The Cool Kids – 9:5PM (feat. Jeremih)

[The Cool Kids:]
You was gettin your hair whipped for the weekend
You fresh off work and just got paid
I only inch a line at the right time
Baby tell me what’s your sign, if you like
Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn
Are you a Libra, Aquarius or Sagittarius, tryna get that accent on woh
You need a drink? Said I need to get you a cup
You want a ring? You said he ain’t give you one
You tell em I can’t stand a brokeass man you and your best friends swap your clothes
And all my niggas say "I can’t stand these brokeass hoes
All they do is wear chokers and charge their phones"
And if the Trump campaign can run these states then this shit finna break it I can’t wait
Where are my ladies? In me!
In me mama, Y 3 mama, Gucci mama, Mariani mama, Imma, imma

Lookin at the time, I see it’s quarter past 9
I feel it, I gotta get down with you

[The Cool Kids:]
Smooth like butter on silk with milk
A stove with the burner on tilt and it’s hot
Like a spicy ass pepper and a ghost habanero
Rockin gold like a pharaoh shorty bought a ream I tear up
What you find, what’s your sign, do we match
On the floor, running man, cabbage patch
Hit the rocks, grabbin on em backwards
She’s just tryna guess my password
DJ runnin back hundred racks bet in black
I see you tryna work it out want a lap on a track
It’s lookin right in the wrong way
Be alone jogging past Craig in the driveway
Fine. Damn. I need another ham
Pick it up, pick it up, yeah there’s been a change of plans
Quarter past nine, think nickel past a dime, we ain’t talkin half dollers put it in a money counter

Lookin at the time, I see it’s quarter past 9
I feel it, I gotta get down with you

[The Cool Kids:]
Hey, a shiny knight um, I be that for ya
Talkin nights off, come here, can ya
I’m mixin my drums, straight up
I play your favorite song, I hope this is it
Where the talk on, then a text, I missed ya
It ain’t no fun if it ain’t on yo playlist
Talkin Jeremih, Mikey Box, Chuck Inglish, we gone

I gotta get down with you
I gotta get down with you

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