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New Year scandal: Zelensky and Kolomoisky secretly met in Bukovel

The president and the oligarch are carefully hiding the very fact of the meeting

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has gotten himself into yet another oligarchic scandal. It turned out that he spent the holidays at the hotel in the Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel in the Bukovel resort in the company of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Although the law “on oligarchs” adopted at the suggestion of the President's Office states that civil servants are prohibited from communicating with the richest citizens of the country.

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo of the website of the President of Ukraine.

Of course, the President of the country can be classified as a civil servant conditionally. He cannot but communicate with the oligarchs at all. But it's one thing to hold business meetings, it's another to celebrate in the same hotel. True, Igor Kolomoisky assures that he did not know about Zelensky's arrival and rushed to leave the hotel as soon as he arrived. Allegedly, they did not even communicate. But Zelenskaya could not but know where and to whom he was going: the guards are obliged to strictly monitor the safety of the hotels in which the head of state settles, and to have information about all his guests. Or Zelensky's security is so unprofessional that it overlooked the “presence of an oligarch.” Or, nevertheless, the president was going to meet with him. And as sources of the “Strana.News” newspaper assure, the meeting of old friends did take place. Although the Office of the President has diligently denied this point, arguing that Zelensky has no relationship with Kolomoisky for a couple of years. And this is another puncture. Why hide something that doesn't mean anything bad. Now the Ukrainian media want to know what the oligarch and the president were talking about in Bukovel, accompanied by the clinking of festive glasses.


The rabbi spoke about the attitude of Jews towards the New Year trees

New laws of the New Year: technical inspection, alimony, blocking on the Internet

What comes into force on January 1

Well, here it is, 2022 As usual, we studied the laws passed by the parliament and signed by the president, which will come into force in Russia in the new year from January 1.

Photo: AGN” Moscow “

Compared to last year, this time, I must say, it will not be a lot with innovations in January. The Duma was elected in September, began to work only in mid-October, the legislative flywheel has not yet developed at full capacity.

But something is in the bag of Santa Claus, whose wishes, as it turned out, are made by Vladimir Putin himself. there is also for us. For some of us at least.

For those who buy apartments and who cannot obtain alimony, for drivers and fans of driving with the breeze, for those who live on YouTube or Instagram and think that it has always been and always will be … And for those who want to build muscle in the fitness center just in case … And also for those who, in despair, do not know where to turn for help – they do not know who to call so that they can hear.

We are all not small and have known for a long time that Santa Claus has not only gifts in his bag but also “gifts”. We know that sometimes what is a gift and joy to someone is quite the opposite. But it's always better to know than to get stuck out of ignorance or not use a good opportunity that you, it turns out, had …

recklessly “: new article of the Criminal Code

After the New Year holidays, the law, which was hastily adopted by the parliament in two days at the very end of the session, will come into force, which journalists called the law on “golden reckless drivers”, and the essence of which can be expressed by paraphrasing the well-known words from the movie “Beware of the car!”

A new article appears in the Criminal Code. If you exceeded the speed by more than 60 km per hour or drove into the oncoming lane, got caught, were punished with a fine, then again during the year you got caught on the same one and lost your license, but still got behind the wheel and again the speed is very strong exceeded or went to the “oncoming lane”, and again got caught – they will start a criminal case, which can result in either a fine of 200-300 thousand, or compulsory or compulsory labor, and if the judge is very angry, then imprisonment for up to 2 years. Moreover, even the lightest of these punishments, that is, a fine, will necessarily be accompanied by a three-year ban on occupying certain positions or on certain activities.

But if your head is not at all right and, even being convicted under the new article of the Criminal Code, you still get behind the wheel, again find yourself in the “oncoming lane” or greatly exceed the speed – there is another conviction ahead, a fine of 300-500 thousand rubles, and in the worst case, up to 3 years in a colony. With a ban on the profession for 6 years.

An important nuance: if by all indications you are, consider, a criminal, but with a repeated violation (the third, fifth, tenth – all the same, from the point of view of the law it is considered “repeated”) and already without a license you were caught not by a living traffic police inspector, but only on a video camera – get off with a fine of 5 thousand rubles. “There are many questions with photo-video recording, and until we put things in order with the placement of cameras, the mode of their operation, we will not extend the Criminal Code to these cases, even if these are systemic violations,” said Dmitry Vyatkin, one of the authors of the draft law in the State Duma meeting room (“EP “). “We received data that more than half of the drivers drive by proxy, and if it is a photo or video without specifics (that is, without understanding who exactly is driving -“ MK ”.), Innocent people will suffer,” explained the first Deputy Head of the Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Irina Pankina (“United Russia”). Innocent – that is, car owners who did not violate traffic rules, simply lent the car to an idiot.

Honestly, given the wording of the crime, a reasonable question arises: will at least one culprit suffer from the new article of the Criminal Code.

In 2020 (there is still no complete data for 2021), about 500 thousand people were administratively punished for serious speeding, of which about 200 thousand, that is, 40%, became repeat offenders, but only 243 lost their rights. And for going to the oncoming lane, out of almost 600 thousand punished, about 6 thousand were repeatedly caught, that is, 10%, and only 45 were deprived of their rights. Moreover, statistics, like the law, do not make a difference between the second, third and hundredth similar violation during the year …

The deputies who voted “for” hope that there will be few people prosecuted under the new article. “Isolated cases”. And the prospect of becoming a criminal for recklessness, even if it did not lead to serious consequences such as harm to someone's health or death, will stop most of the violators.

Cancel technical inspection

A rare case, but this time it is prepared for the wide masses of motorists and “gingerbread”! After years of resistance, the authorities finally admitted that they were not in a position to make the mandatory technical inspection, which is mandatory for everyone, meaningful and less corrupt. The law, adopted at the very end of the autumn session by the parliament, from January 1, 2022, canceled this procedure for cars of any age, provided that they belong to individuals and are not used by them for official and commercial purposes (for private transportation, for example). But in a number of cases, mandatory technical inspection will still remain: when the car is registered with the state, when the owner changes, that is, when a car is sold or donated over 4 years old, as well as when the design of the car is changed or its main component is replaced. It is impossible to fine motorists for the lack of a diagnostic card, but in certain cases the traffic police inspector has the right to send him for inspection – for example, if a car has an obvious technical malfunction that threatens traffic safety.

The headlights do not work, for example.

Penalty for failure to pay alimony

The hard-core alimony workers have a couple of weeks left to decide on a further strategy of behavior. Two laws come into force at once, which can seriously increase the number of persons prosecuted for persistent refusal to fulfill their obligations.

When the word “alimony” is pronounced, the classic image of a father who does not want to pay the costs of raising a child left after a divorce from his mother immediately arises. But both the Constitution and Russian legislation equalize parents and children in their rights and obligations: as parents are obliged to support their minor children, so adult able-bodied children are obliged to support their disabled parents.

As for children, now, according to the general rules, for one minor, or adult, but disabled child, a parent must pay 25% of their income, two – a third, three or more – half. Income is not salary. But a criminal record threatens only those who have previously been punished for evading the payment of alimony in the administrative order (the Administrative Code promises up to 150 hours of compulsory work or arrest for 10-15 days for this). If the citizen does not improve within a year, then there is article 157 of the Criminal Code, promising correctional or forced labor, or even up to a year in a colony.

So, now the general rules do not change, administrative and criminal penalties are not toughened. But a small but very important clarification is introduced into the Administrative Code and the Criminal Code: it will not be a malicious non-payment of alimony in general, but a malicious failure to pay alimony in full, that is, exactly in the amount prescribed by the court or stipulated in the notarial agreement of the parties. If the alimony has changed his mind and paid off the debt in full, there will be no case.

Without this clarification, it is impossible to ensure uniform application of the articles of the Administrative Offenses Code and the Criminal Code throughout the country, Deputy Minister of Justice Andrei Loginov said in the State Duma. And in the package of accompanying documents to the bills, examples were given when a citizen-father, with a debt of more than 300 thousand rubles, repaid 1,500 rubles a month, was recognized by the court as fulfilling its obligations and avoided not only criminal, but also administrative liability.

The government proposed to clarify the Administrative Offenses Code and the Criminal Code on behalf of President Putin.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Statistics show that 40% of those brought to administrative responsibility for unwillingness to pay alimony pay off the debt “in part or in full”, because they do not want to get a criminal record. But “partial” repayment, as we can see, will no longer be the basis for solving the problem! This means that an increase in the number of criminal cases should be expected. Moreover, last year, with a decrease in the number of those brought to justice (bailiffs could not work fully due to covid), the total amount of alimony debt in the country increased to 156 billion rubles. And, as Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov reported recently, only 19 billion …For those concerned, it makes sense to read the list of good reasons for non-execution of a court decision or agreement on a certain amount of alimony – it is listed in the Supreme Court's Resolution of April 27, 2021. A good reason, in particular, is the illness of the alimony, non-payment of wages by the employer, delay in the transfer of money by the bank, conscription service in the army, etc. Moreover, in each specific case, the judge must figure out whether the person had other opportunities to pay, whether he has savings, property, other sources of income other than salaries. The VS considers that the disagreement of the alimony holder with the terms of the agreement or the court's decision on the amount of payments cannot be considered a valid reason. And cohabitation in the same apartment of former spouses or parents and children – too. Even if the alimony went to the colony, the judges believe, it is necessary to figure out first whether he had the opportunity to work there and earn at least something, and whether he refused to work without good reason.

