Nyck Caution – Look At Me (Remix)

Playing some ball with my friends
Fucked up my pinky again
Doctor popped it back in place
I got a cast on my hand

[Verse 1]
Say a lot you talk a lot
We heard a lot you not certified
You don’t work a lot
You not down to ride
I heard your catalog that shit trash
Speed through the lane Westbrook on the glass
Throw a left hook at your mask
All of y’all fake got another face for a pass
Just to ride in that wave till that wave gonna crash
Bitch I’m a pro with the film
Changing the flow up again
They cannot box us no more
Square up I’m throwing a jab
My girl was tripping about gram
So I took trip to Japan
Changing my life through the internet
I got the world in my hands
Shouts out I need a masseuse
"Nyck at Knight" dropping in June
People that fronted on us
Hear the new shit and they acting confused
Hear the bullshit and I got in my bag
Spazzing out they say I got to relax
AABA describes where America at
Who knows if we’ll get America back
Damn there go my life again
Just another casualty of righteousness
I been ghost but the poltergeist
Is back, things are getting frightening
Snap like I popped another Vicodin
I face L’s like I ain’t like to win
When I cyph’ take time to decipher it
Y’all already know what kind of life I live

Shout out X, shout out, yeah yeah
I got to spazz out one time
Beast Coast team back on top baby
Throat fucked that little bitch got her throat fucked

[Verse 2]
Switching up the sound and the flow
Killing it all around when we go
Hold it down for the pros
Already rounding the globe
Legendary beginning the story being told
Can you walk that path?
I don’t think so, you don’t walk that fast
Break a stack then you blow all that cash
Pop another Xan, smoke all that gas
Life of the young, dumb and unaware
They caught sipping when they unprepared
Act raw cause someone wasn’t there
To show them how to eat
So they learn from the streets
Nice little kid switched, turned to a beast
This is the reflection of me
Nobody had a lesson to teach
So I learned from myself
I don’t want no rest
Till I’m resting in peace

Get it right, Nyck at Knight
Coming soon
Get it right, Nyck at Knight
Good things come in two’s
Get it right, Nyck at Knight
Got shit to prove
Get it right, Nyck at Knight
See y’all in June

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