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Deceived by Russian pranksters, Stephen King set an example for our officials

Instead of a transgender there will be a turbopatriot

The brave new world, the hot phase of resistance to which we are witnessing in Ukraine, is propagating not only the idea of ​​physical degeneration through LGBT (or how many letters there are already in this abyrvalge) . It is no less important that knowledge about the world is being replaced by views of the world. Take Stephen King.

Photo: Global Look Press

The famous writer talked to the pranksters Vovan and Lexus. And in addition to promising to think about the scenario of a bright fake about the atrocities of Russia (after all, this is his profession), he began by pranksters portraying Zelensky to praise Bandera, trying to be in trend.

King was put on the show, he googled who such a Bandera, and creakingly admitted that he was ashamed, writing: “As the Buddha once said, “shit happens.” I didn’t know, they say, I fooled myself.

However, King is just a writer, albeit a world famous one. But now the WHO, spitting on the laws of nature, on scientific knowledge, on medicine, recognizes the third sex. Recognizes only under the pressure of an aggressive minority, which, thanks to the triumph of neoliberalism, has imposed its sick ideas on the healthy majority.

Here the UK will, quite possibly, steer Liz Truss. The same foreign minister who did not want to recognize Russia's sovereignty over the Voronezh and Rostov regions. It just seems that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who does not know at an elementary level the geography of the country with which he is negotiating, is nonsense. Now this is the norm. Because people move into the elite not by knowledge, but by their views.

How can, say, a body-positive transgender person do something bad if he is put in charge of people? Maybe it can't. But do good things too. Because its only merit is correct views and “origin”. And skills, knowledge, skills – zero. But he will still get the boss's job, not an educated heterosexual white male. Because such a character is toxic by definition. And if he is also a Christian, then he is generally subject to destruction.

It is clear that the replacement of knowledge by views cannot but bring surprising results. Following the right views, for example, Estonian politicians refused to buy Russian gas. And the other day, we discovered with amazement that if we don't buy gas, there won't be any. Now they are frantically looking for fuel oil for boiler houses. The Polish authorities also profess the “correct” view that Russia is an evil empire. But they turned out to be more cunning – they pretend that Russian gas, if it comes from Germany, is no longer Russian at all.

We have already gone through all this – “proletarian origin”, “ideological” as the main criteria for promotion by service. Looks like they got rid of the twists. Now the West has adopted this, albeit in its own way. The danger that we will again fall into a similar situation, but taking into account the current features, has now grown.

Only instead of a Western transgender there will be a crazy Russian turbopatriot. Because in our country this is an extremely convenient story for officials to talk about how great everything is in our country, how we can produce everything ourselves and what great fellows we are. That is, to move the “correct” views, closing their eyes to reality. And knowledge – constructive criticism – to declare machinations of enemies.

The truth will come out anyway. And Stephen King is an example for our officials – yes, he is supposed to be a Russophobe now, but he admitted the mistake.


Stephen King praised Putin’s latest actions

Stephen King. Photo:

The famous American 74-year-old writer, author of such mystical novels as The Dark Tower, The Dead Zone, The Green Mile, The Shining, Stephen King wrote a short remark, assessing the latest actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


“Mr. Putin made a serious miscalculation,” the writer tweeted.

“He forgot he was no longer dealing with Trump,” Stephen King added.

Followers of the writer's Twitter account began to actively discuss his words. So one of the commentators recalled that Russia annexed Crimea before Trump became president, and now recognized the LPR and DPR after Trump left.

“I know that your job is to write fictional stories to make a living, but supporting Joe Biden as a brutal and strong leader may be your best fictional job,” another follower wrote.


