Care Bears

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Da$h – Abundance

[Verse 1]
Feeling like Mufasa with a chopper
Copper turn a nigga to a T-shirt
Skeezer from the Bay [?], called the bitch a bopper
Suck me ’til her knees hurt
Swear that the world getting smaller
Thought you was a big fish, and that’s when 2 sharks hit the water
Yeah, I was moving them quarters
My passport is stamped up cause I really get over borders
Collect the pounds and the euros
Niggas is snitching like them pussy’s work for the Bureau
Fuck with no bitches in plural
Talking that gangster shit, you will get put on a mural
True indeed, catch a glimpse, they asking "Who is he?"
The youngin’ [?] work on supplying new type of guy
Don’t talk to me bitch I’m all type of high

Wasn’t riding through the 6 with my woes
I was sliding with your bitch, getting throat
Holding onto that stick, leaving holes
Only thing on my mind, getting dough
Getting mo’, flip a O
Did a show, getting mo’
Wasn’t riding through the 6 with my woes
Holding onto that stick, leaving holes

It’s Mr. Yeah, So
No, I don’t care ho
Y’all niggas Care Bears, my flow cement
In the truck, getting spinned
Got the bread, know it’s spent
Leave the court, innocent
Jewish counsel, bad bitch, mouthful
Blunt lit, house shoes, yes, it’s routine
They used to say I have pipe dreams
Cause a nigga wanted nice things
But you know I got ’em right now
Cause I couldn’t wait
Watch a nigga as I demonstrate
Choking bitches while I penetrate
Doing shit they couldn’t replicate
Yeah, So