In Russia, they opened a case against the “archive of the entire Internet”

The Internet Archive aims to provide universal access to the information accumulated on the Web. According to the suit of Roskomnadzor, the non-profit organization refused to remove content prohibited in Russia

On June 16, the World Court in Moscow will consider the protocol of Roskomnadzor demanding to fine the American non-profit organization Internet Archive for refusing to remove prohibited content, according to the court's website.

The maximum fine under Art. 13.41 part 2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Russia (violation of the procedure for restricting access to information, information resources, access to which is subject to restriction in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation) is 4 million rubles.

The Internet Archive aims to provide public access to information accumulated on the Web. The Internet Archive collection consists of large arrays of archived websites, digitized books, audio and video files, games, and software.

Since the beginning of this year, Roskomnadzor has blocked more than 135,000 websites. materials containing prohibited information, almost half of them— according to user complaints. More than 46 thousand publications from this number belonged to the categories “Drugs”, “Suicide Promotion”; and “Children's pornography”, explained “RIA Novosti” agency representative.

In particular, at the end of April, Roskomnadzor restricted access to the site of the online encyclopedia of fine arts WikiArt under Art. 15.3 of the Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”.

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