Patrushev said that Russia in the special operation “is not chasing deadlines”

If “Nazism” is not “eradicated by 100%”, then it will again “raise its head in a few years,” the Secretary of the Security Council is convinced. He assured that all tasks set during the military operation in Ukraine would be fulfilled

In carrying out the tasks of the military operation in Ukraine, Russia “does not chase deadlines,” said in an interview with “Arguments and Facts” Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

“Nazism must either be 100% eradicated, or it will rear its head in a few years, and in an even uglier form,”— he said.

Patrushev expressed confidence that all the goals set by the president would be fulfilled, because “truth, including historical”, — on the side of Russia. Moscow's goals for “denazification” of the neighboring state are similar to those that the USSR set in 1945 after the victory over Nazi Germany, the head of the Security Council explained. “In addition to punishing Nazi criminals, the laws of the Third Reich were repealed, which legalized discrimination based on race, nationality, language, religion, and political opinions. Nazi and militaristic doctrines were eliminated from school education, — he listed.

The fate of Ukraine at the end of hostilities will be decided by its people, Patrushev said.

The military operation in Ukraine began on February 24. In addition to “demilitarization and denazification”, the Kremlin named “rescue” DPR and LPR and “restoration of their statehood within the borders of 2014”. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov also spoke of the intention to achieve a ban on “manifestations of nationalist ideas”; in Ukraine. In early April, he said that Russia expects the operation to be completed soon.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly said that hostilities will end when the goals of the special operation are achieved.

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In April, the authorities announced the start of the second phase of the operation, during which the military plans to take control of the Donbass and the southern part of Ukraine.

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