Germany warns about the risk of a shortage of toilet paper because of “Gazprom”

In Germany, warned of the risk of shortage of toilet paper due to the reduction in gas supplies According to the head of the Association of Paper Manufacturers of Bavaria, due to a shortage of gas and expensive electricity, Germans are at risk of a shortage of familiar paper products in the coming months

If Germany does not get enough gas in the coming months, many products from the paper industry, including toilet paper, could be in short supply. Jurgen Schaller, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Paper Producers of Bavaria, said this in an interview with the Zeit newspaper.

According to him, the paper industry is very dependent on cheap energy, so the risk of stopping gas supplies from Russia is significant. “I was very afraid that Russia might turn off our gas. At the same time, I'm actually an optimist and all the time I thought: now they won't do it, — said Schaller.

The head of the association clarified that drying paper in production requires a lot of energy, which takes a significant part of the income. “Operating a paper mill involves the use of water, electricity, heat and personnel. The technology is very tried and tested, you can't change it that quickly,— he explained.

Gas prices in Europe have been rising since the beginning of June, when Gazprom announced a reduction in gas supplies through Nord Stream 1; due to non-return from repair of one of the turbines used at the Portovoy compressor station; gas pipeline. Against this backdrop, gas supplies decreased from the planned 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million, and then, after the decommissioning of another unit, & mdash; up to 67 million cubic meters m.

July 27 Gazprom stopped another turbine— thus, the gas flow was reduced from 65 million cubic meters. m per day up to 35 million cubic meters. m, or 20% of the design capacity of the gas pipeline. Against this background, the exchange price exceeded $2,300 per 1,000 cubic meters for the first time since March.

The German authorities called the reduction in gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 “Kremlin's strategy”. “I believe that” Gazprom ” is no longer the master of his own decisions,»— said German Vice Chancellor Robert Habek, calling the situation around Nord Stream 1 and turbines for him a farce: “Everything is politicized, the agreements are no longer respected.” Russia has previously rejected accusations that the Nord Stream 1 supply cut caused by political reasons.

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