He ran away to Lukashenka. Polish soldier asked for asylum in Belarus

The Polish-Belarusian confrontation on the & nbsp; border, associated with the & nbsp; migration crisis, has received a new, rather unexpected turn. A soldier of the Polish army from the & nbsp; number of the contingent involved in & nbsp; strengthening the border guard from & nbsp; migrants went over to & nbsp; the Belarusian side.

“A soldier was stopped in the & nbsp; border strip”

& laquo; On December 16 & nbsp; at & nbsp; 17: 50 near the Belarusian-Polish border at the & nbsp; section of the Tushemlya frontier post of the Grodno border group, a Belarusian border guard in the & nbsp; border strip stopped a serviceman of the Polish Armed Forces Chechko Emil Born in 1996, & nbsp; & mdash; said in the & nbsp; message posted on the & nbsp; official website of the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, & nbsp; & mdash; The man said that he was a serviceman of the 11 & nbsp; Mazurian Artillery Regiment of the 16 & nbsp; Pomeranian Mechanized Division named after King Casimir, parts of which were transferred to ensure the protection of the border with & nbsp; Belarus during & nbsp; the period of the state of emergency on & nbsp; border territories of Poland. In & nbsp; in connection with & nbsp; disagreement with & nbsp; the policy of Poland regarding the migration crisis and & nbsp; practice of inhumane treatment of refugees, the soldier asked for political asylum in the & nbsp; Republic of Belarus & raquo ;.

The headquarters of the 16th mechanized division of the Troops & nbsp; the city of Olsztyn in the north of Poland. The & nbsp; composition of the division includes the 16th command battalion, 9th armored cavalry brigade, 15th and & nbsp; 20th mechanized brigades, 15th air defense regiment, 16th rear regiment, and & nbsp; also 11th artillery regiment, in & nbsp ; which and & nbsp; served Emil Chechko.

The regiment's permanent base is the settlement of Vengorzhevo & nbsp; & mdash; a popular city with & nbsp; tourists not far from the & nbsp; border with & nbsp; Kaliningrad region of Russia. The artillery unit entered the & nbsp; number of forces that the Polish command used in & nbsp; operations against migrants on the & nbsp; border with & nbsp; Belarus.

'No serviceman was detected'

Journalist of the TV channel “ Belarus & nbsp; 1 '' Ksenia Lebedeva published a photo taken during an interview with a serviceman. “ I talked to & nbsp; Emil. Wait for exclusive & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; She reported.

In & nbsp; within a few hours after the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus officially announced the & nbsp; transition of a Polish serviceman to the & nbsp; territory of the country and & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; his appeal on & nbsp; about granting political asylum, the Ministry of Defense of Poland kept silence.

The headquarters of the 16th mechanized division had to take the rap. Initially, a message appeared on Twitter of the unit about the & nbsp; death of a soldier of the 11th Artillery Regiment, which was then hastily removed.

Then they published a message, which they adhere to and & nbsp; now: “ While completing tasks on the & nbsp; border, the absence of a soldier of the 16th mechanized division was discovered. Immediately, a large-scale search operation was undertaken, & nbsp; which involved the military and & nbsp; all operating at the & nbsp; border of the service. The investigation continues. '' Media information about & nbsp; alleged escape of a soldier in & nbsp; Belarus & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said in the & nbsp; statement.

Escape from under the minister's nose

It looked rather ridiculous against the & nbsp; background of a photo published by a Belarusian journalist with a & nbsp; soldier, and & nbsp; also the words about & nbsp; that the defector had already given an interview. But, obviously, official Warsaw now needs time to work out a line of conduct in the & nbsp; current situation.

It is known that Chechko is not a rookie. Judging by & nbsp; his dated photographs, he & nbsp; served in the & nbsp; Polish Army for no less than two years.

Polish edition “ Gazeta Wyborcza '' writes: “ The escape took place almost at & nbsp; the same time when Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak was in & nbsp; Sokolka, about & nbsp; ten kilometers from & nbsp; the Polish-Belarusian border. In the & nbsp; area of ​​the famous local sanctuary, he handed over new command vehicles to the 16th division. ''

That & nbsp; is actually a Polish soldier left literally from under the nose of his own Minister of Defense. It is now incredibly difficult to hold a blow to the Polish security forces who spoke about the & nbsp; unity of the ranks against the & nbsp; background of the “ hybrid aggression of Belarus and & nbsp; Russia ''. Because of this and & nbsp; there is a denial of the obvious.

The account of the Polish Ministry of Defense quotes the words of the commander of the 16th division, General Krzysztowa Radomski: “ I do not & nbsp; confirm information about & nbsp; that a soldier escaped. ''

“They just don't & nbsp; want to admit that the soldier escaped”

However, it was not possible to avoid recognizing the obvious. RMF24 & nbsp; reported: “ The soldier left his pistol in the & nbsp; unit. Then he & nbsp; went over to the & nbsp; Belarusian side and & nbsp; was detained in the & nbsp; border strip. Co-workers described the fugitive as problematic. He had a few days before the & nbsp; end of his service.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, who came to & nbsp; after the first shock, wrote on the & nbsp; social network: & nbsp; the soldier who disappeared yesterday had serious problems with & nbsp; the law, and & nbsp; he & nbsp; filed an application for & nbsp; dismissal from the army. & Nbsp; It was & nbsp; was mistakenly directed to the & nbsp; service on the & nbsp; border. I & nbsp; already demanded an explanation of who is to blame. ''

“ I & nbsp; deserted through the barbed wire, tore my pants and & nbsp; hurt my hand, & nbsp; & mdash; told in the meantime on the & nbsp; air of the TV channel & bdquo; Belarus & nbsp; 1 & ldquo; Emil Chechko himself, & nbsp; & mdash; They just don't & nbsp; want to admit that the soldier has escaped. The only thing in & nbsp; their & nbsp; powers & nbsp; & mdash; to make & nbsp; me the worst person, to tell that I & nbsp; created problems. ” p>

'Was under the influence of marijuana'

Realizing that Chechko's revelations could have devastating consequences for the ruling Law and Justice party in & nbsp; Poland, the official Warsaw began to publish information that should prove that a soldier of the Polish Army & nbsp; & mdash; standing on the border & nbsp; just a criminal.

“Gazeta Vyborcha” reports: “ According to & nbsp; unofficial information, this serviceman was arrested on & nbsp; last Saturday in & nbsp; Gizhytsko for & nbsp; drunk driving, & nbsp; he had almost 1.5 ppm and & nbsp; he was under the influence of marijuana. After this event, he & nbsp; returned to & nbsp; service on the & nbsp; Polish-Belarusian border.

How is this possible, you ask? But & nbsp; is not the & nbsp; limit & nbsp; & mdash; the panicked Polish minister Blaszczak wrote that Chechko … resigned from the & nbsp; army. How does all this fit with & nbsp; data published by the Polish security forces earlier? Yes & nbsp; no way. In the & nbsp; conditions of the prevailing panic, it is impossible to save face from the officials and & nbsp; generals.

“ Lukashenko beats Blaszczak as a 3-year-old child ''

Meanwhile, the Poles are actively discussing what happened in social networks:

“ The boy was too decent to take part in & nbsp; criminal activities & nbsp; Rights & & nbsp; Justice & quot;

He & nbsp; chose an easier mode '

' Super! I 'admire courage'

'Lukashenko beats Blashchak as a 3-year-old child'

'Our party is following the right line'

'Oh. Cool. Understand. But & nbsp; why in & nbsp; Belarus? & Raquo;

It's too early to put an end to this story. Surely from both sides we will & nbsp; hear a lot more interesting things.

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