Russia caught the US by surprise with a military agreement with Nicaragua

Photo: Mikhail Verny

The Hill columnist Steven Blank noted in his article that Russia's strategy in relations with Nicaragua came as a complete surprise for the USA. This is how he commented on reports that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega allowed the temporary presence of the Russian military in the country, along with the military of Venezuela, Honduras, Cuba, Mexico, the United States and other countries. Moreover, we are talking not only about ground troops, but also about warships and aircraft.

“This could be the first significant appearance of Russian troops in Central America,” the author of the material noted, emphasizing that this could serve as a basis for a stronger presence of the Russian military in Nicaragua and outside this country.

At the same time, Blank draws attention to the fact that if the United States most likely does not send its military to Nicaragua, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela will take advantage of this opportunity. And if Russian ships now appear in Nicaragua on a temporary basis, then perhaps an agreement will follow on the deployment of the Russian military fleet there on a permanent basis. The observer emphasizes that in this way Moscow will create naval bases in Central America.

Blank advises the US authorities to rethink the approach to Latin American countries with which it is not possible to find a common language, since in the conditions of the struggle of the great powers these states are becoming increasingly important.


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