By the way, the government in November, by its resolution, updated the list of incomes from which alimony must be paid. And now there are unemployment benefits, and compensation for harm caused to health, and pensions, and scholarships, and payments to doctors and other health workers …

Will the alimony payers begin to pay more accurately and in full in the face of the growing threat of administrative and criminal cases? The question is, of course, an interesting one. As we already know, 60% of debtors spit on the threat of a criminal record. And the lawyer Victoria Dergunova previously drew the attention of MK to the fact that in 2020 only 6.5% of enforcement proceedings to recover alimony payments were fulfilled by debtors voluntarily, and a fifth of them do not plan to fulfill their duties even if prosecuted …

Landing or blocking for foreign IT companies

We have one more chance in the coming months to see if things will go to bad, that is, to the complete departure of Google, YouTube or Telegram from Russia: from January 1, 2022, one of the main requirements adopted six months ago, the so-called “Law on the Landing of the Internet” – on the creation of full-fledged representative offices of foreign IT-companies on the territory of the Russian Federation. The word “full-fledged” is the key word in this case.

The law covers large foreign Internet resources oriented towards Russians and working in Russian or the languages ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation, which are visited daily by at least 500 thousand users. All of them, in fact, a few months ago had to host an electronic form for interacting with citizens and public organizations and register a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website for interacting with the authorities of the Russian Federation. And now it's time to cut the ribbons on the doors of official branches or subsidiaries …

For those who do not want to obey, a number of “coercive measures” have been invented. First, Russian users of the resource will be notified that this social network or Internet site violates the laws of the Russian Federation. Do not frighten – they will introduce a ban on the distribution of advertising about this resource from Russian advertisers, and then they will also ban the placement of advertising on it. Further, as it grows, the following may follow: restriction of money transfers to this resource from the territory of the Russian Federation, a ban on search results, a ban on the collection and cross-border transfer of personal data, and, finally, traffic slowdown and blocking.

When the law was adopted, they said that about 20 foreign Internet resources would fall under the new rules, among them YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, which are popular among Russians, and large trading platforms AliExpress and Amazon. To the question “what will happen if they refuse to fulfill the requirements, will the authors, United Russia MPs and Senator Alexei Pushkov leave Russia,” they answered that no one demands anything extraordinary from IT giants, that only Google and Facebook have earned in Russia. less than 100 billion rubles in 2020 and they will hardly want to give up such a market just like that, and in general – they also said at first in Turkey that they would not create branches, but they have created and are working …

It has not yet been possible to create Russian counterparts seriously competing with some of the foreign resources obliged to “land” (with YouTube, for example).

It is impossible to predict what will happen after January 10, when Russia leaves the long New Year holidays.

The head of the Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, Alexander Khinshtein (“ER”), in the last days before the New Year, told reporters that the implementation of this law in parliament was “very careful” and supported the position of Roskomnadzor, which some time ago said, that he does not intend directly from January 1 to formally begin to demand compliance with all the norms of this law and apply sanctions. “The main task is to achieve the establishment of a dialogue, the next year will be decisive in this sense,” and coercive measures will be applied only if “we are not understood and our demands are ignored,” explained Mr. Khinshtein, noting that President Putin spoke about the same at the final press conference. “We understand that the basis of their expansion is not a political, but an economic reason, they are interested in the Russian market, it is developing rapidly,” the deputy said. He hopes that in January the first representatives of this business will start registering their full-fledged representative offices in Russia “and thereby set an example for others.”

Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev in a conversation with MK admitted that he also cannot yet boast of information about the readiness of foreign IT giants to comply with the law on “landing”. But he believes that they will still begin to perform it, although not directly from January 1. “Companies that fall under the requirements of this law are most often law-abiding and public. But questions of the practical application of the law still remain, and I think we will probably soon see some coercion from the state and explanatory work,” he said.

During the spring session, the relevant Duma committee plans to hold an expanded meeting devoted to the implementation of the law “on landing”, with the invitation of representatives of all large foreign Internet companies operating in Russia.

Extrajudicial blocking on the Internet

In early January, another of a long list of laws will come into force on a significant expansion of the grounds for extrajudicial blocking of all kinds of information on the Internet, which the state considers especially dangerous.

This initiative was submitted to the State Duma back in July 2020 by deputies from all Duma factions of the previous convocation (United Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the SR and the Liberal Democratic Party) – members of the Commission for Combating Foreign Interference. The explanatory note stated that “the commission established numerous facts” (how many were not specified) of the dissemination of information by foreign states on the Russian Internet, justifying or justifying terrorism and extremism in general. Russian law at that time allowed, without any trial, at the initiative of the Prosecutor General or his deputy, who responded to a signal from some department, organization or vigilant citizens, to promptly block information with “calls for extremism.” If you wanted to block any “justification” or “substantiation” of extremism, you had to go to court with a claim to include this information in the list of extremist materials prohibited for distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation, the procedure took at least two months …

In general, the already long list of information, access to which can be blocked without bothering with courts and all sorts of public procedures, at first they wanted to supplement with “information containing justification and (or) justification for the implementation of extremist activities.”

The first reading of the bill passed in March last year, and then lay quietly until December, when they remembered about it and quickly adopted it in the second and third readings. Moreover, in the process of revision, the list of information subject to extrajudicial blocking has expanded significantly!

Now, if desired, “false reports of acts of terrorism” and “proposals to acquire a forged document granting rights or dismissing obligations” will also be blocked for one or two times. And any materials from any organization recognized as extremist in Russia – investigations by the FBK, for example.

Representatives of the relevant Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications of the colleague talked to colleagues about the relevance and importance of the new norms. The fact that now on the Internet in large quantities fake passports, driving license, military cards are offered for sale, as well as all sorts of “covid-certificates”, “quar-codes” and fake results of PCR analyzes, and “speed in making decisions about blocking in such cases it is very important “(Sergei Boyarsky,” ER “).

Stanislav Seleznev, a lawyer and senior partner of the Network Freedoms project, told MK that the drastic expansion of powers on extrajudicial blocking, together with the various interpretations of “justifying extremist activities,” would allow the prosecutor’s office to “thoroughly cleanse Runet” of posts containing references to corruption investigations. criticism of the electoral process or the work of power structures and officials, from calls for participation in public actions not sanctioned or initiated by the authorities. “We can safely expect blocking of hundreds of thousands of publications. At the same time, there are no technologies for blocking posts, videos, pictures inside foreign social networks without blocking all networks, except for the launch of ALL Internet traffic through TSPU, which will critically reduce the level of Internet accessibility in the country, ”the expert draws attention.

TSPU (technical means of countering threats) is a software and hardware complex that allows you to restrict access to information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in Russia. A centralized “jammer” of a kind, the creation and use of which in Russia is legalized by the law on the “sovereign Internet”, which entered into force in the fall of 2019.

As for offers to buy fake documents, Mr. Seleznev believes that “the speed of work of the prosecutor’s office with fake certificates will certainly increase, because earlier such blockings took place in a judicial, indeed longer order.”

In recent months, we have seen more and more how the Russian authorities can encourage foreign social networks and resources to remove information prohibited from disseminating in the country. Quite recently, a bailiff of one of the capital's district courts, for example, for the first time issued a fine to Google as a percentage of turnover – it turned out to be 7.22 billion rubles. But the story isn't over yet.

No spoofing: phone companies will pay for scammers

In 2020, more than 150 billion rubles were stolen from Russians by telephone scammers. One of the most popular misleading methods is the use of spoofed numbers. A citizen sees on the screen the mobile number of a Russian (for example, Moscow) phone with a code of 499 or 495, or the code of a Russian mobile operator, answers, but in fact speaks with a foreign number, which is hidden with the help of various kinds of technologies. Fraudsters call a citizen by his first name and patronymic, introduce themselves to the security service of his native bank … Tens of thousands of such replacement numbers are already known in every major Russian bank.

And in early January 2022, a law will come into force that will allow to bring to administrative responsibility telecom operators who let unidentified calls from fraudsters pass to subscribers.

In fact, a bill that would allow officials, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to be fined for this was introduced to the State Duma back in 2017 by a group of United Russia senators and deputies. His fate was not easy. Even before the first reading, the text was rewritten several times, the fines proposed by the authors were at first considered disproportionate to the severity of the violation, overstated …

But telephone fraud gained momentum from year to year, during the pandemic it was an avalanche, and now crimes of this kind make up a quarter of the total number of crimes. A few months ago, a law was passed requiring telecom operators to transmit the caller's numbers in the original, and not substituted form, for violation of this requirement it was necessary to punish, so they remembered that old initiative, dust it off, finalized and adopted. As a result, the punishments were prescribed much more severe than originally intended. Failure by the telecom operator to transfer the subscriber number or unique identification code unchanged may result in a fine of 30 to 80 thousand rubles for an official, 200 to 500 thousand rubles for a sole proprietor, and 500 to 800 thousand rubles for a legal entity. If the operator does not block the fake numbers, it lets them into the network – for officials the fine increases to 50-100 thousand rubles, for individual entrepreneurs – up to 400-800 thousand rubles, and for legal entities – up to 600 thousand – 1 million rubles.

For each connection, note. For each missed replacement number. Mr. Khinshtein considers this law “a real step in the fight against cybercrime”, because heavy fines will make it unprofitable for operators to participate in known criminal fraudulent schemes, and they will finally begin to monitor the execution of their duties.

