Kedmi predicted a possible scenario for a war with Ukraine: the first goal is defined

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine will scatter just like the Afghan army”

Kyiv's refusal to implement the Minsk agreements and a direct threat from the armed forces of Ukraine to the population of Donbass may meet with a harsh military response from Russia. At the same time, the Ukrainian army does not have a single chance not to be defeated in the very first hours. Yakov Kedmi, an Israeli diplomat and political scientist, former head of the Nativ intelligence service, thinks so.

Photo: Mark Nakoykher.

In the West, the topic of the impending “Russian invasion” of Ukraine has been on the information agenda for the second month. Leading media even publish maps of the alleged directions of the Russian offensive. However, according to Kedmi, Russia will not need any invasion to bring the Kiev regime to reason.

“To defeat the Ukrainian army, nothing needs to be introduced,” Kedmi said on January 18 on the air of the Solovyov Live YouTube channel. – … The Ukrainian army is so primitively arranged … One powerful fire strike, it doesn’t matter – with rockets, artillery and others, which will practically destroy all headquarters, all communication systems, all surveillance systems and tank, artillery units. The beginning of it will lead to the fact that the army will disintegrate … The first goal is command (points), control systems, communications. As soon as this disappears, the army turns into a crowd under the slogan “save yourself who can.”

According to Kedmi, a military solution to the problem is “a matter of several hours.”

“History teaches: this Bandera pack, it was always the first to flee from the battlefield. Is always. Today everything will fall apart like a house of cards, – said Kedmi. “…The government in Ukraine has discredited itself so much that no one will fight for it.”

According to Kedmi, “the collapse of the Ukrainian army will be similar to the collapse of the Afghan army.” He noted that, with all the differences, both armies have much in common: “both there, and there, there is varying degrees of corruption.”

“The readiness to defend the Kiev regime on the part of the Ukrainian army is not so higher than the protect the corrupt regime in Afghanistan from the Afghan army. Only idiotically naive Americans could count on the Afghan army and the Afghan security services. They have absolutely no idea who they are dealing with. Who said that they are more reasonable in relation to Ukraine?” Kedmi asked rhetorically.

: “finita la comedy,” the expert concluded.


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