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Kodak Black – I Get The Bag Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Nah dawg, it’s lil Kodak nigga what you thought
I got snakes on my Gucci, but not in my yard
I got that bag got that guwop, bought a icy watch
Shoutout to Convertible Burt
Florida boy, Florida boy, Florida shit
I turned my 4 door to a vert
Can y’all please let me roll in peace, I’m smoking purp
My nigga said if he go to prison, he get the jury gone
All you rappers really be nervous with some jewelry on
Don’t be remixing my shit, that wasn’t X’s song
Don’t remix my shit, that’s a nigga track
When I remix, I re-rock your shit like whipping crack
I drop a seven in a pot, and stretched me ten back
I just pulled a bag out a Cartier box
Pulled up to the dumpster, threw away some bank cards
Road running duffling
Yea I got that laundry
Rolling on a monkey
My car look like a pumpkin
In and out of juvenile, every day we rumbling
Bunky trynna sleep, I singing rest in peace [?]
My bitch she got on MAC
Keep her face done
I’m sliding with the MAC
I got to stay with one
Don’t remix my shit
Don’t remix my shit, you can’t ride the beat like me
All you niggas ain’t shit, you niggas ain’t in these streets
How you older than me, you trynna to be like me
I got that bag
I got that bag lil nigga, I got that bag
Garbage bag, Breitling bag, whatever bag yuh
Garbage bag, body bag, whatever bag get that shit