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Vladimir Bortko: “Europe remembers, but we forgot”

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 01-02. Why did Kazakhstan burst into flames? 12/01/2022

“History repeats itself. During the war with Napoleon, all of Europe came against us! But the closer our army came to Paris, the more former enemies turned out to be our allies.

Who was "first violin"

Valentina Oberemko,  "AiF": Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are planning a film about Napoleon and Alexander I, about the war of 1812. But This is a story from two centuries ago! The younger generation perceives the Great Patriotic War as something from the distant past. But mostly they go to the movies. Will this topic hook them?

Vladimir Bortko: I wanted to make an 8-episode film not for cinema, but for TV and the Internet. Young people are looking at the computer screen! To learn that after the Battle of Borodino the war continued for another 2 years, and to look at the entry of our troops into Paris, I think it will be interesting for the younger generation. Unfortunately, little is said about this. Today, few people remember that before 1914, before the First World War, the entry of our troops into Paris was celebrated on the same scale as the capture of Berlin in May 1945 is now. But first, the tsarist government made friends with France, and then the Soviet government did not want to remember much about Emperor Alexander, therefore he was pushed aside by Kutuzov,, who became the main hero of the war of 1812. I do not underestimate the merits of Kutuzov, but he was far from the “first violin” in that war, it was precisely Alexander. And it seemed to me important to tell not only about how our people entered Paris, but also about two people who do not exist without each other in this story, – Alexander I does not exist without Napoleon, and Napoleon – without Alexander I.

One – military genius, leader of almost all of Europe. Second – a king with a peculiar character. Alexander was inferior to Napoleon in everything except one – perseverance and desire to defeat him, which he eventually did. That's what I wanted to make a movie about. And also – about the biggest battles of that era, from which we emerged victorious.

But it turned out that nobody needed it. There is no money for this… We are told: “Let's make a movie about our history, let's tell the younger generation what kind of people we had, what good fellows we were, set an example for them!” I would love to tell the story of our greatest victory, which we somehow forgot about. But… Do we really have such a short memory now that we only remember 100 years ago? ” height=”300″ width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

Napoleon's entry into deserted Moscow (1812) and the entry of Emperor Alexander I into Paris (1814), whose inhabitants greeted the winners on the streets. Feel the difference. Photo: reproduction/Paintings by Alexey Kivshenko

– Perhaps the realities are changing too quickly and too drastically?

– Don't you think that history keeps repeating itself? Napoleon's army gathered people from all over Europe. All of Europe was against us! And then European countries began to come over to our side. The same thing happened in 1945.

By the way, there might not have been a war with Napoleon. After all, he wooed Alexander's sister, but was refused. And if she had not refused him, world history would have taken a different path.

Once Sergey Bondarchukfilmed “War and Peace” about those events, this movie became a classic. It is difficult to find a European capital where the name of Alexander I would not be mentioned. In Berlin there is Alexanderplatz, in Paris – two streets and a bridge named after him. This is a great man recognized by the world, our compatriot! Europe remembers him, but we have forgotten. Even in St. Petersburg, not everyone knows in whose honor the column was erected at the Winter Palace, but in Moscow – why is the main temple called the Cathedral of Christ the Savior…

– We are actively studying history today, making a lot of films about the Soviet era. Will such a passion for the past do any harm?

– It doesn't matter what time they talk about, it all depends on how they talk about it. Many on the screens blame the Soviet era: how, they say, everything was bad, how the bloody ­NKVD killed everyone. Such a view of history forms in the younger generation more hatred for their country, rather than love and pride for it. Now it often sounds: patriotic education must be strengthened. But the education of patriotism – it is first of all a talented story about what you sincerely believe in. But while they are strengthening this upbringing… peculiarly.

Who needs to talk about eternity

– Last year, for the anniversary of Dostoevsky, your TV series The Idiot was shown again. Do you think Dostoevsky's work is in tune with today's time?

– In each era, a certain type of art prevails. In Ancient Egypt it was architecture, in the Middle Ages in Italy – painting. We once had a flowering of literature. But today, literature, alas, is inferior to other forms of art. People began to read less.

But there are things in literature that are consonant with any time. Tolstoy, Dostoyevskyspoke to us about the eternal, about the life of the human soul. It's always up to date.

– And Vladimir Medinsky proposed not to load children with the study of Dostoevsky at school, because he is too complicated a writer. Agree?

– This is the personal opinion of Mr. Medinsky. Of course, Dostoevsky is complicated! But it's still good if young people read it.

Do you know how literature was taught in ancient Rome? I'll tell you. There were many writers: Ovid, Virgil with Plutarch…The younger generation had to study them in order to differ from the barbarians in the level of knowledge. According to the memoirs that have come down to us, including those of the Roman emperors, those who studied poorly received a flogging. And you know, judging by the quoting of these authors by the emperors, it bore fruit. The same system existed in England. Byronflogged – for the benefit, a great writer grew up. There, the universities stopped flogging only in the last century. And things immediately went from bad to worse. I'm kidding, of course. But you need to force yourself to study, to force you to memorize the poems of the same Pushkin – necessary. Like it, don't like it, you understand, you don't understand – teach! “I remember a wonderful moment” hellip; Remember, it will come in handy: you will read it to the girl at the right time. Or you will remember your Motherland… Here, the Soviet school is remembered not only with a kind word, they say that children were drilled in it, they were strictly treated. Me and my friends were drilled. And it turned out well, we are satisfied with ourselves.

– We talked about Dostoevsky, and if we take Bulgakov, “Heart of a Dog”, which you also filmed. Is it more in tune with today's times? Do professors Preobrazhenskys, representatives of the endangered intelligentsia, still walk our streets?

– Bulgakov is easier to understand than Dostoevsky. I love one and the other. Bulgakov – a very good writer, but the level of Dostoevsky – this is the pinnacle of the human spirit.

As for the heroes, they were, are, and always will be shvonders, just like Professors Preobrazhensky. Professor Preobrazhensky – an intellectual, not a dying intelligentsia. What is intelligence? There are a lot of definitions of this term, but no one has fully understood who it is and what it is. Lenin also had a definition of the intelligentsia. I do not adhere to his point of view, but nevertheless it was written by him: "intelligentsia– not the brain of the nation, but Mr & hellip;». And today, it seems to me, there are people who also think so.


Zhugderdemidiin is on the air. What was shown on TV on New Year’s Eve 40 years ago?

Plot World history with Andrey Sidorchik

In the cartoon Winter in Prostokvashino, released in the mid-1980s, postman Pechkin said: “ In our time, the main decoration of the New Year's table is what? TV! '' Indeed, for Soviet citizens of that era, he was both entertainment and a window to the world.

The last year of the era

On December 31 and January 1, the TV in every Soviet apartment turned into a festive attribute, under which they cut salads, raised glasses of champagne, and danced, and suffered a headache after a stormy fabulous night of the change of years.

I must say that in the early 1980s, the majority of the population of the USSR had little choice. In the best case, one could count on two all-Union TV programs, as well as in some places on a local studio. But many could tune the TV set to only one program, which, accordingly, received 100% of the viewer's attention in the region.

But what exactly did Soviet citizens watch on New Year's holidays exactly 40 years ago? Thanks to the TV program on December 31, 1981 and January 1, 1982, we will take an excursion into the past.

Without knowing it, the Soviet people entered the last year of the era & mdash; & nbsp; at the end of 1982 will die Leonid Brezhnev , who led the state for 18 years. But that the most stable period in the history of the USSR is coming to an end & nbsp; and it will soon be remembered with nostalgia, then no one could have imagined.

Exercise and a film about astronauts

December 31 was a working day, and therefore the broadcast of the First TV Program of the USSR opened everyday with & mdash; & nbsp; repetition of the evening edition of the Vremya program. at 8:00. After the political information, the audience was offered a 25-minute morning gymnastics. There was not even a trace of aerobics: dressed in standard sports shorts and T-shirts, the comrades performed exercises to the accompaniment of a pianist. It all ended with the remark: “ Go to water procedures! ''

As a rule, this concerned either schoolchildren who had gone on winter holidays the day before, but pensioners & mdash; & nbsp; the rest were already on their own by nine o'clock in the morning. workplaces.

For those who stayed at home, at 9:05 am, a concert by the Snow Rainbow children's art groups awaited. At 9:35 am, viewers were offered documentaries about the flights of cosmonauts from the socialist countries. In 1981, there were two of those & mdash; & nbsp; in March at “ Soyuz-39 '' along with Vladimir Dzhanikbekov a representative of Mongolia Zhugderdemidiin Gurragcha went into orbit, and in May on Soyuz-40; Romanian Dumitru Dorin Prunariu flew with Leonid Popov .

Having received satisfaction from the successes of socialism in space exploration, the audience at 10:20 went to ballet. Swan Lake will become a symbol of coups d'état ten years later, and on December 31, 1981, another ballet of the Bolshoi Theater was shown & mdash; & nbsp; & quot; The Nutcracker & quot ;.

In the New Year & mdash; & nbsp; with academician Kapitsa!

At 12:15 p.m., a program for youth “ Start to Life '' went on the air, followed by a 10-minute concert of the orchestra of symphonic and pop music, after which the “ film '' & nbsp; children '' was offered: a picture of the director Oleg Erishev “ The life and adventures of four friends. ''

Filmed in the 1980s, the tape about the adventures of the shepherd Fram, the Airedale Bubrik, the mongrel Toshka and the cat Traffic light was very popular at that time. Voice acting of dogs and cats with the voices of people before the appearance of the program “ My own director '' was a rarity that attracted attention.

At 15:15, a film-concert was shown with the participation of the State Choreographic Ensemble “ Berezka ''. This ensemble was a real brand of the Soviet Union along with ballet, circus and Aleksandrov choir. Birch She constantly toured abroad, and it was very difficult to get to the concert of the ensemble. So it was very nice to see him on TV on New Year's Eve.

At 4:45 pm, academician Sergey Petrovich Kapitsa , the most popular scientist in the country, on the Obvious & nbsp; Incredible told the citizens about the next scientific riddles. Speculation on topics like the “ Kyshtym dwarf '' or 'Dyatlov pass' Kapitsa could not stand the spirit, being engaged in the real popularization of science. For this reason, in the 1990s, from Channel One he was asked. Sergei Petrovich himself spoke about it in an interview like this: “ Channel One '' demanded that, firstly, I smash Soviet science and, secondly, do not object to any & nbsp; pseudoscience. I refused categorically. Then I was kicked out of there … What political attitudes they had can be seen from the results of their activities. This is an intellectual defeat of Russia. Otherwise, I could not characterize their activities. ''

At the end of 1981, no one could imagine such a turn in a nightmare …

Children's drawings and a meeting with the world champion

At 17:50, the 40-minute Winter's Tale concert went on the air.

At 6:30 pm, it was time to broadcast “ In every picture there is & nbsp; sun. '' During it, children’s drawings sent to television were shown and excerpts from their letters were read. At the present time, everything was incredibly simple and naive: no struggle for prizes, no attempts to get ahead of someone. Just pictures of the guys, created from the heart.

At 18:45, when citizens returning from work rushed to conjure over jellied meat, salads and herring “ under a fur coat '', the Today in the World program began. The 25-minute review talked about how great the socialist countries live and how disgusting the animal grin of capital is. 40 years later, we can say that the observers embellished life under socialism, but they spoke the pure truth about capitalism.

At 19:10, the New Year's Eve continued with a meeting with the world chess champion Anatoly Karpov … In November 1981 in Italian Merano Karpov he confidently defeated Viktor Korchnoi & mdash; & nbsp; 6: 2, retaining the champion crown. At that time, this success in the USSR was considered significant, so the appearance of Karpov on New Year's air was absolutely justified.

Forty years ago, they also loved the “ figurine ''

At 19:50, they demonstrated a concert of the country's artistic groups called “ My Motherland. '' The short film Zigzag aired at 20:35 directed by Valery Fedoseev . A small New Year's fairy tale for adults with the participation of Natalia Saiko, Vladimir Grammatikov and Valentina Telichkina , of course, she could not interrupt the success of Irony of Fate, but she gathered her viewer.

At 21:00 the New Year's release of the Vremya program began. It told about the achievements of the country for the year, about how and where they celebrate the New Year. And in general, due to the holiday, there was less officialdom in the main news program of the USSR.

At 9:35 p.m., the “ Fun Cartoon Concert '' was shown, followed by the “ Ice Ball '' with the participation of figure skating masters. It is interesting that the tastes of the public over four decades in this regard have not changed & mdash; & nbsp; both then and now figure skating in our country was on a special account.

At 11:10 pm, the half-hour performance of the circus masters began, and at 11:40 pm the documentary “ My Country ''. It reflected the main events that took place in the USSR in 1981.

Instead of Brezhnev, the announcer Kirillov congratulated, and the most persistent waited for the “ forbidden ''

At 11:50 pm, it was time for a program called Happy New Year, Comrades! Congratulations to the Soviet people. The announcer Igor Kirillov was instructed to read the text, since Leonid Ilyich's physical form left much to be desired.

After the Chimes died down and the glasses of champagne rang out, the Blue Light began. featuring the best artists of the country.

For most of the three and a half hour show, the holiday was over. The stronger ones joined the Ballroom at 3:30, and the sweetest was served at 4:00, called Bandstand Melodies and Rhythms. At the end of New Year's Eve, semi-banned Western pop music was allowed on the air, and then those who still had the strength to start a complete separation.

New Year's morning to the ensemble of cymbalists

It is clear that only children and staunch teetotalers could see the morning broadcast on January 1, 1982. After the morning news at 8:00, everyone could listen to a concert by the ensemble of cymbalists of the Belarusian State Conservatory.

At 8:50, children who were driven away by sleeping parents could dispel boredom with the movie almanac Zvezdochka. Then, after the half-hour documentary film “ Vyatskiye Vyatki '', there was a program of cartoons.

