Slim Thug – Twiy

We short a coupla mil
I go on the street for it
Make a coupla moves
A mil here and there, no? Ok?
Time is gold, we gotta expand
The whole operation, Mr Brewster
New York, Chicago, L.A
We gotta set our own mark, and enforce it

[Verse 1]
We some young boss niggas that stay up on our job
So now we living like the mob
Like the President, that’s me and my squad, nigga
My niggas hustle hard, shine hard, cause I grind hard
Getting paid. living life like superstars, got it made
I ain’t lying man, I swear to God
We on our J’s all night and day, no sleep
Been four day, niggas always wonder how I’m winning
Because I hustle every day, and don’t do no spending
All my Ace of Spade days way in the past
I only celebrate birthdays and fuck off the cash
Kept spending but a hustler had to invest
Fuck fucking off the cash, just to stay fresh
Thinking back on them days, all the money I made
Could have bought another crib with all that money I paid
Everyday I’m on my grind trying to get to it
And if you use your mind, I bet you can do it
Niggas love to act blind and try to play stupid
Just leave their lazy ass behind and go keep it moving
Ten cars back to back, you can tell we living large
We living like the mob
Police on my dick, ’cause I got a hundred cars
We some hood superstars, all my niggas instant millionaires
Moving keys, been real for a long time
We OG’s, in the hood you can ask about me
They know me, I been balling before you big timers had O.z’s
Can’t be silent, words match my actions
If I say I’mma do it then I make it happen
When I hit that Boulevard girls get attracted (they watching)
’cause they see some black kings that’s out here to have them
We some young boss niggas that stay up on our job
So now we living like the mob, well enough
Like the President, that’s me and my squad
My niggas hustle hard, hard

I never fucked anybody over in my life
Didn’t have any cut, you got that?
All I have in this world is my balls
I work, I don’t break ’em for nobody
Do you understand?
Me I want what’s coming to me
What’s coming to me
The world and everything in it

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