The EU advised importers to prescribe the absence of Russian oil in the mixture

EU asks importers to stipulate absence of Russian oil in blends in contracts The EU recommended that importers stipulate in contracts suppliers' liability for incorrect statements about the composition of oil. In December, a partial oil embargo will come into force, and mixtures with a Russian component will also be banned ” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

The European Union recommended that importers prescribe the absence of the Russian component in mixtures in oil supply contracts. Notice published in the Official Journal of the EU.

“Importers are advised to include a clause in the sales contract whereby the exporter confirms that the oil being sold does not contain Russian oil and that in this case the exporter is contractually liable for any incorrect statements,” — the notice says.

The EU also recommended that economic operators importing crude oil and oil products take all necessary measures to ensure that raw materials subject to anti-Russian sanctions are not imported. “[Prove the presence or absence of Russian oil in the mixture] can be done by various means, such as evidence of the origin of the oil loaded on the ship, or, if possible, using the results of chemical analyzes,” — The document says.

In early June, the European Union imposed another package of sanctions against Russia, which included a partial embargo on Russian oil supplies. It concerns maritime shipments and will come into force in December.

In early July, the EU clarified the imposed sanctions. It turned out that not only oil from Russia in its pure form, but also as part of mixtures— so-called blends, the use of which is quite popular in Europe. If Russian and non-Russian oil is mixed in the batch, then it will be completely banned. The exception will be cases where the supplier can clearly show which part of the batch was not produced in Russia,— then this part will be allowed on the European market.

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