Sandu called the condition for the unification of Moldova with Romania

The President stated that Moldova is a democratic state and the decision to unite should be made by the people. According to the latest polls, no more than 40% of the country's population supports unification with Romania. ” alt=”Sandu named the condition for the unification of Moldova with Romania” />

Maia Sandu

Moldova can unite with Romania only if the people have such a desire, President Maia Sandu said on the air of the Jurnal channel.

“We are a democratic country, and such decisions are made by citizens only in a democratic way,” stressed the head of state.

The issue of the country's accession to NATO should be resolved in the same way, the politician noted.

According to a WatchDog.MD survey conducted in the summer of 2021, 47.2% of Moldovans are against unification with Romania, “for”— 35% (the rest either did not participate in the referendum or found it difficult to answer). A survey conducted in December last year by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives showed that 53.7% of the population was against unification with Romania (32.8% of respondents supported the idea). In the 2021 parliamentary elections, the unification-supporting parties Alliance for the Unification of Romanians and “Party of National Unity” together they did not even get 1% of the votes.

Earlier, Sandu has already said that the unification of the two countries can only happen if there is support from the population.

On April 26, Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu supported Sandu about what is happening in Transnistria, bordering Ukraine, where the Russian military operation is taking place. Several incidents have occurred there over the past week: in Tiraspol, the building of the Ministry of State Security was fired from a grenade launcher, in the village of Mayak, two antennas of the radio and television center that relayed Russian radio were disabled, and in the village of Parkany, an attack on a military unit took place. The government of the unrecognized republic considered these events acts of terrorism. After that, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR announced shelling from the side of Ukraine of the village of Kolbasna, where one of the largest ammunition depots in Europe is located. On April 26, Sandu convened a meeting of the Supreme Security Council, at which she connected the incidents “with various forces inside Transnistria” interested in destabilizing the situation.

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Former Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca called unification with Romania the most reasonable solution. “We are on the brink of war in Transnistria, where Russian troops are stationed,” — he explained his position. In the event of the unification of the two states, Moldova will be “under the NATO security umbrella,” Leanca believes.

On April 28, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry recommended that the citizens of the republic leave Moldova as soon as possible and refrain from traveling there due to the increasingly difficult situation.

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