In Zhytomyr, they promised to remove the Russian language from the school curriculum from September

Russian is taught in ten schools in the city, from September it will be replaced by other subjects, and teachers will be connected to teaching subjects with an “artistic component”. The mayor of Zhytomyr said that there is “no place” for Russians in Ukrainian schools

Starting from the new academic year, schools in Ukrainian Zhytomyr will not teach Russian, said Olga Ermakova, chief specialist of the city's education department, reports « Suspilne».

According to her, while Russian is taught in 40 classes of ten schools, about a thousand students study it. Starting next year, there will be no such subject, and teachers will be able to teach other disciplines, she said.

“Teachers can teach subjects that have an artistic component, so they will be loaded with art subjects, elective courses, connected with the theater, painting, music»,— she explained.

According to her, specific subjects to replace the Russian language will be considered by the teachers' councils of schools, they will be able to be chosen by the parents of the students.

Earlier, the mayor of the Ukrainian Zhytomyr Sergey Sukhomlin said that the Russian language has no place in the Ukrainian school , transmitted the “First Zhytomyr”. He also said that schools would have group or individual consultations “to understand the terminology.” For children who came to the city from the east of the country, language camps will open from June 1.

In April, Sukhomlin suggested that no more Russian-language classes be enrolled in Zhytomyr schools. According to him, he will discuss this idea with the Department of Education.

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In mid-April, Taras Kremin, Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language of Ukraine, said that starting from the new academic year, the country should consider the possibility of replacing the discipline “Russian language” in schools where it is taught, other subjects. Before the end of the year, he proposed to send Russian teachers on idle. Kremin also called for a revision of the program of foreign literature, where great attention is paid to Russian writers.

In September 2017, ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law “On Education”, according to which, from 2018, schools had to stop classes in any language other than Ukrainian, starting from the fifth grade. From 2020, elementary schools were also supposed to switch to teaching in the state language.

In January 2020, another law was adopted in Ukraine— “On Complete Secondary Education”, fixing three models of learning the state language in schools. The first model concerns indigenous peoples, including the Crimean Tatars, the second applies to schools of national minorities who speak EU languages.

The third concerns the rest of the national communities of Ukraine, this includes the Russian language. In this case, Russian is taught only up to the fifth grade, along with the study of Ukrainian, and by high school the volume of subjects in Ukrainian should increase to 80%.

Russia criticized these laws. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in March that under Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Russian language in Ukraine was “finally finished off”; by law. “We will now demand that this be canceled,” — Lavrov said.

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