Britain signs security agreement with Sweden

The same document will be signed between London and Helsinki during the day on May 11. Sweden and Finland announced the possibility of joining NATO in mid-April. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the consequences of this decision

Magdalena Andersson (right) and Boris Johnson

The UK has signed a mutual security assurance agreement with Sweden, the same document will be signed during the day on 11 May with Finland. This is stated in the message of the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“This morning, the Prime Minister signed a declaration of mutual security guarantees with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. He [Johnson] will travel to Finland this afternoon to sign the same document with the country's president, Sauli Niinistö,— the message says.

These declarations will increase the level of British security cooperation with each of these countries, intensify the exchange of intelligence, accelerate programs for military training, exercises and deployment of forces. “They will strengthen the security of the three countries and all of Northern Europe,” — The report says.

The possibility of Sweden and Finland joining NATO became known in mid-April. On May 11, Helsingin Sanomat, citing sources, reported that Finland and Sweden plan to apply for NATO membership at the same time early next week, May 15.

Countries were reported to check each other's schedules during the spring; Helsinki's efforts were aimed at persuading Stockholm to simultaneously decide on joining NATO, the publication pointed out.

After the countries announced their intentions, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg promised a “relatively quickly” accept them as part of the block. Former NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in an interview with CNBC, advised Finland and Sweden to join the alliance “right now”.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported the decision of the two countries. In his opinion, Russia's military operation in Ukraine “forced Europe to strengthen its defense strategy.” Readiness to ensure the security of the two countries in the event of joining NATO was also announced on May 6 at the White House.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic opposed the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO. He called the “dangerous gamble” draw Finland into this, “which is located 50 km from St. Petersburg.” Milanovic promised that Croatia, as a member of NATO, would veto the entry of Finland and Sweden into the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Kremlin assured that Moscow does not consider the entry of the Scandinavian countries into NATO as an existential threat to itself. The Foreign Ministry said that if Finland and Sweden join the alliance, they will become a space for confrontation between the North Atlantic bloc and Russia, with all the ensuing consequences.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Grushko also stated, that the entry of previously neutral Finland and Sweden into the alliance will lead to undesirable consequences and a radical change in the military-political situation, which can be avoided if they maintain the status quo.

Currently, Sweden and Finland have the status of states— NATO partners. 30 countries are members of the bloc, including Denmark and Norway.

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