At 10:55, the children's programs were diluted with the concert “ Creativity of the Nations of the World '', and then the incredibly popular program in the USSR began “ Visiting a Fairy Tale ''. True, the film “ Nemukhin Musicians '' director Maria Muat , shown on New Year's Eve 40 years ago, today, alas, few people remember.

At 13:00, the exemplary brass band of the USSR Ministry of Railways was brought down on the honking heads of the celebrants … After 20 minutes, the air was broadcast to Cuban television, which for an hour was vigorously celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution.

'Carnival Night' and 'Song of the Year'

At 2:20 pm it was time for poetry. Poems by Russian and Soviet poets were combined into the Winter Study program. At 14:50, the Soviet citizens finally awakened were delighted with a concert by the laureates of the IV International Ballet Competition in Moscow.

Contrary to current ideas, “ Irony of Fate '' then they didn't show it every year. But another comedy by Eldar Ryazanov appeared on the air & mdash; & nbsp; at 15:50, the broadcast of Carnival Night began.

At 17:05, viewers could see the Soviet Union through the eyes of foreign guests, and then the film-concert With a Kind Smile.

At 18:15, the second came out after Blue Light. hit of the Soviet New Year holidays & mdash; & nbsp; “ Song of the Year ''. In this case, respectively, “ Song-81 ''. On January 1, 1982, viewers could hear “ Parents' House '' performed by Lev Leshchenko , “ The Bird of Happiness ''; Nikolai Hnatyuk , “ Maestro '' from Alla Pugacheva , “ I live with my grandmother '' performed by VIA “ Verasy '' and much more.

Premiere with heart-beating Kostalevsky

After the release of the program “ Time '' Soviet TV presented the premiere of & mdash; & nbsp; a two-part film directed by Viktor Titov “ Vacation at your own expense. '' In this Soviet-Hungarian film, the favorite of Soviet women Igor Kostalevsky appeared in the form of a narcissistic handsome man who neglects the feelings of an ardent provincial woman, ready to do the impossible for him.

As a result, the Hungarian becomes the true knight of the girl Katya. Laszlo, who comes for her to distant Vekhneyarsk.

The film with the participation of Alexander Shirvindt, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Vladimir Basov, Liya Akhedzhakova, Igor Yasulovich is still popular among the older and middle generation of Russians.

New Year's holidays in the USSR were short & mdash; & nbsp; On January 2, severe weekdays began with exercises under the piano.


Who became the leader of TV air-2021?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 12/29/2021

This leader has remained unchanged for many years & nbsp; & mdash; the invariable winner is the military parade dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory, and & nbsp; other “ victorious '' programs. Even a pandemic doesn & nbsp; prevent to pay tribute to those who died fighting for the & nbsp; homeland. Also in the & nbsp; top broadcast of the European Championship in & nbsp; football and & nbsp; film and & nbsp; premieres of the year.

Title Channel Date Rating *,% Military parade dedicated to the 76th anniversary
Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941 & ndash ; 1945 First 05/09/2021 11 Victory Day. Festive channel First 05/09/2021 9,7 Football. European Championship & ndash; 2020 (Italy & ndash; England) Russia 1 07/11/2021 7,7 “ Gloomy River '' First 03/09/2021 7,1 'Mask' NTV 2.05.2021 6.9 Football. European Championship & ndash; 2020 (Russia & ndash; Denmark) First 06.21.2021 6.7 Local time Russia 1 10/26/2021 6.6 Palma Russia 1 4.11.2021 6.5 'The Last Bogatyr' & nbsp; Russia 1 1.01.2021 6.5 Football. European Championship & ndash; 2020 (Belgium & ndash; Russia) Russia 1 06/12/2021 6.07 * Rating & ndash; the average number of people who watched a TV program, expressed as a% of the total number of the studied audience.

The studied audience: population of Russia at the age of 4+ & nbsp ; & nbsp; & nbsp;
According to the Mediascope Russia project


Which concert ended up at the top of TV rankings in 2021?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 12/29/2021

Who doesn't love the songs of Victory? & Nbsp; In & nbsp; in our country, there probably are none. That is why a festive concert dedicated to Victory Day was at the & nbsp; top of the rating. Interest was also aroused by the & nbsp; project & quot; Mask & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; when celebrities perform in unusual & nbsp; costumes that hide their & nbsp; personality.


Title Channel Date Rating *,% Victory Day. Holiday Channel First 05/09/2021 9.8 Mask

NTV 2.05.2021 7.0 Voice. Children First 02/12/2021 5.3 Voice First 3.12.2021 5.1 Let them talk First 01/21/2021 4.9 Hello Andrey! Russia 1 11/20/2021 4.7 Actually First 1/12/2021 4.5 Best! First 01/01/2021 4.4 Two stars. Fathers and Sons First 11/21/2021 4.4 Field of Wonders First 02/12/2021 4.4 * Rating & ndash ; the average number of people who watched a TV program, expressed as a% of the total number of the studied audience.

The studied audience: the population of Russia in age 4+ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
According to the Mediascope Russia project


The Russians named the main politicians and those who would be called for the New Year

VTsIOM: Russians considered the politicians of the year Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Mishustin and Sergei Lavrov The main event of the year was the coronavirus pandemic for the second year in a row, they also consider the rise in prices and mass vaccinations to be important. Sociologists also found out with whom of the politicians Russians would like to celebrate the New Year

Vladimir Putin

Russians consider the coronavirus pandemic and the rise in prices to be the main events of the past year, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) found out … Such answers were given by 39% and 37% of respondents, respectively.

When asking this question, sociologists asked the respondents to choose from the offered answers or to name an alternative. The third place was taken by the mass vaccination against COVID-19, 35% of respondents chose this answer.

Politician of the Year for Russians, there is still Russian President Vladimir Putin & mdash; his name was mentioned by 38% of the respondents. Last year, Putin also led the way on this issue & mdash; c38%. In 2019, this answer was more popular than & mdash; 46% of respondents named him the politician of the year in Russia. Like last year, Mikhail Mishustin and Sergei Lavrov followed, with 17% each. Compared to last year, Mishustin's popularity remained at the same level, but Lavrov's name was mentioned more often: in 2020, only 9% of respondents gave such an answer.

The top five politicians also included Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (8%) and opposition leader Alexei Navalny (5%), who is serving a sentence in the Yves Rocher case. in correctional colony No. 2 in the Vladimir region after replacing the suspended sentence with a real one. Last year, Navalny did not enter the top 5 politicians of the year, taking only sixth place.

Sociologists also asked Russians a question about which of the politicians they would like to invite to the festive table for the New Year.

Vladimir Putin is in the lead by a large margin in answers to this question, this answer was given by every fifth Russian (21%). Another 9% of respondents would like to see Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the festive table. 5% of Russians would not refuse to celebrate the holiday with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, as much as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

An equal percentage of respondents would like to spend the New Year with Lavrov and Navalny & mdash; 3% each, respectively.

What was this year and what they expect from the next

Russians are optimistic about the future: more than half of the respondents (70%) believe that the year will be successful or good for them personally, 52% & mdash; for the country and 46% & mdash; for the world as a whole.

Half of Russians on New Year's Eve feel joy and expect a change for the better, 19% feel calm and confident. 16% of respondents told sociologists that they were tired, 14% – & mdash; that are in excitement. 9% of respondents are sad, they are disappointed & mdash; 7%.

At the same time, “ good '' or 'successful' 45% of respondents named this year for themselves and their families personally, and 53% believe that difficulties predominated in their lives or that the year was very difficult.

This is a higher 'score' than last New Year's Eve. Then two-thirds of Russians (66%) believed that the outgoing year was difficult for them and their families: 30% of respondents called it very bad, another 36% – & mdash; rather difficult. More likely, only 33% of respondents called the year a good or successful year for themselves and their families.

The best films and TV series

  • The best new films Russians consider the film Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve and 'Heaven' Igor Kopylov. 'Dune' & mdash; This is the first part of the film adaptation of the 1965 novel of the same name by the writer Frank Herbert, it is considered the film of the year by 2% of Russians. Sky talk about military pilots in Syria (also 2%). The Russians called the military-historical thriller T-34 the best films of 2020. and the comedy Serf.
  • The best TV series years, Russians consider the “ Trace '', “ Secrets of the investigation '' and Vertinsky. These series were named the best by 3% of Russians. The first two of them were in the lead both in 2020 and in 2019.

Media personalities and resources

  • Musicians of the Year & mdash; Alexander Gradsky (9%), Philip Kirkorov (5%), Denis Matsuev (3%). Leadership of Gradskiy & mdash; short story of this year, last year the Russians named Philip Kirkorov (6%) at 4% & mdash; Nikolai Baskov and Denis Matsuev.
  • Actors of the Year & mdash; Konstantin Khabensky (4%), Alexander Petrov (3%), Sergey Bezrukov (3%), actresses & mdash; Maria Shukshina (3%) and Yulia Peresild (2%).
  • The three journalists of the year have not changed since last year: they are Vladimir Soloviev (5%), Yury Dud (4% ), as well as Olga Skabeeva.
  • The most popular bloggers in 2021, according to Russian Internet users, were Yuri Dud (5%), Danya Milokhin (3%) and Mikhail Litvin (2%), and the most popular TV shows & mdash; “ Voice '' (5%), '60 minutes' (4%) and 'Field of Miracles' (3%).
  • Three Russian authors scored more than 2% of meaningful responses in the category writer of the year. These are Zakhar Prilepin, Viktor Pelevin, and also Alexander Pushkin. Pelevin and Pushkin were not included in the top 3 popular writers last year.

VTsIOM conducted a telephone survey in December, involving 1.6 thousand people over 18 years old. The maximum statistical error with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%

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He ran away to Lukashenka. Polish soldier asked for asylum in Belarus

The Polish-Belarusian confrontation on the & nbsp; border, associated with the & nbsp; migration crisis, has received a new, rather unexpected turn. A soldier of the Polish army from the & nbsp; number of the contingent involved in & nbsp; strengthening the border guard from & nbsp; migrants went over to & nbsp; the Belarusian side.

“A soldier was stopped in the & nbsp; border strip”

& laquo; On December 16 & nbsp; at & nbsp; 17: 50 near the Belarusian-Polish border at the & nbsp; section of the Tushemlya frontier post of the Grodno border group, a Belarusian border guard in the & nbsp; border strip stopped a serviceman of the Polish Armed Forces Chechko Emil Born in 1996, & nbsp; & mdash; said in the & nbsp; message posted on the & nbsp; official website of the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, & nbsp; & mdash; The man said that he was a serviceman of the 11 & nbsp; Mazurian Artillery Regiment of the 16 & nbsp; Pomeranian Mechanized Division named after King Casimir, parts of which were transferred to ensure the protection of the border with & nbsp; Belarus during & nbsp; the period of the state of emergency on & nbsp; border territories of Poland. In & nbsp; in connection with & nbsp; disagreement with & nbsp; the policy of Poland regarding the migration crisis and & nbsp; practice of inhumane treatment of refugees, the soldier asked for political asylum in the & nbsp; Republic of Belarus & raquo ;.

The headquarters of the 16th mechanized division of the Troops & nbsp; the city of Olsztyn in the north of Poland. The & nbsp; composition of the division includes the 16th command battalion, 9th armored cavalry brigade, 15th and & nbsp; 20th mechanized brigades, 15th air defense regiment, 16th rear regiment, and & nbsp; also 11th artillery regiment, in & nbsp ; which and & nbsp; served Emil Chechko.

The regiment's permanent base is the settlement of Vengorzhevo & nbsp; & mdash; a popular city with & nbsp; tourists not far from the & nbsp; border with & nbsp; Kaliningrad region of Russia. The artillery unit entered the & nbsp; number of forces that the Polish command used in & nbsp; operations against migrants on the & nbsp; border with & nbsp; Belarus.

'No serviceman was detected'

Journalist of the TV channel “ Belarus & nbsp; 1 '' Ksenia Lebedeva published a photo taken during an interview with a serviceman. “ I talked to & nbsp; Emil. Wait for exclusive & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; She reported.

In & nbsp; within a few hours after the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus officially announced the & nbsp; transition of a Polish serviceman to the & nbsp; territory of the country and & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; his appeal on & nbsp; about granting political asylum, the Ministry of Defense of Poland kept silence.

The headquarters of the 16th mechanized division had to take the rap. Initially, a message appeared on Twitter of the unit about the & nbsp; death of a soldier of the 11th Artillery Regiment, which was then hastily removed.

Then they published a message, which they adhere to and & nbsp; now: “ While completing tasks on the & nbsp; border, the absence of a soldier of the 16th mechanized division was discovered. Immediately, a large-scale search operation was undertaken, & nbsp; which involved the military and & nbsp; all operating at the & nbsp; border of the service. The investigation continues. '' Media information about & nbsp; alleged escape of a soldier in & nbsp; Belarus & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said in the & nbsp; statement.

Escape from under the minister's nose

It looked rather ridiculous against the & nbsp; background of a photo published by a Belarusian journalist with a & nbsp; soldier, and & nbsp; also the words about & nbsp; that the defector had already given an interview. But, obviously, official Warsaw now needs time to work out a line of conduct in the & nbsp; current situation.

It is known that Chechko is not a rookie. Judging by & nbsp; his dated photographs, he & nbsp; served in the & nbsp; Polish Army for no less than two years.

Polish edition “ Gazeta Wyborcza '' writes: “ The escape took place almost at & nbsp; the same time when Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak was in & nbsp; Sokolka, about & nbsp; ten kilometers from & nbsp; the Polish-Belarusian border. In the & nbsp; area of ​​the famous local sanctuary, he handed over new command vehicles to the 16th division. ''

That & nbsp; is actually a Polish soldier left literally from under the nose of his own Minister of Defense. It is now incredibly difficult to hold a blow to the Polish security forces who spoke about the & nbsp; unity of the ranks against the & nbsp; background of the “ hybrid aggression of Belarus and & nbsp; Russia ''. Because of this and & nbsp; there is a denial of the obvious.

