Gazprom did not see evidence of force majeure with gas transit in Ukraine

Gazprom sees no obstacles to the continued operation of the Sokhranovka GDS in Ukraine Gazprom sees no obstacles to the further transit of Russian gas through the Sokhranovka GDS and the Novopskov CS in Ukraine. Kyiv has previously announced the termination of transit through this station, which is not controlled by the Ukrainian side ” alt=” “Gazprom” did not see any evidence of force majeure with gas transit in Ukraine” />

“Gazprom” did not receive confirmation of the circumstances of “force majeure”, which was previously reported by the operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine, announcing the termination of gas transit through the Sohranivka gas distribution station; May 11th. The Russian company said that they do not see any obstacles for the continuation of the operation of the Sokhranivka GDS. in the previous mode.

«Ukrainian specialists have been working quietly at the Sokhranivka GDS all this time; and CS «Novopskov» and continue to do so, transit through “Saved” was provided in full, there were no complaints from counterparties, and no, — emphasized in Gazprom.

Also, the company considered it impossible to transfer capacities from the connection point “Sohranivka” to the Sudzha point, based on the Russian flow scheme. “The distribution of volumes is clearly spelled out in the cooperation agreement dated December 30, 2019, and the Ukrainian side is well aware of this,” — noted in Gazprom.

The Russian company stated that it fully fulfills all its obligations to the European consumer and supplies gas for transit in accordance with the contract and the operator agreement.

Earlier, the Ukrainian GTS operator announced that from May 11 it would stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe through gas distribution station “Sohranivka” in the Lugansk region due to “force majeure”.

The message said that this station was not controlled by the Ukrainian side.

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The Ukrainian operator also found it impossible to further transport gas through the Novopskov border compressor station (CS), through which almost a third of gas (up to 32.6 million cubic meters per day) from Russia to Europe.

The Ukrainian side proposed to temporarily transfer inaccessible capacities from the connection point i «Saved» to the Sudzha point.

«Gazprom» and Naftogaz in 2019, we signed a five-year agreement on gas transit to Europe. His term expires in December 2024. During this period, Russia pledged to pump through Ukraine 225 billion cubic meters. m of gas.

At the end of March, the head of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” Yuriy Vitrenko said that gas transit through Ukrainian territory will continue as long as it is technically possible. At Gazprom more than once reported about the regular transit of gas through Ukraine.

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