Montana of 300 – The Crow Lyrics

I get it crackin’ like eggs I’m Yeshua back from the dead
I could turn any thought into bread
I’m no Christian but I got the Edge
It gets cold when I slide like a sled
When I do so no needle and thread
Bullets flippin’ up better hit heads
Turn a coffin into your new bed
I’m hip hop’s Stephen King of Westcraven
Gotta be on my paper no gradin’
Gotta bring ’em that message like ravens
Every struggle I went through was trainin’
Every loss there’s a lesson I’m gainin’
Can’t be scared to get wet when it’s rainin’
We can’t grow if we don’t let the pain in
Don’t make excuses and don’t do no blamin’
Everyone thinks the truth’s on the canvas
But only the creator could paint it
Bitch that means only God could explain it
Wanna meet him I’ll make some arrangements
Niggas act like it’s war that they cravin’
Until I come and do an invasion
If you real say that shit to my face
And not behind my back like an apron
When I see you don’t do no explainin’
Make you eat every word you was sayin’
I just wanna see what you was thinkin’
So you already know how I’m aimin’
Point it at his head and then strike him down
Make his ass eat a light like he Raiden
Put a part in his top like it’s braidin’
When that clip hit his top he ain’t shavin’
I’m a boss, bitch I do what I choose to
Bitch I been turned like a loose screw
I don’t sell drugs but I used to
I been the connect before bluetooth
I get top from your boo in a new coupe
I could rap I look good I could shoot too
I draw when it’s sketchy plus my shooters ready
To pull that bitch out like a loose tooth
They gone edit don’t care about who’s who
Tell your kids they gon’ cry when they lose you
Put they pa on the TV like Blue’s Clues
Murder scene when we shootin’, no news crew
Bunch of blood on his shirt that ain’t prune juice
I just made his designer say suwoop
Now he need a casket and new suit
Wet him up in the morning like Fruit Loops
I got God up inside of me
Go tell the devil that I am the hottest commodity
Loyal to the Lord without a havin’ a thought of a heaven
He didn’t have to promise me
In my country my president’s prejudice
Them devils do not believe in equality
Never compromisin’ with poverty
Don’t play games with your money, Monopoly
Get a check and invest in some property
Always leave with that steel like a robbery
Fuck everyone’s feelings don’t do sugarcoatin’
It ain’t no substitute for honesty
Ever wonder if Jesus is scared
Or he got the balls to pop up like the lottery
And if God’s so forgiving
Then would he be willing to accept the devil’s apology
I know I’m a blessing I don’t come in second
My flow is from heaven, my soul is protected
This rapper’s gifted and what I’ma give to you is out of the box
Like you opening presents
Me and hip hop like Hulk Hogan and wrestling
Can’t hustle too long, gotta know when to exit
Started off trappin’ and turned it to rappin’
It’s FGE, we the new No Limit Records
Got dough with my bros off the dope I was sellin’
Had hoes gettin’ naked, got throat like a necklace
Some homies got jealous didn’t know I was destined
Only Lord knows, with that pole I was reckless
We stopped what I’m doin’ like hold up a second
No PlayStation game, I was loading that tech in
My opps caught them bullets with no interception
I shot the crap out ’em like rolling a seven
I got the key to the door
Remember when I used to sleep on the floor
No eskimo but I pack heat in my coat
It ain’t no better feeling than bein’ awoke
Acknowledging God is the reason I’m dope
Make ’em fiend for the flow that make demons get ghost
He ain’t on my level so pray for the devil
For he is the sinner that needs it the most

Trae tha Truth – FrFr (feat. Lil Durk)

[Intro: Trae Tha Truth]
For Real, For Real
For Real, For Real

[Bridge: Trae The Truth]
Countin’ money, count the hard
Got me feelin’ like a star
Niggas wanna see me scored
So I got something in the car
Way too many niggas fraud
Hatin’ me like it’s a joke
I’ll be damned if I get rolled
Cuz I’m a send they ass to God

[Hook: Trae The Truth & (Lil Durk)]
For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real

[Verse 1: Trae Tha Truth]
Niggas hate I got it locked
In these streets they say I’m hot
Bein’ Real a’ get you got
Probably something that you’re not
I just got another Glock
Tell the plug I need another block
And I don’t fuck with niggas
Niggas get you popped
That’s why I’m on the block wit hundreds and a stock
Who they tryna block? I tell them I ain’t fo’ it
Play it like I’m Curry, how could you ignore it
Hatin’ got you booked, if Stephen King had wrote it
Me I’m doin’ me, it’s something that’s important
I rep for Houston like Whitney nigga
Boy N Da Hood, ain’t no Ricky nigga
Try to picture what Audemar fit me nigga
Might just buy the whole spot cuz I’m picky nigga
Me and [?]
He make a call I’m jumpin’ out my body
Somebody get hit we like Illuminati
We push it and kick it like we do karate
Now who they gon’ try
Tell them to fly and I can get’em the crash
[?] better get your cash
Fuck nigga cut it, I ain’t talkin grass
I’m from a place where shit get hard
Everybody out wanna be stars
One on my waist, and got one in the car
Ain’t no fear, tryin’ not to get scored
Want some millions, turn out some hard
Fuck niggas it’s a full time job
Slip up, might turn up robbed
Pissed off now I’m talking to God

[Hook: Trae The Truth & (Lil Durk)]
For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real

[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
Realist nigga nothin’ less
I’m the streets and you a guest
All that hatin’ got you stressed
Bitch hate on me and get ya pressed
I just got my sack up on everybody
Might pull up trippin with everybody
Clear the block and my clip out on everybody
Not a Migo but Takeoff on everybody
Ain’t no time to try to talk and finesse
Disrespect and I’ll be at yo’ address
If I go to work, I’ll bring it right to yo desk
Ain’t no H and O I take it right to you chest
Let you make it nigga, how?
You only trap what I allow
King wit it nigga, bow
Fuck next I was now
Fuck with the Truth and shit get out of hand
If we don’t lock up I take it to your man
Do what I want all day I have a plan
I’m from the west I get you where you stand
Sick of niggas playin foul
Teach a nigga like a lecture
Run a chopper ’til it catch ya
Might just end up on a stretcher

[Bridge: Trae The Truth]
Countin’ money, count the hard
Got me feelin’ like a star
Niggas wanna see me scored
So I got something in the car
Way too many niggas fraud
Hatin’ me like it’s a joke
I’ll be damned if I get rolled
Cuz I’m a send they ass to God

[Hook: Trae The Truth & (Lil Durk)]
For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real (For Real)
For Real, For Real, For Real