The account of the Polish Ministry of Defense quotes the words of the commander of the 16th division, General Krzysztowa Radomski: “ I do not & nbsp; confirm information about & nbsp; that a soldier escaped. ''

“They just don't & nbsp; want to admit that the soldier escaped”

However, it was not possible to avoid recognizing the obvious. RMF24 & nbsp; reported: “ The soldier left his pistol in the & nbsp; unit. Then he & nbsp; went over to the & nbsp; Belarusian side and & nbsp; was detained in the & nbsp; border strip. Co-workers described the fugitive as problematic. He had a few days before the & nbsp; end of his service.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, who came to & nbsp; after the first shock, wrote on the & nbsp; social network: & nbsp; the soldier who disappeared yesterday had serious problems with & nbsp; the law, and & nbsp; he & nbsp; filed an application for & nbsp; dismissal from the army. & Nbsp; It was & nbsp; was mistakenly directed to the & nbsp; service on the & nbsp; border. I & nbsp; already demanded an explanation of who is to blame. ''

“ I & nbsp; deserted through the barbed wire, tore my pants and & nbsp; hurt my hand, & nbsp; & mdash; told in the meantime on the & nbsp; air of the TV channel & bdquo; Belarus & nbsp; 1 & ldquo; Emil Chechko himself, & nbsp; & mdash; They just don't & nbsp; want to admit that the soldier has escaped. The only thing in & nbsp; their & nbsp; powers & nbsp; & mdash; to make & nbsp; me the worst person, to tell that I & nbsp; created problems. ” p>

'Was under the influence of marijuana'

Realizing that Chechko's revelations could have devastating consequences for the ruling Law and Justice party in & nbsp; Poland, the official Warsaw began to publish information that should prove that a soldier of the Polish Army & nbsp; & mdash; standing on the border & nbsp; just a criminal.

“Gazeta Vyborcha” reports: “ According to & nbsp; unofficial information, this serviceman was arrested on & nbsp; last Saturday in & nbsp; Gizhytsko for & nbsp; drunk driving, & nbsp; he had almost 1.5 ppm and & nbsp; he was under the influence of marijuana. After this event, he & nbsp; returned to & nbsp; service on the & nbsp; Polish-Belarusian border.

How is this possible, you ask? But & nbsp; is not the & nbsp; limit & nbsp; & mdash; the panicked Polish minister Blaszczak wrote that Chechko … resigned from the & nbsp; army. How does all this fit with & nbsp; data published by the Polish security forces earlier? Yes & nbsp; no way. In the & nbsp; conditions of the prevailing panic, it is impossible to save face from the officials and & nbsp; generals.

“ Lukashenko beats Blaszczak as a 3-year-old child ''

Meanwhile, the Poles are actively discussing what happened in social networks:

“ The boy was too decent to take part in & nbsp; criminal activities & nbsp; Rights & & nbsp; Justice & quot;

He & nbsp; chose an easier mode '

' Super! I 'admire courage'

'Lukashenko beats Blashchak as a 3-year-old child'

'Our party is following the right line'

'Oh. Cool. Understand. But & nbsp; why in & nbsp; Belarus? & Raquo;

It's too early to put an end to this story. Surely from both sides we will & nbsp; hear a lot more interesting things.


Leadership responsibility. Experts on the role of influencers in solving social problems

December 3 at the site of the International Forum of Civil Participation #MYVMESTE “ Russian Media Group '' held a plenary session on Popularity as a Tool for Solving Social Problems. It became part of the holding's partnership with the # WEVMESTE All-Russian Mutual Aid Campaign.

# WEVMESTE & ndash; This is a large-scale all-Russian action of mutual assistance, created to support the elderly and people with limited mobility, as well as doctors, employees of social institutions of NGOs and others in need of the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Russian Media Group, for which the ESG agenda and the topic of social responsibility became key in 2021, actively joined the project.

In the plenary session held by the Russian Media Group singer, TV presenter Anna Sedokova, Soviet and Russian TV journalist Alexander Gurnov, general director of VTsIOM Valery Fedorov, radio and TV presenter Alla Dovlatova, general director of the ANO Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives, head of the Tavrida art cluster Sergey Pershin, director of new business development, Sbermarketing Gabriel Gordeev, actress and TV presenter Elena Borshcheva. The discussion was moderated by the Managing Director of the Russian Media Group. Dmitry Mednikov. & nbsp;

Understanding its social responsibility as a media, Russian Media Group actively raises the topic of the role of opinion leaders in the formation of public culture and worldview of the audience.

The panellists discussed the nature of popularity, what responsibility it imposes on opinion leaders, and how much the structure of influencer has changed in connection with the emergence of social networks.

“ Why do we imitate celebrities, listen to them? & ndash; the discussion was opened by VTsIOM General Director Valery Fedorov … & ndash; A person wants to be loved and successful. And the attractive images of the people we see on the screens show us those who have succeeded, who have independence, their own opinion. And the audience has a desire to repeat the actions of celebrities, the romanticization of these actions. In addition, influencers & ndash; they are living real people, not abstract institutions, and this inspires confidence. And we are faced with the question: how to include celebrity in socially useful affairs? ''

Influence of influencers on youth

As Valery Fedorov noted, many people try to become an opinion maker for the sake of monetization, which, however, turns influencer into a marketable product and creates the risk of devaluation of their personal brand. The need to restore the image of independence and independence – the first incentive for a leader of public opinion to do good deeds. & nbsp;

The General Director of VTsIOM also spoke about the important role of influencers in initiating an intense discussion about new complex phenomena, to which society does not have an unambiguous attitude.

“ In England, the monarchy personifies integrity, & ndash; told about the example of Britain Soviet and Russian TV journalist Alexander Gurnov. & nbsp; & ndash; They will go to fight for her, she is a symbol of the country's inviolability. And influence through trust is more important than influence through noise, hype. And to gain trust & ndash; the main thing is not to lie. “

” Our traditions are very rich, but there are problems with ethics and aesthetics, ” took the floor general & nbsp; director of ANO “ Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives '', head of the art cluster “ Tavrida '' Sergey Pershin. & ndash; There is something in us that makes us follow the principles of the international. Destroy to the ground and build a new world on the rubble. But this leads to zeroing, mangles ethics and aesthetics. And a great responsibility lies with public people, who must find the time to broadcast certain values ​​and attitudes. ''

“ In Tavrida '' now the largest cluster for creative youth is being created, & ndash; told the managing director of the Russian Media Group Dmitry Mednikov … & ndash; Everything that we are discussing now is concentrated there. And next year we are planning to hold our largest “ Music Casting '' there.

“ If you are endowed with such a responsibility as popularity, you have to think every day if you are doing everything right, & ndash; the presenter of “ Russian Radio '' shared her look Alla Dovlatova . & ndash; As Vyacheslav Fetisov said : if your poster is hanging in a child's room, no negative about you should come out into the public space. Yes, today young guys respect someone who earns a lot and looks for positive traits in him, he gets a credit of trust. We can probably guide our children. But young people want to see not a system of prohibitions, but a system of reward. ''

“Children choose for themselves what they like and what & ndash; no. And they can figure it out without our help, & ndash; singer Anna Sedokova agreed with the radio host . & ndash; Social media is of enormous importance today. When I was growing up, in order to show the song to the producer, I had to go to Moscow and watch the Kremlin. And now, when Valeria has a new song, you play it on the piano, mark Valeria & ndash; and if you are talented, Joseph Prigogine sees you. Modern digitalization has reduced the distance. ” The radio host and the singer hugged in a gesture of reconciliation, reminding the audience of the importance of weighing every word when you are a public person.

“ The audience loves you or does not love you, but treats you as a kind of trigger when it is necessary to make a decision , for example to buy something, & ndash; says Director of New Business Development Sbermarketing Gabriel Gordeev. & ndash; You need to understand that any of your words in social networks work for a long time and can “ backfire '' and after 10 years. ''
& nbsp;


“Reading” is akin to the word “honor.” Vitkovsky – about the troubles of school education

Over the past hundred years, more than 350 films about schools and teachers have been created in our country. And how many books have been written & mdash; & nbsp; not to count or read. But it was the last novel about school, teachers, children and parents, recently published by the Moscow publishing house Veche, that attracted the attention of readers. The dramatic story of an ordinary modern teacher of the Russian language and literature touched my soul, made me empathize and think. The title of the book is already intriguing: Pelicansha. Teacher & mdash; & nbsp; tawny bird. & Nbsp;

Together with AiF the author of & mdash; & nbsp; writer, candidate of psychological sciences Alexander Vitkovsky reflects on the problems of our education

Yulia Ilyina, AiF: Everything is clear with Pelikansha & mdash; & nbsp; this is the nickname of a school teacher. But what does the owl have to do with it? As far as I remember, an owl & mdash; & nbsp; is an owl & hellip;

Alexander Vitkovsky : Yes, in the modern sense of the word. But in the XIV & ndash; XVI centuries for the Russians, the owl & mdash; it is also a pelican or, as they used to say then & mdash; baba bird. Since those ancient times, the legend has lived that in a moment of danger she hides chicks in her beak. There is also a biblical story: if a snake stings a fledgling offspring, then an owl spreads its wings, beats itself in the chest with its beak and sprinkles dying babies with its blood, restoring life. Therefore, in Christian iconography, Jesus Christ sometimes appears in the form of a pelican, and it is not for nothing that the Messiah was called the Teacher. This meaning: the teacher is a selfless bird, is embedded in the subtext of the whole story. By the way, the Crystal Pelican & mdash; & nbsp; award to the best Russian teachers. & Nbsp;

& mdash; Just as a village cannot stand without a righteous man, there can be no school without good teachers.

& mdash; There are many wonderful teachers, but in recent years it has become more and more difficult for them to work. I'm not talking about preparing for lessons and checking exercise books & mdash; & nbsp; it has always been. Today, the administrative press is increasing, the hourly workload is growing, the ninth wave of bureaucratic and simply useless papers that every teacher must draw up has risen, the pursuit of ostentatious ratings is on the verge of strain. In general, there is no time left to work with children. Add to this the often unjustified pressure on teachers from parents, and now boorish behavior of students is no longer a rarity. In the current school, the status of a teacher is slightly higher than a cleaning lady and lower than a security guard. Pedagogical work has become a field of educational services: come-go-fetch. What quality of education and upbringing can we talk about in these conditions?

& mdash; But in international educational rankings Russia is not in last place.

& mdash; I agree, somewhere in the center, but still closer to the tail. The nuance is that these are ratings of developing countries, and not of leading states, where the emergence of Russia is more the exception than the rule. Remember, but not so long ago the Soviet Union held the world championship in this indicator.

& mdash; & nbsp; But now teachers receive high salaries.

& mdash; & nbsp; By and large, it is not that high. Officials from education, school administrations and those teachers who carry two loads – 36 hours a week, or even more – get good money. This is at least seven throat forty-five minutes every day, plus preparation for lessons, checking notebooks, filling out electronic journals, meetings, reports, courses, webinars, and even a cart and a small cart of various things. But after all, almost every teacher also has his own family, his own children and even grandchildren, but they do not have any energy or time left for them. The heroine of my book compared the workload and salary of a school teacher in tsarist Russia at the end of the & nbsp; XIX & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; at the beginning of the 20th century with the current situation. A very curious picture turned out. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

What does the president think about this?

& mdash; If President Vladimir Putin is concerned about education and upbringing, then the problem is really ripe.

& mdash; & nbsp; At a recent meeting with the government, the President of the Russian Federation clearly stated that the main enemies of Russia & mdash; & nbsp; poverty, problems in health care and education. At a video meeting with the public, he proposed declaring 2023 the Year of the Teacher in our country and stressed the need to increase teachers' salaries. Wonderful! But just don't forget about it and talk about a good idea. There has already been a precedent. By decree of Vladimir Putin, 2007 was declared the Year of the Russian Language in Russia. So what? The stakes were raised for teachers of foreign languages, and the teachers of the Russian language and literature were forgotten. Now many teachers believe that it is necessary to significantly increase the salary for the rate of & mdash; & nbsp; 18 hours. This will save you from double loads, will allow you to devote more time to individual educational work with children.

& mdash; & nbsp; The President also said that a program will be developed for the construction of new and overhaul of old ones, primarily , rural schools.

& mdash; & nbsp; Yes, the government has already promised to allocate over 74 billion rubles for the construction of new schools in 34 regions of the country. Within the framework of the state program “ Development of education '' for these purposes in 2021 – 2024 234.7 billion rubles are planned from the federal budget. This should have been done for a long time, since over the past two decades, 28 thousand mostly rural schools have been closed in Russia; as part of the flawed optimization, some schools have been merged and even merged with kindergartens.

& mdash; & nbsp; The Russian leader did not ignore such a scrupulous position as the difference in the quality of education.

& mdash; & nbsp; It's not only about the quality of the knowledge gained by students in urban and rural schools. It's no secret to anyone that there are a very small number of elite schools for the elite, and all the rest are for the crowd, okhlos, rogue. But one of the main humanitarian aspects of education lies precisely in the fact that education should smooth out, and not increase the already enormous inequality of the population in terms of property. And first of all this concerns Russia.

& mdash; & nbsp; The statements of far from the last persons of Russian business that graduates of schools and universities do not need knowledge and skills, but only skills are shocking.

& mdash; & nbsp; Let's start with the fact that without knowledge there are no skills, and without skills there are no skills. I also get the impression that, at the suggestion of the financial and oligarchic elite, advanced education managers are striving to make our children obedient and primitive biorobots, capable of only stupidly performing the simplest functions. And how can one fail to recall our contemporary, the brilliant English scientist and humanist Stephen Hawking. Shortly before his death, he expressed fear that the oligarchs would usurp the education system, subjugating the whole world for the sake of their own business interests, the purpose of which is & mdash; & nbsp; personal enrichment.

