The expert assessed Ukraine’s ability to take control of Pridnestrovie

“Moldova will not want to ask Kyiv for military assistance”

The aggravation of the situation around Transnistria was initiated by Kyiv, which thereby wants to divert the attention of the population from the military failures of the armed forces of Ukraine (APU). This is what military expert Yevgeny Linin thinks.

Photo: Global Look Press

Earlier, an adviser to Zelensky's office, Aleksey Arestovich, said that Ukraine was ready to take control of Transnistria if a corresponding request was received from Moldova. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine have enough forces for this,” the Ukrainian official said. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called this statement provocative.

As military expert Yevgeny Linin told MK, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have enough forces to invade Transnistria.

– The armed formations of Ukraine do not have sufficient forces, let alone to seize some territory – they cannot even release their forces that have fallen into the “cauldron”. To say that they are capable of something there is pure PR. The Russian peacekeeping contingent in Transnistria numbers about 2,000 people. The Transnistrian army itself is about 7.5 thousand military personnel. Their mobilization potential is 80 thousand people. Therefore, such statements by an adviser to Zelensky's office are simply ridiculous.

– The main task of the Kyiv authorities is to calm the Ukrainian population and inspire them with the idea of ​​​​the invincibility of the army. No matter what anyone says, but the residents of Ukraine have been in anxiety these two months, they are waiting for some kind of “victory”, counting on counterattacks and do not understand what is happening in Mariupol. They are told that Mariupol is about to be released, and those units that are there will be saved, but in reality, nothing of this is happening. So, we need to somehow divert the attention of the Ukrainian society from what is really happening in Ukraine. This is the task of Arestovich as a propagandist: to convince the population that everything is fine with them.

– Maybe. Those provocations that took place on the territory of Pridnestrovie can be confidently called initiated by the Ukrainian side. They do this in order to draw attention to their problems as much as possible, because the world community is somehow gradually moving away from Ukraine to a different news agenda.

– Such a request will actually involve Moldova in an armed conflict. And if this happens, then, consequently, Romania will also be involved. Therefore, Moldova will not make such a request: there are no suicides there.


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