rocket has three stages, including two for solid fuel and one for liquid. It is planned that the data obtained during the tests will be used for the subsequent launch of the satellite into Earth orbit.

It was previously reported that the rocket of the American private company Astra was unable to launch two meteorological satellites into orbit.

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Nationalists destroyed the bodies of 120 foreign mercenaries at the Azovstal plant

Azovstal plant Photo: Global Look Press A crematorium was discovered at the Azovstal plant, where Ukrainian militants destroyed more than 120 bodies of foreign mercenaries.

crematorium inside “Azovstal”

The journalist assumes that the Azov militants (criminal cases are being investigated against the Azov members in Russia, – “MK”) were ordered to destroy the foreigners after it became clear that they could not avoid captivity.

Steshin said that the documents and personal belongings of the mercenaries were burned. However, the executors of the order in a hurry, apparently, “did not check the result.” “Or maybe due to their stupidity,” the military commander does not exclude.

Thus, some of the documents burned to the ground, but “the remnants of a US citizen’s passport and many other interesting pieces of evidence” survived.

Steshin notes that “this bunker is the first, but not the only one with such surprises for the world community.”


Pushkov caustically answered Johnson about the establishment of a “new energy” in Europe


Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented in his Telegram channel on the statements of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding Western attempts to abandon energy “dependence” from Russia and “find hydrocarbons somewhere else.”

“Somewhere else”, if Johnson is not in the know, there is no free and affordable carbon fuel. Establishment of “new energy” in Europe will be extremely painful for many countries and will require many years of restructuring,” Pushkov wrote.

The member of the Federation Council cited Hungary as an example and added that it was not by chance that the authorities of this country refused to follow this path.


The head of the EC is against a boycott of the G20 summit if Putin comes there

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that she does not support the idea of ​​boycotting the G20 autumn summit if Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in it.

In an interview with ZDF, she explained that in this case, it is necessary to carefully consider whether such a decision would paralyze the entire work of the G20.

” Therefore, I do not support this. The G20 is too important, including for developing countries, emerging markets,” she stressed.


The military expert named the following goals of the Russian army in the special operation

Vladimir Evseev. Photo: Frame from video.

Military expert Vladimir Evseev spoke about what tasks the Russian group participating in the special operation on the territory of Ukraine can assign after all the territories of the DPR and LPR are taken under control.

“The liberation of Donbass will continue for about another one to one and a half months,” the specialist said in an interview with

He added that after that, significant forces could be used in other areas.

“For example, for the liberation of the city of Zaporizhzhia,” the expert suggested.

He called this direction important, since it is necessary to “cut the communications, railways, roads” in the direction of Kharkov. Then it will be possible to quickly take control of Kharkiv as well.

Vladimir Evseev named the southern direction as another priority. In his opinion, the troops may be tasked with entering the Nikolaev region and Odessa.