Holiday at the estate. “AiF” celebrated Apple Savior among friends

In the days of Ancient Russia, Apple Savior was celebrated on a grand scale to match Maslenitsa and Krasnaya Gorka. They baked lush ruddy pies with apples, made jam and went to visit each other to give each other sweets. In the evening, they all gathered together in the field, sang songs, cheerfully seeing off the sunset, and at the same time saying goodbye to the outgoing summer. We decided to recall the tradition of our ancestors in the estate of the publishing house and offered the AiF partners participate in this. 

According to all the rules

Friends were greeted as expected: pastries with apple filling and jam. But we admit: we still could not resist and brought into the holiday “modern” a bit by adding caramelized apples to the menu. By the way, the guests especially liked this treat. 

Photo: AiF/Irina Ame

And everyone appreciated the fragrant tea from the pot-bellied samovar. The festivities began in the courtyard of the estate, so the samovar was melted in advance and cups and saucers were prepared in order to fully correspond to the atmosphere of the holiday. In addition to sweets, there were freshly baked pancakes on the tables and a tasting of delicious cheeses from the Russian cheese house of Igor Kovalsky took place.

Partners «AiF» waiting for a pleasant surprise — exhibition of works by contemporary artists. The first thing that caught your eye upon entering the foyer of the estate, — a bright canvas by the artist Dmitry Sukhov of incredible size. The light was exposed in a special way, so that the canvas shone and was beautifully reflected in a huge mirror. All guests, without exception, found such an original idea, many arranged a photo shoot against the background of the picture. Dmitry's works also decorated the walls of the oval hall of the mansion.

Photo: AiF/Irina Ame

To get to the main, round hall of the estate for a classical music concert, you need to go through the main staircase. Graceful still lifes and eye-catching landscapes are placed on each of its steps, which “AiF” provided by the team of the modern online gallery DA’s Art Depot. 

Pleasant moments

Who doesn't love nice gifts? To please friends and reduce the waiting time for the start of the concert, we held a prize draw. The main gift was a collection fragment of Dmitry Sukhov's painting. The artist divided the canvas into 36 parts. The remaining 35 will be given to guests of other special events around the world. According to the author's idea, a collector who has collected all the fragments will be able to name the canvas. 

Online gallery DA’s Art Depot also prepared surprises — picture and certificates. And the world-class Russian chocolate manufactory Chocolaterie BI & rsquo; NOCHE “sweetened” event and handed over to the partners «AiF» three handmade candy gift sets. 

Photo: AiF/Irina Ame

Before the mansion plunged into music, general director of the publishing house Ruslan Novikov. He warmly greeted the guests and noted that such chamber meetings have become for “AiF” a good tradition. 

«Classics are always relevant, but every time we try to bring something new and interesting. Today world musical masterpieces will sound accompanied by a guitar, — Ruslan Novikov said. — Our evening is dedicated to the celebration of one of the first harvest festivals — Apple Savior. The Eastern Slavs on that day accompanied the sun with music and songs, as we will now, and also ate apples and various apple treats, which we have in abundance this evening».

Photo: AiF/Irina Ame

Then the general director of AiF invited the guests to enjoy the concert, and then by all means make a wish, as they once did in Ancient Russia. 

And at sunset, in the round hall with columns, the musical masterpieces of Handel, Mozart, Boccherini and Piazzolla sounded in performed by the Intertone Ensemble.

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