Satanovsky revealed Biden’s true plan in Israel and Saudi Arabia

He will try to glue Middle East alliances together

In the near future, US President Joe Biden will visit Israel and Saudi Arabia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, will travel to Iran, where will meet with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that Biden's travel plans are obvious.

Photo: AP

In a conversation with Tsargrad Satanovsky noted that he himself would have to be asked about the agenda of the Russian president's visit to Iran. However, according to the political scientist, the plan of the Americans is “quite clear.” The expert predicts that Biden will attempt to glue the Middle East alliances so that oil can go to the world market, ousting Russia from it.

Satanovsky believes that the American president will at least seek this from the Saudis. The expert added that Biden would have to pay the Saudis in some way, so the US president would most likely talk about the great role America played in mediating between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

According to the political scientist, Israel, under In this case, it will be able to protect Saudi Arabia from Iran if something happens, since the US itself is leaving the Middle East. Due to the fact that America will not be there, Satanovsky believes that it is useless to hope for it, and this is clear to Israelis, Saudis and anyone else.

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