Dry July

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Alt-J – Last Year (Relaxer Album)

[Verse: Joe Newman]
January came and took my heart away
February felt the same
March, my hugs became hold ons
April, I huffed like porridge on the boil
Morning May, I’m downwind from your shampoo
Ichi, ni, san, go, roku, nana, hachi, kyuu, jyuu
June, I learned to count to ten in Japanese
Dry July, like wiping skin from my skull
Instead, I visited family
They told me I’m special
Augustus came and stabilised me with my father’s pain
Relieving drug, diazepam
Life floats away
October, I swam back for my birthday
Firework display in a cafeteria of my old school
Happier in my cold, black sleep in my cold, deep bed
December, you sang at my funeral

[Verse 2: Marika Hackman]
If it’s depths to your rivers, I’ve picked one for you
Oh, greedy with Ss but equalled by Is
If it’s stones for your pockets, I’ve collected a few
To hold you down
To hold you down

[Refrain: Marika Hackman]
Mississippi, come back to me
Oh, Mississippi, your cold, black sleep
Oh, Mississippi

[Refrain: Joe Newman and Marika Hackman]
Mississippi, come back to me
Oh, Mississippi from your cold black sleep
Oh, Mississippi