Difficult to say how effective the new article of the Administrative Code will be. The deputies who voted in unanimity said that telecom operators had a technical ability to distinguish a fraudulent substitute number from a real one for a long time, “they see them.”

Roskomnadzor officials have the right to draw up protocols on violations of this kind, and the courts will consider cases.

Visitors to fitness centers will be able to return part of their expenses

Since 2022, Russians have received the right to another social tax deduction: if they paid for health and fitness services out of their own pockets, bought, say, a subscription to a fitness center or a swimming pool, a course with a trainer – the state promises 13% of the funds spent for these purposes return. The deduction can be obtained not only for oneself, but also for children or underage “wards” – as it is written in the Tax Code. The main thing is that you buy these very services in a specialized institution, and there were specialists of the appropriate profile, with education. And it is also necessary that the company or individual entrepreneur where you have improved yourself is included in the special register of the Ministry of Sports, which will be reviewed annually until December 1.

The Ministry of Sports has already prepared such a register for this year – it can be found on the website of this department. There are 3836 organizations in it. “Thanks to the social tax deduction, sports will become even more accessible for the population, – said the Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin …

His lips, as they say, would be. Citizens, of course, love it when the state returns their money, you yourself know – “even a tuft of wool”, and therefore any deduction is good. But …

Expenses for health and fitness activities are the so-called. social deduction. As well as the costs of medical treatment, medicines, education, charity, and non-state pensions. The maximum amount of personal expenses from which such a deduction can be obtained is 120 thousand rubles per year (only some types of expensive treatment and training are taken into account separately). 13% of this amount – 15 600 rubles. This is the maximum that the state will return to you. For the money spent on treatment, and on physical education and health improvement, and on medications.

To receive a deduction, you must legally work, pay personal income tax and submit to the Federal Tax Service copies of the service agreement, the license of the organization that provided them (if the activity is licensed), as well as cash receipts for payment.

If you want to receive a sports deduction already in 2022 – contact the employer with confirmation of the actual costs (but taking into account all of the above). And through the Federal Tax Service it will be possible to submit documents from 2023.

A gym or trainer paid in 2021 does not give the right to a refund: the new deduction begins in 2022 and applies only to expenses incurred since the beginning of this year. You can apply for a social deduction for three years.

But the higher prices rise, the more urgent the question of the amount of social tax deduction becomes. Almost 10 years ago, when 120 thousand and 15 600 first appeared in the Tax Code, these were quite decent sums. But now … Especially if you take into account the costs of all these PCR tests, antibody tests, which Russians donated and donate in large quantities in paid clinics, medicines for coronavirus treatment, which many also had to pay from their own wallet …

By the way, more about tax deductions: from January 1, simplified rules for registration of property deductions for the acquisition of real estate (apartments, rooms, houses) and for the payment of interest on mortgages came into force. It is enough to sign in the taxpayer's personal account an application for deduction, filled in in advance by the tax authorities, no need to attach any income declaration in the form of personal income tax-3, and documents confirming the fact of payment of money too – the tax authorities will receive all the data from themselves and from banks. The inspection time is reduced from 3 months to 1 month, and 15 days are given for a refund, if the right to a deduction is confirmed.

The maximum deduction amount is 260 thousand rubles, 13% of 2 million paid when buying a home. rubles.

Emergency number 112 will work throughout Russia

From January 1, 2022, a single number for calling emergency services “112” should be earned throughout Russia. On it you can call the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police, an ambulance, the emergency service of the gas network and the “Anti-terror” service. Calls to citizens are promised to this number free of charge, the mobile operator is obliged to ensure the connection even with a zero or negative balance on the phone account and even in the absence of a SIM card.

When a law was adopted last year to ensure interaction between federal departments and regional dispatching offices, such a single number was in effect in 56 out of 85 regions of the country. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that in the first half of 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, the number “112” was especially in demand, and 37 million Russians asked for help with it.

We write carefully “must earn” from 1 January, because the story with this very number was very, very long.

The development of a system for providing calls to emergency services using a single number began back in 2008. In 2011, then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a government decree approving the Regulation on the system for providing emergency calls to the number “112”. It said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Health, the FSB and the Ministry of Regional Development will have to ensure interaction with each other within the system. The federal budget had to pay for the creation of dispatch services, and regional and local budgets and organizations had to pay for their operation and development. Based on this Regulation, which was subsequently amended, and until now, individual regional emergency call systems have been operating.

At first, it was planned that everything would be ready on a national scale by 2012, then a new horizon was set: the end 2017 year. It didn't work out, the deadline was shifted to the end of 2018, but by that time the system was working only in 17 regions of the country. The Accounts Chamber, which then studied the situation with the implementation of the system, found out that after 2015 organizational problems and problems with funding began (it was reduced by 5.6 times), besides, the information systems of different departments turned out to be poorly compatible. In general, it was smooth on paper, but we stumbled over the ravines. As a result of that audit of the auditors of the joint venture, the president instructed the government to analyze the situation, resolve the issue with money and prepare a bill that would regulate the work of the system on a nationwide scale.

This bill became law in 2020 and determined the next day ” X “: January 1, 2022.


Pensioners who received January payments before the New Year were disappointed

Pensioners have already been receiving allowances since December last year.

Elderly Russians were amazed at the scanty allowances to pensions, which began to be paid at the end of December 2021.

Recall that from January 1, 2022, the indexation of pensions began in Russia, which was supposed to be 5.9%. At the same time, many Russians hoped for a significant increase.

As a result, as PRIMPRESS writes, some pensioners in the regions received from 590 to 750 rubles. The publication cites as an example pensioner Elena, who reported that she was paid 600 rubles in addition, and now her pension was only 9800 rubles.

Another pensioner Olga said that with 40 years of experience, her pension is from 2022 together with an allowance amounted to only 13,500 rubles. Others are not doing much better.

In general, pensioners expected an increase of at least 1,000 rubles, given that prices for some food products rose by almost 50%.

On the other hand, Moscow pensioners may be calm. According to RIA Novosti, the minimum pension of non-working pensioners in the capital has reached 21,193 rubles.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on indexation – the city surcharge for pensioners and social benefits for residents increased by 4.8%.

According to the latest estimates, 2.1 million Muscovites will pay the surcharge. For reference: the last time the pension in the capital was raised significantly a year ago, also in January. Then it grew to 20,222 rubles.

Since January 2022, insurance pensions for non-working Russians have been indexed by 5.9%. Their average size is 18,521 rubles. In 2023 and 2024, the indexation will be 5.6% and 5.5%.

Presumably, the amount of pensions will reach 19,476 rubles and 20,469 rubles.

In January 2020, the insurance the average pension reached 16,789 rubles.

Let us remind you that Vladimir Putin said at a recent press conference that the indexation of pensions should be equal to the inflation rate. Allegedly, the Government is doing everything for this, the president said in his speech.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the Internet compared the pensions of Russians with payments to celebrities who perform at New Year's corporate parties.

To earn money from 80 to 400 thousand rubles, a pensioner should save it for about 100 years and not spend it on anything.

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For the first time in history, 10 people met the New Year in orbit

For the first time ten people met the New Year in space, seven of them & ndash; aboard the International Space Station, three more & ndash; at the Chinese station “ Tiangong '', according to the website of Roskosmos.

It is specified that Roscosmos cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Peter Dubrov, NASA astronauts Mark Wande Hai, Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn are currently working on board the ISS and Kayla Barron, as well as European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer.

In just 21 years, 83 people celebrated the holiday at the station, some of them several times. So, for example, Russian Anton Shkaplerov celebrated four New Years in orbit & ndash; 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2022.

Earlier it was reported how Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Petr Dubrov cooked in space “ herring under a fur coat '' to decorate the New Year's table.


Macron in New Year’s address warns of “difficult weeks” due to COVID

Macron: the coming weeks will be difficult due to coronavirus In December, France faced two waves of coronavirus at once – “delta” and “omicron”, and on December 25, the number of cases per day exceeded 100 thousand people. At the beginning of January there may already be 250 thousand of them, the authorities warned

The next few weeks will be difficult for France due to a sharp increase in the number of cases of coronavirus. This was announced in a New Year's address by French President Emmanuel Macron, reports Reuters.

“The coming weeks will be difficult, we all know that”, “mdash; said the French president. This growth can be dealt with if people “ behave responsibly, '' he said. “ We will cope with this problem if we follow the same principles as on the first day of the pandemic, '' & mdash; added Macron.

In France on December 29, 174,296 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, follows from the data of the World Health Organization. 281 people died in a day. The total number of cases exceeded 9 million people who died & mdash; 120 thousand

At the same time, France overcame the level of 100 thousand cases per day on December 25. By early January, the number of cases can reach 250 thousand per day, said the head of the French Ministry of Health Olivier Veran. He attributed this to the fact that the country was faced with waves of two strains of coronavirus & mdash; omicron and an increase in delta cases, each requiring a different control measure. Against this background, the Paris authorities were obliged to wear masks in the city, even in the fresh air.

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Zelensky on New Year told when the line will disappear in Donbass

Zelensky: ending the war in Donbass is my main goal In his New Year's address, the Ukrainian president said that his main goal is to end the war in eastern Ukraine. In December, Zelensky allowed a referendum on Donbass

The front in Donbass will disappear when “ we remove the line of demarcation in our heads. '' This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his New Year's address to the Ukrainians. His appeal was published in his Telegram.