The concept of one of the former ministers of education is still in trend: to educate and educate advanced consumers who are able to skillfully use the results of the creativity of others. And who are these others? Where to get these creators and creators? After all, in order to use something, you need to create something. And an advanced consumer can only professionally poke a finger into the icons of a fancy smartphone. And more & mdash; & nbsp; nothing. But you can teach a hamster this too …

& mdash; & nbsp; “ To work out the issue and ensure a reduction in the number of control and verification work in general educational organizations '', & mdash; & nbsp; this is again a quote from the president.

& mdash; & nbsp; Control of knowledge at the entrance and control at the exit & mdash; & nbsp; the elementary truth of monitoring the effectiveness of the educational process. But now hourly control works are carried out not so much to find out the level of mastery of the material passed by schoolchildren, but to increase the rating of the school, district, city and useless bulky reporting to higher authorities.

& mdash; & nbsp; There are constant talks about canceling the exam …

& mdash; & nbsp; The question is complex and ambiguous. For & nbsp; 13 & nbsp; years, the content of the unified state examination is qualitatively changing for the & nbsp; better. It is time to introduce new, less stressful and more democratic forms of conducting it and checking children's work. The other thing is bad: preparation for the & nbsp; Unified State Exam is increasingly going into the sphere of tutoring and is turning from & nbsp; training into & nbsp; elementary coaching. And yet, the main plus of the & nbsp; USE allowed talented graduates from the & nbsp; hinterland to enter the & nbsp; best universities of the country without patronage and & nbsp; bribes. But & nbsp; every psychologist knows: even the most ingenious test cannot objectively assess knowledge. Testing will give an adequate and & nbsp; reliable result only in & nbsp; complex with & nbsp; an interview & nbsp; eye to & nbsp; eyes.

& mdash; & nbsp; The President proposed to create the TV show Teacher of the Year starting in 2022.

& mdash; & nbsp; In the lessons of good teachers, there are always elements of the show. But working at school is & mdash; & nbsp; hard work every day. Will there be time for the TV show? If this is just another pop telepsy all over the country with tired media faces and annoying advertisements & mdash; & nbsp; then better not. If a wise, exciting and thoughtful program about the work of teachers & mdash; & nbsp; God help you. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; Forced distance learning prompted the idea that teachers will soon be a thing of the past & mdash; & nbsp; they will be replaced by devices, neuronet and digital technologies.

& mdash; & nbsp; In this regard, the great Einstein remarked back in the last century: “ I am afraid that the day will surely come when technology will surpass simple human communication. And then the world will have a generation of idiots. ” Unfortunately, this process has already started. Gadgets are replacing normal human communication in everyday life, and teachers & mdash; & nbsp; from the learning process. Soon we will descend to ancient Greece, where the slave who accompanied the young patrician to the gymnasium was called the teacher.

& mdash; & nbsp; But Vladimir Putin spoke about the main curricula using e-learning and distance learning technologies.

& mdash; The covid remoteness clearly showed a far from rosy result of the current state of digitalization and cyber learning for the vast majority of our schoolchildren. Many teachers are not ready for this either. Only a third of teachers have the necessary level of knowledge of digital computer technologies and programs, and are proficient in distance learning techniques. In addition, & nbsp; less than half of the students have the necessary computer and software at their disposal. However, I don't want to seem like a retrograde. Among other topics, my book also talks about how wonderful the current school education could become at the junction of the achievements of domestic pedagogy, modern teaching methods and digital computer technologies. & Nbsp;

& laquo; What is education & mdash; & nbsp; & nbsp; so is the ending & raquo; & nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; Finally, we come to the discussion of the new book. It has everything & mdash; & nbsp; plot unusual in content and form, exciting stories from the life of a modern school, interesting facts from the past and present, a combination of the real, the fantastic and even the biblical-mystical. But why does the narrative have such a tragic ending?

& mdash; & nbsp; What is education & mdash; & nbsp; so is the ending. However, I would not call the ending of the book tragic black. There is also a glimmer of sunlight at the end of the tunnel. The main thing is that it does not turn out to be another mirage.

& mdash; & nbsp; Surely every reader will remember two teachers: the old, forgotten pensioner Queen Agrippa and the main character & mdash; & nbsp; Pelicansha. Are these literary portraits of specific people?

& mdash; Yes and no. Of course, these are generalized images. But they reflect the real traits of many teachers, whom I know well, the events of their school and personal life. The wise teacher Agrippa, that is, Agrippina Vasilievna & mdash; & nbsp; is the embodiment and symbol of the bygone Soviet school. Pelikansha & mdash; & nbsp; Anastasia Alexandrovna & mdash; & nbsp; the personification of how wonderful a modern Russian school could be. Alas, it hasn't worked yet.

In general, the artistic image of a woman of the XXI century is still only being formed in modern domestic literature. What will it be? Do not know. But Pelicansha & mdash; & nbsp; experience of creating such an image.

& mdash; & nbsp; In modern literature, you rarely find linguistic diversity. In the book, on the one hand, there is an accurate and figurative author's language, Russian poetic classics, wise teachers' dialogues, even high-intensity journalism. And then there is a thug Fenya, Anglicisms, Ukrainian MOV, pseudoscientific nonsense, bureaucratic newspeak and a completely separate song & mdash; & nbsp; modern school slang. Not to mention “ for the Odessa surzhik '' & mdash; & nbsp; David Gotsman, Fima-Poluzhid and Aunt Pesya from the series Liquidation from envy nervously seeds on the sidelines peel & hellip; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; And that's all & mdash; & nbsp; our modern Russian language is “ on the verge of a nervous breakdown '' in all its beauty and ugliness. Linguists are already arguing about terminology: is it a “ Russian Volapuk '' & mdash; & nbsp; artificial language, consisting of a mixture of fenny, mat, foreign language and slang; or “ pidgin rushen '' & mdash; & nbsp; primitive speech for forced communication between societies speaking mutually incomprehensible languages; or some other gibberish called quasi-russoyaz. And the language of the books & mdash; & nbsp; is a reflection of our speech life.

& mdash; & nbsp; For whom was Pelicansha & hellip; written? Who will be interested in this novel?

& mdash; & nbsp; For everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of domestic school education. & nbsp; Now there are 41,350 schools in Russia, where seventeen million children study and one million one hundred thousand teachers work. And then there are mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers of our students. For all of them, young and old, I wrote this book. And I am glad that the novel finds its reader. I receive kind letters from teachers and parents on my e-mail and Skype, and I try to answer everyone.

& mdash; & nbsp; Circulation of Pelicanshi & hellip; & raquo; 1200 copies in total.

& mdash; & nbsp; Yes, during the period of Soviet stagnation, even regional publishing houses published dozens of titles of books, 60-80 and even 100 thousand copies per year, and the circulation of all-Union publishing houses rose to a million. A book with a circulation of 25 thousand was considered a bibliographic rarity as soon as it left the printing house. People raved about books, stood in line for days for a subscription, read in transport, in the evenings, at night. But at present, 1200 copies are & mdash; & nbsp; very decent circulation, although this is less than 15 copies for each of the 85 regions of our country. Add to that the high retail and online sales prices. But the main thing & mdash; & nbsp; our contemporaries lack of desire to read. Even students of philological faculties go to take exams in Russian and foreign literature, having familiarized themselves only with the summary of many program works on the Internet. After that, it is hard to believe that Russia is a reading country.

& mdash; & nbsp; Where else was the book published?

& mdash; & nbsp; Completely, unfortunately, nowhere. Chapter 'Queen Agrippa' saw the light at the stage of creating a novel in the Irkutsk literary and art magazine Siberia. Another chapter is currently being prepared for release in the Moscow magazine Our Contemporary.

& mdash; & nbsp; Perhaps the book will be read and thought by leaders of all levels of the education system. & Nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; Reading good books is always beneficial. By the way, let me remind you: in the Old Russian language, the word “ reading '' akin to honor.


Can a lie detector be tricked? Everything you didn’t know about the polygraph spoke with forensic expert, polygraph examiner Dmitry Zinoviev and found out what kind of people turn to the help of a lie detector, and whether it is possible to deceive him.

Nadezhda Uvarova, AIF: Dmitry, who are they & mdash; your clients? & nbsp;

Dmitry Zinoviev: & nbsp; For research using a polygraph, investigating authorities and courts apply to & ndash; those whose competence is to establish truth and justice. And also employers who need to either select and screen candidates for the position, or conduct an internal investigation of significant events: theft, malpractice, disclosure of confidential information. Basically & nbsp; checks for the presence of various kinds of addictions, involvement in some types of crimes. Ordinary people also come when they select personnel to work in the house, on suspicion of adultery. Or if a child over 14 years of age is suspected of having addictions. Also, a polygraph may be required when entering military service.

It is important to say here that voluntary consent to verification is mandatory. Without this consent, the polygraph procedure will not be carried out. Also, you cannot carry out the procedure in relation to children under & nbsp; 14 years old, people with mental illness or disorders, with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases in the acute stage, as well as pregnant women.

For each call & mdash; & nbsp; history, which is to be clarified using the results of the polygraph examiner's work. Somewhere big money and the company's success are at stake, somewhere personal safety and comfort. But & nbsp; in general & nbsp; at the center is always human life.

& mdash; & nbsp; Does the detector have one hundred percent correct result?

& mdash; & nbsp; Science claims : The accuracy of the result ranges from 85% to 95%. Obviously, the results of a polygraph are more accurate than checking a job seeker or household helper using his natal chart or horoscope of the zodiac sign.

& mdash; & nbsp; How is the testing process going? Like on TV, fast and easy?

& mdash; & nbsp; Each research begins with a stage called the pre-test conversation. We establish contact, adapt the subject to the environment, clarify the person's condition and explain the testing procedure and rules. If a person agrees to be tested, then we talk about biography, health, hobbies, recall the topic of the research (what questions will be asked about). This conversation helps to relieve tension, relieve feelings of fear. After that, the polygraph examiner discusses the topics of the questions with the expert so that they are understandable and do not cause unexpected reactions: anger, surprise, misunderstanding. Then the specialist explains the procedure itself: during the polygraph test, all questions are asked only after a preliminary discussion; tests are voiced several times (from 3 to 5), the questions will be the same, but in a different order. Usually, during testing, several tests are presented, consisting of 5-15 questions, and all of them are discussed in advance with the subject. Then, instructions are given on the procedure for conducting polygraph testing, the polygraph examiner installs the sensors on the body and presents an introductory test, the questions of which were previously discussed. They must be answered clearly: yes or no. After each test, a break is taken for 1 to 2 minutes. During the test, the subject should get comfortable, sit quietly. A break is announced to satisfy natural needs so as not to overwork the person and not distort his reactions for the polygraph.

The entire testing procedure takes place using audio and video recording. This is necessary to record the study and its results. & Nbsp;

& mdash; How long does the testing process take?

& mdash; The optimal duration of the procedure is from 2 to 4 hours, on average about 2.5 hours.

If the research concerns a large volume of tasks, then it is carried out in stages on different days. The ideal conditions for polygraph testing are considered to be the morning after quality sleep and a light breakfast of the subject.

& mdash; & nbsp; How much does the service cost for the customer?

& mdash; & nbsp ; The cost of the study varies depending on the tasks: their number, volume, as well as the status of the polygraph examiner & mdash; & nbsp; expert or specialist. On average, research costs about 30,000 rubles.

& mdash; & nbsp; Which tests are the most difficult for you?

& mdash; & nbsp; The worst category of cases & mdash; & nbsp; cases of child abuse. But fear is replaced by a desire to help the investigating authorities and the court to sort out this case and find the truth. It is also difficult to seek the truth when people, after a while, change their testimony to the opposite. And here polygraph testing comes to the rescue, which can be combined with psychological and linguistic research. After one of these studies, my colleagues and I saw an expert on one of the TV shows, where he tried to prove that he had slandered an acquaintance who had been convicted of a crime. Although the research carried out indicated the involvement of the convicted person in the crime.

& mdash; & nbsp; Were there any funny stories?

& mdash; & nbsp; From a curious, I recall the following case: a woman asked for a polygraph test, whose husband found a video on a famous porn site allegedly with her participation in the interior of their apartment. In the video, the woman's face was not visible, only her body with her partner. But the curbstone in the corner and the color of the walls of the room in which the action took place became a reinforced concrete argument for the husband of the customer. The woman could not independently convince her husband of her innocence, and our experts in video technical expertise could not convince him either. Therefore, she applied for a polygraph test and was able to prove to her husband that the porn actress was not her. We do not know how their family life developed, but they left us holding hands.

Quite often, polygraph examiners are asked to investigate thefts. And sometimes it is enough for the security service of an organization to get our consent to research in order to uncover a whole chain of thefts: people themselves tell the truth, knowing that it will be revealed anyway. In this way, we have helped several businesses preserve their money and reputation.

I remember a case related to the investigation of the disappearance of a pet. The family was very worried that their dear dog was gone. Therefore, all family members were ready to undergo a polygraph. As a result, it turned out that the grandmother of the family knew about the disappearance of the pet. Subsequently, the customers said that they found the dog in one of the dog shelters.

& mdash; & nbsp; Are the subjects deceiving?

& mdash; & nbsp; I am always impressed by the dissonance of appearance and personality. For example, a person is being interviewed for an important position in a large company. Looks pretty decent, well-groomed. And during the study it turns out that he has long been addicted to alcohol or drugs. With this addiction, the interview does not end in his favor. It's always sad that addictions are destroying someone's dream.

There was one story that our company calls the Button Puncture. A large corporation was looking for a top manager. During the interview, the polygraph examiner had to ask questions from the HR department. But, as expected, control questions are asked first, to which the answer is known, in order to calibrate the equipment and set control points. At this moment, the polygraph recorded absolutely inadequate reactions. At first I thought it was a hardware problem, but some of the answers were fixing as they should & nbsp; under standard procedure. Then I asked the question head-on, is the candidate trying to deceive us by using an object that causes pain? And he explained: if he decided to use a movie trick such as a button in a boot under the heel, then without practice it will not work. To deceive, you need control of pain, pulse, knowledge of how to apply pressure, so that the polygraph would consider it a normal reaction, and most importantly – & mdash; repeated workouts, where every mistake is recorded, and then the person tries again and again. As a result, & nbsp; the subject gave a really honest answer: “ Yes, this is a button, sorry, in the movies it seemed easier than it really is. '' He did not receive the position. Although, as the employee of the company who was present at the interview later admitted, this candidate was one of the best. And if not for an attempt at deception, he had every chance. Since then, the “ Puncture on the button '' makes you smile.

