Scientists have found in the samples of meteorites all the key blocks of DNA

NASA researchers using new methods of analysis found two nitrogenous bases from the composition of DNA in meteorite fragments –  cytosine and thymine, Novye Izvestiya reports.

In total, five such bases are part of DNA molecules, but four of them are most common. Moreover, researchers discovered adenine and guanine in meteorite samples back in the 1960s. 

Cytosine and thymine had previously eluded scientists because of their fragile structure, so in the new study, experts used more sensitive methods.
The data obtained may indicate that the main compounds necessary for the origin of life may have come to Earth from space.

It was previously reported that an international team of astrophysicists discovered reserves of large organic molecules in protoplanetary discs of the Milky Way. In their opinion, this may prove that the emergence of life on Earth — the phenomenon is not unique. More details – in the material


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