“Don’t get used to Lisa.” Girl needs tenth nose and eyelid surgery

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

Need  help

Change the face of Lisa Sazonova (7 years, Mytishchi) nose and eyelid reconstruction will help for 550 thousand. rub.


When you think that one in the field is not a warrior, think of Lisa. Remember her when it seems that a donation of 100 rubles – a drop in the ocean, on which nothing depends. And when you decide that you can change the world for the better indefinitely and not achieve results, just look at Lisa. She is now alone in the warrior field. And she's not scared.

Five years ago we told you the story of Lisa Sazonova. A girl from Mytishchi, whose face was mutilated by amniotic constrictions, fibrous threads in her mother's belly. Urgent surgery required – and you helped. And then they asked for a long time: “How is Liza?” We answer: fine, but she needs our help again.

Whoever has not read the story of Lisa Sazonova and has not seen her childhood photos will be dumbfounded, considering her current one and, probably, will look away. And & nbsp; whoever has not let Lisa out of & nbsp; memory all these years will smile: now everything is much better. It was much more painful to look at those six-year-old photos: a nose on the forehead, teeth above the lip, eyes without eyelids… And on these, Liza, a first-grader less than three months old, is already smiling at us in response.

What is the account of this operation? Tenth. Alinacounts down from Christmas, when the daughter was born  Then they built her eyelids from shreds of her own skin, and then, in order to save her eyeballs (we didn’t even talk about vision), they were sewn up. And Lisa lived with sewn-up eyes for a very long time. I learned to assemble a pyramid by touch, go around the corner of the crib, climb onto a chair. They thought it was her intuitively, with some sixth sense, she felt the danger emanating from & nbsp; the threshold, the edge of the countertop, until they understood & nbsp; & ndash; even with her eyes sewn up, the girl sees silhouettes and shadows. The doctor later said: Lisa's tears were special, just like she herself. They dissolved the surgical thread, and a slit formed on one eye – a tiny window into the big world.

In & nbsp; 3.5 years, Liza had her left eye slit open. He turned out to be, like his mother, kareem and saw by as much as 30%. Liza was even able to go to a specialized kindergarten, to vocals and to the pool. A at 5 years, the left one was embroidered. Because of the big walleye, he was blue, like dad's. "This eye does not see and will not see" – the doctors said confidently. And Alina stubbornly blindfolded her only seeing brown eye and let her daughter around the room. Liza did not stumble and picked up the toy.

“When Lisa went to kindergarten, I started visiting a psychologist. I was very afraid: how is she there? Will offend anyone? But the kids accepted it. The psychologist then reassured me: “Don’t worry. Here, because all the guys have vision problems, and Lisa for them – just a blur.” 

In September, Lisa is waiting for a school where ordinary children study without visual problems. And what then? “Don't get used to Lisa, she will change”, – Alina asked her daughter's future classmates at the first meeting. And then she herself thought: is there anything else to change in Liza, when she and her husband and & nbsp; love her so much with all their hearts? She is for them and so the best. Any operation – this is a risk of hurting the growth zones in the  face, and an instant and cardinal transformation is not to be expected.

“We were in childish position. They wanted everything and at once. I thought that the doctors would give me Lisa from the operating room, and she – just like a normal child. After all, they promised me: the nose will be like yours, only a little snub-nosed. After the first major operation, I saw my daughter and burst into tears. How so? As if nothing has changed!»

But Lisa is changing – imperceptibly, imperceptibly. First, the nose went down a little, then the surgeons formed the upper lip. Time passed, and Alina considered her eyebrows, smile and even the shape of the skull in the baby. “Of course, Lisa is not my copy, she – my sequel. You just have to look to understand it. And then it becomes quite obvious – Lisa is sweet and charming. Even now. And it will only get better. 


Plastic surgeon Gennady Gonchakov, which once already recreated Lisa's face, is waiting for her again. It is necessary to lower the wings of the nose, redistribute the muscle tissue, and, perhaps, the girl's eyelids will finally begin to completely close (until it is not possible to close her eyes). And then, in the future, there is hope to remove the thorn from the cornea. And imperceptibly even for the closest to redraw together with the child's face Liza's entire future life.

One day we won't recognize Lisa. And don't take your eyes off her just yet. Learn to look at her without pain. And at some point you will consider a very important – Lisa is pretty. Already now. And it will be even better.

It will be, right?

Opinion  expert

Maxillofacial surgeon of the highest category Gennady Gonchakov:

– Now Liza needs an operation to close the defect of the eye area adjacent to the nose on the right and on the left (reconstructive rhinoplasty, osteotomy of the nasal pyramid, correction of the wings of the nose). It is not advisable to use skin grafting, therefore, a bone-cartilaginous septum, bone and cartilage structures will be used. The operation needs to be done now, because the girl will soon go to school, and she has a significant cosmetic defect of the face.

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