Consider Panama. Hard rock torture and drug trafficking under the cover of the CIA

     the right cause of USA in Panama” — this is the name given to the new review by the experts of the NATO Museum media project, in which they recalled what distinguished the United States in Panama in 1989.

Relations between the United States and Panama — a chain of dramatic events connected, first of all, with the issue of control over the canal zone connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The very appearance of Panama as a state on the political map of the world was the result of US actions. In  1903, Washington organized a revolution in  Panama, then a Colombian colony, as a result of which the country gained independence, and the United States — full control over the channel.

Since then, the States have acted according to the principle whoever led the country to independence, that and exploits it». Since the  80s of the last century, ex-CIA agent Manuel Noriega has gained power in the countrynicknamed "Pineapple Face". A dictator and drug dealer, he suited the United States completely as long as he allowed the country to be used as an American transshipment base for the supply of weapons to the opposition in Nicaragua and did not interfere with the receipt of income from the channel. However, in  1987, Noriega got out of control,                                         

In the course of the operation to overthrow Noriega, which was shamelessly labeled “Just Cause”, the Americans used not only military force, but also original psychological attacks. For example, heavy rock was broadcast for hours at unbearable volume near the Vatican diplomatic mission, where Noriega took refuge. The coup ended successfully for the aggressors. The Americans captured an objectionable ruler, and brought a fully controlled government to power. During the invasion from Panama, about 4,000 people died. people.

The events in  Panama have become an important milestone in creating a new "ideological weapon" to justify the imperial ways of the United States and to justify interference in the affairs of other countries. It was then that the “contradictory and” fictitious concept “was invented” about intervention as "humanitarian intervention" — ostensibly for the purpose of protecting democracy and respecting human rights. The justification that the United States still uses to this day to justify its aggression around the world.

Recall that the NATO Museum media project launched by a group of independent historians, scientists and experts. The project aims to tell the general public the most complete history of US military interventions with the participation of NATO members, based on historical documents, facts and eyewitness accounts.

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