Lloyd Banks – Young and Reckless Lyrics

Day of the reckless, out disrespecting they old head
Clowns’ll fuck up the party, killers to paint the snow red
They zoom in scopes ’cause I done set the bar so high my nose bled
Your favorite rapper I’ll pack as my microphone bed
Lid razor for dreamy eyes
I need my safe my TV size
Tune in, my shit designed for 3D minds
Bitterness stains, never ignore the greasy signs
Almost always a cryptic message in between the lines
It’s obvious, I spot the vibe with eagle eyes
The way niggas is tellin’, you would think it’s street legalized
I always left it all on the record, you hear the needle cry
Lovely reaper, Bugsy Siegel, unfuck through kilo
Don’t be a dick rider, clique hoppin’, shoe shiner
Ass kissin’, mask switcher, momma should’ve tube-tied ya
I’m dropping jewels by ya, skill’ll keep the room liver
Any day you lose your seat, take your shit with a screw-driver
That artist got a co-writer behind that verse you like
Which really means there should be another name on your merchandise
Flew me pounds of granddaddy, I flew up purple twice
Duckin’ from the copycats, monkey mornings, and circus nights
Show respect, ain’t another flow on earth this nice
Mind your fuckin’ manners, misunderstandings ain’t worth your life
I pride myself being driven, feel like I want it more
Chip on my shoulder 3 times, I turned an 8 to 24
Ride through the neighborhood you’ll hear a stomach roar
Where niggas bite the bullet for 6 and then death comes in 4’s
Runnin’ a tally up, you should check out the summer scores
Your stuck on a low stat level, I’m up 100 floors
Multiple kills by the sicko, they’ll lock my pen away
The nigga with the punches and fly kicks ‘n MMA
Money making attitude, my style reflects the avenue
From housing ‘jects to pads and pools
I’m miles away from average moves
Fools out here trickin’ like the professor
My valuables talk to me when I lift them up out the dresser like
“Shit on these niggas, give you my word I’ll protect ya
Failures gon’ shine like the teacher, don’t even deserve the lecture”
Take the illest niggas you’ve heard and throw ’em together
Won’t compare to the thrones here like convertible weather
All them years of work I made, back to choose a victim
Lines like thorns crushing your fade, platinum crucifixion
My dawg one foot in one out, he done got so used to prison
Never home, just visitin’, my platoon is different
Home to many styles, should charge a group commission
Knock out in the boiler room, cook up in the super kitchen

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