Prime Minister of Latvia promised not to resume gas supplies from Russia

Riga previously imported 90% of the required volume of gas from Russia, but the decision not to continue purchases will not be reconsidered, Karins said. He also called for changing NATO's defense strategy and increasing arms supplies to Kyiv

Latvia does not intend to resume gas imports from Russia, despite the difficulties after the refusal of supplies; a way should be found to impose sanctions on Russian gas, the head said Latvian government Krisjanis Karins in an interview with El País.

“About 90% of what Latvia imported last year was Russian, but we are no longer going to buy [Russian-made gas],” — emphasized the Prime Minister of Latvia (quote from TASS).

Kariņš expressed confidence that due to the decision of most European countries to continue buying gas from Russia, Moscow is able to finance a special operation in Ukraine and support the ruble. He also explained that a special plan “in case of unforeseen circumstances” made it possible to refuse to continue buying gas from Russia. with the energy supply of the country.

Karins also called for a change in NATO's defense strategy towards Poland and the Baltics. According to him, she admits the loss of part of the territory in the event of an attack and its subsequent return. “It becomes clear that the option of ceding the territory even for a short period of time cannot be considered,” — emphasized the Latvian Prime Minister. He added that the alliance should create a “progressive defense strategy” that would involve the constant presence of a large number of military personnel on the eastern flank.

“Peace can only be achieved through victory,”— he assessed the situation in Ukraine, calling for more weapons to be supplied to Ukraine.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Russia is waiting for galloping inflation. Why it is dangerous for business Why import substitution can take Russia to the top of the cloudiest countries Forecasts Pro How to work less and increase productivity: 4 tips Articles Pro And live in peace: six countries to change tax residence >Latvia stopped receiving Russian gas at the beginning of April, this was due to the decision not to obey Moscow's demands to use a new format for paying for deliveries with the opening of a ruble account with Gazprombank. This scheme applied to countries that the Russian government had previously identified as unfriendly, the list includes all EU countries, Ukraine, Micronesia, Singapore and others.

Now gas is supplied to Latvia through the Klaipeda liquefied natural gas terminal and the Incukalns underground gas storage, and in the latter “atypically a lot of gas for this period”, said in early April the head of the operator of the Latvian gas transmission system Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus) Uldis Bariss. He assured that this allows not to worry about Latvia's energy security in the next few months.

In early July, the Latvian gas company Latvijas Gaze warned of raising tariffs for households in the country for the use of natural gas, prices will increase from July 1 in the range from 65.6 to 89.9%.

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