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Italy shifts to the right as voters reward Meloni’s party

“MuiTypography-root-229 MuiTypography-h1-234″>Italy shifts to the right as voters reward Meloni's partyAssociated PressSeptember 26, 2022 · 8:30 AM EDT

Far-Right party Brothers of Italy's leader Giorgia Meloni shows a placard reading in Italian "Thank you Italy" at her party's electoral headquarters in Rome, Sept. 25, 2022.

Gregorio Borgia/AP

A party with neo-fascist roots, the Brothers of Italy, won the most votes in Italy’s national elections, looking set to deliver the country’s first far-right-led government since World War II and make its leader, Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first woman premier, near-final results showed Monday.

Italy’s lurch to the far right immediately shifted Europe’s geopolitics, placing a euroskeptic party in position to lead a founding member of the European Union and its third-largest economy. Right-wing leaders across Europe immediately hailed Meloni’s victory and her party’s meteoric rise as sending a historic message to Brussels, while Italy’s left warned of “dark days” ahead and vowed to keep Italy in the heart of Europe.

Near-final results showed the center-right coalition netting some 44% of the parliamentary vote, with Meloni’s Brothers of Italy snatching some 26%. Her coalition partners divided up the remainder, with the anti-immigrant League of Matteo Salvini winning 9% and the more moderate Forza Italia of ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi taking around 8%.

The center-left Democratic Party and its allies had around 26%, while the 5-Star Movement — which had been the biggest vote-getter in 2018 Parliamentary elections — saw its share of the vote halved to some 15% this time around.

Turnout was a historic low 64%. Pollsters suggested voters stayed home in protest, disenchanted by the backroom deals that had created the last three governments.

Meloni, whose party traces its origins to the postwar, neo-fascist Italian Social Movement, tried to sound a unifying tone in a victory speech early Monday, noting that Italians had finally been able to determine their leaders.

“If we are called to govern this nation, we will do it for everyone, we will do it for all Italians and we will do it with the aim of uniting the people,” Meloni said. “Italy chose us. We will not betray it as we never have.”

While the center-right was the clear winner, the formation of a government is still weeks away and will involve consultations among party leaders and with President Sergio Mattarella. In the meantime, outgoing Premier Mario Draghi remains in a caretaker role.

The elections, which took place some six months early after Draghi’s government collapsed, came at a crucial time for Europe as it faces Russia’s war in Ukraine and the related soaring energy costs that have hit ordinary Italian pocketbooks as well as industry.

A Meloni-led government is largely expected to follow Italy’s current foreign policy, including her pro-NATO stance and strong support for supplying Ukraine with weapons to defend against Russia’s invasion, even as her coalition allies stake a slightly different tone.

Both Berlusconi and Salvini have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. While both have distanced themselves from his invasion, Salvini has warned that sanctions against Moscow are hurting Italian industry, and even Berlusconi has excused Putin’s invasion as foisted on him by pro-Moscow separatists in the Donbas.

A bigger shift and one likely to cause friction with European powers is likely to come over migration. Meloni has called for a naval blockade to prevent migrant boats from leaving North African shores, and has proposed screening potential asylum-seekers in Africa, before they set out on smugglers’ boats to Europe.

Salvini made clear he wants the League to return to the interior ministry, where as minister he imposed a tough anti-migrant policy. But he may face an internal leadership challenge after the League suffered an abysmal result of under 10%, with Meloni’s party outperforming it in its northeastern stronghold.

Salvini acknowledged the League was punished for its governing alliances with the 5-Stars and then Draghi, but said: “It’s a good day for Italy because it has five years of stability ahead of it.”

On relations with the European Union, analysts note that for all her euroskeptic rhetoric, Meloni moderated her message during the campaign and has little room to maneuver given the economic windfall Italy is receiving from Brussels in coronavirus recovery funds. Italy secured some 191.5 billion euros, the biggest chunk of the EU’s 750 billion-euro recovery package, and is bound by certain reform and investment milestones it must hit to receive it all.

That said, Meloni has criticized the EU’s recent recommendation to suspend 7.5 billion euros in funding to Hungary over concerns about democratic backsliding, defending Viktor Orban as the elected leader in a democratic system.

Orban’s political director, Balazs Orban, was among the first to congratulate Meloni. “In these difficult times, we need more than ever friends who share a common vision and approach to Europe’s challenges,” he tweeted.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen praised Meloni for having “resisted the threats of an anti-democratic and arrogant European Union.”

Santiago Abascal, the leader of Spain’s far-right Vox opposition party, tweeted that Meloni “has shown the way for a proud and free Europe of sovereign nations that can cooperate on behalf of everybody’s security and prosperity.”

Meloni is chair of the right-wing European Conservative and Reformist group in the European Parliament, which gathers her Brothers of Italy, Poland’s Law and Justice Party, Spain’s Vox and the Sweden Democrats, which just won big in elections there on a platform of cracking down on crime and limiting immigration.

“The trend that emerged two weeks ago in Sweden was confirmed in Italy,” acknowledged Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta, calling Monday a “sad day for Italy, for Europe.”

"We expect dark days. We fought in every way to avoid this outcome,″ Letta said at a somber news conference. While acknowledging the future of the party and his own future required reflection, he vowed: “The PD will not allow Italy to leave the heart of Europe.”

Thomas Christiansen, professor of political science at Rome’s Luiss University and the executive editor of the Journal of European Integration, noted that Italy has a tradition of pursuing a consistent foreign and European policy that is in some ways bigger than individual party interests.

“Whatever Meloni might be up to will have to be moderated by her coalition partners and indeed with the established consensus of Italian foreign policy,” Christiansen said in an interview.

Meloni proudly touts her roots as a militant in the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement, or MSI, which was formed in the aftermath of WWII with the remnants of Mussolini’s fascist supporters. Meloni joined in 1992 as a 15-year-old.

During the campaign, Meloni was forced to respond after the Democrats used her party’s origins to paint Meloni as a danger to democracy.

“The Italian Right has handed fascism over to history for decades now, unambiguously condemning the suppression of democracy and the ignominious anti-Jewish laws,” she said in a multilingual campaign video.

By Associated Press writers Nicole Winfield, Frances D'Emilio and Giada Zampano.

The head of Eni said that Italy will be able to survive the winter without Russian gas

Eni CEO Descalzi: Italy will be able to survive the winter without Russian gas supplies Claudio Descalzi noted that gas storage facilities in Italy are already 90% full, and Eni is working to diversify supplies in order to completely abandon Russian gas by 2024-2025

Italy “could survive” the coming winter without Russian gas, provided that the temperature is mild. This was stated by the head of the Italian gas company Eni, Claudio Descalzi, reports Bloomberg.

According to him, Italian gas storage facilities are already 90% full, and the authorities are actively replacing Russian fuel. “Algeria has already doubled its gas supplies to Italy”, — emphasized the head of the company.

Earlier, Descalzi reported that Eni plans to replace about 50% of gas imports from Russia by 2023, increasing this amount to 80% in 2023-2024, and completely abandon such supplies by 2024-2025.

