The DPR announced control over Svetlodarsk

The city has been under the control of Kyiv since 2014. The mayor of neighboring Debaltseve announced that the Russian flag was raised over the administration building =”The DPR declared control over Svetlodarsk” />

The administration building of Svetlodarsk

The city of Svetlodarsk came under the operational control of the DPR, the headquarters of the territorial defense of the republic reported. They added that “the cleansing of the enemy element continues.”

“Currently, 217 settlements are under our control, including Mironovsky,”— noted at headquarters.

The mayor of Debaltseve, located 18 km away (the DPR has controlled it since 2015, and until that time Svetlodarsk was subordinate to the Debaltseve city council), Igor Zakharevich, said that a Russian flag appeared on the administration building of Svetlodarsk. He also added that he was ready to hoist the DPR flag in the city at the first opportunity. “We are not just going there, we are already at a low start,” — said Zakharevich.

In 2014, at a rally in Svetlodarsk, about 200 DPR supporters adopted a resolution in support of a referendum on the independence of the republic. The Ukrainian flag was removed from the City Council building and the flag of the DPR was hoisted. However, Ukrainian troops soon took control of the city.

Svetlodarsk is home to one of Europe's largest thermal power plants— Uglegorskaya, writes the Donetsk News Agency.

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