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Madeintyo & Metro Boomin – MadeinBOOMIN


Hey, TPC
Made in Metro (Skrt Skrt)
(Metro Boomin’ want some more nigga)

[Verse 1]
Hey, I remember when these bitches didn’t fuck with me (hey)
Now these bitches wanna fuck with me (skrt skrt)
Cause i’m getting to the top I feel so cozy (sauce)
I’m at the game i’m on the floor you on the nosebleeds (woah)
Is this really how you wanna do it? (sauce)
All these rappers actin’ like they fucking with my music (ugh)
I keep on going, keep on going
I might never stop (woah)
You get one song you get one chance
You niggas think you hot? (haha)
And we just dropped that made in boomin’
I might take your spot (oh oh)
Brooklyn for the weekend yup I’m fuckin’ up the drop (hey)
And when you make them nigga friends why they copy? (skr)
And I just want that rari pullin’ up to [?] (skr skr)
And I can’t do that nine to five I need that extra cheese (sauce)
I heard she bout to leave a nigga he smoke bad weed (ugh)
These normal bitches say my lifestyle too lavish (woah)
It’s Metro TYO yuh I’m going savage
I fell in love with ratchet bitches that’s the shit I like (woah)
The type to smoke my blunt and eat up all my fried rice (ugh)
And she a sneaky bih she creeping on my timeline (skr skr)
I whispered in her ear like bitch come get these hundens
She my type yuh (skr skr), that hoe pipe yuh (hey)
Like every night yuh (whoa), I get her right yuh (sauce)
She my type yuh (skr skr), that hoe pipe yuh (yuh)
That whole [?] yuh, that Gary Night yuh
I get her right yuh, and she my type yuh
That hoe pipe yuh that Gary Night yuh
And she my type yuh
And she my type yuh
That hoe pipe yuh
Like Gary Night yuh
Young metro in this bih yuh
Young Tokyo in this yuh
Made in Boomin in this bih yuh
Yeah woah
Woah woah
Woah woah