White Mustaaang

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White mustang – Lana del Rey lyrics

Lyrics Lana del Rey – White mustang

Packin’ all my things for the summer
Lyin’ on my bed, it’s a bummer
‘Cause I didn’t call when I got your number
But I liked you a lot
Slippin’ on my dress in soft filters
Everybody said you’re a killer
But I couldn’t stop the way I was feelin’
The day your record dropped.(white mustang)

The day I saw your white Mustang
Your white Mustang. (x2)

Caught up in my dreams and forgettin’
I’ve been actin’ like armageddon
‘Cause you held me in your arms just a little too tight
That’s what I thought versuri-lyrics.info
Summer’s meant for lovin’ and leavin’
I was such a fool for believin’ that you
Could change all the ways you’ve been livin’
But you just couldn’t stop.

The day I saw your white Mustaaang
Your white Mustaaang. (x2)

You’re revvin’ and revvin’ and revvin’ it up
And the sound, it was frightenin’
And you were gettin’ a part of that
You’re gonna hit me like lightnin’.

White Mustaaang
Your white Mustaaang
The day I saw your white Mustaaang
Said you’re a wild mustang

You’re gonna hit me like lightnin’
You’re gonna hit me like lightninnn’.
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