Named the amount of garbage that falls for recycling

11.6% of municipal solid waste gets into secondary material resources for processing. About this “AiF” said the general director of the PPK «Russian Ecological Operator» (REO) Denis Butsaev.

«We sort 43.3% of waste and recycle — that is, we turn into secondary material resources — 11.6%, burial decreased by 27%. Is it a lot or a little? By 2030, burial should be reduced by 50%, – Butsaev noted.

Now half of the waste is disposed of in only one country — in the USA, added the head of the PPK REO.

“If there is garbage somewhere on the street or in the park, everyone can see it, and our hundreds of working marshalling yards are hidden from prying eyes,” Butsaev complained. – But the fact that the general public does not see them does not mean that they do not work. I think we have already established a relative order in waste management. We are working with the rest.

Read the full interview with Denis Butsaev, CEO of the PPK REO, in one of the next issues of AiF.

Earlier it was reported that from 2025 Russia will begin to abandon disposable plastic goods and packaging.

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