Medvedev asked if there was a proper “denazification” in Western Europe

“Pygmies” in Eastern Europe “dance to the tune” of Western European countries that do not want to notice the “revival of Nazism,” Medvedev said. He pointed out that in the Czech Republic they deprived Konev of honorary status, but left him with Hitler .jpg” alt=”Medvedev asked if Western Europe had proper “denazification”” />

Dmitry Medvedev

The decision of the Prague authorities to deprive Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev of the title of honorary citizen by May 9, despite the fact that Adolf Hitler still has this status in the Czech city of Lanškroun, raises doubts about the proper conduct of denazification, said Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

“The vile and cowardly hypocrisy of Europeans does not want to settle accounts with the demons of the Nazi past. Hence the question: after 1945, did Western Europe, to whose tune Eastern European pygmies are now dancing, pass real denazification? he asked.

Medvedev called the decision of the Prague authorities “another Russophobic gift to the falsifiers of history”, recalling that the Prague monument to the commander was removed to storage in 2020 for subsequent transfer to the museum. In addition to the Czech Republic, he continued, Hitler retained an honorary status in the Polish cities of Szczecin and Wroclaw, and the authorities in these regions repeatedly called the situation “a reflection of that time”; without legal mechanisms for deprivation of status.

“Watch out for the sickening dexterity of thought for a normal person: the memory of the Soviet marshal— this is communist propaganda, and it must be destroyed, and the refusal to fight against the glorification of the Nazis— it's just “in the name of history,” — wrote Medvedev.

Russia does not intend to “condone screaming silence, disgusting blindness,” not noticing ” the revival of neo-Nazism in Ukraine,” wrote the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council. Medvedev believes that there is a Russophobia in Europe, and its roots are that former Nazi officials and scientists have made careers in the US, Europe and NATO. He also pointed out that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken did not mention the USSR in his congratulations on the anniversary of Europe Day (the day the hostilities in Europe ended during World War II).

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We are talking about Blinken's appeal, which was published by the State Department a day earlier, on May 7. The Secretary of State wrote that the people of the United States have united “with the brave citizens of many other countries who fought courageously on all fronts in Europe,” now Washington mourns the “ruthless massacre of tens of millions of people in this war of conquest waged by a despot who sought to enslave his neighbors.” ;. The Secretary of State accused the Russian authorities of trying to “distort history” to justify actions in Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously accused the Israeli authorities of supporting the “neo-Nazi regime”; in Ukraine, where, according to the statement, “anti-Semitism <…> bloomed in luxuriant colors. The ministry argued that there was evidence of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis, and that the president's Jewish heritage was no guarantee against “neo-Nazism rampant.” The head of the department, Sergei Lavrov, admitted that Hitler “also had Jewish blood.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry emphasized that “Jews did not kill themselves during the Holocaust”, urging them not to accuse Jews of anti-Semitism. Minister Yair Lapid called on the Russian government to apologize to Jerusalem for crossing the red line. Israeli authorities later reported that President Vladimir Putin had apologized for Lavrov's remarks. The Kremlin commented on questions about this with the words “nothing to add.”

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