The rise in world electricity prices in Europe has been going on since the end of February, when the EU imposed sanctions against Moscow in response to the Russian special operation in Ukraine. This was followed by a decrease and later a complete cessation of gas transportation through the Nord Stream, an increase in fossil fuel prices and record inflation. In addition, Gazprom from August 31, reduced gas supplies to Italy from 27 million cubic meters. m up to 20 million cubic meters. m, reported Eni.

The situation in the European economy is complicated by severe drought in the central and southern parts of the region.

Italy, along with Germany, Finland and Bulgaria, is one of the most dependent on the Russian gas countries. According to 2020 data, Rome was 46% dependent on Russian fuel supplies.

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In some European countries, due to the sharp rise in prices for gas and, as a result, for electricity, production at factories has decreased, and many of them are on the verge of closing. In July, the country— EU members have agreed to reduce gas consumption by 15% compared to the average for the past five years from August 1 to March 31, 2023.

Moscow, in response to Western restrictive measures, transferred gas payments for unfriendly countries (in the list of such states includes the entire EU) in rubles. After the refusal of some countries, including Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and Bulgaria, to pay in Russian currency, Gazprom stopped deliveries. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, claimed at the end of July that in total gas pumping was stopped in 12 EU countries.

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Italy reported a two-fold increase in energy import costs

According to the head of the Italian Ministry of Finance, in 2022 the country's energy import costs will increase from €43 billion to €100 billion, which is 3% of GDP

The cost of energy imports for Italy in 2022 will increase by €60 billion compared to 2021— This is 3% of the country's GDP. This was announced by the Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy, Daniele Franco, reports Reuters.

“For energy imports, we are moving from €43bn in 2021 to €100bn, which this figure could reach in 2022. An increase of €60 billion means 3% of GDP, an outflow of Italian resources abroad, which nullifies the surplus that we have accumulated in recent years,— he said.

According to the minister, in 2021, Italy imported three-quarters of the required energy resources. At the same time, at the beginning of the year, Italy imported 40% of its gas from Russia, but in July this figure dropped to 25%. Thus, Italy has overtaken Germany in terms of reducing its dependence on Russian gas.

In Europe, against the backdrop of rising gas prices, the energy crisis is growing. At the end of July, the EU countries reached a “political agreement” on a voluntary reduction in gas consumption by 15% until the end of March 2023, in connection with which some states have introduced a special regime in the energy sector to save fuel in cold weather.

Earlier, Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Italy's Eni, admitted that Italy would be able to survive the winter in the event of interruptions in Russian gas supplies. According to him, as of mid-June, Italian gas storage facilities were 54% full, but by October they should be 70–80% full.

On August 31, Eni reported that Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Italy from 27 million cubic meters. m up to 20 million cubic meters. m. Also, from September 2, Gazprom completely cut off supplies via Nord Stream 1, citing technical reasons.

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Italy deprived the orders of Grushko, Gref, Melnichenko and Belozerov

President Sergio Mattarella deprived the Russians of the Order of the Star of Italy “for unworthiness” max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Order of the Star of Italy

The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, deprived Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko of the Order of the Star of Italy of the degree of Grand Officer. The corresponding decree is published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale.

“The Order of the Star of Italy of the degree of Grand Officer, [given] Grushko Alexander Viktorovich, was recalled for unworthiness,” — the decree says.

The order has five degrees: Chevalier, Officer, Commander, Grand Officer and Knight Grand Cross. The award of the Commander degree was taken away from Alexander Dyukov, Andrey Melnichenko, Kirill Dmitriev, Dmitry Konov, German Gref and Oleg Belozerov. The order of the Cavalier degree was withdrawn from Evgeny Ivanov, Alexei Gordeev and Alexander Shokhin.

Grushko was presented to the order in September 2021 “in recognition of his contribution to strengthening relations between Italy and Russia.”

Dyukov— General Director and Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Neft— was awarded the order in May 2019 for “a significant contribution to strengthening trade, economic and industrial ties between Italy and Russia”.

Melnichenko— founder of SUEK and EuroChem— the order was awarded in June 2019 on the occasion of the opening of the EuroChem plant in Kingisepp. He received the award “for promoting dialogue and economic cooperation between <…> countries, as well as for helping Italian companies continue to invest in the Russian Federation».

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Dmitriev— CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)— was awarded in May 2020 “for special merits in the development of friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and Russia”.

Konov— ex-head of “Sibur”— received the order in January 2020 for “contribution to the extremely active expansion of cooperation between the Russian petrochemical giant and Italian companies both in the commercial sphere and at the level of industrial partnership.”

Gref— head of Sberbank— was presented to the order in June 2021 for “contribution to the strengthening of Italian-Russian relations”.

Belozerov— head of Russian Railways & mdash; was awarded in May 2021 for “contribution to the strengthening of Italian-Russian relations”.

Ivanov— Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia— was awarded in April 2016 for “an outstanding contribution to consular cooperation between Italy and the Russian Federation, in particular for his repeated active participation in resolving difficult situations that threatened the security of Italian citizens.”

Shokhin— President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs— received the order in December 2018.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Gordeev was also deprived of the order.

The Russian Railways representative declined to comment. RBC sent inquiries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the RSPP.

At the end of May, the Italian authorities deprived Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov of the Orders of the Grand Cross. The head of VTB Andrey Kostin was deprived of the degree of Commander.

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Berlusconi offered Italy to refuse Russian gas supplies

Silvio Berlusconi called for an end to Italy's dependence on Russian gas It is necessary to “end the dependence” on Russian gas, which brings “obvious problems”, but before that it is necessary to create conditions for alternative supplies, Berlusconi said. Parliamentary elections will be held in Italy in September

Berlusconi invited Italy to refuse Russian gas supplies

Italy should cut off Russian gas before Russia can decide to cut off its supplies to the country, said the former prime minister, leader of the Italy Forward party. Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with Foglio.

“Of course, [such a decision should be made], provided that conditions for alternative supplies are created during this time. That there will be investments in renewable energy sources. That, at least, research in the field of clean nuclear energy will be resumed, — Berlusconi said in response to a related question (quoted from Sky TG24).

According to the former prime minister, Italy also needs terminals for the processing of liquefied natural gas and plants for the production of energy from waste.

“Then we can do away with the addiction that gives us obvious problems,” — he said.

Berlusconi gave an interview to the newspaper Foglio on the eve of the parliamentary elections. His party “Forward, Italy” will also participate in them. Elections will be held on September 25.

Putin and Berlusconi called each other friends. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere dell Sera in 2019, the Russian President said that they were “connected by many years of friendly relations” and called Berlusconi “a world-class politician.” The former Prime Minister of Italy in the fall of 2021 called Putin the only outstanding leader in the modern international political arena.

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However, after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, Berlusconi said that he was disappointed with the behavior of the Russian president, whom he always considered “a man of democracy and peace.” The ex-prime minister believes that if he were in power, he could prevent such a development of events. After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Berlusconi, according to him, called Putin twice, but received no answer.

