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Fetty Wap – High Thoughts Lyrics

Yeah babe
Gang gang gang gang

[Verse 1]
Shawty said she down to take a trip, yeah yeah
Shawty said she down to make a flip, yeah yeah
Smoke 28 grams with my Zips, yeah
And this Perc, it got me thinkin’ I’m the shit, yeah yeah
Talkin’ to lil shawty like this, yeah yeah
Baby is you gonna let me hit, yeah yeah
Baby is you rollin’ up the split, yeah yeah
Hopin’ all your friends is with the shits, yeah yeah
Baby we could build, we could cruise, yeah yeah
Fuckin’ with a winner, never lose, yeah yeah
Please don’t let your nigga make the news, yeah yeah
Niggas that be with me carry 2’s, yeah
Baby I’m the leader of the Zoo, yeah yeah
Gettin’ to it makin’ niggas move, yeah
Never known to follow niggas rules, yeah yeah
I’ma Itchy Boy, I’m Banga Ruul, yeah
Come and take a walk up in my shoes, yeah
5 million, went and blew it on the crew, yeah yeah
I was savin’ money like a Jew, yeah yeah
Went and spent 2 milli on my jewels, yeah
All my kids got more money than you, yeah
For my feature, I was bustin’ maneuvers, yeah
I was walkin’, they was takin’ the school bus, yeah
And my Ferrari, I just parked where my school was, yeah
Niggas hatin’, I don’t really give two fucks, yeah
Six Mercedes’, and I got me a few trucks, yeah
Seven Beamer’s, and you that they juiced up, yeah
Two Ferrari’s and they practically useless, yeah
Love my Audi, see me slidin’ with my bro
See me smilin’ cause I’m always countin’ dough
I be countin’ money everywhere I go
I’ma thug, watch she slidin’ down the pole
She gon’ beat it everywhere I go
She gon’ be like baby give me more
She fuck ‘round and meet me through the door
Oh, I’m like no
Have her takin’ off my watch and off my chain
From New Jersey to Japan, they know my name
You could usually catch me with my gang
We insane
That’s what I bang