Scholz called Steinmeier’s refusal to visit Kyiv a problem

The chancellor also said that the refusal to receive Steinmeier was annoying and hindered his trip to Kyiv. The Ukrainian authorities consider the visit of the President of Germany undesirable because of his ties with Russia ” alt=”Scholz called Steinmeier's refusal to visit Kyiv a problem” />

Olaf Scholz and Frank-Walter Steinmeier

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz considers the refusal of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to visit Kyiv a problem, Allgemeine reports. Zeitung.

“The fact that the President of the Federal Republic was refused to be invited is a problem. And this is on the agenda,»— said Scholz.

In mid-April, the Bild newspaper reported that Steinmeier wanted to come to Kyiv, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky refused his initiative. The German president himself confirmed this information and said that he was supposed to go to the Ukrainian capital with the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but “in Kyiv they did not want this.”

Scholz called the refusal to accept Steinmeier in Ukraine annoying. He also stated that the position of the Ukrainian authorities in relation to Steinmeier interferes with the chancellor's arrival in Kyiv, but recalled that he was in Ukraine shortly before the start of the special operation, in mid-February, and is calling Zelensky. Scholz stressed that Berlin provides financial and military assistance to Ukraine, and can also become a guarantor of its security.

Steinmeier was previously criticized by Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnik, who considered ties with Russia for the German president “something fundamental, even sacred. After that, Steinmeier said that Europe had failed in an attempt to build a common European home with the participation of Russia, and called his support for Nord Stream 2 mistaken.

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Steinmeier has repeatedly advocated cooperation with Russia, which he believes is necessary for a lasting peace order on the continent, and noted that ties with Russia must be maintained. At the same time, in mid-February 2022, he called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to “untie the noose around the neck of Ukraine.”

Steinmeier headed the German Foreign Ministry before being appointed president in 2017. He actively participated in resolving the situation in eastern Ukraine: for example, the Steinmeier formula was named after him, which was agreed in 2019 and described the procedure for introducing a special status for the territories of Donbas not controlled by Kyiv. He also noted that no other country, like Ukraine after 2014, had influenced his work in such a way.

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