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Berlusconi called for Italy to give up Russian gas


Former Prime Minister of Italy, leader of the Forward Italy party, Silvio Berlusconi, said that his country Russian gas should be abandoned before Moscow can decide to cut off supplies. In an interview with il Foglio, Berlusconi, answering a question about supporting calls to the Italian government to refuse gas from the Russian Federation, spoke positively.

“Of course,” the politician said, “provided that conditions are created for alternative supplies.

According to the ex-premier, Rome needs terminals for the processing of liquefied natural gas, as well as enterprises for the production of energy from waste. He added that the country needs to invest in alternative renewable energy sources, including nuclear energy projects.

“Then we will be able to end addiction,” Berlusconi concluded, pointing out that today such dependence is a problem for Italy.


The Italian opened a pizzeria in Lugansk and explained the move to the LPR

The MK military commissar transmits from the special operation zone

Riccardo Emilio Cocco came to Donbass from Italy in 2018 as a volunteer from the Italy Russia Association. And a week ago… opened the first authentic Italian pizzeria in the city. Ricardo explained why he moved to Luhansk and how his family reacted to his decision and the special operation.

Photo: Lina Korsak

From the media, the man knew about the situation that has been happening here since 2014. And he also knew that practically none of the inhabitants of European countries helped the population of the republics.

– All these years, only Russia helped the people of Donbass, – Riccardo says to me with a noticeable accent. – Therefore, as an Italian, as a person who wants to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation, I decided to come here.

Back at home, in Italy, Riccardo was amazed why in the stories about the inhabitants of Donbass, which he saw on television and in the Western media, these people were called terrorists and separatists. The real situation was not at all the same as it was presented in his native country.

– When I arrived, I didn’t see anything like that even close. Ordinary peaceful people, grandparents, children who really need help. They just want to live peacefully at home, speak their native language, honor their traditions. Is there any fault in this? Is it necessary to shoot them for this? They are Russian people and want to remain so…

The man admits that Lugansk conquered him almost at first sight. Yes, so much so that he decided to move here to live.

– I can't describe in words what prompted me to make this decision. Some kind of internal state, maybe the Mother of God of Lugansk. My soul, my heart is here. I feel like my place is in this city. Well, besides this, I see that people living here need help.

According to Riccardo, by his desire to help the people of Donbass, he wants to show the world that a real European is a person who stands for peace, against weapons and against war.

– We are for culture, for friendship, for love. Now I have a lot of friends here, I have a girlfriend.

Photo: Lina Korsak

In addition to his volunteer activities, two weeks ago the man opened the first real Italian pizzeria in Luhansk. He proudly says that all dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes and strictly the way they are in his homeland.

– Your relatives and friends who stayed in Italy somehow changed their attitude towards you after the start of the special military operations?

– My parents and friends initially supported my decision to move here. They support me even now, nothing has changed. Of course, after the start of the special operation, they began to worry more about me. I can confidently say that not only my acquaintances, but also many people living in Italy support Russia and the special operation. Even those who do not support Russia itself admit that they are tired of hearing daily requests from the President of Ukraine to supply him with even more weapons.

Photo: Lina Korsak

We Italians love holidays, fun, company, we love to cook and eat deliciously. We don't like guns and war. And most importantly, almost all Europeans are already against these suicidal sanctions against Russia. I say “suicidal” because they are primarily directed against Europe itself.

Do you see your future here or do you still plan to return to Italy?

– Every year I go home to visit my relatives. But I see my life in the Russian world. Moreover, I hope that this is only the first Italian pizzeria here so far, – smiles Riccardo.

Lugansk, LPR.


Lake Garda in Italy shallowed to historic levels

Lake Garda, located in the northern part of Italy, the largest in the state, has become shallow due to drought to historical values, and the water has warmed up almost to the Caribbean Sea, Interfax reports.

Heavy rainfall in the northern part of the country has not been observed for several months. In winter, there was 70% less snow than in previous years.

Severe drought in 2022 is observed in many European countries. In particular, we are talking about the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France.

It was previously reported that British Aldi supermarkets limited the sale of drinking water due to drought.

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Pais: EU fears Italy will become Putin’s Trojan horse

Columnist Bernardo de Miguel, in an article for the País newspaper, said that the European Union fears that after the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Italy could become Russia's “Trojan horse” in Europe.


Columnist Bernardo de Miguel, in an article for the País newspaper, said that the European Union fears that after the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Italy may become Russia's “Trojan horse” in Europe.

According to diplomatic sources, Italy has recently become a magnet for “neutral theories”. They question the position of the European Union in the situation in Ukraine.

“Brussels is afraid that Italy may become either a weak link in the overall strategy of confronting Moscow, or a Trojan horse in the service of Vladimir Putin,” de Miguel.

According to the authors of the article, the European Union is concerned about the position of Italy, because Rome is very dependent on the supply of Russian hydrocarbons.

De Miguel added that due to the resignation of Draghi, the EU remained without support, and Kyiv – without one of the valuable allies.


Over 400 cases of monkeypox reported in Italy

Plot World monkeypox outbreak

The number of cases of monkeypox confirmed in Italy has reached 407, said Gianni Rezza, head of the department for the prevention of diseases of the country's Ministry of Health.

According to him, the Italian authorities have already prepared procedures for reporting individual cases of illness. He noted that at present the situation “does not cause much concern”; and is under constant surveillance.

Earlier, WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the outbreak of monkeypox a public health emergency. Most infections occur in European countries.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, there are no new cases of this smallpox detected in Russia and there is no need to introduce additional anti-epidemic measures in the country.

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The new prime minister of Italy may be a “local Marine le Pen”

Brothers of Italy nationalist party has a chance to win

After the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the dissolution of the President of Parliament, Italy faces a snap election scheduled for September 25th. According to polls, a coalition led by the far-right Brothers of Italy party may win a majority as a result of the vote.

George Meloni Photo: Global Look Press

Mario Draghi resigned as prime minister after his attempt to save the ruling coalition failed when three key parties – the populist 5 Star Movement, the far-right League; Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi – did not participate in the vote on the vote of confidence.

Draghi was Italy's sixth prime minister in a decade, taking over as prime minister in 2021 as the country grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout. The Chairman of the Council of Ministers enjoyed wide support in Parliament and even achieved considerable prestige on the world stage. This gave many observers reason to think that he would be able to get around all the pitfalls and complete his premiership until the end of his mandate in 2023.

But even though Draghi formally emerged victorious on Wednesday in a vote of confidence, the demarche of the three parties represented in his government knocked him down. Hopes for restoring the spirit of the “pact of trust” collapsed.

A political crisis erupted in the country after the 5 Star Movement last week has boycotted a vote on a €26bn package to help Italians cope with inflation and energy costs, arguing it's not enough. Members of the government coalition “League” and “Forza Italia” called for a new government led by Mario Draghi, but without the Five Stars, while demanding a cabinet reshuffle. With this “blackmail” no longer wanted to agree to the prime minister – and cut the Gordian knot with his resignation.

