Deceived by Russian pranksters, Stephen King set an example for our officials

Instead of a transgender there will be a turbopatriot

The brave new world, the hot phase of resistance to which we are witnessing in Ukraine, is propagating not only the idea of ​​physical degeneration through LGBT (or how many letters there are already in this abyrvalge) . It is no less important that knowledge about the world is being replaced by views of the world. Take Stephen King.

Photo: Global Look Press

The famous writer talked to the pranksters Vovan and Lexus. And in addition to promising to think about the scenario of a bright fake about the atrocities of Russia (after all, this is his profession), he began by pranksters portraying Zelensky to praise Bandera, trying to be in trend.

King was put on the show, he googled who such a Bandera, and creakingly admitted that he was ashamed, writing: “As the Buddha once said, “shit happens.” I didn’t know, they say, I fooled myself.

However, King is just a writer, albeit a world famous one. But now the WHO, spitting on the laws of nature, on scientific knowledge, on medicine, recognizes the third sex. Recognizes only under the pressure of an aggressive minority, which, thanks to the triumph of neoliberalism, has imposed its sick ideas on the healthy majority.

Here the UK will, quite possibly, steer Liz Truss. The same foreign minister who did not want to recognize Russia's sovereignty over the Voronezh and Rostov regions. It just seems that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who does not know at an elementary level the geography of the country with which he is negotiating, is nonsense. Now this is the norm. Because people move into the elite not by knowledge, but by their views.

How can, say, a body-positive transgender person do something bad if he is put in charge of people? Maybe it can't. But do good things too. Because its only merit is correct views and “origin”. And skills, knowledge, skills – zero. But he will still get the boss's job, not an educated heterosexual white male. Because such a character is toxic by definition. And if he is also a Christian, then he is generally subject to destruction.

It is clear that the replacement of knowledge by views cannot but bring surprising results. Following the right views, for example, Estonian politicians refused to buy Russian gas. And the other day, we discovered with amazement that if we don't buy gas, there won't be any. Now they are frantically looking for fuel oil for boiler houses. The Polish authorities also profess the “correct” view that Russia is an evil empire. But they turned out to be more cunning – they pretend that Russian gas, if it comes from Germany, is no longer Russian at all.

We have already gone through all this – “proletarian origin”, “ideological” as the main criteria for promotion by service. Looks like they got rid of the twists. Now the West has adopted this, albeit in its own way. The danger that we will again fall into a similar situation, but taking into account the current features, has now grown.

Only instead of a Western transgender there will be a crazy Russian turbopatriot. Because in our country this is an extremely convenient story for officials to talk about how great everything is in our country, how we can produce everything ourselves and what great fellows we are. That is, to move the “correct” views, closing their eyes to reality. And knowledge – constructive criticism – to declare machinations of enemies.

The truth will come out anyway. And Stephen King is an example for our officials – yes, he is supposed to be a Russophobe now, but he admitted the mistake.


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