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Correy C – Cropout (Salutations Mixtape) letras

Shout to Meez cause he noticed me nigga
Mittee Gang
Man everybody be asking me like “Correy C. where you been at man?”
You know me, I be working man
I don’t say too much man, I ain’t with that bullshit
I be in the cut man, but it’s ’bout that time now I gotta drop something hot for ya’ll
Legendary Libra Season

Me, me, me and my nigga Meez with the shits now
Me and my nigga Meez, we making hits now
If you ain’t making noise nigga sit now
Correy C. The G, I’m trying to make ’em cripple now
Get the jet, make it back and watch it flip now
Just got me Frito Lay, I’m all about my chips now
You better use your brains before I get it ripped out
It’s like, why the fuck they talking all that shit now
When I came around these niggas they got quiet
I’m with the people, shit, but don’t make me get violent
I feel like Bas cause I’m way too high to riot
We was on the tour, I got the crowd excited
I’m a beast when it comes to the music
I’ma tease little niggas get your rubric
Shout to Durag Meez, always got his rag on
Shout out to Meez cause noticed me, now his tag on
Every song, my tag, ask Meez!
They thought I wouldn’t grow I was the backseat
I never fit in, I was the black sheep
I’m straight from the street, hungry for money I need sum’ to eat
Martin Luther King, I’m making a speech
I don’t mean to preach, I don’t mean to reach
But I gotta teach (teach you little niggas)
I’m not with the bragging, that shit for the weak
I told the bitch don’t have me sitting
She said “I already know the answer”
Correy C. The G, a Legendary Libra working with a Cancer
That’s my nigga Meez
That’s my nigga Cozz
That’s my nigga Tone
These niggas see I’m from the streets, I beat the odds
Now they call my phone
These niggas be all in they feelings
Nigga I ain’t trying to fuck with you
Hey, these niggas is a bunch of crops just trying to get back in the picture

But you got cropped the fuck out you bitch
You cropped the fuck out you bitch
I’m the shit
Now I know you pitch
Cause you got cropped right out the pic
You mad?
You mad?
You mad?