And now the fun begins. If the current polls are to be believed, the clear favorite in the September elections is a coalition of right-wing forces led by the far-right Brothers of Italy, accompanied by the far-right League and the Berlusconian party “Forward, Italy” (Forza Italia).

According to a survey conducted by the SWG Institute, “The Brothers of Italy” led by Georgia Meloni, they rank first in electoral sympathies (almost 24%), ahead of the center-left from the Democratic Party (22%) and the League. (14%), not to mention Forza Italia (about 7%) and the 5 Star Movement (11%).

Obviously, the parties will have to form coalitions in order to achieve a majority – and if the right manages to unite, then thanks to the peculiarities of the Italian electoral system, they have very good chances.

And the Democratic Party will have to explore the possibility of cooperating with the populists from the Five Star Movement. – it looks like only this combination will give her hope.

If the “League” headed by former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and created by Berlusconi “Forward, Italy”; have been heard for a relatively long time, then the “Brothers of Italy” that have been on the political scene for ten years; outside the Apennine peninsula are not well known. Suffice it to say that in the general elections in 2018, this party received only 4% of support, but since then it has broken out of the outsiders into the headliners of Italian politics. And the head of the party, 45-year-old Georgia Meloni, was the vocal leader of the opposition throughout Mario Draghi's premiership. She has long called for new elections – and so I waited.

“The will of the people is expressed in one way: by voting, — Meloni says. – Let's give back hope and strength to Italy.

And there is a possibility that the first woman in the post of prime minister will appear in Italian history. True, not everyone is satisfied with such a prospect. And it even scares someone.

“Early elections to be held in the autumn may open the Brothers of Italy” path to becoming the first far-right party to lead a major eurozone economy, – comments on the situation in the author's column in The New York Times, the author of works on modern Italian fascism, David Brodeur. – For Europe and the country, this would be a truly seismic event.

If the Brothers of Italy coalition wins, it will mean “a much more devastating scenario for Italy and the EU,” predicts the senior researcher Luigi Scazzieri Center for European Reforms.

Named after the words of the Italian national anthem (Fratelli d'Italia), this party is genetically linked to the Italian “post-fascist” conservative movement, being “kin” – although not too close, but through several organizations – with the Italian Fascist Party of Benito Mussolini. True, “Brothers” whenever possible, they try in every possible way to distance themselves from associations with fascism and even condemned the excesses on the part of the current neo-fascists, condemning “all types of totalitarianism.”

The ideological platform of the “Brothers” built on conservatism and nationalism. At the EU level, the party favors a confederal “Europe of Nations” rather than a European federation. True, the euroskeptic rhetoric of the party leaders has noticeably softened recently: the more positive attitude of Italians towards Brussels is affecting after the creation of a 750 billion euro recovery fund after the pandemic in the EU, the largest recipient of which should be Italy.

As for relations with Russia, until the end of February, “Brothers of Italy” advocated improving relations with Moscow, but then made a sharp turn, taking a sharply pro-Ukrainian and pro-NATO position and actively advocating the provision of weapons to help Kyiv.

And if, as the largest opposition party, the Brothers of Italy to smithereens smashed Mario Draghi on any more or less important issue – From the use of covid certificates to competition law reforms, over the conflict in Ukraine, the enraged oppositionists supported the prime minister much more than many leaders of the ruling coalition.

However, skeptics see this “change of milestones” as a PR move designed to demonstrate a “handshake”; parties for the political establishment. “Supporting NATO and Ukraine gives her a chance to position herself as less radical” in one of the most important issues, notes Politico. True, here the leadership of the “Brothers”, apparently, will have to somehow look for a common denominator with Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, who have warmer feelings for Russia.

The face of the “Brothers” became Georgia Meloni – sort of “Marine Le Pen in the Italian style.” True, unlike the leader of the French ultra-right, the Italian did not have a “locomotive”; represented by the world-famous father-politician – the daughter of a tax consultant, Georgia, grew up in an incomplete family. Since her teenage years, she has been an activist of various right-wing movements, while studying (and I must say, very well!), moonlighting as a nanny, waitress and barmaid in one of the most famous nightclubs in Rome.

She came to big politics after she became a deputy of the province of Rome at the age of 21. And then it started: after Meloni was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the 2006 general election, she became the youngest vice-president of this chamber. And then the youngest minister in the history of the Italian Republic (at the age of 31, she headed the Ministry of Youth Policy in the government of Silvio Berlusconi). Youth sometimes makes you make sudden movements – and Meloni in August 2008 suggested that Italian athletes should boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing as a sign of disagreement with the PRC's policy towards Tibet. For which she was criticized by Berlusconi and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 2012, George Meloni became one of the founders of the new Brothers of Italy party. In this capacity, she opposes any laws recognizing same-sex civil partnerships and marriages and denies the need for a law against homophobia, stating that there is no homophobia in Italy. Of course, he does not like the left. While playing on the national conservative field, Jorja demonstrates a good knowledge of pop culture, which, of course, is a plus for her.

The Meloni-led party supports a zero-tolerance policy on illegal migration and wants EU treaties to be revised. “Brothers of Italy” also consider it necessary to amend the constitution of the Republic in order to give priority to Italian legislation over European law.

“Yes to the protection of the borders! No mass immigration! – with such incendiary slogans, Meloni addresses his audience. – Yes to our civilization! And no to those who want to destroy it!»

Growth in Italy is stalling, incredibly high public debt has thwarted efforts to restore the country's prosperity, youth unemployment is high, regional inequality continues to deepen – and in this decadent atmosphere the idea of ​​the Brothers of Italy that the path to the salvation of the nation lies through the rejection of migrants and the protection of the traditional family, seems to have found a receptive audience.

But here again the case of Marine Le Pen comes to mind, on the way to power her political rivals of the camps at war with each other are ready to lay bones in order not to let them win. It is likely that the same will happen in the September elections in France. And one more thing: the rivalry between the ideologically close, but ambitious leaders of the right-wing parties can also play against the plans of Georgia Meloni. Analysts warn that the big question is whether Matteo Salvini is ready to give in and let her become prime minister. But even if a coalition government is formed, politicians are likely to quarrel within a few months.


Italy to hold early parliamentary elections on September 25

Early elections to the Italian parliament will be held on 25 September. The corresponding decree was signed by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Aksanews reports.

Earlier, Mattarella signed a decree to dissolve parliament. The reason for the dissolution was a split in the country's government, which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The Office of the President announced that the current composition of the government will continue to exercise its powers” ;to resolve current issues.

The reason for Draghi's resignation was the refusal of the Five Star Movement, which is part of the ruling coalition, to participate in the vote on a bill to help the population due to inflation, presented by the Prime Minister's team. The party opposes some of the proposed measures.

Matarella did not immediately accept Draghi's resignation. The president advised the prime minister to consult with parliament. On July 20, the Italian parliament adopted a resolution on a vote of confidence in Draghi. But this did not save the government from a split: the three main coalition parties — “Five Star Movement”, “Forward Italy” and the League. After that, Draghi announced his resignation for the second time, and the president accepted it.

