Rogozin proposed to rename the Kuriles in honor of ships and sailors

The head of Roskosmos proposed to name one of the islands in honor of the Varyag cruiser, the second – in honor of the gunboat Koreets, the third – in honor of Varyag captain Vsevolod Rudnev

View of the Kuril Islands

General Director “Roskosmos” Dmitry Rogozin suggested giving the Kuril Islands names in honor of the ships and events of the Russo-Japanese War. He made such a proposal on the air of Sputnik radio.

“I wanted to suggest that one of the islands, no matter in what order, let the locals decide, call” Varyag “. (armored cruiser of the Pacific Fleet in 1901 & ndash; 1904.— RBC), the second name “Korean” in honor of the gunboat, which also fought heroically against the Japanese fleet, name the third island in honor of Vsevolod Rudnev (rear admiral of the Russian fleet, commander of the Varyag cruiser.— RBC)»,— said Rogozin.

The Khabomai group of islands (archipeg in the north of the Kurils. — RBC) he proposed to give the name of the archipelago of the Russian heroes of the Pacific sailors.

RBC sent request to the Information Policy Department of the Government of the Sakhalin Region.

The Kuril Islands were ceded to the USSR as a result of World War II in 1945. However, in Tokyo, Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan, and the uninhabited Habomai islands are considered to be their regions, which the country calls the “northern territories.” The Kremlin has repeatedly emphasized that the islands belong to Russia.

In April, the Japanese Foreign Ministry for the first time in 19 years designated the South Kuriles in the Blue Book of Diplomacy. (published annually since 1957.— RBC) as “occupied”. Tokyo has been calling the islands “belonging to Japan” since 2011, and the wording of “occupation” haven't used since 2003.

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Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kuril Islands are part of Russia. “Obviously, now that Japan has become an unfriendly country and has joined a number of hostile actions against the Russian Federation, it is very, very difficult to talk about continuing the negotiation process,” — he added.

Experts interviewed by RBC admitted that Tokyo decided to use the term “occupation” due to the fact that Russia considered Japan an unfriendly country, and in March refused to continue negotiations on a peace treaty.

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