In his congratulations, he said that he would like the neighbors to come “ to visit us '' with “ jellied meat and a bottle, and not with weapons and without knocking. '' “ And so that relatives come. And to come more often. From Donbass, from Crimea. But not to visit, but to ourselves, we returned home, because we are all & mdash; one family. Both Donbass and Crimea '', & mdash; he said.

“ And, unfortunately, we have not yet finished the war in the east of our state. And this is my main goal. This is why I say bye. Because next year will definitely be better! '' & Mdash; he added.

At the beginning of his address, he also indicated that he was going to talk “ not about what was done, but about those who did it. '' Therefore, during his appeal, he mentioned teachers, doctors, athletes, military men, designers and representatives of other professions.

A referendum may be held on the issue of Donbass in Ukraine, Zelensky said in December 2021. “ This is not a question of status. We can have this in life, it can be about Donbass, Crimea, maybe about ending the war in general, '', & mdash; he said.

Also, the Ukrainian president mentioned that another platform for negotiations with Russia may appear in Donbass “ thanks to the United States. '' Zelensky did not rule out the possibility of direct negotiations with Vladimir Putin.

The topic of a possible meeting between Putin and Zelensky in a public field began to be discussed in the spring of 2021. At first, Zelensky suggested organizing it “ anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbass. '' This, he said, was necessary to prevent the escalation of the conflict in the region. The Russian president, in turn, offered to come to Moscow for negotiations. After that Kiev offered to hold a meeting “ anywhere '' and 'anytime'.

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Aliyev and Pashinyan in New Year’s addresses told how the armies will be strengthened

In Armenia, they will introduce compulsory military training and more actively involve women in the service, while in Azerbaijan they will continue to buy equipment and create a commando detachment. Aliyev and Pashinyan talked about this in their New Year messages

Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh

The armies of Armenia and Azerbaijan will strengthen their armies and carry out military reforms. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this in New Year's TV addresses to their peoples.

According to the Azerbaijani leader, in 2021, “ new weapons and equipment will be acquired. '' “ I must also note that a new military formation was created in Azerbaijan this year & mdash; Commando Forces & raquo;, & mdash; Aliyev told (quoted by This special rapid deployment unit will have a “ great capability '' and will be ready to carry out “ any military mission, '' Aliyev said.

Armenia, according to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, should “ have a professional army, and more and more women should be involved in it. '' “ In a strategic perspective, urgent military service should change significantly, turning into compulsory military training and periodic exercises, '' & mdash; he reported (quoted from News Armenia).

At the same time, both the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders stated that they are supporters of the peaceful development of relations. Thus, according to Pashinyan, peace is the “ most reliable way to ensure '' security of the country. Aliyev said he hoped that “ someday we will have good neighborly relations with Armenia. ''

The last time Aliyev and Pashinyan held talks in mid-December. They went to the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels with the participation of Charles Michel, President of the European Council. The parties discussed the creation of an economic advisory platform “ to build confidence, promote peaceful coexistence and expand economic cooperation. '' But Aliyev and Pashinyan confirmed that they would fulfill the key obligations they assumed after the end of the war in Karabakh.


A month earlier, at negotiations in the presence of Vladimir Putin, Pashinyan and Aliyev argued about the implementation these agreements. Thus, the Azerbaijani leader said that all points of the ceasefire agreement, which was concluded in 2020, were fulfilled. Pashinyan objected: “ There is a problem of hostages and other detainees. This is a very important humanitarian issue. ''

The war in Nagorno-Karabakh last took place in the fall of 2020. During major hostilities, both sides suffered losses in manpower and equipment. The war ended with significant territorial concessions, which Armenia made, and Russia brought peacekeepers into the region. In November 2021, the conflict escalated again in the region – & mdash; armored vehicles and artillery were involved in the hostilities.

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The President of Ukraine in the New Year’s greetings named his main goal


The end of the war in Donbass is the main goal of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He announced this in his New Year's greetings. According to the Ukrainian leader, this year will help to move forward on this issue.

At the same time, the head of state proposed his own way to get rid of the demarcation line in Donbass. We must stop thinking about her. According to Zelensky, the border will disappear on the map when it disappears in the minds of Ukrainian citizens.

The Ukrainian leader recalled that the army reliably protects the country and therefore there is no need to fear the invasion of an external aggressor.

Recall , the military operation in Donbass was launched by the Ukrainian authorities in 2014. In this way they tried to “crush” the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR. Donetsk and Luhansk declared independence after a coup in February 2014. According to the UN, about 13 thousand people have already become victims of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


New Year is the oldest, the oldest, the oldest. How the date of the main holiday floated

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 29/12/2021

On the question of the start date of the year, there is a ready answer: they say, on December 20, 1699, Tsar Peter I issued a decree numbered 1736, which introduced the chronology from the Nativity of Christ. Also, according to this decree, the New Year was supposed to be celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1.

The answer is correct in its own way, but incomplete. He gives the impression that before Peter, in such an important matter as the beginning and end of the annual cycle, we had some kind of desert. It is rarely remembered that Peter did not introduce a new holiday, but only moved its date to January 1.

We will try to fill this gap. New Year's traditions in our country are rich and varied, and the holiday itself managed to visit not only winter, but also autumn and spring. & Nbsp;

Perhaps the most venerable holiday date should be considered the winter solstice: from December 21 to 22. This night is special, it was traditionally celebrated by many peoples. For example, the closest neighbors of the Slavs, the Germans, also celebrated the transition from long nights to long days. We called it “ Kolyado '', the Germans called it & mdash; Yule. It is curious that the Russian name almost accurately describes the general Slavic-Germanic custom. On the night of the solstice, it was supposed to imitate the actions of the Sun: they extinguished all the lights, and then kindled the newborn flame. And in the old fashioned way, with the help of friction, rotating a wooden spindle with an onion drill in the deck. According to one version, “ kolyado '' & mdash; and there is the same deck, that is, a stump, a log. By the way, the 'Christmas log' can still be found at any European fair. Both ours and the Germans preferred to see pork on the table that day. But the Slavs also baked korovai. This is exactly how & mdash; bread, stylized as a cow's head, with horns. A magical rite was associated with it, which, as it was believed, provided bread and a well-fed life in general. The elder of the clan hid behind a freshly baked cow and asked: “ Can you see me? '' This was followed by the answer: “ We do not see, grandfather, where are you? '' He straightened up and said: “ So that you won't see me the next year! '' The holiday lasted until the adoption of Christianity in 988. However, some traditions were passed on to Christmas and Christmastide.

With the adoption of Christianity, a new calendar style was adopted, dating back to the Roman republican calendar, according to which the New Year came on March 1. This was a very successful innovation, since spring is traditionally very important for our people. For example, during the time of Alexander Nevsky to the question “ How old are you? '' only a boyar or an educated merchant could answer. The commoner simply did not understand what it was about. But to the question “ Which spring did you go on? '' followed by a lightning-fast response. “ By the tenth '', & mdash; from a ten-year-old child, for example. Now from that holiday, reminiscent of the importance of spring in the old calendar, the word “ Peer '' remains. And another funny New Year's chorus, which is guaranteed to confuse our contemporaries: “ I sow, I blow, I sow, Happy New Year, congratulations! '' What other sowing season for the New Year, in the midst of winter?

The trick is that this chorus came to us from those times when the New Year was celebrated in the spring, hoping for gentle weather and a new harvest. The holiday itself was called Avsen, and those who celebrated were supposed to sing ritual songs-avsenki. Quoting them is not worth it, since the auxiliaries were designed to glorify fertility and childbearing & mdash; everything in the appropriate terminology, which is now rightly considered indecent. In addition, the Avsenki did not sing, but shouted & mdash; with a squeal and a flood.

This continued until 1492, when Prince Ivan III the Great married to the Byzantine princess Sophia Palaeologus , made a calendar reform in the Byzantine manner. In the Eastern Roman Empire, it was customary to celebrate the New Year on September 1. In Russia, the holiday took root: later, after the establishment of the patriarchate, the “ New Summer Action '', or the “ Rite of Passing the Summer '' was even created. The holiday is magnificent and solemn, with the participation of the tsar and the patriarch, so that everyone can see the symphony of secular and spiritual power. Between Matins and Mass, the tsar and the patriarch went out to the Ivanovskaya Square of the Kremlin to the ringing of bells, where a solemn prayer service was served. After the prayer service, congratulations were exchanged, first between the tsar and the patriarch, then & mdash; between the tsar and the boyars, and then the tsar congratulated everyone, and the whole square in response congratulated the tsar. The celebration ended with the distribution of gifts. The close ones got pies and food, and ordinary participants & mdash; money alms. The official part of the holiday ended there, and the festivities began. They, however, were of a very pious character. Since the new year marked, first of all, the beginning of a new church year, it was considered correct not only to attend all divine services and congratulate the elders in the family, but also to help the orphan, the poor, and the poor. So on September 1, an incredible variety of gifts were handed out. This is a custom that is still quite alive.