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Italy’s president dissolves parliament

Italian President Mattarela dissolved parliament after the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi The President of Italy, after meeting with the chairmen of both houses of parliament, signed a decree on its dissolution. The reason was a split in the government, which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi “Italian President Dissolved Parliament” />

Sergio Mattarela

Italian President Sergio Mattarela signed a decree dissolving Parliament, his press office reported.

Earlier on July 21, Mattarela accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Then the office of the President reported that the government would remain in power “to resolve current issues.” But in this case, the actions of the cabinet of ministers, as noted by Corriere della Sera, would be significantly limited. In particular, draft laws, including financial ones, and legislative acts could not be developed, and new appointments would not be allowed either.

Draghi decided to step down after the Five Star Movement, which is part of the ruling coalition, refused to participate in the vote on the inflation relief bill presented by the premier's team. The party opposes some of the proposed measures.

However, Mattarellas did not accept the resignation of the prime minister for the first time and suggested that he consult with Parliament in order to assess the current political situation.

On July 20, the Italian Parliament passed a resolution calling for a vote of confidence in Draghi. But this did not save the government from a split: the three main coalition parties refused to participate in the vote— “Movement” 5 stars “,” Forward, Italy ” and the League. After that, Draghi announced his resignation for the second time, and the president accepted it. As Reuters reported, Mattarela plans to call early elections in October.

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Italy’s prime minister announces resignation plans for second time

The prime minister went to the head of state to announce his intentions to step down. Draghi had already filed a similar petition, but it was rejected by the president. If the resignation is accepted, the elections may take place in October

Mario Draghi (center)

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has notified parliament that he will announce his intentions to resign to President Sergio Mattarella, Rai News reports.

“Thank you for the work we have done together. In light of yesterday's Senate vote, please adjourn as I'm on my way to see the President, — Draghi told the deputies. The meeting will continue at 12:00 (13:00 Moscow time).

Reuters and Rai sources specify that the head of government will announce his resignation.


Draghi has already submitted a corresponding application to the Council of Ministers last week, a new appeal will not follow, the Department for Relations with the Parliament noted. If the president accepts the resignation of the prime minister, emergency elections may be called in early October, Bloomberg notes.

Draghi was the head of the Bank of Italy in 2005-2011, and from 2011 to 2019 he was the chairman of the European Central Bank. He became Prime Minister of Italy last February. The reason for the resignation was the political crisis that arose as a result of the failure of the 5 Star Movement, which is part of the coalition, to vote on one of the bills. The premier then declared that the government could not exist without this party and “there is no other Draghi government but this one.”

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On July 14, the head of government informed the ministers of his intention to leave the post. At a cabinet meeting, he announced the failed “confidence pact” that underpinned government action. Then Mattarella did not accept Draghi's resignation and invited him to speak in Parliament. July 20, the Italian Prime Minister received a vote of confidence in the Senate with a minimum number of votes— 95 against 192. At the same time, the three main coalition parties— “Movement” 5 stars “,” Forward, Italy ” and “League” refused to vote.

The Italian Foreign Ministry warned that Ukraine, in the event of Draghi's resignation, could lose military support from Italy. “The Russians are right now celebrating the fall of another Western government… Now I doubt we can send weapons,” — said Minister Luigi Di Maio. Earlier, the head of the Foreign Ministry accused the leader of the “Movement” 5 stars ” Giuseppe Conte is helping the Kremlin, trying to remove Draghi.

The Kremlin assured that they were not going to interfere in any way with the process of resignations of European prime ministers and had nothing to do with it. The representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stressed: “This is an internal affair of each of the countries mentioned.”

“Now Italy will enter a period that may be a little less stable than the one we had before . I want to pay tribute to Mario Draghi <…> This is the pillar of Europe, — said French Secretary of State for European Affairs Lawrence Boone on France Inter radio (quote from Tg24).

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Hard winter predicted in Italy when gas supplies from Russia are stopped

Thanks to the diversification of gas supplies, Italy is in a better position than other EU countries, the country's government said

Gas supplies from Russia to Italy have decreased by 15%, and if they are completely stopped, the republic will face a difficult winter, Italian Minister of Environmental Transformations Roberto Cingolani said in an interview with SkyTg24 TV channel.

«If Moscow cuts off gas, winter may difficult»,— he said.

Chingolani called the main task to ensure gas supplies for the winter, when there will be a peak of industrial and domestic consumption. According to him, due to the conflict in Ukraine, supplies from Russia have already decreased, and the temporary suspension of the Nord Stream may aggravate the situation.

Nord Stream will be closed for two weeks for maintenance: this will mean that there will be even less gas, and prices will rise, because the gas market is speculative and a further race of savings [gas] will begin, — Chingolani noted.

The Italian government has already allocated €30 billion to subsidize gas prices, he said. Gas storage facilities in the country are now 60% full and it is planned to reach the level of 90%, the minister said.

Cingolani said Italy is in a better position with respect to its gas supply than other EU countries, as Rome “in a matter of weeks” diversified sources of purchases.

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In April, Italy signed a contract with Algeria to increase gas supplies, Reuters wrote. Prime Minister Mario Draghi called it an important step to reduce dependence on gas from Russia.

The Italian newspaper Lifegate notes that deliveries via the Trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline from Algeria to Italy will increase by 9 billion cubic meters. m per year— up to 30 billion cubic meters Thus, the North African country will become the main supplier of gas to Italy.

The leader in supplies in 2021 was Russia, which provided Rome with 29 billion cubic meters. m., Algeria supplied 22.5 billion cubic meters. m., Azerbaijan— 7.2 bcm m., Qatar— 6.8 bcm m. Italy also buys gas from Libya, Norway, the USA and the Netherlands.

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Italy bans repeat shampooing at barbershops

Castenaso Mayor Carlo Gubellini has announced a ban on rewashing hair per session at hairdressers to save water, according to the NY Post.

According to the mayor, this will save up to 20 liters of water per wash. Violation of the ban is punishable by a fine of 500 euros.

It is planned that the ban will last until September 30.

Earlier, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said that in order to save money, he began to take a shower for 5 minutes. He added that in winter he may not heat his home, as he leaves home early and returns late.

The German Federal Network Agency also warned residents of the country and companies about a possible increase in gas prices. The agency added that they support the call to save as much energy as possible.

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Italy will send the fourth batch of weapons to Ukraine

The list of weapons will be finalized after the NATO summit, which will be held at the end of June. It will mainly include armored vehicles and artillery, Rome will not send long-range weapons to Kyiv .jpg” alt=”Italy will send the fourth batch of weapons to Ukraine” />

The Italian government is working on a new package of military assistance to Ukraine and is preparing to send the fourth shipment of weapons to the country since the beginning of the Russian military operation, Il Messagero newspaper reports.