& mdash; & nbsp; Dmitry, how widespread is the use of a polygraph in our country?

& mdash; & nbsp; The use of a polygraph is most common in operational-search work, during which the main circumstances of crimes are established. Courts also often turn to such studies in case of conflicting evidence or suspicions of a slander, the compulsion of this testimony. I think that the practice of using polygraph research will expand along with the growth of confidence in such examinations.

& mdash; & nbsp; Do courts accept the assessment of a polygraph examination as evidence?

& mdash; & nbsp; Courts certainly accept the opinions of polygraph examiners as admissible evidence.

However, you need to understand that in the course of the trial, the body of evidence is assessed. That is, it is extremely rare that everything happens like in a movie: a court participant came, slammed on the table with the conclusion of a polygraph examiner, and that's it, the course of the case turned upside down.

& mdash; & nbsp; So is it possible to deceive lie detector?

& mdash; & nbsp; The device itself cannot be deceived, but it is quite possible to try to deceive a specialist. It should be understood that psychophysiological studies using a polygraph have been carried out for a long time, therefore all methods of counteraction (this is how they are methodically called) are described in the methodological literature. The effectiveness of methods to deceive a polygraph depends on many factors: on the technique used by the polygraph examiner, the personal qualities of the subject, the qualifications of the specialist.

There are mental (self-hypnosis, thought transfer), physical (muscle contraction, changes in breathing), physiological (lack of sleep, physical activity before the study), pharmacological ways of counteracting the PFI procedure (psychophysiological studies). All these methods are ineffective against most proven research methods and are always detected by experienced polygraph examiners. Therefore, I believe that it is almost impossible to deceive a qualified polygraph examiner and distort the results of a polygraph test.

& mdash; & nbsp; Where do they study to be a polygraph examiner?

& mdash; & nbsp; Basically & nbsp; become polygraph examiners after professional retraining. This specialized knowledge can be acquired in a variety of institutions, from departmental to private. After completing the training, the future polygraph examiner can receive a specialty bearing different names, but of the same content & mdash; a specialist in the field of application of methods of applied psychophysiology in order to assess the reliability of information provided by a person. And the expert specialty necessary for the production of forensic examinations is called “ Psychophysiological research in relation to a person using a polygraph. '' Also, a polygraph examiner can be awarded the qualification “ Forensic expert for conducting psychophysiological research using a polygraph. ''


TV show turns parents’ anxiety over college exams in China into entertainment

TV show turns parents' anxiety over college exams in China into entertainment

"A Little Dilemma" follows two families in their different approaches to their children's education, giving real families in China something to relate to and reflect upon.

Rebecca Kanthor

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A police officer watches students, some wearing face masks to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, leave the school after concluded their China’s national college entrance examinations, known as the gaokao, in Beijing, June 10, 2021.


Andy Wong/AP


Ak – Silence Is Violence Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I need a second to reflect on what I'm seeing in the news
I see weapons intercepting, thoughts of people wearing blue
Clearly not though, hatred in their face is premeditated
We got phones recording moments, proving some law enforces are outlaws
I say some, not every cop abusing power
But look from out of perspectives and biases and think about it
The way it looks is more corruption than rebuilding
So much killing got me feeling up with feelings I've been concealing
'Cause I'm afraid to say it wrong, but f*ck it, this ain't about me
This about the people they got laying down pleading
Begging to breath, pressing they knees against they necks
Even the Devil sees this and contemplates therapy, yes
That's why they see marching in these streets
Screaming names of all the people that's are wrongfully deceased
That should never be this common at the arms of the police
Don't tell me "All Lives Matter", all your arguments are weak
Tell me how you would feel if you got pulled over and Mr. 12
Gets up out his car, he approaching and screaming loud
"Roll the f*cking windows down", If you don't then you know it's blauh
You peep the side mirror, he close and gun's already out
What to do? I don't have any clue
Never had to fear the man that wears a badge to shoot
Shit is sad but it's true, we need compassion, we do
No more victims, let the past be the last thing we have to lose
I just wanna get away from the past
Thinking 'bout a life where the hate don't last
Feel like people scared of moving forward, so attached
And what they know is wrong and some of us still get a badge
I don't wanna say I'm on, that'd be wrong
Feel like this been going on for way too long
Of course we gon' be fired up, we tired of
Seeing people have to fight for help, we've cried enough
Oh yeah

Silent, don't be silent
If you are, you're just as violent
They can try to keep us quiet
They can't hide from the one that's highest, no

[Verse 2]
Let me tell you what happened to me last night
I was with a few homies and had a drink around 9
At 11:30, I was try'na sleep, said "Bye"
To the guys and their parents, said I'm sober so I can drive
In the whip now, headed home, bumping unreleased shit
Good vibes on the highway, I'm feeling free then
Boom, see the lights, red and blue all over me, shit
Something ain't right but I pull off and I hear creeping
He at my window, shining light up in my face
Had aggression in his tone before I even said a thing
He said "Where you coming from? And tell me, how much did you drink?"
I told the truth, I said "A beer out a SOLO cup from a keg"
And he said "Bullshit, exit the vehicle and let's talk"
I complied and now I'm sitting on the hood of my car
Young dude probably try'na make a name as a cop
I understand the game, but I couldn't believe this at all
He takes a pen out his pocket and told me "Look at the cap"
"Austin don't take your eyes off it", I'm talking to me in my head
He started moving and I'm glued to it, I know that I've passed
He puts the pen away and said "I want you to take a few steps

Go heel to toe, count 'em out, nine forward then back"
This on 287 so there's trucks and shit flying past
Did nine flawless so I turn around and do nine back
I see my car, his behind, and now seven more behind his now
I got all these pigs around me, felt like I was on a farm
Shoulders back and chest out, I can tell they try'na look strong
One comes over, turns me around after grabbing my arm
Slaps the cuffs and does the search and finds nothing because they wrong
Still they left me in cuffs even though I did nothing
Now he walks me to his car and I'm like "Nah, bro"
I little shaky in my legs, I was nervous, I ain't faking
Started reading my Mirandas like Cosgrove
"You under arrest for D-W-I" I said "Huh?"
He said "Son, don't make me have to say it twice"
Then it hit me, at this point, I ain't even been breathalyzed
I'm in the car, he started driving, bumping Em the whole ride
He was blasting it, pull up to the station and I'm mad as shit, what's happening?
Brings me to my cell and then he slams that shit
My anger is through the f*cking roof, my dude imagine
If you sober and get pulled over and this is where it lands you at
Talking to me through the cell, pressing me to tell 'em that
I sipped more than I did, but the truth is they wasn't having it
Want me to admit shit I ain't did, 'cause they harassing me
In two hours, the breathalyzer's set up and he hands me it
I deep breath of fresh air, I exhale and waited
The results are printed, he stands there and reads it
Me mad, I can't wait 'cause he has to say it
0.00, bitch that's what I've been saying
I told you, now I'm free to go, the homie Jordan picked me up
Shit I'm on my way home and now my mind is going nuts
Moment to reflect my thoughts, I oughta openly discuss
But what I asked myself is valid so let me open up
What if I was black?
What would've went differently? Tears, I'm holding 'em back
'Cause I done told the cops the truth from the jump but they still harassed
But then I think of all the videos I've seen
And now I have a first hand experience that they would probably see and laugh
What they go through day to day is not comparable' what happened to me
And it's evident, it's true, we all got access to see
The Twitter videos they never show on actual TV
Hug the ones you love, express it while you can
Know that no one is above, we all humans at the end
Different backgrounds is a blessing, teach each others what we can
If you listen, then I love you and forever I'll be here
I just wanna get away from the past
Thinking 'bout a life where the hate don't last
Feel like people scared of moving forward, so attached
And what they know is wrong and some of us still get a badge
I don't wanna say I'm on, that'd be wrong
Feel like this been going on for way too long
Of course we gon' be fired up, we tired of
Seeing people have to fight for help, we've cried enough
Oh yeah

Silent, don't be silent
If you are, you're just as violent
They can try to keep us quiet
They can't hide from the one that's highest, no

Can artificial crowd noise match the thrill of packed stadiums?

Can artificial crowd noise match the thrill of packed stadiums?

With spectators unable to watch live sports in person due to the coronavirus, the cheers and jeers must come from somewhere. Teams, leagues and broadcasters around the world are taking different approaches to provide artificial crowd noise for games.

Bianca Hillier

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Oakland Athletics’ Stephen Piscotty watches a foul ball go into stands filled with photos of fans during a baseball game against the Seattle Mariners, Friday, July 31, 2020, in Seattle, Washington. 


Ted S. Warren/AP


In 2020, the lyrics “take me out to the ball game” have a rather bleak meaning. The only way to watch a game is on TV or by phone at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are no roaring fans packed into stands, block parties or neighborhood bars.

Still, the cheers and jeers must come from somewhere. Teams, leagues and broadcasters around the world are taking different approaches to provide artificial crowd noise for games.

In South Africa, curating these sounds has been top of mind for broadcaster SuperSport.

“Replicating the atmosphere of the fans behind a closed-door match is hard because South Africans have a very unique fan culture,” said Dheshnie Naidoo, head of operations production at SuperSport International. “The popular vuvuzela that was made famous at the 2010 soccer World Cup still remains abuzz at our stadiums.”

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For that reason, according to Naidoo, it’s important that fans at home hear the vuvuzela when football begins in South Africa this week. Those sounds, along with all of the other cheers and crowd noises, are sourced from previous matches.

Andrew Benintendi leads off with a double. You can hear how the MLB “crowd” soundtrack reacted. #MLB #RedSox

— Tom Caron (@TomCaron) July 10, 2020

“We have audio samples for specific scenes. Your penalties, your fouls — the ahs and the oohs. How your fans would react,” Niadoo said.

While the system is vastly different from pre-pandemic life, she added, it’s exciting to see the changes happening: “We’re now getting to try out different ways of doing things from the norm. So, the new normal.”

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Alvin Naicker, head of content production at SuperSport International, said the company has had to think very carefully about how they want to incorporate crowd noise. One solution they plan to implement is having two audio operators in the stadium who each focus on playing different sounds.

“Obviously, you need a very sharp and cued up audio operator,” Naicker said. “So we decided to have two people: one to control audio for cheering and the other one for disappointment.”

Both Naicker and Naidoo said they’re confident SuperSport’s plans will closely match the real experience of being in the stands.

“When [the camera] is on a close-up and you’re getting all this audio —  you actually forget that it’s an empty stadium. You actually think, ‘Wow, this is actually awesome.'”

Alvin Naiker, head of content production, SuperSport International 

“When [the camera] is on a close-up and you’re getting all this audio —  you actually forget that it’s an empty stadium. You actually think, ‘Wow, this is actually awesome,’” Naicker said. “I think it’s more disconcerting for the players, who don’t have that energy coming through from the 12th person on the field.”

Australia’s National Rugby League and select football teams in Germany have also chosen to input sound from previous matches. The English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, though, have chosen a more synthetic route. They are using sounds from the video game FIFA 20. Sports leagues in the United States are using a variety of tools; the NBA, for example, is allowing 300 fans to “attend” the games by calling in via Zoom to the arena, where their faces appear on large screens.

AFL players have returned to their clubs across the country, ahead of the season restart on June 11. Channel 7 will be adding crowd noise to the telecast from round 2. @Stevo7AFL with a preview. #7AFL #7NEWS

— 7NEWS Melbourne (@7NewsMelbourne) May 18, 2020

Part of the fun of cheering, though, is feeling like you’re a part of the action. Now that the logistics of getting teams back on the field are mostly figured out, fan engagement is drawing more attention. 

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MyApplause, an app from a Germany-based company called hack-CARE, lets fans control which noises are blasted through stadium speakers. To use the app, people at home simply select their team and the upcoming match. 

“When you download the app, you have four options,” said Brad Roberts, who is in charge of International Sales for MyApplause. “Cheer, clap, sing, and whistle. The sound of the audience —  and this is fans reacting in real-time  —  that gets played through the stadium speakers so the players can hear it. In return, that sound gets picked up through the TV cameras and comes back through the TV.”

That way, Roberts said, not only are the fans transported to the stadium, but the players are also able to receive the energy from the crowd’s cheers. Jürgen Kreuz, the campaign manager of MyApplause, says players have told them that it makes a difference to know that the cheers are actually coming from the fans.

“There were some players from the UK —  from Manchester and from Leeds —  who said that if there is [fake crowd noise], it’s OK,” Kreuz said. “But knowing that it was created by people at home —  that’s a completely different story. Because they feel like, ‘Wow, there are people watching us and supporting us.’”

“We’ve got fake crowd noise the teams are pumping into the stadium,” Tennessee native and @Dodgers‘ Matt Beaty said. “The TV ratings are through the roof. We can feel them watching the games even though they’re not there with us.”

— FoxNashville (@FOXNashville) July 31, 2020

Screenshot from the app MyApplause


Screenshot from the app MyApplause

MyApplause has partnered with, a company that has curated crowd noises, chants, and cheers from games over the past 15 years. Because of the partnership, the MyApplause app can be customized for each team. If a Brazilian team is using the app, for example, the MyApplause team could place those fans’ favorite chant into the app.

This functionality is important, too, because certain cheers have different significance and meaning around the world. For example, Kreuz said they received feedback from Australian leagues that their fans don’t “boo” often. 

“In England, if you don’t have the boo or the whistling, that will be like, ok, the app is not worth anything,” Kreuz added.

(Read: Brits like to trash talk.)

But regardless of their team’s chance at winning, fans have expressed nothing short of desperation for sports to reenter their lives. Some people don’t mind the fake crowd noise. Others think it’s distracting and disingenuous.

