Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast July 27

Events, politicians' statements, Defense Ministry reports

The West is beginning to realize how close Ukraine is to financial disaster. Israel allowed joining the anti-Russian sanctions. The DPR promised to completely liberate the territory of the republic from the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the end of August. Tens of thousands of residents who had fled to Europe began to return to Zaporozhye. More than 40 foreign mercenaries were killed in one blow in the DPR. There was information about the arrival in Moscow of the ex-Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder. His wife claims that the husband will take part in negotiations on energy policy. A petition has appeared in Kyiv offering to give Boris Johnson Ukrainian citizenship and submit his candidacy for the post of prime minister of the republic. Read the previous broadcast here.

Photo source: video screenshot.

12:31The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of up to 200 servicemen and more than 20 armored and special vehicles in Nikolaev. USA production. Up to 120 military personnel guarding the facility, as well as foreign mercenaries and technical specialists, were liquidated.

12:02The authorities of Voronezh said that the letter Z inflicted on cars by an unknown vandal can be considered a discredit of the Russian army and a heinous provocation.

11:59 Contrary to the statements of the Ukrainian media, the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson was not destroyed . In addition, additional crossings are being created now, said Deputy Head of the Regional Administration Kirill Stremousov

11:21 Andrey Marochko, an officer of the People's Militia of the Lugansk People's Republic (NM LPR), said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have strengthened their positions near the settlements of Artemovsk and Soledar.

11:15The mayor of Donetsk, Aleksey Kulemzin, said that on the morning of July 27, an air defense system went off in the city. The directorate of parks was left without windows.

10:29 Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov promised that all those responsible for the deaths of civilians in Ukraine would be punished. He also said that the threat to Russia and Turkmenistan is the smuggling of weapons from Ukraine on the black market.

10:16Deputies of the Russian State Duma proposed to establish a day of remembrance for all those who died in the Donbass. The initiative will be considered at the autumn session.

09:42 From the side of the enemy channels, information was received about the “powerful processing of the leading edge”; Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka area. This was reported by military journalist Yuri Kotenok.

09:24 The Iranian authorities will sign an agreement with Moscow on the export of equipment, as well as on the maintenance of Russian aircraft.

09:19President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky proposed to make Andriy Kostin, deputy from the Servant of the People faction, head of the legal committee of the parliament, Andriy Kostin, the new prosecutor general of the republic

09:14  Bayraktar TB2. Since the beginning of the NMD, 82 drones have been shot down. They hit no more than 50 targets, some of which are questionable.

08:59 Ukraine does not need American A-10 Warthog fighters, it needs more modern aircraft. This was stated by Yuriy Sak, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

05:39 Based on the experience gained in the NMD, an air defense system of the type of the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense complex will be created in Russia, which will repel a massive strike by HIMARS MLRS missiles.

05:07 The Russian Aerospace Forces began to use a new reconnaissance complex based on the Su-34 bomber during the NMD in Ukraine. It can determine the coordinates of enemy targets with high accuracy.


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