The list of weapons will be classified. According to government sources, it will include mainly armored vehicles and artillery, including FH-70 howitzers with a range of up to 25-30 km, ammunition and machine guns, including Beretta MG42/59 and supplies such as camping tents and medical equipment. . Rome will not send long-range weapons to Kyiv.

The authorities are also discussing the possibility of increasing Italy's contribution to the training of the Ukrainian military in the use of Western weapons.

The final list of weapons will be formed after the NATO summit, which will be held in Madrid from 28 to 30 June. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg promised that the Allies would agree on a package of assistance to Ukraine.

First Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Kornienko said earlier that Ukraine needs long-range artillery, anti-tank weapons, multiple launch rocket systems and air defense systems, reminds Il Messagero.

The issue of arms supplies to Ukraine of Western weapons caused controversy in the Five Star Movement party, which had 227 seats in the Italian parliament. The leader of the movement, Giuseppe Conte, spoke out against these supplies, since, in his opinion, they only prolong the conflict. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio disagrees. On June 22, he left the party, following him, according to the publication

Il Sole 24 Ore, at least 62 other parliamentarians decided to do so.

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Di Maio emphasizes that the weapons sent to Kyiv cannot be used to hit targets in Russia. The US authorities, who have sent $6.1 billion worth of military aid to Kyiv since the end of February, also speak about this. The Ukrainian authorities also ruled out such a scenario, but Russia opposes the supplies. Authorities accuse Western states of pumping weapons to Ukraine and warn that convoys with them will become “legitimate targets” Russian army.

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Leaders of Germany, France and Italy plan to visit Kyiv in June

US Ambassador to the UN called the condition for supporting Italy’s plan for Ukraine

The United States declared its support for any efforts to peacefully resolve the situation in Ukraine. Italy has previously proposed a plan that includes negotiations over “disputed territories”. In Russia, Italy's proposal was criticized

The United States supports any efforts to peacefully resolve the situation in Ukraine, if they support the Ukrainian people. This was stated by US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, answering a question about the proposal for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, which Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio handed over to the UN.

“We support any efforts from any side to search for a peaceful settlement in the interests of the Ukrainian people, which would be approved by the Ukrainian people,— said Thomas-Greenfield.

At the same time, she noted that she had not seen the proposal itself, but knew about it.

The newspaper La Repubblica wrote on May 19 that the Italian government had prepared a plan for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine.

The plan includes four stages:

  • ceasefire in Ukraine and demilitarization of the front line under UN supervision;
  • negotiations on the status of Ukraine, which involve the country's accession to the EU, but not joining NATO;
  • a bilateral agreement between Ukraine and Russia on Crimea and Donbass: at the suggestion of the Italian authorities, the “disputed territories” will have full autonomy with the right to independently ensure their security, but sovereignty over the regions will belong to Kyiv;
  • the conclusion of a multilateral agreement on peace and security in Europe, which will cover issues of disarmament and arms control, conflict prevention and confidence-building measures.

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According to the plan, this will be followed by the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine.

Italy also proposes to create an international group that will monitor compliance with the plan (the full list of countries that could join it has not yet been determined, but among them are France, Germany, Turkey, USA, China, Canada, Great Britain, Poland and Israel), and involve the European Union, the UN and other international organizations in this process.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev criticized Italy's plan. lie". He called the proposal for the autonomy of Donbass within this country “obvious nonsense”; and “cheap projecting”, but about the autonomy of the Crimea — an insult to Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously stated that a diplomatic solution to the conflict is possible only after a ceasefire by Russia and the withdrawal of troops.

Russian President Vladimir Putin named among the necessary conditions ” ;recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, solving the problems of demilitarization and denazification of the Ukrainian state and ensuring its neutral status».

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Italy deprived Mishustin, Manturov, Kostin of state awards

Also, the Italian authorities withdrew the awards from the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov. The reason is “for unworthiness”

Mikhail Mishustin

Italian President Sergio Mattarella has deprived Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov of state awards. The decree was published in the official gazette.

“The following decree, for unworthiness, deprives Mishustin Mikhail Vladimirovich and Manturov Denis of the title of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of Italy”,— says a document dated May 9.

Mishustin and Manturov were awarded orders of the Grand Cross degree in May 2020. This award is given to foreigners who have contributed to the development of friendship and cooperation with Italy.

By another decree of this order, but a lower degree (commander), the President of Italy deprived the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov and the head of VTB Andrey Kostin. The reason is also given— “for unworthiness”.

The proposal to deprive Russian figures of awards was made by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, writes Corriere della Sera. In the Italian Radicals party, commenting on the president's decision to withdraw the awards, they said that now they need to deal with the “remaining 26”.

Since the end of February, a number of Western countries began to deprive Russians of honorary titles and awards. The authorities of Latvia recalled from the chairman of the board of directors of Severstal Alexei Mordashov, who fell under the sanctions of the European Union, the Order of the Cross of Recognition III degree. And the largest city in the south of the Czech Republic, Český Budejovice, deprived the status of an honorary citizen of a State Duma deputy, the first woman cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova.

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Russia, in turn, deprived the government award of the former artistic director of the Theater. Vakhtangov Rimas Tuminas. Prior to this, the pranksters Vovan and Lexus published a recording of a conversation with him, where the director wished “the bombing of Moscow”.

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Medvedev called Italy’s peace plan for Ukraine “cheap scheming”

Dmitry Medvedev

The modern West has embraced the “itch of creation” peaceful plans to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, and the Italian proposals, in particular, do not correspond to the interests of Russia and are “cheap schemes”; and “nonsense”. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram.

“The West is seized with the itch to create “peace plans” that should lead to a settlement of the crisis in Ukraine. And it would be fine if it was about preparing options that would somehow take into account the realities. But— no, it's just a pure stream of consciousness of European graphomaniacs, — he wrote.

The politician cited Italy's recent proposals to resolve the crisis as an example and stressed that the Italian plan does not provide for the main interests of Russia. In particular, to the proposal for a neutral status for Ukraine and the country's entry into the EU, Medvedev replied that “all this is a lie.” He called the proposal for the autonomy of Donbass as part of Ukraine “obvious nonsense”; and “cheap projecting”, and the proposal for the autonomy of the Crimea, the deputy chairman of the Security Council considered an insult to Russia.

“There is no point in analyzing further. All this is just an attempt to help Kyiv save at least some face… However, Ukraine itself does not want to negotiate at all. They have long preferred to forget about the Russian draft peace treaty. It was as if he didn't exist at all. Reckoning only on the flow of weapons and money from Western countries, — concluded Medvedev.

In turn, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has not yet seen Italy's proposals for a settlement in Ukraine and they hope that they will be brought through diplomatic channels in the near future.

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Foreign Ministry received Italy’s plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine

Andrei Rudenko

Russia is studying the plan of action proposed by the Italian authorities for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine, Andrey Rudenko, the replacement for Foreign Minister, told reporters, Interfax reports.

“We we recently received it, we are considering it,— said the diplomat.

Rudenko specified that the ministry would evaluate Rome's initiatives after studying them.