Well, September 1 was replaced by the decree of the king-carpenter on January 1. The holiday is emphatically secular, which, by the way, is confirmed by its origin. It also dates back to the times of Ancient Rome. There, for a long time, the coming of the New Year was also timed to coincide with spring. Specifically & mdash; to the Ides of March. However, in 153 BC. e. the date was moved to January 1 & mdash; the day on which the elected consuls took office. Julius Caesar finally approved the date of the New Year, having carried out the corresponding reform: the calendar from 46 BC. e. called Julian. European countries did not immediately switch to it and not everything: it only started with the beginning of an increased interest in the heritage of Antiquity. That is, from the era of the High Renaissance: the first quarter of the 16th century. The Venetian Republic became a pioneer in 1522. Little by little, the Holy Roman Empire, Portugal, Sweden, and Poland followed it … But if someone thinks that Russia is somewhere in the last places in this series, then he is very wrong. In England and Ireland, New Year celebrations on January 1 began more than half a century later than here: in 1752


Astronauts on the ISS congratulated earthlings on the upcoming New Year

The press service of Roscosmos reported that Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov, who are now on board the ISS, conveyed congratulations to earthlings on the coming New Year, RIA Novosti reports. “ We wish you health, resilience, prosperity and new achievements in the new 2022. Be friendly and happy, Happy New Year! '' & mdash; said Dubrov.

Shkaplerov, in turn, wished to have time to plunge into the magical New Year's mood in the hours remaining before the holiday and say warm words of congratulations to those who are waiting for them.

Previously, Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov prepared a 'herring under a fur coat' to decorate the New Year's table. Shkaplerov posted a video with a space New Year's recipe on his page on the VKontakte social network.

On December 31, the International Space Station will make 16 orbits around the earth. The crew members of the station will celebrate the New Year as many times as the countries are represented at the moment, the cosmonaut specified.

In turn, Roscosmos said that the Russian cosmonauts will rest on January 1 and 2. From January 3, they will begin preparations for a spacewalk.


Leap into the future, coal as a gift. 10 original ways to celebrate the New Year

Celebration of the New Year in Russia is surrounded by long-standing traditions and stereotypes: & nbsp; Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat, tangerines, Blue Light, Irony of Fate, champagne for battle chimes after the President's speech.

Someone likes this order of things, but there are those who want to try something new. It is not difficult to do this, since in the world of options for celebrating the New Year there is a great variety – perhaps even more than recognized states on the globe. It is clear that not everything can suit the Russians due to the mentality, as well as the peculiarities of the climate. But there are options quite affordable, allowing you to experience new festive sensations.

Method one. Pour water out of the window at New Year's midnight

This option is widely practiced in Cuba. In the simplest version, it looks like this: & nbsp; the glass is filled with plain water, not champagne. When the clock strikes midnight, the contents of the glass should be poured out the window. At the same time, it is not worth breaking the dishes, so as not to knock down again into Russian customs.

The meaning of the procedure, according to the Cubans, is as follows: as clear and clean.

In general, in Cuba, water is poured into the windows not only from glasses, but from cans and buckets, and if this generous stream falls on someone's head, then the drenched one is not offended, but rejoices .

But in Russia, of course, it is worth making an amendment to the conditions & mdash; & nbsp; if someone in Siberia at a temperature of “ minus 30 '' pouring a bucket of water on your head from the 10th floor is unlikely to cause delight.

Method two. Kiss blindly at the festive table

This method of celebration, practiced in Bulgaria, is suitable only for prepared companies. Throwing kisses at people without warning is fraught with great trouble. In Bulgaria, everything happens like this: & nbsp; exactly at New Year's midnight, the lights go out in the houses, and everyone present begins to kiss. And it doesn't matter at all who is with whom & mdash; relatives and strangers, men with women, as well as men with men. After kissing for good luck the mistress of the house is cutting a birthday cake, and here you have to be careful too – ” it is customary among Bulgarians to put “ surprises '' in it. If you come across a sprig of a rose, then this is for love, if a coin, this is for wealth. & Nbsp; In general, if you have friends and acquaintances who are ready for such experiments, then go ahead!

Method three. Find love in the lottery

As in the previous case, you will need a company of men and women who are ready for adventures. It is desirable that it was about people who are not in a relationship. They can be invited to celebrate the New Year in Spanish.

In the country of bullfighting and fiery dances on New Year's, young people and girls write their names on scraps of paper, which they then draw out like lottery tickets. This is how pairs of “ suitors '' are defined. and brides. This kind of 'love at first sight' lasts, according to tradition, until the end of Christmastide. & nbsp; But no one bothers to continue the relationship, begun in such an original way, and further.

But if you are already a family person, then the Spaniards have a New Year's recipe for you & mdash ; & nbsp; in the central square of the city exactly 12 o'clock, when the clock starts striking, you need to eat grapes. Each grape represents one month of the coming year, and if you eat 12 berries while the clock strikes, this guarantees the fulfillment of your most cherished desire.

Method four. Throw old things out of the house

Italians & nbsp; for the most part & nbsp; have sympathy for Russians, and Russians & mdash; & nbsp; for Italians. Therefore, it is quite logical to use the Italian recipe for celebrating the New Year. According to Italian tradition, before the clock strikes midnight, old and unnecessary things should be thrown out of the house so that they remain in the outgoing year with all the hardships and troubles.

What exactly to throw away depends only on the imagination of the celebrant. In Italy, it is not recommended to walk under the windows of houses on New Year's Eve, because something very weighty can easily fly out from there, right down to the grandmother's sofa.

It is clear that in Russia such “ surprises '' Not everyone is ready, so you should act carefully.

Well, if you are not ready to throw something through the windows, just give your loved one red underwear & mdash; & nbsp; among Italians, red is considered a symbol of renewal.

The fifth method. Smash the grenade against the wall of the house

If at New Year's midnight you go out into the courtyard and launch a grenade at the wall of the house, it is unlikely that someone will blame you for this – they will think that the person was celebrating at an accelerated pace. But you will celebrate the New Year like a real Greek. According to Greek tradition, on New Year's Eve midnight, the owner of the house must break a pomegranate fruit against the wall. If the seeds are scattered throughout the yard, a happy life awaits the family in the coming year.

It is unlikely that anyone will want to receive a New Year's gift in the form of a mossy stone in Russia, and such a present can easily lead to a quarrel. But the Greeks, who are presented with stones, rejoice – they know that this is a desire for increased prosperity. It is believed that the heavier the stone, the more money will be next year from those to whom it was presented.

Sixth method. Give a friend a piece of coal

If you come to a friend's house and hand him a piece of coal, then & nbsp; at least & nbsp; there will be questions. And here it is worth immediately explaining to him that you are simply congratulating you on the New Year, like a true Scotsman. Scots on New Year's Eve visit each other with a piece of cake, a glass of wine and a piece of coal. It is not a matter of the Scots' tight-fistedness, although there are jokes about the thriftiness of this nation. Coming with such gifts, you wish the owners prosperity & mdash; a lot of food, drink and warmth. But, having shown such originality, it is still better to have with you a gift, which is more familiar in our area. Just in case.

Method seven. Prepare rice porridge instead of Olivier

If, instead of a traditional salad, your guests see rice porridge on the festive table, there will be many assumptions. You may be suspected of being a vegetarian, an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, or a supporter of returning to the customs of Ancient Russia.

You just explain with a smile that you are celebrating the New Year in Finnish. It is rice porridge & mdash; traditional New Year's food of the inhabitants of this country. Plum jelly is served with porridge.

If someone remains dissatisfied, you can pour him a rod, explaining that this is how the good New Year's wizard Joulupukki greets the disobedient on New Year's Eve.

Method eight. Throw old receipts on the road

If on New Year's Eve you throw out a bunch of old bills for various goods and services on the street, you may be considered a bully who does not respect the work of street cleaners. Or think that you are in serious trouble at work and do it out of desperation. But this is just a way to celebrate the holiday like a real Argentinian. In Argentina itself, they do not really remember when and how this tradition was born, but they sacredly observe it. Before the holiday, old calendars, receipts, letterheads and other unnecessary documents fly out of the windows onto the street. And all this is happening so intensely that the streets are literally covered with layers of paper. The subsequent cleaning & mdash; & nbsp; lesson is no less fun.

Method nine. Release live carp into a river or any other body of water

Here, of course, you have to try. First, find a carp, and then also find a reservoir on New Year's Eve, where poor fish can be released without the risk of killing it immediately in low temperatures. But the game is worth the candle, because, according to Vietnamese beliefs, a deity swims on the back of a carp, capable of providing you with good luck for the next year. And in general, you will definitely not forget the New Year with live carp.

Method ten. Jump into the New Year

This is an unusual option, but & nbsp; by and large does not require additional costs. In Germany, Denmark and a number of other European countries, in the coming year, take jumping in.

A stool, chair, stepladder, and in general any stable object that can be climbed is suitable for this.

You need to climb the dais at the first strike of the clock, and with the last one you should jump into the New Year with a joyful cry, leaving the past behind. There is no need to set records in length and height, the very fact of the “ transition '' is important.

Happy New Year, no matter how you meet it!


The rabbi told what to do if the New Year falls on Shabbat

Putin and Biden agreed to maintain dialogue after New Year

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden agreed to continue negotiations after the New Year Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov described the telephone conversation between the two leaders as serious and meaningful. It was all about security guarantees. Negotiations between the USA and Russia on this topic will be held in Geneva on January 10

The presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, agreed to continue the dialogue after the New Year, said assistant to the Russian leader Yuri Ushakov following telephone conversations between the heads of state, writes TASS.

As Ushakov noted, the conversation between the presidents turned out to be serious, businesslike and meaningful. It was “ devoted entirely to issues of security guarantees '', the leaders did not touch upon the issues of bilateral relations.

“ Putin said that we attach great importance to negotiations, but they should not turn into chatter. We are not waiting for the contractual process itself, but for concrete results '', & mdash; Ushakov emphasized.

