Curren$y – Famous (Pilot Talk Trilogy Album)

[Verse 1]
Ain’t nothing changed but the weather
And the temp tag sequence of numbers and letters on my Chevelle
You can ride, but hey man, watch my leather
Cause bitches get ejected in traffic from disrespecting a classic
Rosé in the glasses, get the weed out the plastic
Spitta and them Monsta Beatz radioactive
I don’t kick it with no rappers, they be hustling backwards
Like the jeans on Kris Cross, who you Mack Daddy or daddy macking?
Pen lyrics on back on these napkins zoned out in a first class cabin
With noise cancellation headphones, two hash brownies for breakfast
This morning staring down at the ocean, inspired
Scribbling fire, on a streetcar named desire
Straddle a fence you only get caught up in the barbed-wire
I’m independent, fuck your system I get paid without it
Got a new pothead bitch who moonlighting as a blogger
That rapper weed she smoke, that Spitta stroke, she wrote about it
You can’t deny it, I’m a rider, word to Pac ambition
Houdini your main squeeze, she disappear she’s a magician
You can’t blame in the midst of the fame planes get changed
I sent her to the waffle house twit my order from the car man, yeah

And I’m looking famous
And you can tell by the reaction of them strangers
From distance tryna figure if it is or if it ain’t him
The reals say I’m on it, the haters say I ain’t shit, but I’m still

[Verse 2]
I’m high again waiting on the sun
Dozed off in my ’57 at the drive-in
This is a scary movie I’m in
But I do it for my folk who genuinely want me to win
I do a lotta smoking to stay over this bogus shit
My money and not on these bitches, my focus is locked
Niggas claiming to be jet planes but they not
Pay homage, the founder in the house kid
A MILF hunter, ask your momma she could vouch bitch
If she cool to fuck and down with rolling that barney up
Race-day money on the starting gate pony up
Hope you’re hungry, I got a plate of dust for ya homie, look up
Early morning exercise doing kush ups
I ain’t stingy with it, got a couple pounds put up
Bitches used to overlook us, now in my presence they shook up
See where this rap shit done took us? I’m still, still..

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