The Italian Foreign Ministry announced the transfer of the plan to UN Secretary General António Guterres in mid-May. The proposed actions include the prospect of resolving the conflict “through coordinated action at the world level to quickly achieve a ceasefire and restore political and economic balance,” explained Deputy Minister Manlio Di Stefano.

According to La Repubblica, Rome's action plan includes four phases:

  • ensuring a ceasefire in Ukraine and the process of demilitarizing the front line under control of UN observers;
  • Negotiations on the status of Ukraine, they should involve the country's accession to the European Union, but the rejection of NATO membership; will receive full autonomy with the right to independently ensure their own security, however, Ukraine will have sovereignty over them
  • The conclusion of a multilateral agreement on peace and security in Europe, which will address issues of arms control and disarmament, confidence-building measures and conflict prevention.

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After that, the action plan of the Italian authorities says, Russian troops must leave the territory of Ukraine.

The material is being supplemented.

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Italy arrested the superyacht “Scheherazade” because of the “connection with the Russian authorities”

In Italy, the Scheherazade superyacht was “frozen” in connection with the “connection” of the ship's owner with the Russian authorities. According to the NYT, the ship was in the port for repairs

Kaspersky responded to advice to state institutions of Italy to replace its services

Kaspersky and Group-IB commented on the circular with the advice to replace their software in Italy Group-IB and Kaspersky Lab guaranteed the fulfillment of obligations to Italian customers, and also declared compliance with local laws. The Italian Cybersecurity Agency recommended that government agencies replace their software Kaspersky” responded to the advice to state institutions in Italy to replace its services” />

The diversification called for by the Italian National Cyber ​​Security Agency (ACN) does not mean the removal of products, but involves an integrated approach to the choice of computer protection for public institutions. This is how Kaspersky Lab commented on the agency's circular recommending replacing Russian software.

The company noted that the ACN document does not call into question the security and quality of Kaspersky's services, it also states that there are no cases of ” malicious use of company products».

“Kaspersky Lab” drew attention to the fact that in the circular the main risk factor is “geopolitical tensions, which may limit the ability to quickly update IT products.” The company noted that its team and technical infrastructure are distributed around the world and this ensures high resilience. “Kaspersky” guarantees the fulfillment of all obligations to partners, including the delivery of updates and technical support around the world.

Group-IB told RBC that the ACN circular is focused on the Italian public sector and is purely advisory in nature. “Group-IB does not manufacture most of the products listed in the circular. It concerns only one of them, namely EDR. However, we regret this and consider it important to emphasize that Group-IB has always complied and will comply with the laws and regulations, as well as the orders and recommendations of each country in which it operates,— noted in the company.

Group-IB promised to continue working in the region and fulfill its obligations to customers in Italy, assuring that it receives support from Italian partners.

The circular of the National Cyber ​​Security Agency of Italy came into force on April 26. It states that public administrations “to prevent damage to the security of networks, information systems and IT services” should start diversifying products. The document states that “companies producing products and services in the field of IT security technologies associated with the Russian Federation will not be able to provide services and updates for their products.” because of the sanctions. It is recommended to look for new solutions to replace the products of the Russian companies Kaspersky Lab, Group-IB and Positive Technologies.

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Before that, Reuters, citing sources, said that the Italian authorities intend to limit the use of Russian antiviruses in the public sector due to fears of cyber attacks . The interlocutor of the agency indicated that the new rules will allow the authorities to replace any potentially dangerous software without imposing any sanctions.

In mid-March, find an alternative to Kaspersky Lab applications. recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The developer called this decision political.

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Germany sues Italy at UN over Nazi damage dispute

In its lawsuit, Germany claims that Rome will continue to allow victims of Nazi war crimes to submit compensation requests from Berlin, even though the International Court of Justice ruled in 2012 that it was illegal

Germany filed to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Italy due to disputes over compensation for damage caused by the Nazis during World War II, the court said.

“Germany <…> filed an international case against Italy because it (Italy) allegedly failed to respect its (Germany's) jurisdictional immunity as a sovereign state,— The report said.

Germany refers to a 2012 court decision proving that the country has legal immunity from claims in foreign courts from victims of Nazism. However, according to the ruling of the Italian constitutional court of 2014, the obligation to follow the judgment of 2012 depends on the principle of legal protection of fundamental rights in accordance with the constitutional law of the country.

Berlin noted that “the Italian national courts since 2012 have considered a significant number of new claims against Germany in violation of the sovereign immunity of Germany.” In 2014, at least 15 litigation decisions were made regarding claims against Germany due to the “behavior of the German Reich during World War II”, the German lawsuit says.

“In its request, Germany asks the court, in particular, to oblige Italy to guarantee that the German property mentioned in the application will not be put up for public auction until the court decides,” — says in the document. In addition, Berlin wants Rome to give a guarantee to put an end to litigation and fully compensate for the damage already done. axis”, which also included Germany and Japan.

Mussolini was arrested in July 1943, after which the new Italian government concluded a truce with the United States and Great Britain, and also declared war on Germany.

Berlin capitulated on May 9, 1945 at 0:43 Moscow time.


Read on RBC Pro Pro You can't do this in a crisis: five ways to derail sales Articles Pro What 5 questions you need to ask an employer at an interview We reflect the attack in the social network Instructions Pro Inflation in Russia shows records. What to Expect Next Pro Articles Enterprise IT Infrastructure Security at Risk: Three Solutions Instructions Pro Bird Flu Ramps in the US and EU: What It Means for the Global Economy Articles Pro Dangerous Language: What Words an Employer Can Be Fined forEarlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on fines for identifying the USSR and Nazi Germany. The norms provide for liability for violating the prohibition on public identification of “goals, decisions and actions”; leadership and military of the USSR and Nazi Germany, as well as the Axis countries; during World War II. A fine will also be imposed for denying the decisive role of the Soviet people in the victory over Germany.

For the first violation, citizens will receive a fine of 1,000 to 2,000 rubles. or arrest for up to 15 days, officials— a fine in the amount of 2 thousand to 4 thousand rubles, legal entity— from 10 thousand to 50 thousand rubles. In the event of a repeated offense, the amount of the fine will increase, and legal entities may face suspension of activities for up to 90 days.

Prohibition on equating the goals and ideas of the USSR and Germany in World War II “in a public speech, publicly shown work, Mass media or when posting information using the Internet» was introduced on July 1, 2021.

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Chubais is in Italy and does not plan to return to Russia to testify

The former general director of Rosnano, Russian politician Anatoly Chubais moved to Italy. It is reported that he does not plan to return to his homeland even to testify as a victim in the case of the theft of property from him for 70 million rubles.

Recall that the main person involved is his former business partner Ilya Suchkov.

Earlier, Chubais did not appear on Wednesday at the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow, where he was supposed to testify in the theft case.

Chubais is represented in court by three lawyers. However, the judge, due to the absence of the victim and one of the witnesses for the prosecution, adjourned the hearing until May 25.