Broadcasters have largely left it up to viewers to decide by offering one version of a game with artificial crowd noise and one with a more silent stadium.

“We’re very hopeful that we will create the very best audio experience,” Naidoo said. But she also acknowledges that not everyone is a fan of artificial crowd noise. 

“[The viewer] would have the option to switch it off if it’s not their preference,” she said. 

As more journalists stand trial in Turkey, the truth becomes more elusive

As more journalists stand trial in Turkey, the truth becomes more elusive

Turkey is often cited by the Committee to Protect Journalists as the world’s largest jailer of media personnel in the world, alongside China and Egypt. 

Durrie Bouscaren

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A man reads a newspaper on a bench in Istanbul. 


Durrie Bouscaren/The World 


For nine hours on Wednesday, Özge Terkoğlu sat in the gallery of a Turkish courtroom hearing testimony against her husband, Barış Terkoğlu, the news director of OdaTV, an online TV channel. 

Watching her husband take the stand, she fretted about his weight loss over the past three months he spent in prison. 

Barış Terkoğlu is one of seven journalists from various media outlets facing charges over their coverage of the deaths of Turkish intelligence officers in Libya. An eighth defendant, a municipal worker in the western Turkish town of Akhisar, is accused of supplying pictures to the journalists of the funeral of one of the dead intelligence officers.

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The deaths weren’t a secret — it was discussed in Turkey’s parliament and on social media. But these writers were accused of breaking state secrecy laws; the charges were deemed so serious that even during the pandemic, the journalists could not be released. Instead, they languished alone in their cells. 

It’s just the most recent example of how freedom of the press continues to shrink in Turkey — and the intense political pressure facing journalists to toe the line.

“He’s very courageous in terms of writing on topics that are very hard to touch, that disturb people that have power. All those things that we have to go through as a family, we can handle it. But we don’t deserve it.”

Özge Terkoğlu, wife of jailed journalist

“He’s very courageous in terms of writing on topics that are very hard to touch, that disturb people that have power,” Özge Terkoğlu said of her husband. “All those things that we have to go through as a family, we can handle it. But we don’t deserve it.” 

Turkey is often cited by the Committee to Protect Journalists as the world’s largest jailer of media personnel in the world, alongside China and Egypt. 

Just this week, 19 Turkish journalists and media workers were scheduled for hearings for various offenses (including those on trial for breaking state secrecy laws), according to Expression Interrupted, a free speech tracking project. If things go as usual, some reporters will be released, others will pay fines and some cases will drag on for years. 

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In Terkoğlu’s case, the judges returned on Wednesday with a decision around 10 p.m. Three of the journalists, including Terkoğlu, were released while their trial continues. The others will likely remain in prison until the next hearing, which is scheduled for September. 

Özge Terkoğlu and her husband, Barış Terkoğlu, are pictured with their young son.


Courtesy of Özge Terkoğlu

The ambiguity of the law and irregularity of how it is imposed is enough to make anyone rethink the work they do. Some reporters leave the industry or move abroad. Others establish alternative outlets online, like OdaTV. 

Little by little, political influence is reshaping how Turkish readers understand news about Turkey and its relationship with the world.  

“Maybe 95% of national media, especially newspapers and TV stations, are owned by media companies that are close to the government,” said Eylem Yanardağoğlu, an associate professor of New Media at Kadir Has University in Istanbul. “What we call ‘mainstream media’ has almost disappeared.” 

On any given newsstand in Turkey, a casual reader will find several national newspapers with various political bents. On TV, viewers can flip through multiple news channels, including CNN’s Turkish affiliate. It’s easy to get the impression that Turkey has a healthy, diverse media environment, but this does not reflect reality, Yanardağoğlu said. 

This media consolidation ramped up as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan began to crack down on political rivals after the Gezi Park protests in 2013. At the time, network TV stations famously showed nature documentaries to avoid covering the events. Journalists who did venture out to cover the protests suffered injuries by police and threats from government officials, according to Reporters Without Borders

Three years later, following a bloody coup attempt on July 15, 2016, media arrests reached a nadir. At least 81 journalists were jailed in retaliation for their work the highest number in any one country counted at any time, according to CPJ.

“Using your pen to serve international smear campaigns is not journalism,” Erdoğan claimed in 2017, after coming under fire for the number of reporters languishing in Turkish jails. 

Traditional media used to protect the public’s right to reliable information in Turkey, said Yanardağoğlu. Today, journalists who don’t toe the political line get pushed to alternative websites and social media, where the pay is lower, but there’s more freedom. 

“This is creating new debates: Whose job is it to tell the truth? And is it the truth?” 

Eylem Yanardağoğlu, Kadir Has University

“This is creating new debates: Whose job is it to tell the truth? And is it the truth?” Yanardağoğlu said. 

As Turkey’s digital news organizations jockey for flashy news that gets clicks, the reliability of online content suffers. Dedicated fact-checking organizations try to create some semblance of order, but it has become more challenging for everyday readers to discern truth from propaganda. Even a Turkish-language news service funded by the Russian government has attained a level of popularity, due to its ability to freely criticize Erdoğan. 

Outside the courthouse, a group of colleagues and supporters of journalists on trial stood in the sun under a banner that depicts portraits of the six arrested writers with a cartoon of pencils turned into cell bars. 

“Every single morning, believe me, you wake up at 4 in the morning listening to the door and wondering if [the police] are about to come to get you.” 

  Zafer Arapkirli, journalist

“Every single morning, believe me, you wake up at 4 in the morning listening to the door and wondering if [the police] are about to come to get you, said Zafer Arapkirli, a former BBC presenter who now hosts his own online news program. 

He wears a face mask with the phrase “susmayacağız” written over his mouth, which means “we will not be silent.” 

“I’ve been working as a journalist in this country for 43 years now. And we’ve gone through these sorts of stages … where journalists were … silenced, where all sorts of democratic institutions were … crushed. But in the end, democracy will win,” he said. “We believe in democracy.”

Reuters contributed to this report. 

Lee Brice – Songs In The Kitchen Lyrics

Songs in the kitchen
Playing on the radio
Coffee on the counter
Bacon frying on the stove
Billy Graham on TV
Mom and daddy kissing
Songs in the kitchen

Songs in the car
Fresh-pressed Sunday clothes
Momma putting on her make up
And daddy’s bible on the dashboard
Me and Louis in the back seat
Singing out of all our hearts
Songs in the car, yeah

All my dreams came true
My songs took me far away
Now I’m singing them every night
In these bright lights up on this stage
If you catch me close my eyes
Every now and then
To tell you the truth
I’m probably just missing

Songs in the kitchen
Songs in the car

Songs from the heart, yeah

Songs in the church
Choir a little out of tune
Preacher wiping his forehead
Us squirming in the pew
That old piano playing
Just as I am
Every time I sing every verse
Yeah, I wonder if I still can

All my dreams came true
My songs took me far away
Now I’m singing them every night
In these bright lights up on this stage
If you catch me close my eyes
Every now and then
To tell you the truth
I’m probably just missing

Songs in the kitchen
Songs in the car
Songs in the church
Songs from the heart
Songs in the kitchen
Oh, songs in the kitchen
Songs in the kitchen

Farmers become social media stars on Chinese TikTok

Farmers become social media stars on Chinese TikTok

Part of the appeal for Chinese urbanites is a peek into life in the countryside. But the promise of a bargain is also a draw.

Rebecca Kanthor

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A man holding a phone walks past a sign of Chinese company ByteDance’s app TikTok, known locally as Douyin, at the International Artificial Products Expo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, Oct. 18, 2019. 




Just like in the US, TikTok in China is full of funny videos, odd challenges and its own brand of stars. Farmers are some of the most unlikely social media stars here, and they’re using their fame to sell their produce.

“It’s almost a more modern take on the old TV shopping.”

Mark Tanner, founder of China Skinny

“It’s almost a more modern take on the old TV shopping,” said Mark Tanner, the founder of China Skinny, a marketing research agency based in Shanghai.

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In one video on TikTok, a farmer who goes by the name Northern Big Sis sits in her greenhouse and takes giant bites of the raw vegetables she grows on her farm. All of her videos are variations on this theme: She chomps her way through onions, garlic and other vegetables. The videos are strangely addictive. Viewers keep swiping just to find out what vegetables she’ll eat next.

A button above the video lets viewers buy the produce she’s marketing without even leaving the TikTok app, and in record time, boxes of fruit and vegetables are delivered straight to your doorstep.

Livestreaming is big business in China, and with everyone stuck at home earlier this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, companies large and small had a captive audience. Tanner said there was a 730% rise in brand livestreaming in February alone.

“It was already rising quite quickly; all of a sudden, with COVID [-19], it has just gone gangbusters,” he said.

He’s been surprised at how much of a hit the farmers have been. Millions of viewers tune in to watch them sell their produce.

“So, you’re getting a large number of these farmers that have all of a sudden become minicelebrities.”

Mark Tanner, founder of China Skinny

“So, you’re getting a large number of these farmers that have all of a sudden become minicelebrities.”

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Part of the appeal for Chinese urbanites is a peek into life in the countryside. But the promise of a bargain is also a draw.

“Chinese consumers, like any consumers, they love a deal. So, they’re getting this deal, and they’re getting entertained at the same time; so, it’s been incredibly popular.”

Some farmers are getting creative in how they hawk their wares.

One group of young farmers has a captive audience for their farming fashion shows on TikTok and Kuaishou, another livestreaming app. In each video, the Four Country Treasures, as they are known, strut down a red carpet laid out in the middle of a field in rural Guangxi Province, clothed in nothing but the food they sell. Garlic strands, bamboo leaves, handmade noodles, strings of chives and hot peppers — make for some silly and mouthwatering outfits. Accompanied by a laugh track and sound effects, the videos are fun to watch, and the products they’re selling are clickable — one day it’s homemade pickled turnips, the next day, fresh mangoes.

This new sales approach has helped a lot of farmers hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdown. That includes Yang Qin Feng who runs the 16-acre Mi Le family farm on the outskirts of Shanghai. His first attempt at livestreaming included a cooking demonstration on a makeshift stove in the middle of a field.

Yang says he wants to teach shoppers about where their food comes from.

“Livestreaming is a little bit like selling at the farmers’ market. Shoppers can communicate with us and see how we harvest, they can ask questions and we can answer. That way, the customers can see for themselves and they’re more likely to buy.”

Yang Qin Feng, Mi Le family farm

“Livestreaming is a little bit like selling at the farmers’ market,” he said. “Shoppers can communicate with us and see how we harvest, they can ask questions and we can answer. That way, the customers can see for themselves and they’re more likely to buy.”

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Yang’s broadcast worked on Rong Wei, a shopper who lives in the center of Shanghai. She was fascinated to learn how Manchurian wild rice, known as jiaobai, actually grows and she wound up buying some — along with eggs and chicken to give to her friends.

“Watching him explain his farming process made us want to eat the crops,” she said. “The jiaobai looked delicious. There was a bit of educational value, too.”

So, will growers around the world take up livestreaming like Chinese farmers have? Tanner thinks their success can’t be easily replicated.

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“Chinese people are much more engaged with digital and particularly e-commerce, and they adopt new technologies faster than anyone, and they also have incredibly well-integrated payment systems,” he said.

It’s unlikely this trend will catch on in the West with quite the same speed. But in China, farmers have already become influencers. 

Linoskiii – Hiatus Lyrics (feat. Madd Mary & Crude Cognitive)

[Verse 1: Linoskiii]
They seem to ask me why I don’t release quite often
Why take forever to put out a single project?
And if I did, you probably won’t buy it
Cos you think that ten bucks is too much for something I put time in
Work on your albums for a course of a couple years
And people think it’s not worth your blood, sweat, and tears
It doesn’t phase me, I let these people be
That’s why i make this motherf-f EP for free
Cos I don’t think that you should pay if you don’t think it’s worth it
Plus, I always have to break bread with people that are worthless
Which I don’t mind, but in the end, nobody’s profiting
Just hoping that you people share my music for marketing
Cos I ain’t got a big-ass fan base like some do
And if you stuck around this long, just know that Lino loves you
Sorry for lagging on the music, hope you understand
I’m busy with my life right now, trying to be a man

[Verse 2: Madd Mary]
Peace to my lawyers, listeners, chiefs, supporters
Those that stayed in my corner I lay it for ya
I disappeared for a hot minute, cos like you I gotta pay the mortgage

Just know that I’m not ignoring ya
Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems
Trying to put food on the table while chasing dreams
An emcee, and ever since I was a tween, so I hustle
Stay laced in these sixteens
But in the back of my mind, I know that everybody wants something for free
But if you digging the music, would it kill you to buy a CD?
Cos you don’t seem to have a problem putting a G down on a brand new TV
So don’t ask me why I cancelled all my visuals like a Sinio
I’m at the top of my voice, but y’all don’t hear me, though
But I still write this right aside what’s a [?]
Before my demise

[Verse 3: Crude Cognitive]
Not a hiatus, I just needed time to reconnect
Lucky I got fans that stuck when other people left
Just understand I hold standards to every single breathe
I’m always making sure I lay these beats to rest
People will pay if they love it, that’s what I’m hoping now
Been trying to find a way to find a promise, so I hold it down
Plus I try to scribble until y’all feel what I’ve been through

Amirsaysnothing – Victory Loves Company Lyrics (feat. Slug)

[Verse 1: AmirSaysNothing]
Top to bottom
Break em, got em’
Everyday is solve a dollar
Gotta problem, Saul will call him
I don’t even speak tomorrow
When i make a dozen, they gon’ take it, government
Break ya back, but I don’t take that f*ck em’
Life without but I dont complain
Cousins, Got ya back but that don’t make me buzzin’
Watch the shit bounce
Lift ya feet and get em’ off the couch
Ain’t gone beat the game at the house
Know I speak a lot, they quiet that’s a mouse
I ain’t gotta pay the price, but it’s cheap
Give respect and get it, can’t compete
Ima walking peace treaty and they flock
When the trunk knock, from block to overseas

Watch me dance to it all alone
Another day, say what’s going on? (Yeah)
Wanna kick it and I’m always gone
A known unknown so I ain’t going home (Yeah)
My Babygirl say, “whats going on?”
And what the f*ck is Prollie going wrong (Yeah)
Ya Charge me up, I’m just another loan
A known unknown but i ain’t going long

[Verse 2: AmirSaysNothing]
Run that back
Wanna live a life that’s that fat?

