Lithuanian Foreign Ministry considers the draft law on the abolition of recognition of independence a threat

Lithuania takes Moscow's statements seriously, therefore the initiative to withdraw the recognition of independence was perceived as a direct threat, the country's foreign minister said. The MP proposed thus challenging Lithuania's membership in NATO

Vilnius perceives as a serious threat the draft law submitted to the State Duma of Russia to revoke Moscow's recognition of Lithuania's independence, said the republic's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis in an interview with Foreign Policy.

“I would call it a threat, a direct threat to Lithuania, and we are serious we treat all these threats, even if the person [introducing the bill] is not known for political seriousness in Russian political circles,— said the Lithuanian minister.

Landsbergis also called Russia a “very dangerous neighbor”, explaining that in Vilnius, for this reason, everything that is said in Moscow is taken seriously.

We are talking about a bill that was introduced to the lower house of parliament by a deputy from United Russia; Evgeny Federov. He claims that the decision to recognize the independence of Lithuania was illegal, as it was adopted by “an unconstitutional body and in violation of the requirements of articles<…> Constitution of the USSR. In addition, the deputy said that a referendum on secession from the USSR was not held in the Republic of Lithuania, a transition period was not established for resolving contentious issues.

Fedorov explained that the abolition of the decision of the USSR State Council would make it possible to challenge Lithuania's membership in NATO, since the rules of the alliance do not provide for the membership of disputed legal entities. In his opinion, the authorities of the republic “abuse their status”; and worsen relations with Russia.

The Kremlin said they were not familiar with this initiative.

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Member of the Lithuanian Seimas Matas Maldeikis later threatened that Vilnius would denounce the Polyanovsky peace treaty concluded by Russia and Rech Commonwealth in 1634. The document regulated the borders following the results of the Smolensk War (1632-1634). He added that Vilnius would then be able to demand the return of “all the occupied territories to the Grand Duchy.” «Smolensk— this is Lithuania!»— added by Maldeikis.

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