Earlier, the lawyer of one of the defendants in the case, referring to the judge, told the agency that Chubais did not take the subpoenas from the court, but his phone unavailable.

A criminal case on the theft of property from a residential complex in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, was initiated in 2017 at the request of Chubais.


Bloomberg learned about Italy’s possible refusal to pay for gas in rubles

According to the agency, Italy will refuse to pay for gas in rubles if the European Union considers this a violation of the sanctions imposed against Russia

Italy will refuse to comply with the new gas payment conditions demanded by Moscow if the European Union recognizes these actions violation of anti-Russian sanctions. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Earlier, during a preliminary assessment, the EU concluded that the conditions for paying for Russian gas in rubles are a violation of sanctions. The Italian government is awaiting the completion of due diligence and the final assessment of Brussels, the agency points out.

On March 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on payments in rubles for natural gas supplies to countries that authorities consider “unfriendly” (The list includes all EU countries). According to the document, companies from Western countries must open accounts in Russian banks. The new sales rules came into effect on April 1.

Many European companies have stated that they do not intend to pay for Russian gas in rubles. The Italian Eni, in particular, reported that the company “does not have rubles”, and in the current contract the currency of settlements is euro.

According to Gazprom, Italy in 2020 ranked second among European countries in terms of purchased gas, 20.8 billion cubic meters were supplied to the country. m (only Germany bought more & mdash; 45.89 billion cubic meters).

Earlier, Eni also said that it had suspended the purchase of oil from Russia. In addition, the company announced that it intends to sell its 50% stake in the Russian-Turkish Blue Stream gas pipeline project. The other half of it belongs to Gazprom.

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Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the European Union has introduced five packages of sanctions against Russia. The latter was approved in early April and includes, among other things, a ban on the purchase, import or transit of coal and other solid fossil fuels from Russia. Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the work on the sixth package, in which Brussels considers issues related to the energy sector. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, also spoke about the inevitability of these measures, according to whom, restrictions on oil and gas from Russia “sooner or later will be required.”


Monument to reconciliation with Italy desecrated in Voronezh region

The metal elements of the monument: a five-pointed star from a Soviet cap and an eagle feather from the hat of an Italian Alpine shooter, disappeared, and a Z symbol was drawn on a fallen pedestal. The police began checking

In the city of Rossosh, Voronezh region, unknown persons knocked down a monument from its place reconciliation with Italy, which was established in 2003 by veterans of the Italian units who fought during the Great Patriotic War on the side of Nazi Germany, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Voronezh reported. in the city administration.

The monument was erected in the square in front of the Smile kindergarten, which was also built by the former Italian military with their own money. On one side of the structure, a metal five-pointed star was attached, as on the headdress of Soviet soldiers, on the other— eagle feather from the hat of the Italian alpine shooters. On the pedestal was an inscription in Italian and Russian: “From the tragic past through the friendly present to the future of fraternal cooperation.”

April 15 in the local group in the social network “VKontakte” “Overheard. Rossosh» there were photos of the fallen pedestal. The footage shows that the Z symbol is painted on the brick base, and the five-pointed star and eagle feather are gone.

The administration of Rossosh reported that the police took up the incident. “The monument belongs to the register of municipal property, and now the police are checking it, during which they find out who broke it. Decisions regarding the future fate of the monument have not yet been made, — explained in it.

As Voronezh News noted, the monument caused controversy among local residents. “Some believe that the remains of Italian fascists lie at the base of the monument. Others don't like the fact that the feather hat of the Alpine Riflemen is so much taller than the red star. writes the publication.

The fact that human remains may lie at the base of the monument was stated by some local activists. In 2018, the monument was opened. As reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and “AiF Chernozemye”, they really found a bag with the remains in it, they were sent for examination. The creators of the memorial explained that the remains of an unknown soldier found at the battlefield were laid in the foundation.

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Italy found a way to partially replace Russian gas

Prime Minister Draghi announced the signing of an agreement with Algeria

Italy and Algeria have agreed to increase gas supplies to the Apennine Peninsula. The agreement was reached during a meeting between Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboun.

Photo: Global Look Press

“Our governments have signed agreements of intent regarding bilateral cooperation in the energy sector. At the same time, there is an agreement between Eni and Sonatrach (the energy companies of Italy and Algeria. – “MK”) to increase exports to Italy,” Draghi quotes

The Italian Prime Minister added that it was a “significant response” to dependence on Russian gas. At the same time, the agreement with Algeria will not completely solve the problem of gas imports to Italy.

Russia supplies Italy with 38 percent of the volume of gas it needs, Algeria provides 28 percent.

The agreement between Italy and Algeria proposes an increase in the supply of 9 billion cubic meters of gas to the Apennine Peninsula, which will go through the Trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline.

In turn, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said that the agreement with Algeria will allow his country “to respond to possible Russian blackmail gas.


Swimming pool at Solovyov’s villa in Italy covered with red paint

The second Italian villa of Vladimir Solovyov on Lake Como, in Pianello del Lario, has already been attacked. On April 6, unknown people poured red paint over the pool and the walls of the house. On the same day, Solovyov's villa in Menaggio was set on fire

Unknown people poured red paint over the pool and walls at the Italian villa of journalist Vladimir Solovyov on Lake Como in the city of Pianello del Lario (Lombardy) following the arson of the house in Menaggio, the TV channel reported on the evening of April 6 Rai News.

The TV channel showed footage from a drone, which shows that red paint was poured into the pool overlooking the lake, and the walls of the house were also splashed with red. Above the front door, the attackers wrote “murderer.” According to La Repubblica, the inscriptions “murderer” and anti-war slogans appeared on the gates of the villa. Law enforcement agencies in Italy are also investigating this case, notes Rai.

The prosecutor's office of the province of Como has opened a case so far only about the arson of Solovyov's villa in Menaggio, which occurred at dawn on April 6, and is awaiting information from the carabinieri examining the house in Pianello del Lario, reports Rai. If these cases are equated with acts of terrorism, then the examination will take place in Milan— capital of Lombardy. According to the channel, Solovyov owns another villa on Lake Como in the town of Griante, not far from Menaggio.

RBC turned to Vladimir Solovyov for comment.


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On April 6, the Italian media reported on the arson of Solovyov's villa in Menaggio, which was under reconstruction, which occurred at dawn. The police contacted Solovyov to find out if he received any threats or any warnings. According to the ANSA agency, tires were used to set the fire, the fire was quickly extinguished.

Corriere Della Sera wrote that the police believe that the attackers plan to attack other Solovyov villas in Como, since in the house in Pianello del Lario at that time found traces of penetration. The publication indicated that the journalist has three houses in Como worth €8 million.

In March, La Repubblica reported that the Italian authorities seized the property of Solovyov, who fell under EU sanctions. It was about two villas of a journalist on Lake Como. In 2019, Solovyov confirmed that he has a house in Italy, which he bought at his own expense. Later, the journalist clarified that he had “not one” in the country; house.

As reported by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on April 1, the country arrested the property of Russians who fell under the sanctions for €900 million.

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