Hungary proposed to the EU to impose a ban on offshore oil supplies from Russia

The Foreign Ministry believes that this will help find a compromise, since most of the oil from Russia comes to the EU by sea. Hungary depends on Russian oil imports by 60% and does not remove the veto from the sixth package of EU sanctions, it has no access to the sea

Peter Szijjarto

In the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which the EU is currently discussing, there is a proposal for an embargo on imports of crude oil from its territory. If the package is approved, Brussels may impose a ban in six months, and restrict the import of Russian oil products from 2023.

Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia did not support the idea of ​​an oil embargo because of their dependence on Russian energy supplies. Then the European Commission gave in and allowed Hungary and Slovakia to import Russian oil until the end of 2024, and the Czech Republic— until June 2024. After that, Bratislava and Prague stopped opposing the ban, but Hungary did not change its position.

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