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Alica Keys And Kanye West – Dope lyrics

That’s Dope, by Angela K Brown
D o p e, D o p e, D o p e, that’s dope
Keep it on the down low, its dope
We all have problems, the dope we hide
We Cry, we keep our true feelings
Bottled up inside. We fail to reason
To understand why. A penny for
Your thoughts? When trouble
Arrives, to know the naked truth
We learn to lean on to Origins
Our palms itch with greed, painted faces
Nurturing relationships of sexuality
Lean on to the relationships that bond us
And gravitated us. We lean to someone
To listen. lean on, to hear. The light I am in
That one empty chair, thoughts suicide
Memories of the moment, and that
One blank stare. It was the look of regret
The darkness of sin. My conscious regret
Came back at me; Of who I am
My blackness, my pride and
My point of view; the affirmation of my
Roots. From the company we keep, the
Uncertainty of truth. I became open
About my spirituality, to reveal the nature
Of my ethnicity, to abandon my roots
Of my cultural identity with regret of
Losing my sexuality outside the creed of public
Scrutiny. It’s the culture we’re in. We are what
We Eat. Fried fish and cole slaw, collard greens
And hot water corn bread and spaghetti. We
Asked God’s mercy for the family tradition. It
Is from the love personality and forgiveness
That transitions. Rough times of making
Difficult decisions, a beacon of hope
Defining our position. I’ll meet you half way
Upon making a decision, my hommie
Let’s keep it down low. That’s dope
Keepen it real on the down low
Lean on lean on lean on me

Kodak Black – Real N*gga Files (Institution Mixtape) letras

*Police sirens*
Real nigga files (hell yeah)
Project files (yes sir)
(everything 1k dawg)
Yeah (institution, for real man)
(you gotta stand firm, dawg, you gotta stay solid)
Project baby two, comin’ out soon (for real)
(look, Kodak, Kodak)
Aye man, nigga got this lil burden off my back, dawg (for real)
Time to celebrate (weight off a niggas shoulders)
(got my feet back on the ground a lil bit)

Look, I’ve been in this shit for a lil minute, I’m gettin’ lonely now
Constant conversations with my lady, she gon’ hold it down
My nigga, he just got out of the gram, he got locked up again
I be feelin’ like it’s my fault that he right back in
He just wanted a lil money, and I knew a way how
I told him to pack his bags, we goin’ out of town
And shit, I knew the best option for us to stay down
But fuck all that, we young niggas, we need it right now, man
Shit get crazy, when you in these types of places
Shit don’t even feel the same no more, everybody changin’
It’s amazin’, when you make it, made it out your situation
And surprise everybody, you should see these niggas faces
I done took a lot of losses
I done caught a lot of cases
Had to cut my nigga off, man I just couldn’t shake it
Used to treat him like a brother, but that nigga so shady
I hate it, but this the life of a project baby
I’m here, and I’m plannin’ on blowin’ this year
Disappear, into spirit, wrist shine like chandelier
They tellin’ lies like Pinocchio, they don’t even know me though
But they wanna ride for me, they ain’t even rode before
Rollin’ like a roller-coast, backwood, I’m rollin’ dope
Told my future bright, yesterday I read my horoscope
I remember, I was in a jam, they said “it’s over for”
Young nigga, addicted to them bands, I’m bout to overdose
Institution, this that project music
Paper chase, on the interstate, stick and movin’
Throwin’ rocks at the chain gang
Out here tryna slang Caine
Asked God to forgive a nigga, but I just do the same thing
Cause I’m still on the same shit
And I’m still with the same clique
My girl is still around with me
I’m still with the same bitch
I’m still on the same strip
I’m still on the same corner
Now a young nigga smokin’ crip
Remember I used to slang zona
I get in the booth and spit that fire, I put that flame on you
Rollin’ off a monkey girl, come let me put this thing on you
Your niggas ain’t your niggas, catch a charge and they gon’ sing on you
They gon’ turn the state on you
Switch, and put the blame on you
Now you want this head, don’t you?
Now you wan’t em dead, don’t you?
I will pop a chance on em
Could of went fed on em
Back on my feet, my muscle up, it’s time to flex on em
If a nigga slippin’ with that pack, I go finesse, homie
(finesse homie, finesse homie)
*Police sirens*