Senators consider Lithuania’s decision to recognize Russia as terrorist as Russophobic

Lithuania followed Russophobic sentiment when it recognized Russia as a terrorist state, the senators said. They believe that Russia is fighting terrorism, while Lithuania should check the EU and the US *

The decision of the Lithuanian Seimas to recognize Russia as a terrorist state— this is an act of Russophobia, senators Vladimir Dzhabarov and Sergey Tsekov told RBC.

“I think this is an absolutely ugly action. To accuse the great neighbor of being a terrorist state— just immoral. It was Russia that fought international terrorism in the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, and the North Caucasus,— said Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs.

According to him, the Seimas of Lithuania completely thoughtlessly “works out the task as part of another Russophobic action.” He believes that recognition as a terrorist country will clearly worsen relations between Russia and Lithuania, but the latter will regret such a decision.

“It is clear that Russian-haters have gathered in Lithuanian politics, this was confirmed by many their previous decisions, including this one. Of course, they dream that Russia would disappear altogether as a state, believing that they will then live well, but they are mistaken,— said Sergei Tsekov, member of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs.

He proposed to the Seimas of Lithuania to assess the activities of the EU countries. “Now they boast of a developed economy, but all this is at the expense of hundreds of millions of lives of the citizens of their colonies, who for many years were actually in their slavery,” — Tsekov noted.

The United States did not remain without the senator's attention, which, in his opinion, has unleashed more than a dozen military operations and wars against other countries over the past 70 years.

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“They could be condemned for the invasion of Iraq, for the situation in Libya, in Syria, for the bombing. But they don't. They— a two-faced dwarf state, which is trying to somehow declare itself with such decisions. As they say: “Pug, know that she is strong, that she barks at the elephant”, — Tsekov counted.

On May 10, the Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a state that “supports and carries out terrorism.” This decision was connected with Russia's military actions in Ukraine and “systematic serious war crimes and crimes against humanity, against the Ukrainian people.”

Parliamentarians mentioned in the document the cities of Bucha, Irpen, Mariupol, Borodianka and Gostomel, where Ukrainian authorities found the bodies of civilians. At the same time, the Russian side denied the involvement of the Russian Armed Forces in the killings.

The Sejm also called the Russian military operation in Ukraine a genocide and called for the creation of a Special International Military Tribunal to “investigate and assess war crimes” following the example of the Nuremberg or Tokyo Tribunals.

The Lithuanian parliament called for the Russian leadership to be held accountable and invited other countries to apply the principle of universal jurisdiction to crimes in Ukraine. It allows the use of national law in relation to certain crimes, if necessary in the interests of the international community.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the decision. However, at the end of April, the official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, said that Russia would not leave the measures of an “idiotic nature” unanswered. Then US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the United States was considering the possibility of recognizing Russia as a country— sponsor of terrorism.

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