Lil B – Dior Denim Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Bitch you know what the fuck this is (Swag)
Based doubled out with the pussy on top
Ask my cousin if I spank them bitches
Know if she suck dick, I’ma take them bitches
With a mouth full of spit
Pay 50 thousand dollars for a top notch bitch
Girls love me cause I punish them bitches
For talking
Went to New York to the Yankee Stadium
Fuck 30 bitches, dude you be raping ’em
Fuck model girls in the ass, I’m classy
Young BasedGod told the bitch she nasty
Paid a couple G’s just to pop some bottles
I be fucking hood rats and I fuck them models
Don’t discriminate even though I’m famous
[?] be surprised when I come to the hood
Got a iced out ring bitch look like Jesus
Got the chrome .45 with extended pieces
Bitch I be looking so good
I’m like baby, come from the hood

Real nigga, yeah bitch
Ayy bitch, I’m a-I’m a real nigga with a 50 inch dick
A-list model, bitch you can suck my dick

[Verse 2]
In LA with Travis Barker
Riding in the scraper, no Aston Martin
Real niggas don’t divide, we just keep on riding, you feel me

[Interlude 2]
Red Flame Devil Music
Ayy I got a fucking chest cold and I’m still doing shit
Bitch that’s why I’m relaxed bitch
I got a fucking bronchio-cold or something
Whatever it is
Got a little mucus in my chest fucking bitch
And the bitches still suck my dick cause they love me
Bitches love me
I don’t understand how niggas be calling me gay when all the bitches love me

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