Biden, in his words, “prepared well and made very meaningful remarks.” Putin, in turn, outlined the basic principles of the Russian side. “ Main & mdash; we need a result, and we will achieve a result in the form of ensuring the guaranteed security of Russia. The US President, in principle, agreed with this point of view and reacted quite logically and quite seriously, '' & mdash; noted the presidential aide.

On January 10, talks between Russia and the United States on security guarantees will take place in Geneva. The parties will discuss Moscow's proposals submitted to Washington and NATO on December 15. In particular, Russia demands that the United States rule out further expansion of NATO to the east and the admission of the countries of the former USSR into the alliance. Also, the United States should not create military bases on their territory.

Washington, in response, promised to prepare its own list of concerns.

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Putin spoke about his plans for the New Year


According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he will celebrate the New Year with his loved ones. But during the New Year holidays, he still has working meetings scheduled.

Earlier, the Russian leader joked that he plans to listen to the president's congratulations on New Year's Eve. “Sitting with loved ones, celebrating the New Year, listening to the president … congratulating the president,” Putin said on the Russia 1 TV channel.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin will have New Year's holidays in a partially operational mode. The President will rest for the first few days, but the rest of the time it will be necessary to work with documents, hear and read reports. Also, Peskov did not rule out the holding of working meetings by the president during this period. Peskov does not know whether Putin will go to Sochi or stay in the capital during the January holidays.


The ruble exchange rate collapsed a day before the New Year

Analysts named three factors that influenced the fall of the Russian currency.

Analysts reported that on December 30, the last day of trading in 2021, trading on the Moscow Exchange ended with the strongest fall in the ruble rate to its lowest values ​​since the end of November.

So, at about two o'clock in the afternoon per dollar on the exchange gave 74.69 rubles, for the euro – 84.51. The maximum drop against major currencies was 74.87 (dollar) and 84.66 rubles (euro).

As reported by & # 8220; & # 8221; citing data from the platform and analysts, the pressure on the Russian currency is exerted by inflation, which cannot be completely contained, despite all the efforts made by the authorities.

So, on December 29, Rosstat announced that its level will be about 8 , 39%.

The second factor was the halt in the growth of oil quotes, which supported the Russian ruble. They are currently frozen at less than $ 80 per Brent.

The third factor is the spread of the 'omicron' coronavirus, which is making investment holders nervous when looking to transfer their cash funds into defensive assets.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that analysts predicted how the exchange rate of the Russian currency would change by the end of the year.


New Year’s miracle. Vanya Fokin, rescued in Magnitogorsk, visited the Christmas tree in the Emergencies Ministry

Three years ago, the country was shocked by a terrible tragedy & mdash; on New Year's Eve, the entrance of a house in Magnitogorsk collapsed. But the rescuers performed a miracle & mdash; from under the rubble they took out and rescued the baby Vanya Fokin , who had lain in the cold -25 degrees 35 hours. & nbsp;

The boy was saved. Vanya Fokin, who will soon turn 4 years old, recently visited the unit of his rescuers. & Nbsp;

Operational footage of the rescuer Pyotr Gritsenko & nbsp; faster than the wind it runs to the ambulance carriage, clutching the baby found under the rubble, flew around the world. Tears of joy, the experiences of the whole country, whether Vanya will survive, Vanya's prayers … & nbsp; Vanya did not disappoint! Doctors were able to do the possible and the impossible: they saved the boy's injured leg, cured the concussion. Now Vanya goes to kindergarten and grows up like all boys of his age.

Vanya is called a mascot by the rescuers. Photo: Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Chelyabinsk Region

This New Year's meeting of Peter Gritsenko, who saved Vanya, with the Fokin family is not the first. EMERCOM employees who worked on the rubble of the house have already visited their & nbsp; “ godson ''. They hugged and carried them in their arms, gave gifts and rejoiced at the miracle.

This time Vanya Fokin, his brother and parents were offered to see how the Ministry of Emergency Situations works. Vanya was delighted: the boy was allowed to touch everything with his hands and climb everywhere. Vanya was shown a cartoon about the work of firefighters, and also demonstrated & nbsp; a tanker truck and a ladder. & Nbsp;

They met at the fire station No. 60 in the city of Istra. First & mdash; with his savior Petr Gritsenko, Deputy Director of the Department of Rescue Formations. “ Every life saved, and even more so the life of a child '' this is a real miracle. And such miracles are brought to life by firefighters and rescuers of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia every day, carrying out military service '', & mdash; said the happy and moved Gritsenko. & nbsp;

Vanya's rescue was a real miracle. Photo: Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Chelyabinsk Region

Then Vanya Fokin came to visit the Leader Center for Special Risk Rescue Operations, and he was even allowed to be a rescuer himself for a while. The boy climbed into every piece of fire fighting equipment and even controlled it a little. And then there was a Christmas tree and gifts from Vania's personal wizard & mdash; Petra Gritsenko. & Nbsp;


After the New Year, Saratov will become the second largest city in Russia


Since 2022, the territory of Saratov will almost double – from 1137 to 2100 square kilometers – due to the accession of rural territories of the Saratov municipal district.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the growth of the area of ​​the regional center began last year, when two villages were annexed to Saratov, and the urban area almost tripled from 394 sq. km. Next year, the local authorities planned to annex 79 more villages to the city, as a result, Saratov will displace St. Petersburg from the second line in the list of the largest cities in Russia and will be second only to Moscow.

Mayor of the city Mikhail Isaev told the press that “ ; the boundaries between Saratov and the suburbs have been erased for a long time '', since the townspeople often go to their dachas, and the inhabitants of the villages – to the city to work and study.

“ It is much more logical to develop these territories together, '' the mayor added.

At the same time, the opinions of local residents about the unification of territories are ambiguous. As MK Saratov writes, social activists point to the possible emergence of financial problems for the city, since the city budget will now have to be distributed over a larger area.

“ What is happening now … is best characterized by a metaphor “ An attempt to pull an owl onto the globe, '' said the leader of one of the social movements, Alexander Yermishin.


Putin sent Biden a New Year telegram


Russian President Vladimir Putin sent New Year's greetings to his American colleague Joe Biden. According to the Kremlin press service, in his telegram, the Russian leader expressed the opinion that the two countries can and should interact constructively to overcome common challenges.

Putin's address also says that Russia and the United States together bear “a special responsibility for international and regional stability.

Putin also expressed confidence that the agreements of the June summit in Geneva and other contacts would allow for an effective bilateral dialogue.

“Based on mutual respect and consideration national interests, “the telegram says.

On Thursday evening, December 30, Putin and Biden are scheduled to have telephone conversations.


Military Strategic Missile Forces fulfilled the New Year’s dream of a boy from the Ivanovo region

The command of the Strategic Missile Forces took part in the All-Russian charity event “ Tree of Desires '' and fulfilled the New Year's dream of Yaroslav Tyulyaev from Lezhnevskaya & nbsp; boarding school for orphans in Ivanovo region.

The cherished envelope with the boy's dream from the New Year tree was taken off by the chief of staff – first deputy commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Fazletdinov. p>

In his letter, Yaroslav wrote that he would like to ride on the 'big rocket' Yars ', which took part in the Victory Parade.' The fulfillment of a dream became a real gift not only for the author of the letter, but also for his friends and classmates.

After the test drive of the launcher, during which Yaroslav took the place of the driver, the children were also introduced to modern models weapons, including with a combat vehicle “ Typhoon-M '' and an unmanned aerial vehicle to guard missile systems.

The tour of the missile regiment ended with lunch and a birthday cake in the soldiers' canteen. The guests were also presented with sweet gifts from Santa Claus.


Peskov confirmed plans of Putin and Biden to call before the New Year

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed the reports of the American media, according to which, by the end of this year, the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden are planning a telephone conversation. According to him, the talks are scheduled for Thursday.

“A telephone conversation is planned late in the evening,” Peskov said.

Earlier, data on the planned talks, which will be the second in December, were confirmed in Washington … The topics of the upcoming conversation are not disclosed.


New Year with the smell of war

The enemy is outside, and we are perfect for his role

“- What a difficult year!

Everyone fell silent. And Zinochka said, as always, out of place:

– Do you know why? Because it is a leap year. The next one will be happy, you will see!

The next one was one thousand nine hundred and forty-one. ” (B. Vasiliev. “Tomorrow was a war”).


This is ending, not a leap year, but what a difficult year. Will the next one be happy? There is a feeling that a kind, cheerful, ruddy Santa Claus is on the doorstep, smiles cunningly into his beard, promises happiness and peace?

No. From the window cut through to Europe pulls with fear, gunpowder, exhaust from tank engines. At the top of the tree a star is poured with blood, and under the lower branches one can see a shabby Kalasha stock and a green box with cartridges …

The alcoholic, who has not drunk for a long time, seems to have a spring compressed inside, he knows that he can die if he drinks. But he no longer has the strength to live this life, and he drinks, risking death, only to let him go. The world on both sides of the red lines is tired to death. And there was no longer any strength left to look for a way out, to maneuver between interests, to negotiate. I would like to switch to black and white mode and kill, just to let go.

On what is happening there, on the other side, Putin said: “The existing model of capitalism, and this is today the basis of social structure in the overwhelming majority of countries, has exhausted itself. Within its framework, there is no longer a way out of the tangle of increasingly tangled contradictions. ” This means the enemy is outside, and we are perfectly suited to his role. They say – Russia wants war.

What we have, from this side, we see. We have enemies everywhere. From the outside they approach our borders, from the inside they want to destroy.

