Molly Brazy – Play For Keeps

Niggas lied to me, niggas stole from me
But I ain’t cry about it, I got more money
Everybody on my phone tryna hold something
Even that bag wanna fuck me, I got loads coming
Road runner, quick to switch up States
I been MIA
Get some head, put that nigga out
Then get my number changed
Molly Brazy, pull up on your block
Let that engine growl
Sounding like that nigga from Verizon
"Can you hear me now?"
Jewelry loud, I look like I done came up on a lick
I been snapping ever since they took my brother out
He told me "sis, step it up, and keep your foot on they necks"
Quit staring at me, I just smacked a bitch (?)

I swear
They so disloyal show them how to ball
Ain’t got no morals, bitches breaking laws
Beefing over niggas, I swear I done seen it all
They been fake they whole life, these hoes Santa Clause
Bitch, you ain’t no housewife, you a housekeeper
Queen Petty, you don’t like me?
I don’t like you neither
Fifteen hundred for these sneaks, couldn’t find them cheaper
Red tint, but the arms look like Justin Bieber
You must’ve bumped your head, you thought I was broke
These hoes stalk my Instagram to see what I got on
They so spooked, when they see me I get compliments
Got too many money problems, they need counseling
Flew to Oakland, holla at Curry, get some autographs
Real shooter since he met him, he ain’t call me back
I grew up around here, my city ain’t that bad
But you ain’t from around here, so let me take that back

A rat gone be a rat, I ain’t gone say no more
Where them cape, cause these filters out here saving hoes
From the bottom, climb that latter, it ain’t take me long
A lot of ups, a lot of downs, it just made me strong
You a side bitch, we ain’t got shit in common
Pity party, bunch of mad ass baby mamas
Ain’t got no time to play with y’all, cause I’m too busy counting
Grown as hell, but I swear that money keep my grounded
Birkins and Peruvian, they go hand-in-hand
If I bust out this Rolly, it’s gone hammer dance
I ain’t got no roof, George Jefferson
Quick reminder, hoes got me out my element
Miss me now, see my later, ain’t no meet and greet
That Draco on the seat, bitch I play for keeps
I can’t even go to sleep, Twitter got me geeked
Cause I know these hoes sweet, and they don’t wanna beef
That deal ain’t change nothing, but my bank account
And where I live, I got deer running through my house
My mama prayed for it, I just went and bought it
I told her she can have it, I don’t care what it cost me
You talking beneficial, step into my office
But when y’all got to spilling tea is where y’all bitches lost me

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