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Craig Mack – Get Down Lyrics

And bass up the track a little bit
‘Cause I wanna hear that “Booss, booss,” ya’know’m’sayin’?


[Verse 1]
Now who got the flav that comes a dime a dozen
That keeps ‘em buzzin’
Thinking that they phat when they wasn’t
Welcome to the world of Mack, or Mackman
Leave you small guys sayin’, I eat MC’s like Pac-Man
I’m incredible, better eat ya vegetables
‘Cause…I does what I do you (Do it!)
I fake the roof off of soft suckers
Super smackin’, macking, full effect mike check one two
I’ma reign, reign forever
Rain like bad weather, reign like whoever never
You can’t bite my style
‘Cause my style ain’t a style that is a style
So I can go buckwild
Bet you figured you got more funk for flow
It ain’t so
Flava in Ya Ear letcha know
Now I’m about a second from the hook, duk
Scrap ya rap book, ‘fore you get ya wet style shook

[Hook 4X]
Can I get down?
Get on down
Can I get down?

[Verse 2]
The Mack’s like a superintendent
Burning MCs leaves a foul scent
See, I’m like what ya call, king a yes ya’ll
My style’s rick, sick, I mean real sick
Shit’s thick, I come with the ammo
The real whammo slammo stuff that I be droppin
And I’ll wake the great; let’s warm up the hot plate
I’m changing fate from the neck I’ma castrate
My rap loves to alienate
Shake ya ass to ’til it stank; you stomp, I dominate
See, I ain’t scared of you muthafuckas
To me ya all suckers ’cause I make the ruckus
Don’t try to buck us, we roll bulletproof
No cooth, on the roof, bitin’ like a sabertooth
I pound on the ground when I get down
So let me get down, let me get down

[Hook 4X]
Can I get down?
Get on down
Can I get down?

[Verse 3]
Can leap a tall building, crush the Earth for fun
But I’m sayin’ ain’t no fair, yo, when MC’s run
(Ain’t no fair; ain’t no fair)
The mic’s now in the right hands
‘Cause the Mack’s on the Earth just to spoil your plans
More pep than the pepper that’s in ya pepper shaker
Ruff earthquaker, couldn’t take me if ya mama make ya
I back up the funk that I bring with unknown to man slang
With bigger bite than the Devil fang
I ain’t met who could hang
If ya testin in ya lesson
Got me dressin for ya funeral session
Man, it won’t even matter no more
Craig in ’94 just won the war
My style was definite to take ya over
Have ya sittin’ look over in a four door Chevy Nova
(Why I oughta)
I figure its a slaughter
In the world of dollars, ya shit ain’t nothing but a quarter
The name of the track is “Get Down”
So let me get down and pound other MC’s in the ground

[Hook (Repeated until end)]
Can I get down?
Get on down
Can I get down?