In a year, our “fifth column” was demolished to the root, not even a memorial remained. We deal with those who sings the wrong songs or joke the wrong way. Films and games are declared harmful to our values. “Paid hirelings of the West” are revealed in batches in our country, and they immediately receive the designation of a foreign agent. Is Russia concentrating? Rather, it is brought to a common denominator, cemented to form a monolith that cannot be broken from the inside.

For some reason, GOST is now being accepted for mass graves – where to dig a hole outside the outskirts, how, at what distance from each other horizontally and vertically fold the bodies, shift them with brushwood or soil, how many corpse bags, coffins and lime to stock.

Right now, the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of Russia is preparing a regulation on how the mobilization work of judges will take place – how and where to go to military field trials.

Why is the quote from the book of the head of the Constitutional Court Zorkin, in which Does he admit the possibility of lifting the moratorium on the death penalty in force in Russia?

We, too, have a tangle of “increasingly tangled contradictions.” The good news is the news that we have reached the bottom, which means that it will not be worse – in the rise in prices, in the negative growth of incomes, in demographics, in the stratification of society into billionaires and beggars. But this means that society can ask a question – well, let's push ourselves off, let's finally start realizing the promises of the party and government. Before that, all the time, something was preventing improvement – defaults, world economic crises, sanctions. But how to perform them if they have raking legs up there? And the war will write off everything …

Zinochka made a bad mistake. I really want to be mistaken for a good one.


Decoration of the metro and the MCC for the New Year

Moscow metro and MCC stations were decorated for the New Year. Traditionally, festive spruce trees have become the main festive attribute; they are installed in the station lobbies. In the metro, passengers will be transported by three New Year trains of different generations & mdash; “ Moscow-2020 '', “ Hedgehog '' and Rusich, as well as 60 trains with decorated head carriages. New Year's transport will run until the end of January.

More & mdash; in the photo feed

© RIA Novosti/Evgeny Odinokov

New Year's train of the Moscow metro “Yozh-3”, which left on the eve of the New Year on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line © RIA Novosti/Ramil Sitdikov

© RIA Novosti/Evgeny Odinokov

50 fir trees delivered to the Russian military to celebrate the New Year

The Russian military stationed in Syria was delivered 50 New Year's trees from Karelia, the deputy commander of the grouping of troops (forces) of the RF Armed Forces in the SAR for military-political work, Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Trukhin, said.

According to him, the spruce will be installed in military service stations, including at remote outposts.

In addition to Christmas trees, New Year's toys, as well as postcards and drawings from Yunarmeys from all over Russia have been delivered to Syria.

During the festive period, concerts with Russian and Soviet New Year music will be held in the places of deployment of military personnel.

Earlier, Roslesinforg experts told whether it is possible to cut a spruce tree in the forest before the New Year holidays.


State Duma deputies instead of a New Year’s corporate party went to the Khmeimim base

The Deputy Speaker of the State Duma spoke about the trip of the delegation to Syria

A delegation of State Duma deputies from the group for relations with the Syrian parliament visited this country on the eve of the New Year holidays. The main purpose of the visit is & ndash; humanitarian actions for Syrian children whose childhood was darkened by the war, as well as discussions with the Syrian authorities on issues of further interaction and the development of social and cultural ties. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sholban Kara-ool told the MK correspondent about the trip.

Photo courtesy of the State Duma press service

& ndash; Our visit to Syria on the eve of the New Year certainly made sense. After all, parliamentary diplomacy can sometimes be something that is inaccessible to official diplomacy. She is more flexible, multidirectional, more trusting. This is exactly what is needed in the East, which, as you know, is a “ delicate matter. ''

Now that the military phase of the Syrian operation is over, and relative peace has been returned to Syrian soil with the help of our military, it is important to feel what moods the Syrians are living in. The most different & ndash; from politicians and businessmen to ordinary hard workers and housewives. You need to know how they relate to the Russian presence, who we are in their eyes & ndash; reliable friends or fellow travelers until the first convenient fork.

And, of course, we all really wanted to talk with our military personnel serving at the Russian base Khmeimim, to support them at least with a kind word, with New Year's gifts. In addition, for me personally, as a citizen of my country, it was no less important to understand for myself how justified the risk to which they put their lives on a daily basis.

The answer is obvious: yes, our guys are not here in vain. It's not even about Russia's geopolitical interests. Everything is much simpler. The Syrian operation clearly showed the whole world that the Middle East, through the efforts of our Western “ partners '' turned into a factory for terrorist organizations of all stripes and styles. What is only ISIS (recognized as terrorist, banned in the Russian Federation. & Ndash; “ MK '' ).

Our guys were able to stop them, many gangs were liquidated at the root. Now attention. Of the tens of thousands of killed militants, about 4.5 thousand turned out to be from the CIS countries.

This is the confirmed data of our Ministry of Defense. Just imagine: a whole division of thugs trained in sabotage, targeting us, our families! It's scary even to think what they could have done if they were given the task to return to their homeland and continue their dirty business here.

So for me everything is very clear. Our guys, having won in Syria, saved both Russia and the world from at least 4.5 thousand terrorist attacks. It is clear that combat successes & ndash; not yet a final victory. They have yet to be consolidated with civil initiatives, and we can do that. Wherever we went, be it Afghanistan or other countries, our soldier not only protected, but also participated in the restoration of a peaceful life.

& ndash; I involuntarily compared the Khmeimim base with my service, which I had in the Soviet army. With all its advantages, with all its might, I must admit that in terms of everyday comfort for soldiers, today's Russian army has gone far ahead. Even outside their homeland, being, in fact, in combat conditions, our guys have everything they need for a full and safe rest. There is a process of improvement in all areas.

The Ministry of Defense encourages the rotation of the personnel of our group. For five years, more than 60 thousand soldiers and officers have been here, received real combat experience, mastered the latest weapons. Therefore, the ability to provide them with a decent life & ndash; this is an indispensable condition to devote more time to your work, to become real masters.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the State Duma

On the basis of Khmeimim, one can feel the desire to make life sound and economical. Even a park of local trees is growing, planted by our guys. In it & ndash; alley with monuments to great Russian commanders. We also added our contribution to the improvement of the base: palm tree. Great idea, I think. Wood & ndash; it is a symbol of life, life-giving power and fertility. This is what distinguishes the liberation army from the conquering ones.

I was very glad to see my fellow countrymen from Tuva, who are serving in Syria. Moreover, the commanders speak well of them: real warriors! It is what it is. To fight & ndash; it's in our blood. During the Great Patriotic War, the Germans called our cavalrymen the “ black death '' because they were so fearless. This means that the traditions of our ancestors are alive.

& ndash; Syria is diverse and multi-ethnic. Here, along with the Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, and settlers from neighboring territories live compactly & ndash; Turkmens, Greeks, Palestinians, Jews. Many religions and beliefs & ndash; Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Catholics. Muslims, in turn, are divided into Sunnis, Shiites, Ismailis, Alawites.

Photo courtesy of the State Duma press service

In general, you cannot say for everyone. But among those with whom we met on the trip, I did not see a single one who would be aggressive towards us. But I saw the inscriptions on residential buildings in Russian: “ Thank you, Russia. '' At the matinees that we held for Syrian children, we talked with their parents. Apart from words of gratitude, we heard nothing from them, not a shadow of discontent.

On the contrary, people talked about how to build a peaceful life, discussed our initiatives. For them, the help of Russia & ndash; this is a long-awaited chance to end the devastation and civil war that have lasted a whole decade.

Photo courtesy of the State Duma press service

Everyone here understands that as soon as we leave, the war will resume. Syria, rich in oil and gas, with its access to sea routes has always attracted other countries. Turks, Israelis and Iranians want their share here. It is no coincidence that the United States, which occupied the most fertile territories, climbed into Syria.

But only Russia, unlike all other interested parties, was able to end the war and enable the Syrians to live in peace. True, this world is still very fragile. You can feel it even in our embassy in Damascus: today it looks more like a well-fortified outpost than a diplomatic mission.

It is all the more important to tell compatriots how our diplomats and military men live and serve in Syria, that they put themselves at risk every day for the sake of our country, its interests and peace of mind.

& ndash; At a meeting with the President of Syria, I heard a very apt remark from him: “ Both Syria and Donbass '' two fronts of one war. '' You can't say more precisely. Indeed, both regions became victims of the same external manipulators, who have one goal: to seize the resources of these territories, to assert their military influence through them.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the State Duma

It is no coincidence that the social movement 'Donetsk Republic' signed an agreement on interaction and cooperation with the ruling party of Syria, Baath. There is no military motive here, and the document itself cannot be called diplomatic in the full sense. But this, on the one hand, is the sincere desire of people who know what war is to establish a peaceful life. On the other hand, & ndash; a clear sign to the West: the more impudent it gets into the life of other countries, the more it pushes them to rally, even if they have no common borders.

& ndash; Children. Despite all the hardships, they have not lost the ability to rejoice and know the value of a peaceful life. The Syrian children organized a concert for us, sang Russian songs, “ Katyusha '' … I even thought that they all speak Russian. But it turned out that they did not know the language, they just learned the texts. And this fact suggested that it was necessary to establish the study of the Russian language in Syrian schools.

Photo courtesy of the State Duma press service

We talked about this with President Assad, with members of the ruling party. They are all for. We agreed that every week videoconferences will be organized between the Syrian and Moscow schools in the Russian language.