Wanna keep a mess then that’s that
Live like twice, ain’t that strapped
I’ma get that scratch, im’a “save that money”
Laugh at all, nothing make me flinch
She bark all day and i don’t get that shit
Can’t take none from me I’m all f*ck dat shii
Always catch me in the whip
Top down where I got that shit
TV deck I’ll watch it if it flip
And I’m rolling back when i take a hit
What’s really good? trying to speak?
Ain’t that hard if ya trying reach
I’m so high now I’m trying to find a peak
Pass the phone i gotta dial and beep


[Verse 3:] Slug
I was half asleep, in the passenger seat
Of my daddy’s caprice, when I was havin’ this dream
I don’t remember where we were but that don’t matter to me
It’s when I opened my eyes and saw the branches and leaves
Both sides of this wind shield grimey
But the sunshine still tryin to spill through and fine me
Abandon the crutches and bleed through the bandage
Dab a little on the brush and leave it on the canvas


Allan Sherman – Calculatus Eliminatus Lyrics

The Fish: Very well then, Dr. Calculatus, find it and eliminatus yourself

The Cat in the Hat: I shall indeed

The Cat in the Hat: When you’ve mislaid a certain something, keep your cool and don’t get hot. Calculatus eliminatus is the best friend that you’ve got

Calculatus eliminatus always helps an awful lot

The way to find a missing something is to find out where it’s not

It isn’t here. I’ll mark this “X.” It isn’t there. I’ll mark that “Y.” It isn’t underneath the apple. Mark the apple “HKI.”

Conrad: It isn’t in this keyhole

Sally: It isn’t on my knee

The Cat in the Hat: Mark the keyhole “K-300.” Mark the knee “5-7-B.”

We just jot down all the places where it isn’t and gee whiz–very shortly we will locate where the missing object is

Conrad: (spoken) It isn’t here

The Cat in the Hat: 842-J

Sally: It isn’t there

The Cat in the Hat: F-607–You can mark the piano “22,000-decimal point-11.”

Sally: It isn’t in the icebox

Conrad: It’s not on this TV

The Cat in the Hat: That’s strange

The Cat in the Hat: Icebox: 0-2-4 1/2. TV: 1,000,003

When you mislaid a certain something, keep your cool, don’t go to pot

The Cat in the Hat and Kids: Calculatus eliminatus is the best friend that you’ve got

Kids: Calculatus eliminatus always helps an awful lot

The Cat in the Hat: The way to find a missing something

The Cat in the Hat and Kids: Is to find out where it’s not

The Fish: Look at this house!

The Fish: Look at this! Look at that! This uncouth, barbaric, pompestuous lout! He should not be here when their mother is out!

Lu & Robertinho – Contagem Regressiva Lyrics

Too much light in this window
Don’t wake me up
Only coffee no sugar inside my cup
Too much light in this window
Don’t wake me up
Only coffee no sugar inside my cup
If I wake and u here still gimme a kiss
I was in this dreamin about to lips

Don’t wake me up, up, up, up, up
Don’t wake me up, up, up, up, up
Don’t wake me up, up, up, up, up
Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me
Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me up

Meu amor
Olha no relógio como o tempo está passando
O sol brilhando, aos poucos vai se afastando
A ligação falhando, quase não te ouço mais
No celular

Meu amor
Olha só o que estão falando na TV
Preciso te encontrar antes de anoitecer
Pra te contar os meus segredos
Olhar em seus olhos
E te abraçar

Se o mundo acabar, eu vou estar contigo

Não precisa chorar, pode contar comigo
Não tenha medo, sempre estarei ao seu lado
A te proteger

Um minuto bem vivido vale uma vida
Aperta a minha mão, contagem regressiva
Mata meu desejo, só quero fazer
Amor com você

Seja o que Deus quiser
Em vez da gente chorar, nós vamos sorrir
Em vez da gente sofrer, nós vamos curtir
Tudo tem um fim, mas pode acreditar
O meu amor por você nunca vai acabar

Em vez da gente chorar, nós vamos sorrir
Em vez da gente sofrer, nós vamos curtir
Tudo tem um fim, mas pode acreditar
O meu amor por você nunca vai acabar

Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me up, up, up, up, up
Don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Bout My Business Lyrics

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[Intro: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Whatchu doin’?
I’m just tryna watch TV, TV watchin’ me
Haha, whole lotta nothin’
I miss you
I miss you too, man
Aren’t you supposed to be comin’ to, um, Southern, for a concert now?
Yeah, I’ll see you there
I’ma be there, when is it? On the twenty-eighth or twenty-sixth?
It’s one of them days, I’ma make sure you know
I love you, though, I was tryna make sure I talk to you
Okay, I’m glad you called, man, glad you called
I love you, Pawpaw
I love you too
Alright, man
(Ooh, ah)
(Ooh, ah)

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I just bought a brand-new bezel
For to make the hard times look pretty
And I came up straight up from the block
I watched my grandpa save pennies
I wish my grandma was right here standin’ on side of me
Had to go through sad times to get it
And I know my son’s gon’ be aight, we all gon’ be aight
‘Cause I came ’bout my business

[Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Let go my past, I’m movin’ on, everything new, ain’t nothin’ old
Put in just way too many costs, and I just bought myself a home
I still can’t think why anybody would just leave me
Pistol sparkin’, tryna drill these pussies out where I see
How the fuck you want me, but you hide me?
I’ma head home ’cause now you way up out of my league
Would get you tatted so just like her, you’ll stand on side me
Dreams through the storm, I hope a smile always what kind see
Fail to see your greatness once they blind me
And that nigga must ain’t poppin’ it off, you talkin’ that shit on Twitter
I’ma stay my dog ass in my ways, steady screamin’, “Fuck a nigga”
My mama cars ain’t never had AC ever since I was little
Thank God every card I got in my pocket hold at least one million

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I just bought a brand-new bezel
For to make the hard times look pretty
And I came up straight up from the block
I watched my grandpa save pennies
I wish my grandma was right here standin’ on side of me
Had to go through sad times to get it
And I know my son’s gon’ be aight, we all gon’ be aight
‘Cause I came ’bout my business

[Verse 2: Sherhonda Gaulden]
You see, I’m always with Kentrell, but I rep behind the scenes
I love my baby boy, he the wind beneath my wings
CT Lee and lil’ Kendell, man, he give them anything
See, your star up in the sky, but see, our star, she on our team
I’m sleepin’ through the day because I’m livin’ out my dream
And my mama on his side, she the angel on the scene
He goin’ to the top because he win by any means
He married to this shit, he bought hisself a wedding ring

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I just bought a brand-new bezel
For to make the hard times look pretty
And I came up straight up from the block
I watched my grandpa save pennies
I wish my grandma was right here standin’ on side of me
Had to go through sad times to get it
And I know my son’s gon’ be aight, we all gon’ be aight
‘Cause I came ’bout my business

Quando Rondo – Letter To My Daughter Lyrics

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[?], [?] got the beats

I rededicate my whole heart to you, girl
You’re the only one know how I feel
Run it up to just buy the whole world
I don’t care if it cost a hunnid mill’
Want you to know you the only one
Made me change the way that I live
As a child, promise you’ll have fun
Ain’t gotta worry ’bout a dollar bill

Bought a king size crib for my baby
Right by you, I’ma lay there
Tell you some stories ’bout how your mama drive me crazy
Crazy that your baby ridin’ ’round in a Maybach
Tellin’ “no” to you, baby I’d never say that
Take you to the corner where I used to get paid back
My heart got torn you are the one can replace that
That you were born I wish I couldn’t go replace that
She gon’ tell me she love me no one got at you
Even though am new a Rondo coming back to you
Got a key to my heart it was as flat as blue
Keep a G from the start [?]
When I walk inside the door, she gon’ notice me
I’ma tell about the days they ain’t notice me
I can play in your loyal jodeci
You got your name from overseas
We don’t do plain jane, get her new VVs
Let her watch the horror on a big TV
By the way I go up she never see
In the shower with your mama got her privacy
She like the way the car crack up, vroom, ride
It done precise in my heart
Brand new Rolex when you turn 5
You don’t no man, no am by your side

I rededicate my whole heart to you, girl
You’re the only one know how I feel
Run it up to just buy the whole world
I don’t care if it cost a hunnid mill’
Want you to know you the only one
Made me change the way that I live
As a child, promise you’ll have fun
Ain’t gotta worry ’bout a dollar bill

You know I’ma dedicate my life to you baby girl
You know it’s just me you and these two double cups
Listen up, its a true story baby girl

Bigger, swear I can’t wait ’til she is bigger
Every touch quite that this girl getting bigger
M’fckn all the blues, you can call out fuck the fake ass
I’ma do wherever just to make you smile
Search for you like a thousand miles
Wouldn’t catch no tear come down my eye
Girl you my gift, my winning prize
And I’ma say, say ain’t save the world
I have to speak the truth before I tell you lies
If ever they fuck with you I swear they gonna die
I don’t wanna lie, I just wanna free my child
Before I’ma dedicate it, am eventuated
Do anything just to see my girl situated
I’m sorry I got in this situation
I’ma blame it on the lean and the liquor baby

I rededicate my whole heart to you, girl
You’re the only one know how I feel
Run it up to just buy the whole world
I don’t care if it cost a hunnid mill’
Want you to know you the only one
Made me change the way that I live
As a child, promise you’ll have fun
Ain’t gotta worry ’bout a dollar bill

She like the way the car crack up, vroom, ride
I dedicate my life to you girl

I rededicate my whole heart to you, girl
You’re the only one know how I feel
Run it up to just buy the whole world
I don’t care if it cost a hunnid mill’
Want you to know you the only one
Made me change the way that I live
As a child, promise you’ll have fun
Ain’t gotta worry ’bout a dollar bill

Kreayshawn – Not My Job Lyrics

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It’s not my job
No, that’s not my job
It’s not my job
No, that’s not my job

[Verse 1]
Dre rock the jewelry with the clear stones
And get on a bitch head like some headphones
I’m finna spit it with a clear tone
Get your attention
The biggest thing since the TV invention
Dope as Zoloft, a big shot, a show off
Plus, I’m a big pimp, I get tore off
Fuck a good job, ho, she need a good jaw
To sell BJs ’til her mouth get raw
I’m from the California coast, beaches and bridges
Hit the cock, get ghost, I’m not sleeping with bitches
I got a Cougnut, sitting on wires
On vogues, bitch, not Michelin tires
Man, I’m bigger than life, I do it Magnum
And ’bout these broke bitches, I’m through with having ’em
Dre bogard, and he shove and he push
And start a war for nothing like G.W. Bush

I can bust you a rap, but anything else, it’s not my job
I’ll peel your cap back, but anything else, it’s not my job
I’ll get you for racks, but anything else, it’s not my job
I’ll make you a slap, but anything else, it’s not my job

[Verse 2]
Bitch gonna ask me to come grocery shop
I told her straight up like this, no siree Bob
That’s not my job, oh, I don’t do that
I’m a pimp slash rapper, I thought you knew that
And where your dude at? Should I serve him the news
And let him know he’s finna walk in some brand new shoes?
Oh, random fool, gotta watch thyself
And one false move and can’t stop thyself
Sometimes I’m not myself, I’m not a man
I’m a rockstar, in another band
I’m the man with the plan in his hands
And soon, we all playing in sand
‘Cause my estimations and calculations
And all the money made off The Rompalation
I’m finna get digits like a license plate
And shit on these midgets, bitch, I can’t wait

I can bust you a rap, but anything else, it’s not my job
I’ll peel your cap back, but anything else, it’s not my job
I’ll get you for racks, but anything else, it’s not my job
I’ll make you a slap, but anything else, it’s not my job

Camila Cabello – My Oh My Lyrics

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[Chorus: Camila Cabello]
They say he likes a good time (My oh my)
He comes alive at midnight (Every night)
My mama doesn’t trust him (My oh my)
He’s only here for one thing, but (So am I)

[Verse 1: Camila Cabello]
Yeah, a little bit older, a black leather jacket
A bad reputation, insatiable habits
He was onto me, one look and I couldn’t breathe, yeah
I said, if he kissed me, I might let it happen (Oh)

[Pre-Chorus: Camila Cabello]
I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl (Oh)
Tonight, I don’t wanna be her

[Chorus: Camila Cabello & DaBaby]
They say he likes a good time (My oh my)
He comes alive at midnight (Every night)
My mama doesn’t trust him (My oh my)
He’s only here for one thing, but (Let’s go, so am I)

[Verse 2: DaBaby & Camila Cabello]
Look, I’m the type to make her turn on her daddy (Oh yeah)
DaBaby make her forget what she learned from her daddy
I don’t be tripping on lil’ shawty, I let her do whatever she please
I don’t be kissing on lil’ shawty, she don’t be kissing on me either
She came with you, then left with me
I went up a point, let’s call it even (Yeah, yeah)
Don’t like the car she in, gon’ end up buyin’ her a new Bimmer (Let’s go)
That girl know what she want, she make me take it off when she see me (Let’s go)
She say I make her wet whenever my face pop up on TV
I had to say, “No disrespect, gotta do it safe or you can keep it”
Pop star, I’m fresh up out the trap and I’m going Bieber
She know I’m a call away, she can drop a pin and I’d come meet her
Stand next to me, you gon’ end up catchin’ a fever (Yeah, yeah)
I’m hot

[Pre-Chorus: Camila Cabello]
I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl (Good girl, good girl)
Tonight, I don’t wanna be her