In addition, our proposal for direct trade and economic contacts with the provinces of Syria was supported by a number of leaders of Russian regions. There is an interest in horizontal connections at the level of enterprises and public organizations. The more there are such ties, the stronger and deeper they will be, the firmer the guarantee that Syria will remain under the reliable protection of Russia, and it will not be torn apart by Western “ partners ''.


New Year’s miracle. Santa Claus from Sberbank will congratulate children and adults

In & nbsp; currently, there are still restrictions on & nbsp; holding festive events. And & nbsp; therefore Sberbank presented the project “ Santa Claus in & nbsp; every house & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; the Winter Wizard can be invited to & nbsp; himself, so that he congratulates children and & nbsp; adults with & nbsp; the coming New Year.

Sber's AR technologies have made it possible to create real magic, and & nbsp; thanks to the use of Volumetric capabilities, & nbsp; parents now have a unique opportunity to show their children the real Santa Claus. Indeed, before & nbsp; this he & nbsp; came at & nbsp; nights and & nbsp; remained unseen.

With & nbsp; with the help of the AR-project “ Santa Claus in & nbsp; every house ''; you can create a personal New Year video greeting.

To do this, you need to go to the & nbsp; project site, select one of the & nbsp; seven options and & nbsp; enter the name of the one to whom Santa Claus will address with & nbsp; his congratulations. After that, with the help of Sberbank's technologies, a personal New Year's video message will be created. You can watch it from & nbsp; your smartphone, save a video, and & nbsp; also share it & nbsp; with your loved ones or on & nbsp; social networks.

“ Today we are & nbsp; all in & nbsp; New Year's Eve and & nbsp; especially this feeling important to our children. Unfortunately, there are still restrictions on & nbsp; Christmas trees and & nbsp; other festive events. But & nbsp; nothing & nbsp; should deprive us of the holiday. We've come up with a way to give magic and & nbsp; magic to everyone. Thanks to our new project, Santa Claus will come to & nbsp; every house and & nbsp; will bring with & nbsp; New Year's mood. With & nbsp; Sberbank to do good deeds and & nbsp; to please loved ones & nbsp; & mdash; easy, simple, affordable and & nbsp; no circumstances for this are & nbsp; an obstacle & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; says Vladislav Kreinin, & nbsp; Senior Vice President, Director of the Marketing and & nbsp; Communications Department of Sberbank .


Moscow Planetarium announced the New Year’s parade of planets

The press service of the Moscow Planetarium announced that on New Year's holidays, Russians will be able to watch the parade of the planets, RIA Novosti reports.

It is reported that the space phenomenon can be seen from December 25, 2021 until January 7, 2022. The best time to observe is & mdash; & nbsp; from 16:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and the beautiful Venus will shine with a New Year's “ garland '', gradually leaving horizon following the Sun & raquo ;, & mdash; the message says.

It is noted that Mercury and Pluto are participating in the parade, but they cannot be seen from Earth due to the bright Sun.

Earlier it was reported that in On the night of January 4, a starfall of up to 120 meteors per hour is expected. All residents of Russia will be able to observe this celestial phenomenon. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Another eclipse of Mars by the Moon is expected in 2022. It can be observed on December 8 at 8:00 Moscow time in the morning sky of Moscow. & Nbsp;

Earlier & nbsp; it was reported that in 2022 Russians will be able to observe solar and lunar eclipses.


Lavrov announced negotiations with the United States on security after the New Year holidays

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced negotiations with the United States on security guarantees. According to him, the parties will begin discussions immediately after the New Year holidays.

“It is with the United States that we will conduct the main round of negotiations, which will take place immediately after the end of the New Year holidays,” Lavrov said on the Soloviev Live Youtube channel.

The Minister also reported that high-ranking Russian military personnel will take part in the Russia-NATO Council. He noted that the Russian side expects the same from the alliance.

Lavrov added that Moscow cannot but react to NATO being in close proximity to its borders. “The fact that they have already swung, as Putin said, on the threshold of our house, of course, this cannot leave us indifferent,” the Foreign Minister emphasized.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proposed to hold the Council Russia -NATO early next year. The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that it has already received a corresponding proposal from the alliance and is considering it.

See also: Ukraine came up with a demand for Russia in negotiations with NATO


The doctor told how not to be in the hospital after the New Year’s feast

The ill-considered consumption of food and drinks at a feast on the night of January 1 can turn into unpleasant consequences, up to hospitalization, so it is worth adhering to several rules, RIA said News doctor, gastroenterologist of the multidisciplinary clinic “Aloderm” Yulia Machneva.

“On these pre-holiday days, patients often ask hopefully the question:” Doctor, the New Year is coming soon, can we eat salads, hot, and of course, a glass of champagne ? “. I usually answer” you can, but be careful, “and most importantly, observe the measure in everything,” the specialist noted.


The Russians named the main politicians and those who would be called for the New Year

VTsIOM: Russians considered the politicians of the year Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Mishustin and Sergei Lavrov The main event of the year was the coronavirus pandemic for the second year in a row, they also consider the rise in prices and mass vaccinations to be important. Sociologists also found out with whom of the politicians Russians would like to celebrate the New Year

Vladimir Putin

Russians consider the coronavirus pandemic and the rise in prices to be the main events of the past year, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) found out … Such answers were given by 39% and 37% of respondents, respectively.

When asking this question, sociologists asked the respondents to choose from the offered answers or to name an alternative. The third place was taken by the mass vaccination against COVID-19, 35% of respondents chose this answer.

Politician of the Year for Russians, there is still Russian President Vladimir Putin & mdash; his name was mentioned by 38% of the respondents. Last year, Putin also led the way on this issue & mdash; c38%. In 2019, this answer was more popular than & mdash; 46% of respondents named him the politician of the year in Russia. Like last year, Mikhail Mishustin and Sergei Lavrov followed, with 17% each. Compared to last year, Mishustin's popularity remained at the same level, but Lavrov's name was mentioned more often: in 2020, only 9% of respondents gave such an answer.

The top five politicians also included Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (8%) and opposition leader Alexei Navalny (5%), who is serving a sentence in the Yves Rocher case. in correctional colony No. 2 in the Vladimir region after replacing the suspended sentence with a real one. Last year, Navalny did not enter the top 5 politicians of the year, taking only sixth place.

Sociologists also asked Russians a question about which of the politicians they would like to invite to the festive table for the New Year.

Vladimir Putin is in the lead by a large margin in answers to this question, this answer was given by every fifth Russian (21%). Another 9% of respondents would like to see Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the festive table. 5% of Russians would not refuse to celebrate the holiday with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, as much as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

An equal percentage of respondents would like to spend the New Year with Lavrov and Navalny & mdash; 3% each, respectively.

What was this year and what they expect from the next

Russians are optimistic about the future: more than half of the respondents (70%) believe that the year will be successful or good for them personally, 52% & mdash; for the country and 46% & mdash; for the world as a whole.

Half of Russians on New Year's Eve feel joy and expect a change for the better, 19% feel calm and confident. 16% of respondents told sociologists that they were tired, 14% – & mdash; that are in excitement. 9% of respondents are sad, they are disappointed & mdash; 7%.

At the same time, “ good '' or 'successful' 45% of respondents named this year for themselves and their families personally, and 53% believe that difficulties predominated in their lives or that the year was very difficult.

This is a higher 'score' than last New Year's Eve. Then two-thirds of Russians (66%) believed that the outgoing year was difficult for them and their families: 30% of respondents called it very bad, another 36% – & mdash; rather difficult. More likely, only 33% of respondents called the year a good or successful year for themselves and their families.

The best films and TV series

  • The best new films Russians consider the film Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve and 'Heaven' Igor Kopylov. 'Dune' & mdash; This is the first part of the film adaptation of the 1965 novel of the same name by the writer Frank Herbert, it is considered the film of the year by 2% of Russians. Sky talk about military pilots in Syria (also 2%). The Russians called the military-historical thriller T-34 the best films of 2020. and the comedy Serf.
  • The best TV series years, Russians consider the “ Trace '', “ Secrets of the investigation '' and Vertinsky. These series were named the best by 3% of Russians. The first two of them were in the lead both in 2020 and in 2019.

Media personalities and resources

  • Musicians of the Year & mdash; Alexander Gradsky (9%), Philip Kirkorov (5%), Denis Matsuev (3%). Leadership of Gradskiy & mdash; short story of this year, last year the Russians named Philip Kirkorov (6%) at 4% & mdash; Nikolai Baskov and Denis Matsuev.
  • Actors of the Year & mdash; Konstantin Khabensky (4%), Alexander Petrov (3%), Sergey Bezrukov (3%), actresses & mdash; Maria Shukshina (3%) and Yulia Peresild (2%).
  • The three journalists of the year have not changed since last year: they are Vladimir Soloviev (5%), Yury Dud (4% ), as well as Olga Skabeeva.
  • The most popular bloggers in 2021, according to Russian Internet users, were Yuri Dud (5%), Danya Milokhin (3%) and Mikhail Litvin (2%), and the most popular TV shows & mdash; “ Voice '' (5%), '60 minutes' (4%) and 'Field of Miracles' (3%).
  • Three Russian authors scored more than 2% of meaningful responses in the category writer of the year. These are Zakhar Prilepin, Viktor Pelevin, and also Alexander Pushkin. Pelevin and Pushkin were not included in the top 3 popular writers last year.

VTsIOM conducted a telephone survey in December, involving 1.6 thousand people over 18 years old. The maximum statistical error with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%

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