[Chorus: Camila Cabello]
They say he likes a good time (My oh my)
He comes alive at midnight (Every time)
(He comes alive, oh every night)
My mama doesn’t trust him (My oh my)
He’s only here for one thing, but (So am I)

[Bridge: Camila Cabello]
My, my, my, my, my oh my
My mama doesn’t trust you, baby
My, my, my, my, my oh my
And my daddy doesn’t know you, no
My, my, my, my, my oh my (Oh my, my, my, my, my)
My, my, my, my, my oh my (My, my, my, ooh)

[Chorus: Camila Cabello]
They say he likes a good time (My oh my)
He comes alive at midnight (Every night)
My mama doesn’t trust him (My oh my)
He’s only here for one thing, but (So am I)

Robbie Williams – Yeah! It’s Christmas Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
There’s twinkle lights
And colored balls
And holly bells
To deck the halls
But the turkey’s burnt
All those arguments
Oh, it’s Christmas
With neighbors Bob
And Betty here
The folks you see
But once a year
Eatin’ all my food
Drinkin’ all my beer
Yeah, it’s Christmas

The red-suited, bearded, fat, man is on his way
But all I get is socks and bills to pay
‘Cause we’re celebratin’ Christmas

[Verse 2]
And paper hats
And in a heap
And cracker kings
Are sound asleep
And the TV’s on
But it all repeats
Yeah, it’s Christmas

The red, cheap, jolly, fat, guy’s on his sleigh
Oh, we’re in debt, but there’s a year to pay
‘Til we’re celebratin’ Christmas

All hush falls on
The neighborhood
Kinda like
We knew it would
All is calm
All is good
Yeah, it’s Christmas

James Arthur – Quite Miss Home Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I’m in the kitchen while you smoke outside
You’re careful not to let the smoke inside
I always tell you it’s poison
But I know it helps you take the edge off the day
We get a drink before it’s closing time
The one on High Street with the blinking sign
All of these memories feel poignant
I won’t be there to see the snow melt away

Yeah, I been gone on business
I gotta make some money
I really feel the distance

And I quite miss home
And I miss you telling me to leave my shoes at the door
‘Cause you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
Yeah, I quite miss home
‘Cause it feels like poetry
When the rain falls down on the window
While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
Yeah, I quite miss home
Yeah, I quite miss home

[Verse 2]
I smell you cooking from the living room
And then I tell you that I love your food
I know it doesn’t come easy
But you know it reminds me where I’m from

I’m in another city
I got nobody with me
And it just really hit me

That I quite miss home
And I miss you telling me to leave my shoes at the door
‘Cause you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
Yeah, I quite miss home
‘Cause it feels like poetry
And the rain falls down on the window
While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
Yeah, I quite miss home
Yeah, I quite miss home

And I quite miss home
Yeah, I miss you telling me to leave my shoes at the door
‘Cause you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
Oh, I just miss home
‘Cause it feels like poetry
As the rain falls down on the window
While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
Oh, I miss home
Yeah, I quite miss home
Oh, I quite miss home
Yeah, I quite miss home

Wale – Set You Free Lyrics

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[Intro: Wale]
Picture that, a black man learning to love himself
Wow, that’s crazy right?
Yo, yo

[Verse: Wale]
My highs, lows, my darks, lights
Couple of hoes, but no love life
I’m ashamed of the person that I’m becoming, see
Mind racing, too tired to chase a woman
How could you ever love me?
My attention is never yours, it’s never on me
And I respect you, of course, I hate to see you cry
But I’m the reason why, shorty
I’m Jekyll, I’m Hyde, I can’t even lie
Everybody want that crazy love
Until they find a crazy one, yeah
Yesterday, I’m in your face a lot
Then boom, I ain’t sayin’ none
I’m drinking more to think less, it’s true
Liquor become a crutch, can’t stand next to you, no
Self-loathing is my addiction amongst
Other things I don’t mention ’cause you be itchin’ to judge
It’s love, it’s overrated and underrated because
It seem like a placebo when it be done
I see myself on the TV, I’m unimpressed
You think you love me, but I don’t love me or, hol’ up, man
Because it seem like a placebo when it be done
I see myself on the TV, I’m unimpressed
You think you love me but I don’t love me enough
Woah, woah, woah
Love, love, love

[Chorus: Kelly Price]
If you believe
You just believe and you will receive
Love sets you free (Love sets you free, yeah)
It’s the only thing that’s (Love sets you free)
Gonna take you out (Oh yeah, oh)
If you believe, yeah (Yeah, yeah, oh-oh)
You gotta believe, you gotta believe, love (Oh)
That’s what you need (Judge you for real)
I believe it’s gonna take you through it

[Post-Chorus: Wale]
My highs, lows, my dark, lights
Couple of hoes, but no love life
My highs, lows, my dark, lights
Couple of hoes, but no love life
Love, love, love, love
Love, love, love

[Outro: Kelly Price]
Love sets you free, yeah
I wanna be set free
Love, come and set me free
Let me take you higher (Hey, oh no, yeah)
‘Cause I believe (If you believe)
You will receive, yeah yeah
Woah, mmm, oh
Oh, oh, love, love

Ruel – Don’t Cry Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
You’ve been on and on again
And this time, I’m not listening
It’s been minutes since we’ve spoken last
Already talking to my friends
You can’t admit it that you lied, that I lied
Yeah, I’ve been upset, but I’ve tried, tried, I have tried
But boys don’t cry

[Verse 2]
You’ve been writing novels
I’m the inbox to your problems every weekday
We don’t talk much in real life
We fake fight and that’s all we do, do
But if it’s over, then it’s over
Doesn’t have to be a TV drama
If it’s over, then it’s over

[Verse 3]
You’ve been off and on again
I’ve always been your therapist
And you can’t say anymore, oh yeah
You’ve lost the right to be my friend
I know you’re drinking every night, night, night, night
Yeah I’ve been upset, but I’ve tried, tried, I have tried, oh

But if it’s over, then it’s over
Doesn’t have to be a teenage drama
If it’s over, then it’s over
If it’s over, then it’s over
Doesn’t have to be a TV drama
If it’s over, then it’s over
But boys don’t cry
No, boys don’t

If it’s over, then it’s over
You don’t have to go and make this harder
If it’s over, then it’s over

Post Malone – A Thousand Bad Times Lyrics

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Yeah, oh, whoa, ooh
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Said you needed a ride, but you wanted my car
Without that face, girl, you wouldn’t get far
I really like you, despite who you are, oh (Who you are)
You see me on TV, you know I’m a star
You say you don’t know me, but I know that’s false
I’ll pay the price, girl, whatever that cost, oh (What it cost?)

You make my life so hard
But that’s what gets me off

I had a thousand bad times
So what’s another time to me? (What’s that to me, yeah)
You try to burn my house down
But what’s another house to me? (What’s that to me, yeah)
‘Cause I can take anything that you give me (What you give me)
It’s gonna take a lot more to kill me, bitch
So thank you for the grave (Yeah)
I needed me a place to sleep (Place to sleep)

[Verse 2]
And I don’t wanna meet your mama (No)
She prolly crazier than you (She prolly crazier than you)
I’m gonna need some thicker armor (Armor)
To spend another night with you (And on and on and on)
Baby, I know just what to do
Every time you fuck me over, I’ll come back to you
Baby, I don’t want to know the truth (Know the truth)
I ignore them when they tell me all the shit you do (Shit you do)
I always get my heart broke like I needed the practice (Needed)
Foot on my throat ’til my world is collapsin’ (Damn)
But this what I chose, it’s the law of attraction, yeah (Attraction)
(And on and on and on)

You make my life so hard (So hard, so hard)
But that’s what gets me off

I had a thousand bad times
So what’s another time to me? (So what’s that to me, yeah)
You try to burn my house down
But what’s another house to me? (So what’s that to me, yeah)
‘Cause I can take anything that you give me (What you give me)
It’s gonna take a lot more to kill me, bitch (Kill me)
So thank you for the grave (Yeah)
I needed me a place to sleep (Place to sleep)

I should get out, but I still want more
I should get out, what am I waitin’ for?
It’s all the same to me, it’s all a game to me
It’s all the same to me, it’s all the same

I had a thousand bad times
So what’s another time to me? (What’s that to me)
You try to burn my house down
But what’s another house to me? (What’s that to me)
‘Cause I can take anything that you give me (What you give me)
It’s gonna take a lot more to kill me, bitch (Kill me)
So thank you for the grave (Yeah)
I needed me a place to sleep (Place to sleep)
We go there, oh

BONES – Knock On Wood Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I’m like a well-oiled, money-making lyric machine
It’s only beautiful things in life I quietly see
I admire the things that life silently brings
With little effort on my part, I acquired the means
Ain’t grow tired of blades, so watch how you come up to me
I yellow tape you then hastefully say there’s nothing to see
Do enough for the rain
Had up to here with the sleet
The game without me’s like the me without the ambition in me
The world itchin’ to see what SESH gon’ do next
It’s like a mission to me to be a stress-free mess
No one’s speaking to me
I’ve been turned on to many times
Like, what you see on the TV
Too many lies being told to my face
Like I’ve been shipped down a dead end
And this rapping [?] a waste
But I escaped, just by the skin of my teeth
Still got the heart of a peasant
I got the music of king

Blind shades, brighter days, you know what you mean to me
Darker hues, I feel used
I don’t know what you see in me
I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop

[Verse 2]
The syllable killer, the illest of villains
I’m banana clip peelin’, if you tryna get near me
I got the MP with me and the Desert Eagle near me
Even if you found me sleeping
One sound and I’m up tweaking
I’m shooting at the wall, hoping that you fall
Screaming nothing at all, and hooping at the park
Like it’s just light work, but I’m ’bout to make it dark
It’s imminent when I spark, bullseye every target
You better plan on ending it, if you plan to start shit
I’m shooting up to Mars in the death star ship
I take it to different lengths, I bless and I pocket tanks
I’m good like no thanks, I brought my own things
Resources by the vault, I purchase no matter costs
I can say a whole lot without even having to talk

Blind shades, brighter days, you know what you mean to me
Darker hues, I feel used
I don’t know what you see in me
I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop

Rick Ross – Fascinated Lyrics

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Such a cloudy day, uh
Help  me‚ Lord
Oh‚ Lord
Oh‚ Lord
Hold  ya head, nigga
Hold  ya head, nigga
Lord‚ Lord
Oh,  Lord
What’s a hundred grand to a young nigga?
My dog doin’ twenty as a young nigga
I’m prayin’ for his son, he’s a young nigga
Strapped  with my gun as a young nigga

[Verse 1]
Hundred round‚ nigga, hangin’ out a Chevrolet (Huh)
Just a young nigga tryna see my fuckin’ pay (Ahh)
My daddy caught a bus, never lookin’ back
Got me standin’ in the rain, first fifty pack (Woo)
It’s never been the same, now I’m gettin’ stacks
Tattooed names on a nigga back (Black)
Rest in peace, nigga, to my lil’ niggas (‘Nut)
Rest in peace, dyin’ as a lil’ nigga (P-Nut)
Buried like a soldier, he’s a true nigga (P-Nut)
Throw the flag on his casket, he’s a true nigga (P-Nut)
You pussy niggas talkin’ like you knew niggas
Young niggas, y’all some new niggas

Candy paint fascinate a young nigga (Huh)
Gold watches fascinate a young nigga (Huh)
Fine bitches fascinate a young nigga (Yeah)
They just wanna assassinate a young nigga (Woo)

[Verse 2]
They wanna give you five (Five), wanna give you ten (Ten)
Fifteen (Fifteen), send you back again (Damn)
Gave my dog life, said he was a killa (Killa)
Conspiracy for me ’cause I run with dealers (Whoa)
Gave a nigga thirty, he converted Muslim (Inshallah)
Top down, nigga, got them bitches lookin’ (Inshallah)
Real nigga, Gs on my belt buckle (Huh)
Huggin’ on my mama ’cause niggas don’t love ya (I love ya)
Cold pistol, nigga, cold bullets (I love ya)
Shout out to my dog, he gon’ pull it
I put that on my soul, that’s on everythang
I put that on my soul, that’s on everythang (Maybach Music)

Candy paint fascinate a young nigga (Huh)
TV fascinate a young nigga (Huh)
Yella hoes fascinate a young nigga
Hey, hey

[Verse 3]
I be cryin’ in my car, nigga
Nightmares of dyin’ in my car, nigga (I ain’t lyin’)
I just wanna stack my meatloaf
I just wanna keep my heat close (I got it)
I heard a nigga killed his self
I heard a nigga killed his self
I’ma ride ’til it’s all gone
Uh, I’ma ride ’til it’s all gone
Rest in peace to the trill
Rest in peace to the real
Straight from me, nigga will
And believe me, a nigga will

Maybach Music
I know you goin’ through some thangs, nigga
I got chills goin’ up my arm
My nigga gone

[Verse 4]
Pussy nigga, I’m independent
Pussy nigga, I want every pendant
Keep your business, keep your phones, nigga
I’m tryna do my own, nigga
Keep them pussy-boys from ’round me, nigga (Oh Lord)
Keep all pussy-boys from ’round me, nigga (Please, Jesus)
Keep all pussy-boys from ’round me, nigga (Please, Jesus)
I’m scared, these pussy-boys surroundin’, nigga
I’m so real, I’m so real
I’m so real, I’m so real
I feel alone, nigga, all alone (I’m so alone)
I feel alone, nigga, all alone

Candy paint fascinate a young nigga (Young nigga)
Gold watches fascinate a young nigga (I got ’em all)
Fine bitches fascinate a young nigga (I want ’em all)
They just wanna assassinate a young nigga

What’s a hundred grand to a young nigga?
My dog doin’ twenty as a young nigga
I’m prayin’ for his son, he’s a young nigga
Strapped with my gun as a young nigga

Candy paint fascinate a young nigga
Gold watches fascinate a young nigga
Fine bitches fascinate a young nigga
They just wanna assassinate a young nigga